The punishment on monetized Youtube channel – the suspension of President Donald Trump’s channel

In this article, instead of showing you how to increase the views and watch hours for the creator’s monetized Youtube channels, let’s find out how this video-sharing platform reacts to content that is detrimental to the Youtube ecosystem. 

Well, so to say, the hot topic among the political enthusiasts and the Internet user in the recent days must be Youtube’s move on the channel of former U.S President Donald Trump.

President Donald Trump.

President Donald Trump

Now let’s get straight to the point! On January 13th, YouTube announced the suspension of US President Donald Trump’s channel for violating its policies when it helped incite riots on Capitol Hill on January 6th.

The former U.S President Trump, who hasn’t appeared in the public eye for weeks, now has set a record – the first president in American history to be convicted twice. The President was accused by Congress of inciting a raid on the Capitol by his speech at a rally outside the White House.

To be more detailed, Mr. Trump urged his supporters to speak up “peacefully and patriotically”, but also “fight fiercely” against an election that was “stolen” from his hands.  

Consequently, after Trump’s speech, his supporters caused a rage in the Capitol, forcing lawmakers to stop certifying election results. The building was completely fallen and at least 5 people died.

On social networking platforms, Facebook and Twitter have also made strong moves such as deleting Mr. Trump’s account and removing content related to the riots on that chaotic day.

As for Youtube, its representative stated that President Trump’s channel is currently prohibited from posting new videos or live streaming for at least 7 days and that the ban will likely be extended.

Youtube’s complete purification on creator’s content

Youtube is indeed coming down hard with the situation of creators breaking the law to post unhealthy content on Youtube.

How to create viral content on youtube

How to create viral content on youtube?

That being said, to be recognized as a YouTube partner, a content creator needs to have 4000 watch hours in 12 months and have more than 1000 subscribers. The YouTube partner program will share a portion of ad revenue for channel owners. In other words, from that point, they can monetize from their Youtube channels

In addition, recently in October 2020, Youtube updated that the platform itself may be inserting ads on non-monetized channels that makes some small creators feel like they are being made use of.

Basically, for a channel that has not yet allowed to make money on Youtube, the platform still gains profits without sharing revenue for the channel’s owners

On the other hand, this act by Youtube significantly asserts that this Google-owned website is very smart in keeping its money and will continue to update new policies to ensure the content security. 

In fact, more than four years ago, YouTube had to manage to get rid of inappropriate content that did harm to children audiences by reducing the amount of advertising revenue for the on kid-focused channels. Up until now, advertising has also stopped appearing in this niche, in addition to contents related to politics, religion, gamblers or drugs.

Scandals resulted from the content-management vulnerabilities

By the beginning of 2018, the Youtube’s big star Logan Paul’s scandal once again caused Youtube to tighten the regulations on revenue for creators.

To be more specific, this guy once posted a video about a trip in Japan, filming a corpse in the famous suicide forest here. However, instead of feeling scared, he and his friends just made fun and threw jokes over the dead body.

At that time, Youtube  decided to temporarily turn off Logan’s channel monetization features and postponed the “Youtube Red” project he was involved in due to his unscrupulous behavior.

Next, in early 2019, there were several videos about the Momo challenge on Youtube, featureing a chicken-bodied “woman” with black hair, pale skin and zombie-like bulging eyes that give the viewers instructions on how to commit suicide and self-destruct. 

Momo challenge on Youtube

Momo challenge on Youtube

Afterwards, this challenge, while taking advantage of Youtube’s lack of control over children-related content, many fake creators without conscience had included Momo challenges into animated videos for children, namely Peppa Pigs.

Many children around the world had been heavily psychologically damaged by this terrified phenomenon and threats in their favorite animated movies. 

And the inevitable consequences

With the evidence outlined above, you probably have somewhat grasped what would happen to your channel when you violate the Community Guidelines, especially in terms of content regulations. 

Basically, your channel will be warned and Youtube will let you know via email.

Strike basic

So, according to Youtube: “In some cases, a single case of severe abuse will result in channel termination without warning. If you think we made a mistake, you can appeal the warning”

For further breakdowns, there’s a total of three strikes on your channel if you infringe the policies. 

  • First strike: several features and your video-uploading process will all be deactivated in a week (such as you can’t post on Community tab, videos, live events, stories and so on). Nevertheless, the warning still remains for 90 days.
  • Second strike: you won’t be able to post content for 2 weeks within the mentioned 90 days above. If no other issues occur, the full privilege will be restored automatically after 2 weeks. On the contrary, each warning will expire 90 days from the time the warning was issued.
  • Third strike: If there are 3 warnings in the same 90-day period, your channel will be permanently removed from YouTube.

What to do to enhance Youtube channel security?

Achieving 4000 watch hours to participate in Youtube Partner Program (YPP) and make money are indeed very challenging.

Youtube Partner Program

Youtube Partner Program

Small creators must work hard to reach that threshold of watch hours as well as increase views and subscribers. Moreover, both building content and complying with the strict policy of Youtube makes YPP out of reach.

Therefore, many creators choose to go on faster ways such as buying watch hours, purchasing monetized Youtube and views. On top of that, it can be mentioned another method such as exchanging the number of views and subscribers in a community of non-monetized Youtube channels.

However, with the constant update from the platform’s algorithm, the above actions are way far from surpassing the giant Youtube.

So what to do to avoid spending only to get worse? 

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How to start a career on Youtube?

How to start a career on Youtube?

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