hababka Payment
  • Dammaanad-qaadid Dammaanad Dammaanad-qaadid Dammaanad
  • Looma baahna Password Looma baahna Password
  • Ammaan & Gaar ahaaneed 100% Ammaan & Gaar ahaaneed
  • Taageerada 24 / 7 Taageerada 24 / 7

Benefits of buying Monetized Channel

The channel is eligible to enable video ads instantly. Just concentrate on creating excellent videos and make money with them.

Waayo, “Botted” Monetized Channel: Other companies on the market do not offer warranties for the Monetized YouTube Channel service after the purchase. But, we guarantee the channel will be safe for three days after purchase, so you have time to check the channel, change the necessary information and secure your account.

“Organically-Grown” Monetized Channel, we guarantee 100% there won’t be any risk of getting demonetization caused by our original video. Furthermore, we guarantee an instant refund if the channel quality is not as described.

note: The condition is that you must not upload any videos yet.

With 1000-3000 real subscribers who have been engaging with the channel, it would bring you a quicker start than developing a channel from scratch.

Fiiro gaar ah: This feature is only included with the Organically Grown channels.

100% of videos are original that created and reviewed by the experienced experts in our team content creators. No copyright strikes or violations.

Typically, monetized channel has been linked with an USA or UK Google Adsense account already. Simply let us know if you are in another country, we will rely on that to give you a suitable Google Adsense account.
Taageer beddelka koontada Google Adsense iyo meel ammaan ah.

Typically, we deliver the Monetized Channel within 1-12 hours.

For your convenience, we will guide you through minor steps such as account login, account security, or even change to a secure Google Adsense account after the channel is successfully transferred. So relax. We will help you to manage your channel conveniently fully.

Make sure you get advice from our team of experts to choose the type of channel that’s right for your needs.
For consistency, please make sure you read and agree to our Terms of Service before making a purchase.

AudienceGain Compared

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qiimaha la goyn karo

Channel quality and uniqueness are guaranteed

Guarantee for demonetizing issues after buying

Support in redesigning the channel logo & banner for free

Available a list of channels link for choosing.

Bixin dhakhso badan



qiimaha la goyn karo

Channel quality and uniqueness are guaranteed

Guarantee for demonetizing issues after buying

Support in redesigning the channel logo & banner for free

Available a list of channels link for choosing

Bixin dhakhso badan

Su'aalaha Badiya La Weydiiyo

Would YouTube be demonetized shortly after I buy it?

Buying monetization channels has its own risk. As you know, YouTube was tighter in allowing the new channel to monetize on their platform. They will still be strict even after the channel has been approved for monetization. The channel will be quickly demonetized if they detect any violation from the videos. To be honest, the Monetized Channel is more suitable for old YouTubers that already know YouTube’s monetization policy as they can avoid undue risks.

However, it doesn’t mean there won’t be a chance for new YouTubers. Have confidence if you are serious and want to make money with YouTube. You can learn the policy carefully and adhere to it as other YouTubers do. Everything would be fine.

What if YouTube was demonetized before I upload videos?

For “Botted” Monetized Channel: Other companies on the market do not offer warranties for the Monetized YouTube Channel service after the purchase. But, we guarantee the channel will be safe for 24 hours after purchase, so you have time to check the channel, change the necessary information and secure your account. After that time, we will not be responsible for anything that happens to your YouTube channel, including the channel being demonetized, disabled, or anything else. The condition is that you must not upload any videos yet. 

In most cases, the channel is safe, but it does happen every once in a while. All purchases of Services are made at your own risk. Due to this, we cannot refund after services have been completed if this has occurred to an account/content.

For “Organically-Grown” Monetized Channel, we guarantee 100% there won’t be any risk of getting demonetization caused by our original video. The condition is that you must not upload any videos yet. Furthermore, we guarantee an instant refund if the channel quality is not as described.

In buying my account, you agreed with the terms and conditions of my service, thank you!

We only sell YouTube Channels joined YPP for about a month. So, its stability is very high.

Here are the steps to receive the channel?

Tallaabada 1: We will send you detailed information about the Monetized Channel, including Email, Passwords, and Recovery Email, to your email address. 

Tallaabada 2: We will connect through Skype and guide you in performing channel security, including adding your email address and phone number. Also, we will add your Gmail address as the channel’s owner to ensure you have the highest authorization.

note: For safety reasons, you must strictly follow our instructions when signing in to the Monetized Channel onto a new IP address.

Tallaabada 3:
 After everything is set & you’re satisfied with the channel, that means we have completed your order.

Absolutely not! Changing the niche has never affected the channel’s monetization status. Make sure your videos follow YouTube’s policy, we guarantee that.

Avoid using bots, proxies, tools to increase YouTube watch hours

After you have determined that you have purchased a quality YouTube channel with monetization, remember to be careful when developing a channel. 

Many people are still inexperienced in making YouTube so it makes the YouTube channel just turn on the monetization model, and block the channel. 

For example, many of you use VPS, VPN, or bots services to kor u qaado aragtida, increase sub, increase likes, increase comments, … 

The result is always turned off the ability to turn on the monetization of the channel because of being noticed by YouTube.

YouTube channel died without knowing the reason

Many beginner youtuber make the newly bought YouTube channel die for unknown reasons due to lack of experience in channel management and development. The fact that, there was no email sent to and stating the reason for the channel dead.

There is a common cause that causes the YouTube channel to die: Your YouTube account was used with another account that violates the terms of YouTube before.

The only fire fighting for this channel death is that you should turn around to improve the quality of your content and reinstall Windows before doing it. 

If possible, you should review yourself ever re-up the computer you are using related to that YouTube account or not. 

Many experts believe that using Firefox Portable to login to each account can ensure the safety of the channel with monetization enabled, and the risk of dying in the middle.

Spam links in other channels

After buying a channel with monetization turned on, you do not make the mistake of spamming links in many other channels. 

Maxaa yeelay, Algorithm-ka YouTube-ka is growing day by day, you cannot get out of YouTube’s attention. You can hardly get viewers by walking comments under many popular videos. 

YouTube will list you in the list of link spamming users and your comments will be considered spam. Consequently, the YouTube channel that enables you to make money just bought will be very affected. 

Please pay close attention to the section “Comments” to manage your audience’s comments. You can click and open incognito tabs and see your comments on other videos. 

If your comment does not show up, perhaps YouTube has put you in the spam comment section or suspected link spam. 

The best thing you need to do is just comment interactively instead of commenting on links leading to your video. 

When you have many people like and push to the top comment, it is only natural that many viewers visit your channel.

Ha ka waaban inaad weydiiso

Because reputable suppliers are never afraid to answer.

Show those providers what you want to produce, your fortes, your tendency to make money by participating in YPP or getting affiliate marketing, or how to design thumbnails to draw more attention from viewers. 

Before you make any decision, you can fully express your intention to develop your channel, so that the supplier will give you the best advice.

According to the YouTube’s policy, they will only count the Public watch hours for monetization. That is to say you should not delete the videos on the channel to maintain the monetizing status of the channel until you can gain the 4000 watch hours on your own videos that you will upload after you received the channel. 

Of course. Contact us for more details. We will rely on your sale frequency and give you a reasonable rate to benefit from it.


Loveny-Khan-Dhagaystayaasha waxay helayaan jawaab celin

Runtii kooxda la yaabka leh ee la aamini karo waxaan si buuxda ugula talinayaa kooxdan kor u qaadida baraha bulshada iyagaa masuul ka ah runtiina waa ay soo shaqeeyeen runtii aad iyo aad ayaad u mahadsan tihiin hadda hal dalab ayaa ii dhamaaday oo usbuuca soo socda oo aan 2 qof oo kale internetka ka dalbanayo waxan ka helay mid dhab ah iyo dad wanaagsan mar labaad mahadsanid

Lovely Khan
Hazar-Tech-Dhagaystayaasha Faallaynta-celinta

Runtii aad ayaan uga mahadcelinayaa shaqada runta ah ee kooxdani ay ku qabanayso daacadnimo buuxda iyo u adeegida kuwa kale adoo caawinaya, kaliya waxaad kacdaa marka aad kor u qaaddo kuwa kale. Runtii aad bay u adagtahay in wakhtigan la helo daacadnimo, daacadnimaduna waa qaali. waan salaamay kooxdan Runtii waxay mudan yihiin in ka badan oo ku filan! Waxay gaarsiiyeen xataa in ka badan balamihii ay qaadeen. Waxaan kula talin lahaa qof walba oo aniga qudhayda ayaa hubaal ah inaan la xiriiri doono mar kale iyo mar kale mustaqbalka! Ilaahay ha barakeeyo!

Hazar Tech
Jawaab celinta Dhageystayaasha-US-Mimi

Mahadsanid AudienceGain Waxaan hadda helay 4k youtube saacadood oo daawasho ah kanaalkaygana waa la soo shubay, Jacob iyo Brian aad bay u wanagsanaayeen oo waxtar bay uga jawaabeen dhammaan fariimahayga, waxay ahayd waxoogaa dib u dhac ah, laakiin waan fahmi karaa sababtuna tahay nidaamkooda cusbooneysiinta, mahadsanid mar labaad AudienceGain

Mimi ee Maraykanka
SolvenEvolve-Australia-Dhagaystayaasha Faa'iidada-celinta

Waa adeeg wanaagsan oo tusa waxa ku jira dhagaystayaasha saxda ah. Malaha kii ugu wacnaa ee aan waligay isticmaalo!

Si aad u hesho Australia
Aadam-Dhagaystayaasha Faallaynta-celinta

Kani waa adeeg bixiyaha kaliya ee aad ku kalsoonaan karto. Horey waxaan u isticmaalay adeegyo badan laakiin majirin natiijooyin. Waxay qabteen shaqo aad u fiican!

Qalaad-Dhagaystayaasha Hel-celinta

Adeeg aad u fiican iyo dad wanaagsan! Aad U SHARCI!!! Hadda kanaalkaygu wuxuu daabacayaa $ mahadsanid adeeggan cajiibka ah…

Marie-Fleurimont-Dhagaystayaasha waxay helayaan jawaab celin

5 xiddigood Waxaan jeclaan lahaa in aan siiyo 10 xiddigood Waxa aan helay lacag ka yar 15 saacadood kadib markii aan dhammaystay dhammaan saacadahaygii. Nidaamku wax yar ayuu dheeraa laakiin waa u qalantaa, waxaan filayaa inay rabaan inay hubiyaan inay u sameeyaan habka saxda ah waxaan kula talinayaa kooxda inay la shaqeeyaan sidoo kale waan la shaqeyn doonaa mustaqbalka aad ayaan u faraxsanahay mar kale mahadsanid. Hadii aad akhrido kannalka booqo kanaalkayga Ahhchoo ❤️ Sanad cusub oo wanaagsan dhamaantiin.

Marie Fleurimont

Waad ku mahadsan tahay dhagaystayaashagain.net hadda waxaan ahay lammaanaha youtube-ka, marlabaad aad baad u mahadsantahay guys (jabob).

Zoya-Dhagaystayaasha waxay helayaan jawaab celin

Adeeg heer sare ah. Waxay haystaan ​​taageerada internetka ee ugu fiican. Aad u jawaaba, naxariis badan oo wargelin leh. Waad ku mahadsan tahay, DhageystayaashaGain. Waxaad mudan tahay in ka badan 5 xiddigood.

Sadiiq-Dastagir-Dhagaystayaasha waxay helayaan jawaab celin

AudienceGain.net waa barako u leh YouTubers annaga oo kale ah kuwaas oo si adag uga shaqeeya abuurista waxyaabo tayo leh daawadayaashayada. Xaaladdan tartanka ah, ma fududa in la helo wakhtiga daawashada iyada oo aan loo eegin sida ay nuxurkaagu u fiican tahay. Adeegga macaamiisha sare ee AudienceGain, waxaan ku gaadhay lacag-ururinta bil gudaheed markii aan doortay adeeggooda. Yacquub, oo ka socda adeegga macaamiisha, wuxuu ku siinayaa daawaynta VIP-da. Waxaan aad ugula talinayaa adeegyadooda dhammaan hal-abuurayaasha sugaya wakhtiga daawashada dabiiciga ah ee tayada sare leh ee fiidyowyadooda.

Sadiq Dastagir

Ilaahayow maxaan idhaahdaa dadkani waa wax laga cabsado, hadda waxaan bilaabay in aan rumaysto adeegga sida saacadaha saacadaha oo kordha iyo dhammaan sababtoo ah Faa'iidada Dhagaystaha. Dalabkaygii ee ahaa 3000 oo saacadood oo daawasho ah ayaa ku dhammaaday waqtigii loogu talagalay waxayna ila joogeen maalin kasta si aan u taageero. Kanaalkayga hadda waa la Lacagay iyada oo ay uga mahadcelinayaan AudienceGain.net. Waxaan kula talinayaa qof walba inuu qaato adeegga AudienceGain, waxaan ku shardi karaa inaad halkan ku soo laaban doonto si aad u siiso 5*. Waad ku mahadsan tahay ton AudienceGain.net ????

Muusiga Platter MPlatter

Adeeg fantastik ah oo qiimo fiican leh. Shirkad suuq geyn dijitaal ah oo weyn. Waxay iga caawiyeen inaan lacag helo. Waxaan horey u lahaa 1000 macaamiil laakiin waxaan u baahday inaan iibsado saacadaha 3000 ee saacadaha si aan uga gudbo khadka. Tani waxay akoonkayga kacday usbuuca gudihiisa. Waxaad helaysay lacag yar maalin kasta tan iyo markii aad ku mahadsan tahay faa'iidada daawadayaasha. Xubin Australian ah

Maskax-dheeraad ah-Muusik-Dhagaystayaasha Faallooyin-celin

Way fiican yihiin!! Ka dib markii ay dhammeeyeen dalabka, waxaan dalbaday lacag gelin waxaanan helay jawaabta 2 maalmood kadib. Lacag baa la i siiyay!!! Nimankan si fiican ayay u shaqeeyaan. Aad ayaad u mahadsantahay.

Maskaxda Dheeraadka ah Music
SG-Dhagaystayaasha Faallaynta-celinta

Waxaan khibrad fiican u yeeshay ka iibsiga kanaalka YouTube ee boggan. Waxaan aad ugula talinayaa cid kasta oo danaynaysa.

Ahsan-Dhagaystayaasha Hel-celinta

Waan ku faraxsanahay tayada adeegga. Waxay gaarsiiyeen wixii lagu balamay. Waxaan siin lahaa 110/100 dhibcood waxqabadka, dhisida kalsoonida iyo qanacsanaanta macaamiisha. Waxaan ahay taageerehooda hadda. Wow waa maxay waayo-aragnimada la shaqeynta Audiencegain.net. Waxaan jeclaan lahaa inaan xiriirka sii wado mustaqbalka sidoo kale. Waad ku mahadsan tahay Dhagaystayaasha guusha aad ka geysatay si aan u gaaro yoolkayga habdhaqankaaga iyo waxqabadkaaga xirfadeed ee aadka u sarreeya.

Svetlana-tiedemann-Dhagaystayaasha waxay helayaan jawaab celin

Waxaan ka dalbadaa dhagaystayaalgain.net 1000 saacadood oo daawasho ah kanaalkayga cusub ee YouTube waxaanan helayaa kuwa wax ka yar wiig ka yar taraafikada dabiiciga ah, wax yar ka dib waxa la ii ogolaaday barnaamijka iskaashiga YouTube. Si dhib ah ayaan ugula talinayaa qof kasta oo u baahan caawimo dhisidda kanaal cusub oo YouTube ah, adeegso caawimada dhagaystayaashagain.net. Svetlana Tiedemann

Svetlana tiedemann
Humayun-aryan-Dhagaystayaasha Faa'iidada-celinta

goob weyn. Markii hore waan ka shakiyay waayo-aragnimadii xumaa ee hore laakiin goobtan runtii waxay qabataa shaqadooda xasilloon. haddii aad adiguna shakisan tahay waxaan ku odhanayaa marka hore la sheekayso ku dhawaad ​​maalinta oo dhan. runtii aad bay u naxariis badan yihiin oo dulqaad badan yihiin. kanaalkayga waa la lacageeyaa waxaana mudan in la qoro jumlado kooban.

xumayun aryan
FD-Dhagaystayaasha Hel-celin-celin

Nimankan waxay keenaan natiijooyin sidii ballantu ahayd! Aad baad ugu mahadsantahay inaad i caawisay kanaalkayga youtube! Aad loogu taliyay!

YaBoiKayson-Dhagaystayaasha Faa'iidada-celinta

Waad ku mahadsan tahay adeeggaaga wuxuu shaqeeyaa 100% sharci ah Waxaan helay in ka badan 2,000 oo saacadood oo daawasho ah waxayna iga caawisay inaan gaaro yoolkayga YouTube-ka hadda lacag ayaa la ii keenay mahadsanid adeeggaaga waxtarka leh waa u qalmaa waanan ku faraxsanahay inaan lacagteyda ku bixiyay adeegga boggaaga Wax walba si fiican ayey ugu fiican yihiin kanaalkayga youtube-ka ayaa i ansixiyay 3-4 maalmood gudahooda ka dib mar kale waad ku mahadsan tahay adeeggaaga waxaan gaadhay 1,000 macaamiil ah iyo 4,000 oo saacadood waxaanan ka helay in ka badan 200,000 oo aragtiyood kanaalkayga mahadsanid adeeggaaga waxtarka leh.

Soo-celinta-soo-celinta Neil-Dhagaystayaasha

, nimankan waxa ay si sax ah u soo bandhigeen waxa ay xayaysiiyeen aad ayaan ula dhacay shaqada ay hayaan iyo adeegooda guud waxa ay si deg deg ah uga jawaabeen su'aalo kasta waxa aan aad ugula talinayaa iyaga iyo adeeggoodiiba mar hore ayaan isticmaalay.


Buy monetized YouTube channel can be an attractive option if you’re looking to start your YouTube journey and skip the hassle of building your channel from scratch. However, finding a reliable and affordable platform to purchase from can take time and effort. This article by AudienceGain will provide an in-depth review of the top online platforms that offer reputable YouTube channels for monetization.

1. 9 Best sites to buy monetized YouTube channel 

Building a YouTube channel from scratch can be difficult and time-consuming, especially if you are just starting. Fortunately, there are many online platforms to buy a monetized YouTube channel, let’s take a look at the following platforms: 

1.1 AudienceGain

AudienceGain is a reputable platform that specializes in buy monetized YouTube channel. They offer a wide range of channels,  at affordable prices from niche-specific to high-subscriber channels. They provide a secure transaction process and a money-back guarantee to ensure a safe buying experience. 

One of Audience Gain’s standout qualities is the quality of the customer service provided before, during, and after the purchase process. When you want to iibso lacagta kanaalka YouTube, the price will range from $ 129 to $ 390. 


– Has a proven track record and a straightforward buying process.

– Refunds are available if you are not satisfied with the service.

– Payment in different ways.

– Only high quality and organic methods are used so it is never exposed.


– They don’t offer a free trial 

Dhibcaha: 9.5 / 10 

1.2 Dhinacyada Media

SidesMedia is a well-known social media development consultant that recently offered how to buy a monetized YouTube channel with active cash streams.  Here people get the best option to buy successful YouTube channels with ad revenue. That means the content on your YouTube channel will be genuine and not generated by bots. And prices range from $529 to $2400. 


– Money-back guarantee if you have any service and security concerns.

– Easy to use website.

– Provide many marketing services on YouTube.


– There is no free trial available. 

Dhibcaha: 9.3 / 10 

1.3 Isticmaalka Fayriska

UseViral is one of the best choices today if you want to buy monetized YouTube channel to help you make money on this platform. The monetization YouTube channel package here is precious, your new channel will be ready to monetize with more than 1000 subscribers with more than 4000 hours of watch time. The price on this platform is $599. 


– Provides a list of additional features in each channel.

– Reasonably priced and has a response time from customers.

– Reliable return policy.


– They reject Bitcoin as payment.

Dhibcaha: 9.5 / 10 

1.4 Eazy Viral

Among the options available, Eazy Viral is also considered another great option. People can choose from a wide variety of channels including bot based channels and organic channels. Each channel will have a different number of subscribers and watch time. In addition, Eazy Viral makes monetizing your videos more straightforward than ever, and prices will range from $249 to $1100. 


– Users can rest assured that their AdSense account will always be active.

– They are offered at a reasonable price.

– Has enthusiastic and helpful staff.

– Money-back guarantee if not satisfied with service.


– No free trial 

Dhibcaha: 9 / 10

1.5 Fameswap

Fameswap is a flexible marketplace for iibso lacagta kanaalka YouTube. Fameswap stands out in part due to how picky it is regarding the channels it offers. Because they provide an internal messaging channel through which buyers and vendors can communicate safely.  


– Many good prices

– Guaranteed safety

– Secure https site

– Facilitating different niches and industries

– Many positive third-party reviews


– Some of the platform’s prices may be considered expensive 

Dhibcaha: 8.5 / 10

Akhri wax dheeraad ah: Buy Views On YouTube – Best Site 100% Real & Safe

1.6 EazySMM

EazySMM provides a unique service for those who start the journey of building a YouTube channel. They offer a low-cost how to buy monetized YouTube channel and a deep understanding of what niches are thriving thanks to their years of experience in the field. 


– Always have a natural audience in a safe and healthy marketplace.

– Provide several services that promote the expansion of channels.

– Support clients’ social media marketing efforts.


– It doesn’t come with the best reputation

Dhibcaha: 8 / 10

1.7 123accs

123accs is one of the platforms customers choose to buy channels that hayet to makeade money. They offer new and cheap accounts that are PVA. You can use the service to buy monetized YouTube channel and accounts. Available plans include 5 PVA accounts, 10 US follower accounts, 25 UK followers, and more. 


– Provide new and high-quality video account service.

– Guarantee policy.

– Good price.


- Ikhtiyaarada lacag bixinta xadidan 

Dhibcaha: 7.5 / 10

1.8 PlayerUp

PlayerUp has created a marketplace where customers can buy monetized YouTube channels that are authentic, trustworthy, and affordable. The high quality of the videos that have been posted on these sites will make them stand out more when used in marketing campaigns or branded content. 


– They are bringing new opportunities to many message marketers.

– Provides advanced filters.


– The price on this channel depends on the purchase cost. 

Dhibcaha: 7.5 / 10 

1.9 Trustiu

Trustiu is the best choice to make your shopping experience extremely satisfying. At an affordable price, you will love and choose the top channel in all areas. They’ll be where you’ll find everything from game videos to beauty tutorials. In particular, Trustiu provides YouTube channels in different languages. 


– Provide YouTube channels in different languages.

– Provides multiple filters to sort by start date.

– Higher quality.


– Cheap but more expensive than most competitors. 

Dhibcaha: 7.3 / 10

2. What is a monetized YouTube channel?

The capacity to make money on YouTube is your ability to derive income from your videos. You need 4,000 watch hours over the last 12 months and at least 1,000 subscribers to your channel to be eligible for YouTube’s monetization scheme. Later, we’ll go into more detail about the prerequisites.  

3. How to buy a monetized YouTube channel

Why to buy monetized YouTube channel? Because it can be a great way to start earning revenue from your content right away. However, the most important thing to remember when buy monetized YouTube channels is a violation of YouTube’s terms of service. In particular, you should also note that buying a channel does not guarantee success or that it will continue to make money. 

Akhri wax dheeraad ah: Buy YouTube Watch Hours Legit & Buy 4000 Watch Hours on YouTube

4. Considerations before buy a monetized YouTube channel

Haddii aad ka fekereyso buy monetized YouTube channel to make money, you can refer to some frequently asked questions below: 

4.1 Can I buy monetized YouTube channel?

Yes, for example, AudienceGain is the supply platform for a selection of monetized YouTube channels with various niches and subscriber counts. Their channels are verified and have been approved for monetization by YouTube, meaning they have a good track record of engagement and revenue potential. Besides, they also provide 24/7 customer support to assist you with any questions or concerns.  

4.2 Does buying a YouTube channel work?

Buy a monetized YouTube channel can save you time and effort in building a channel from scratch, as you will have an existing audience and revenue stream. However, you must create quality content and engage with your audience to maintain and grow the channel’s viewership and revenue potential. 

Sidaas daraaddeed, iibso lacagta kanaalka YouTube can work for those who approach it cautiously and have a clear strategy for growing and maintaining the channel’s success. However, it’s important to remember that there are no shortcuts to success on YouTube and that quality content and engagement with your audience are crucial to building a successful channel. 

4.3 Is it legal to buy monetized YouTube channel?

Many people often wonder if this online purchase is legal, or can you buy a monetized YouTube channel? The answer is straightforward: you can buy a YouTube channel to make money and it is entirely legal. 

It’s a digital asset, so it doesn’t matter if you want to buy monetized YouTube channel and move on with no anticipation. Many companies have built their own business by buying multiple active YouTube channels. Plus, YouTube has excellent relationships with those companies, so you don’t have to worry about getting in trouble.

4.4 How much does it cost to monetize YouTube? 

You need to join the YouTube partner program to monetize your YouTube channel. To be able to participate in the program, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Have at least 1,000 subscribers.
  • Have at least 4,000 watch hours in the last 12 months.
  • Follow YouTube policies and guidelines.

Once you have met these requirements, you can apply for monetization. If your application is approved, you will start making money from ads on your videos. Besides that, there are other ways to make money on YouTube, such as channel memberships and merchandise.

Maqaallo la xidhiidha:

- Buy YouTube Subscribers – 7 Best Reputable Sites 2023

– Buy YouTube Accounts With Ease: Verified, Fast & Cheap 

Guud ahaan, buy monetized YouTube channel can be a viable option for those looking to jumpstart their career or expand their existing channel. With the right approach and mindset, buying a monetized YouTube channel can be a significant investment in your YouTube career. If you have any needs or questions, please contact DhegaystayaashaGain isla markiiba.

A checklist to buy a monetized Youtube account

Buying a monetized Youtube channel will save you a lot of time and effort, in addition to learning other knowledge about Youtube channel development and making money online.

Find a trustworthy supplier

Here’s a fact about services that offer views, watch hours, or a fully monetized Youtube channel 

Sida laga soo xigtay Fake Engagement Policy of Youtube: “The safety of our creators, viewers, and partners is our highest priority. We look to each of you to help us protect this unique and vibrant community. It’s important you understand our Community Guidelines, and the role they play in our shared responsibility to keep YouTube safe. “

YouTube does allow anything that artificially increases the number of views, likes, comments, or other metrics either by using automatic systems or serving up videos to unsuspecting viewers. Also, content that solely exists to incentivize viewers for engagement (views, likes, comments, etc) is prohibited.

Content and channels that don’t follow this policy may be terminated and removed from YouTube.

Important: If you hire someone to promote your channel, their decisions may impact your channel. Any method that violates our policies may result in content removal or a channel takedown, whether it’s an action taken by you or someone you’ve hired.”

That being said, buying a monetized channel is considered legal and complies with Youtube’s terms of service, if you and the provider have a clear payment and public transaction agreement. Therefore, your task is to find a reliable and transparent supplier.

Moreover, also based on the above terms, sellers can publicize their business and conduct marketing campaigns to promote their products. You can reach these sellers via Google or join private groups on social networks, or ask questions on Quora to reach out to them.

Check seller’s information, service and contact

Let’s say that you have searched and consulted on Google or any private group related to channel sales and find a few suppliers. The first thing to do before contacting the seller is take a look at their website first 

After that, you should learn the history of the supplier by going to “Introduction” or “About us” to find out more detailed information. To appreciate the company’s long operational experience, look at their few years of establishment.

The longer the party has been on business on the market, the more manpower they have, the broader operating network and quality monetized Youtube channel.

Besides, a transparent website will have the detailed contact and address, along with main sections related to product features, Q&A and blog for readers. Check out their blog post upload frequency, if they have a solid posting rate then the website is still active.

Do not let attractive and salesy offers fool your “always-in-the rush” mentality, because they understand how difficult it is for creators to meet the required threshold to join YPP and make money.

Furthermore, stay away from any services that commit to increasing views or selling monetized Youtube channels in a very short period of time because they are not real. Don’t be in such a hurry to pour money here or else you just spend money on a quack doctor. 


After you have reviewed information about channel sellers and compared the product features of different parties, you can contact them directly. As a tip for you, please contact the website with an available chat box which is always active to get the answer as soon as possible 

The customer support team’s fast response and attitude is an important factor in assessing a company’s professionalism. Their support team is the first to answer your questions and will provide you with the particulars you need to understand the product and make the best decision.

In addition, read feedback and reviews from other customers in the comment section to have more objective views on the service provider’s channel sales service.

Channel examination

Buying a monetized Youtube channel can help you make money from your video right away, but you need to be prepared before posting any content, because the Youtube channel you bought probably has a few characteristics that you must keep an eye on 

Obviously, when a Youtube channel has turned on the money-making feature, this mode has turned green. However, the main problem here is related to the authorization to manage the account.

A monetized Youtube channel was already linked to the seller’s Google Adsense account. So, after the purchase, change the link of this account with your Google Adsense account immediately.

There have been many unfortunate cases when a few buyers bought a monetized channel but they did not earn any revenue because that channel still had links vs Adsense from illegal sellers.

Check channel’s content

A monetized channel will have a few videos, available subscribers, and engagements. You can check the quality of these interactions in Falanqaynta Youtube. On top of that, check your demographics to make sure your channel is targeting an audience of your nationality. Targeting the right audience will limit the latter consequences such as a significant decrease in engagement metrics, or dislikes is much more than likes 

In the next step, click on the videos to see what they are about. Our advice is that vlogging channels are the best choice for you. With videos that act as the “cornerstone” to attract the current subscribers, posting your own content won’t make a big difference and limit the suspicion in their eyes.

We mean, if you buy a channel to become a beauty icon on Youtube, obviously you won’t buy channels with movie review content, will you?

Moreover, the presence of the human element in vlogs has always been highly appreciated by Youtube because this platform always prioritizes human’s interaction.

Channel’s age

A channel established about 5 – 6 years ago tends to attract more buyers. Indeed, it takes a long time to make money and stand out on the Youtube community. Long-term development requires a concrete plan and smart moves, and a long-lived monetized Youtube channel and videos that still give steady views are proof of the two.