Tips on how to buy a youtube channel have turned on monetization


Many people are unaware of how to buy a YouTube channel have turned on making money, Youtube channel with 4000 watch hours. Therefore, today’s article will help you discover how and why many people buy such fake YouTube channel.

In today’s modern life, YouTube is like a familiar dish indispensable for many people. Many people open their faces every morning to click on YouTube videos to seek joy and motivation. 

They learn to draw, learn to cook, learn yoga, they even massage on YouTube. There is nothing that you won’t earn when you type keywords into a YouTube search.

By bringing many benefits to many audiences in society, YouTube has attracted a lot of potential YouTubers. 

You post an interesting and useful video, and you will get a large amount of money when more people click and subscribe to your channel. 

YouTube is a form of making money not only for ordinary people but also for the rich, politicians, and artists through YouTube to speak their voice in society.

However, making money from YouTube is not as easy as you dream. 

You need to equip yourself fully to both avoid being scammed and easily discouraged in the early period when there are few loyal viewers. Today’s article will help you give tips on how to buy a YouTube channel that has turned into monetization mode.

First, let’s take a deep dive into the harsh requirements that YouTube puts on those listed as partners and enable monetization for their channel.

YouTube’s harsh requirements set out to turn on monetization for the channel


YouTube channel with monetization enabled

YouTube currently has a regulation to enable monetization for a channel when that channel has more than 4000 watch hours within 12 months and a minimum of 1,000 subscribers.

You also need to set up a Google Adsense (GA) account. You may not know an implicit factor to enable monetization on the YouTube channel that is a channel that must bring value to viewers. 

Therefore, if you want to turn on the YouTube channel’s monetization, it is not easy. The YouTubers who just entered the industry struggle very hard and have a hard time achieving their targets by the policies required by YouTube. 

$ 10 is an important milestone that you will reach when Google sends you a Google Adsense account confirmation letter. 

But $ 10 is just an activation milestone to receive money and $ 100 is a valuable milestone because then Google will pay you. 

Here are the undeniable benefits of buying a YouTube channel with monetization enabled!

The practical benefits of buying a YouTube channel have turned on making money

After being approved to turn on YouTube’s monetization mode, you will become a potential partner of this world’s second-largest search platform. 

If you regret money and do not want to buy a Youtube Channel, you may not yet know some of the practical benefits of buying a YouTube channel have turned on making money as follows:

  • You save time, effort, and cost of building a channel from scratch
  • You quickly speed up to increase views when there are new videos and increase YouTube sub
  • You create a strong brand for yourself as well as your business in terms of business partners
  • You can save the cost of buying view, buying a sub, buying YouTube watch time. In many cases, it is safer and more successful to buy YouTube channels with monetization enabled than using tips or applying the service of buying views, buying regular subs.

Tip on how to buy a YouTube channel has turned on making money


Tip on how to buy a YouTube channel with monetization enabled

You are a careful person, you need to pay attention to the service of buying and selling view or buying YouTube channel with cheap monetization enabled. Usually, you pay any money. 

Therefore, you should be prepared to avoid getting entangled in the situation of pre-lost pregnancy. Here are some notes that you should be aware of before buying a YouTube channel have turned on making money 2020:

#1. Avoid an unreputable and no-warranty service

First, you cannot buy a YouTube channel that has enabled monetization at a service that is not reputable or has no warranty. 

One of the top notes when buying a YouTube channel is that you need to know who they are and the people they work with.

Feedback from customers who have made transactions at the unit selling YouTube channel is one of the things to pay attention to.

If the majority of previous customers agreed on a service that was favorable and reputable, you can consider it. The fraudulent rate of the service of buying and selling the YouTube channel is very high. 

Therefore, now many scam services have received money and sold the channel to you, but then they withdraw their account by not giving you the original Gmail of the channel.

#2. Buy a YouTube channel with the same topic

Second, you should buy a YouTube channel with monetization enabled with the same topic. 

Because when you have the same topic, you will not need a good effort to make a video that is contrary to your interests as well as your forte. You are like a fish meeting water. 

The YouTube channel has enabled monetization that you buy back acts as a ladder to help you go further and faster than the path you have chosen. Therefore, you should not choose to buy YouTube channels that are off-topic or have nothing related to the topic you want to post the video on.

#3. Need to check to earn money mode

You need to check to earn money mode before buy. Third, you need to check if the YouTube channel is reset on or off permanently earning money or not.

If you are not a technical person, ask someone with technical expertise to talk to the seller of the YouTube channel. If you see them faltering or providing the wrong service, you have the right to take legal action.

#4. Check the brand YouTube channel admin rights

Fourth, you need to check the brand YouTube channel admin rights. 

If you spend a large amount of money to buy a YouTube channel with monetization enabled but then find that you do not have the right to administer a trademark YouTube channel, it is a scam service. 

Such fraudulent service may leave you in control of and grow the channel.

#5. Check your mail security

Fifth, you need to check your mail security and note to enable 2-layer security for Gmail.

Once you ensure the security factor of your YouTube channel, you have control and ensure that all activities of the YouTube channel are not affected by third parties.

#6. Consider the quality of the YouTube channel you buy

Sixth, you should consider whether the YouTube channel you buy is qualified or not. This means that you need to keep in mind whether the channel has a persistent trace of copyright warning, the status of the channel being warned. 

Many people are selling YouTube channels that have turned on a lack of quality money-making for naive people who are new to the industry. 

Currently, YouTube is applying the Fair Use law of the United States. You may not copy other people’s videos or ideas. 

You only fill 5 to 10 seconds into other people’s videos for documentation. Otherwise, your YouTube channel will be marked aspirated. 

In many cases, the YouTube channel they bought has been warned for the first time, and as long as you get a second warning and flag copyright. 

Some functions will be disabled such as not allowing uploading videos for more than 15 minutes or turning off monetization mode. 

Therefore, you need to pay close attention to whether the quality of the YouTube channel you buy is the same as what the service describes or not. 

If you have a problem, first of all, do not panic or get angry but should quickly contact the customer service department of the YouTube channel sales service to clarify the problem.

#7. Focus on the video of YouTube channel


Focus on the video of YouTube channel

Seventh, you should pay attention to the YouTube channel that you buy is not the channel with too many videos, but the view is too little. 

If you buy such a channel, maybe that channel don’t share much on social networks, the first channel owner does not know SEO, optimizes the channel with the video. 

An effective way for you is that you have to constantly measure the response of your viewers and interact with them to keep growing your channel. 

Let’s set specific goals and set a dynamic direction! You do not think to play but eat real.

The mistake after buying a YouTube channel with monetization enabled

Avoid using bots, proxies, tools to increase YouTube watch hours

After you have determined that you have purchased a quality YouTube channel with monetization, remember to be careful when developing a channel. 

Many people are still inexperienced in making YouTube so it makes the YouTube channel just turn on the monetization model, and block the channel. 

For example, many of you use VPS, VPN, or bots services to increase views, increase sub, increase likes, increase comments, … 

The result is always turned off the ability to turn on the monetization of the channel because of being noticed by YouTube.

YouTube channel died without knowing the reason

Many beginner youtuber make the newly bought YouTube channel die for unknown reasons due to lack of experience in channel management and development. The fact that, there was no email sent to and stating the reason for the channel dead.

There is a common cause that causes the YouTube channel to die: Your YouTube account was used with another account that violates the terms of YouTube before.

The only fire fighting for this channel death is that you should turn around to improve the quality of your content and reinstall Windows before doing it. 

If possible, you should review yourself ever re-up the computer you are using related to that YouTube account or not. 

Many experts believe that using Firefox Portable to login to each account can ensure the safety of the channel with monetization enabled, and the risk of dying in the middle.

Spam links in other channels

After buying a channel with monetization turned on, you do not make the mistake of spamming links in many other channels. 

Because YouTube’s algorithm is growing day by day, you cannot get out of YouTube’s attention. You can hardly get viewers by walking comments under many popular videos. 

YouTube will list you in the list of link spamming users and your comments will be considered spam. Consequently, the YouTube channel that enables you to make money just bought will be very affected. 

Please pay close attention to the section “Comments” to manage your audience’s comments. You can click and open incognito tabs and see your comments on other videos. 

If your comment does not show up, perhaps YouTube has put you in the spam comment section or suspected link spam. 

The best thing you need to do is just comment interactively instead of commenting on links leading to your video. 

When you have many people like and push to the top comment, it is only natural that many viewers visit your channel.

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Final thoughts

If you choose a service that provides a YouTube channel, you will have more time and effort to invest in the Promotion campaign

Instead of worrying about whether your channel meets the requirements to enable monetization or not, you only need a Google Adsense account to receive monthly automatic money from YouTube.

For more information, please contact AudienceGain via:
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