What is criteria for monetization on YOUTUBE

Monetization on Youtube – 4000 YOUTUBE PUBLIC WATCH HOURS ????

❌I’m telling you that, this isn’t hard as you think with YouTube nowadays and you can possibly reach 4000 watch hours 1000 subscribers in less than a year.
Below are some small tips that may help you to reduce your process to get it in the fastest and safest way.

❌Base on new Youtube’s policy, 4000 PUBLIC Watch Hours & +1000 Subscribers is requirements channel must meet to review for monetization, we have some experience can use to get it.

☄️ Well, one of the first key is create videos what people want to watch and then concentrate to create useful or unique videos that meet their needs.

Besides, consistency and become a part of your viewer’s schedule are effective method. One strategy that works for newbie in YouTube is releasing a new video every week but in specific time.

For instance for video entertainment : Upload at 6:00-8:00 the time that people are active and relax.

☄️Optimize your titles

You’d be surprised to know how many new in YouTube don’t take video titles seriously. Using the right keywords in your titles can go a long way when it comes to YouTube search engine optimization. There are plenty of SEO tools online to check trending keywords.

☄️Collaborate With Other Successful YouTube Channels If you know any friend or person who has an established YouTube channel, you should always try to collaborate with them. You can use their tags and get more traffics. After you collaborate you will expand your audience, good ways to get more views and watch hours.

☄️ Cards & End Screen Cards are also very useful to suggest other content of your channel. Personally, I also have viewed YouTube analytics and was amazed at how important is it to use cards in the video. Always use End screen on each video to keep the audience engaged on your channel. This helps viewers to engage on other content of your channel.

☄️ Using Social Media To Get More Watch Hours

– So we will start with normal way on Social Media first . Cross-platform promotion, especially with YouTube can work wonders in driving users to view it. You can reach your entire base by sharing links on other profiles to funnel them toward your video. Share the link as a post, or put it in the description of your profiles to boost your views.

Also, by pushing traffic from your social media profiles to YouTube, you’ll gain favor with the algorithms by becoming the source of many session starts, which are sessions that originate on certain videos on the platform. Literaly, it will not easy from the get-go so but it’s forming gradually to be viral early.

❌ To save more time, advertising your video on Social Media instead of Google Adwords to get watch hours is not a bad idea & social company AudienceGain can helps that. It takes 14 days to achieve 4000 real watch hours, by this way, you should consider this option.


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