Currently, understanding the importance of Get 4000 Hours Watch Time & 1000 Subscribers with almost Youtubers, we decided to bring Youtube Monetization service and solve the most difficulties for new Youtubers.
It’s really a good chance for Youtubers and with over 5 years in Social Marketing we can be confident to bring the best effective results for them in this field, the most of our clients got monetize in last month and it’s still keep increasing.
If you have a good content, this is a chance for you now, don’t hesitate to let us know if you need any assistances, we will be your side to support the best.


✔ 100% High Quality Views & Subscribers
✔ Split Views On Minimum 10 Videos Of Your Channel
✔ Fast Delivery & Available Drip-Feed
✔ Legal With Youtube Policy
✔ Professional Support Team

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Noted : Based on Social Media to promote your channel, increase high quality subscribers and hours watch time with the safest way.


✔ High Quality Channel
✔ No Any Strikes or Claims
✔ Monetization is Enabled
✔ Livestream is Enabled
✔ Can Be Used Your Own Adsense Account
✔ Easy Change The Niche With High Quality Subscribers
✔ No Require Password
✔ Exellent support 24/7

Of course, you can buy Monetized Youtube Channel, if you’re short on time.
This tends to suit old Youtubers who have used to managed a monetized channel, rather than new Youtubers and smaller start-ups.
But, if you’ve got the cash and you want to save on time, this service may well be for you.

– $680 For a High Quality Monetized Youtube Channel
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How will it be after i order?
– There’re 3 steps after you order:
Step 1: Choose Package & Place Order For That
Step 2: After You Have Placed Order, We Will Send An Email Notification Contained Details Information Needed To Be Done Your Order
+/ It Normally Takes 1~8 Hours To Handle
Step 3 : After It Done, We Will Add Your Order On Our System & Ready To Promote

What’s contidions necessary to use our service?
– At least 3 videos have 3 hours duration OR 10 videos have 10 minutes duration, longer video is better and easy to speed process up.
– Wait For 2~4 Weeks To Complete Your Order.

Is it safe & my channel will not banned by Youtube?
– We can make sure the watch hours & subscribers are high quality, not affect to your channel even it’s a little bit.

How long does it takes to reach 4000 Watch Hours & 1000 Subscribers?
– It normally takes 2~4 weeks to complete 4000 Wath Hours & 1000 Subscribers.

How many days will i get Monetized Youtube Channel after i pay for that?
– Your order will be handle right then you order and takes 2~4 days to deliver Monetized Youtube Channel.

How can i track my order?
– You can track direct the progress in analytics & realtime chart of your channel after your order start.

What’s guarantee?
– Guaranteed 30 Days For Watch Hours
– Guaranteed 15 Days For Subscribers

Which Payment Methods Can I Use?
– We accepted : Paypal, Payoneer, Skrill, BTC & ETH.


– Maximum 60 days we will refund the rest if you can’t get enough 4000 Hours Watch Time & 1000 Subscribers.
– No refund after received correct Monetized Youtube Channel.

Contact Us:
– Email :
– Facebook :

What profit will you get when Buy 4,000 Watch Hours + 1,000 Subscribers On Youtube from AudienceGain?

  • Your channel will be advertised on Social Media to get hours watch time and subscribers 100% from real people.
  • Save your time to apply for monetize as soon as possible.
  • Our campaign real and legible with Youtube policy.
  • Available likes, comments & subscribers for bonus.
  • There are packages from 1000-4000 Hours Watch Time can be easier to choose suit package with your channel.
  • Exellent support 24/7, solve all of the concerns about your channel.
  • Advisory good strategies to grow your channel faster.
  • Hours of Viewing Time & Subcribers Guaranteed LIFETIME FOR GENUINE

What’s contidions necessary to use service?

  • Your channel is clean, no claims.
  • Idea free icon We have 2 strategies to process your order on Social Media :
    Key free icon At Least 2 Videos 60 Minutes Duration
    Key free iconAt Least 2-3 Videos 20 Minutes Duration ( Fastest )
  • Contact us if you don’t have long video, we will make a custom package for your channel.
  • Delivery within 1-2 weeks to complete your order.

We also provide no copyright video for 4000 hours, you can download one of them and upload, we will provide in these videos.
This is the link to download :

How to buy ?

There’re 4 steps to buy, it’s easier even you are newbie:

  • 1: Choose the package you would like to get.
  • 2: Fill full information in order form.
  • 3: Add to card & checkout.
  • 4: Choose the payments method and pay. ( Credit Card, Paypal , Cryto Currency & Skrill. )