Top 5 Ideas for YouTube Videos 2021


Are you browsing for ideas for your YouTube videos? Do you want to amp up your YouTube channel with some cool new ideas? Well, we’ve got you covered!

In this article, we introduce the top five ideas for YouTube videos for 2021. Firstly, we walk you through unique holiday videos, followed by review videos. Then the article outlines bloopers and prank videos. Moreover, we also highlight collaborative videos with other YouTubers. Finally, the article covers challenges and audience interactivity videos. 

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Holiday Special Videos 

An excellent idea for YouTube videos is unique holiday videos. Regardless of your content niche, you can always create videos based on various special holidays, events, or occasions. Based on your follower demographics, these could range from national holidays in different countries to religious and cultural events. We have outlined several other popular holidays and international and cultural events for which you can create unique holiday videos:

  1. Christmas 
  2. Halloween
  3. Easter 
  4. Thanksgiving 
  5. New Year’s Day
  6. Juneteenth 
  7. Valentine’s Day
  8. Pride 
  9. April’s Fool Day
  10. Earth Day
  11. International Women’s Day
  12. Eid 
  13. International Transgender Day of Visibility
  14. Children’s Day
  15. Chinese New Year
  16. Islamic New Year
  17. Passover
  18. Hanukkah
  19. Persian New Year
  20. Diwali
  21. Holi
  22. Independence days for different countries
  23. Other national holidays

A great idea for a YouTube video is a holiday video for Christmas, regardless of your channel niche.

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Review Videos

Secondly, another spectacular idea for YouTube videos is review videos. This is because review videos are one of the top ten most popular and high-paying content niches for ideas for YouTube videos. There are many different types of review videos you can create. However, product reviews are the most popular and high-paying. We have listed five different types of review videos you can incorporate into your channel now and then to grow your channel and step out of your comfort zone. 

  1. Product Reviews
  2. Movie Reviews
  3. Book Reviews
  4. Game Reviews
  5. Business or Company Testimonials 

Product reviews are an excellent idea for YouTube videos because they earn well.

Bloopers and Prank Videos

Moreover, blooper videos are another excellent idea for YouTube videos. If you’ve had a YouTube channel for a while, you’ll have funny moments during shooting for sure. So make a compilation of these edits that your subscribers will enjoy. 

Additionally, you could also make prank videos. Audiences love harmless pranks on YouTube in general. Therefore this is an excellent idea for YouTube videos to lighten up your channel, especially if your channel has a severe or dry, boring niche.

Collaborative Videos with other YouTubers

Furthermore, you could also consider collaborating with other popular YouTubers with the same content niche as you. Collaborating with YouTubers with more subscribers than your channel is a spectacular idea for YouTube videos because it exposes your channel to new audiences. Therefore, alongside adding variety to your channel, collaborations also help your channel grow.

Challenges and Audience Interactivity Videos

Finally, challenges are another excellent idea for YouTube videos because they help increase interactivity with your audiences. One way is that you could carry out viral challenges such as the old ice bucket challenge yourself. Alternatively, you could pose a challenge to your viewers and promise gifts or rewards for the winners. The latter kind of challenge is ideal for one-on-one interaction with audiences that trends well and helps your channel grow considerably. 

In a nutshell, we have outlined five intriguing ideas for YouTube videos for your channel. Firstly, we walk you through unique holiday videos. Then we highlight review videos, which tend to perform great on YouTube. Moreover, the article also delineates bloopers and prank videos. 

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