What to do after my Adsense account Cannot increase 4000 watch hours on YouTube?

Don’t be discouraged after your Adsense can not increase 4000 watch hours on YouTube! It’s normal because you still have a lot to pay attention to and do after this situation! Please read this article now to know the answer.

If you are a person who has just entered the industry of making money online from YouTube, then surely you know the regulations on YouTube monetization. You have to get 1000 subscribers and 4000 watching hours within 12 months.

So how do you know you’ve hit those milestones and turned on monetization? You do not need to recalculate your YouTube watch time to know if you have reached the milestone of 4000 watch hours on YouTube.

However, the more you have to pay attention to more than that. So what to do after your Adsense account can not increase 4000 watch hours on YouTube? Let’s explore and dig out about the difficulties you are having!

First, let’s look at some problems with Adsense accounts that cause many YouTubers.

What is Google Adsense?

What is Googe Adsense?What is Googe Adsense?

Google Adsense is a form that Google pays its creators through Adsense. Google’s online advertising ecology will have 3 main objects, which are advertisers, content creators, and google. 

An advertiser is a person who buys advertising from Google and is usually the company or business that needs to promote the brand. Google Adsense is the main platform connecting buyers and sellers.

Google Adsense will join you in sharing revenue from advertisers. The amount is based on the amount the advertiser secures and the number of visits. Adsense’s revenue share is usually very good. 

You will receive up to 68% of the amount that the advertiser pays Google.

However, you can only activate your Adsense account when you qualify to enable monetization and can earn $ 10. 

Then, when your Adsense account reaches $ 100, you can withdraw money. Currently, there are two types of Adsense accounts that are Adsense hosted and Adsense content.

Adsense Hosted is a type of account for YouTube channel owners and you can send a request to YouTube for review to enable monetization. You don’t need to do anything but Google will turn on monetization and automatically turn on all the videos on your channel. 

Meanwhile, Adsense Content is the type of Adsense account most often used. Most people when mentioning Google Adsense will mention this content account. Adsense Content applies to websites with independent content and certain traffic.

Some ways problems about Adsense account

Many of you have any problems with owning and an Adsense account. Therefore, you need to keep in mind the following important things to successfully activate your Adsense account:

  • The code should be copied exactly as it appears on the AdSense homepage.
  • Need to put the code on the URL you provided when creating an Adsense account

Make sure you put the code on a page that has content and regular visitors

You need to wait a long time to activate your Adsense account

But if the time is too long then maybe because you are not placing the code on a page with frequent views. 

After you have noticed the above issues, also need to pay attention to the Adsense account activation process. You just need to do the following:

  • Connect Adsense website
  • Enter your billing address
  • Verify your phone number so that if you lose your Adsense account, you can successfully submit a verification request

Once your Adsense account has been activated, you can set up ads and make money online from your channel.

If you are unable to access your existing Adsense account, then you should send a response reflecting the inability to access your Adsense account immediately.

You have to control the content of the posted video

community guidelinesCommunity Guidelines

After you process and recheck whether your Adsense account has a problem or not, you should pay attention to whether the video content control violates YouTube regulations or not. 

Because currently, in addition to the regulations on enabling monetization for the channel: reaching 4000 watch hours within 12 months and 1000 subscribers, there are other ways to request. 

Video content, for example, does not infringe the copyright or must adhere to community guidelines. You can use third party content but still comply with US Fair Use law that is used when the third party grants commercial rights and you help add value to the content.

You are not allowed to post videos containing nudity, pornographic content, danger, hurting others, hateful content, agitation, bloody violence, … Besides, videos containing content no spam or misleading metadata, cyber threats, fraud, or harassment are allowed. 

YouTube does not accept impersonating other people’s channels or impersonating others to create channels. If you do not meet the above criteria, even if you reach 4000 watch hours, it will be difficult to enable monetization. 

A “tacit” principle of YouTube about enabling monetization is that the channel must be created outstanding value for the community and being loved by many people.

You should also know some of the following prohibited acts on YouTube to note that you will not be deducted from YouTube watch time and YouTube watch hours quickly even though you have an Adsense account:

  • In or before video content, you re-embed third-party advertisements, sponsored content, or promotions
  • Increase views by unknown origin, hire or delegate third-party tools or services to create subscribers, increase virtual views
  • You sell YouTube channel through a 3rd party website to sell for profit from the page
  • You encourage or entice viewers to like or add content to your favorite video list

From the above requirements, you can see that to avoid the monetization disabled, it is best not to reload from another channel, buy an unknown view and sub, or call for a cross sub. 

You should not leave the channel with the most traffic and large revenue but cannot make money. In addition to making money online after signing up for an Adsense account, you can incorporate more affiliate marketing to optimize revenue from YouTube.

You can sign up for an Adsense Hosted account with your Gmail account completely free of charge. 

After you log into your Google account on YouTube, go to the YouTube homepage and click the account icon in the upper right corner of the screen. You select “My channel” to proceed to create your channel. 

Then, click the button “Create channel”.

After you have reached 4000 watch hours within 12 months and 1000 subscribers, look at the left-hand side and select the “Monetization” option with the dollar icon to enable monetization for the channel. 

It may take a few days for Google to review your Adsense account. Once approved, you will receive an email notification sent to your inbox. 

At this point on your video posting will have ads and you can through it to earn more income.

That is the whole process until you reach your first money from YouTube. So, if in this process, you have any problems or concerns, do not hesitate to share with the experts of AudienceGain. 

You will quickly achieve 4000 watch hours and create an Adsense account.

How organic views increase you should consider?

organic viewsOrganic views

Do you know how to quit my Adsense account can not increase 4000 watch hours on YouTube? You can choose a more professional, quick, and secure way. That method is SEO YouTube

YouTube SEO is considered a technique that makes your video-friendly on YouTube’s search engine and climbed to the top 1 of Google. 

If you can successfully SEO Google, it is not sure that YouTube SEO will be successful. Currently, the algorithm of YouTube and Google is very different and changing more and more complicatedly.

Use tools to identify and analyze keywords first

The first thing that you need to prevent you from wanting to create an Adsense account but not meeting the 4000 watch hours on YouTube standard is to use a famous keyword research tool like Keywordtool.io. 

Through this famous tool, you will get results of the average number of searches per month on Google. 

Compared to the number of searches on YouTube 4 times higher than Google. Because if Google has 2,4000 searches per month, YouTube has about 8.2000 searches per month. 

This shows that many people have a habit of watching videos vividly instead of just reading the news. 

Once you can successfully SEO YouTube and find the right keywords that hit the viewers’ psychology, your channel will surely reach 4000 watch hours sooner or later.

The title must be SEO standard

You also know the title is the first thing that catches the eye of a viewer. Once your title catches on and contains a stimulus for readers to click. Also, to conquer viewers, your video must be SEO on the top. 

If you want to be like that, then the title SEO is of course not to be missed. The SEO standard-title should contain the keywords you want to SEO after using the Keywordtoool.io tool. 

When you put keywords in the title, you also need to optimize the click-through rate (in the industry or called CTR click-through rate) for the video. CTR = (Number of clicks / views) x 100%. 

A particular example is if you have 1000 video views and the video has 1000 clicks then your CTR is 10%. 

In other words, CTR helps YouTube to know that your video matches the keywords that viewers have typed and prioritized showing your video instead of others. 

Once you get a lot of clicks on the video, it is natural to climb to the top. As long as your title contains keywords that need SEO and the title must optimize the CTR click-through rate to attract visitors and customers to click.

Description of YouTube Video

The top criterion for describing your video is the SEO standard that it must contain keywords that need SEO and have a resolution of 500 words to prolong the time of visitors on the video. 

It can be said that video description is the necessary piece of content for viewers to understand the topic and what you are aiming for. A good video mockup will make viewers feel good animals and was held back. 

But to be known to viewers, you must first meet the criteria for YouTube to push your video top. 

You are not stuffed with keywords, but only write information so that customers can trust and sympathize with the channel owner. Usually, YouTubers use “Simple Facebook” to describe the video. 

You just need to summarize the main points and present a harmonious composition between the lines. Please write easy to see and detail!

Integrate thumbnail thumbnails for YouTube videos

A leading method of increasing organic views for YouTube channel is to replace thumbnail thumbnails for YouTube videos. An avatar is a thumbnail that illustrates the video. 

You can be very different in the eyes of others if you invest in thumbnail images. Canva is considered a famous tool to help you design thumbnail images for your videos. 

Mostly, after installing thumbnail images for videos, it will improve the CTR click-through rate. From there, your video’s ranking will increase over 4000 watch hours on YouTube.

Video length

You need to pay attention to the length of the video because if the video is long, viewers will spend longer YouTube watch hours. You just need to make videos from 5 to 10. Your video should be neither too short nor too long.

The video tag should contain keywords that need SEO

Optimize videoOptimize video

The video tags are also closely related to the increase of more than 4000 watch hours on YouTuber after having an Adsense account to earn more income. So, put a tag that contains as many SEO keywords as possible. 

The powerful tool that gives you many keywords is TubeBuddy. Through TubeBuddy, you will get many tags related to video topics and save hours of hours choosing which tag. 

TubeBuddy has both free and paid versions. But if you want to invest in the long term to make money from YouTube, you should invest in paid tools.

TubeBuddy specific tools:

  • Check the video ranking by a certain tag
  • Suggest tags related to video topic and make very practical suggestions
  • Helps you to check all video metrics for testing (eg social media shares)
  • Help you fill in tags that increase clickthrough rate from competitor videos quickly
  • The test helps you to get real-time people on video

In addition to the above SEO measures, you should also pay attention to the number of customers on video because it will help your SEO YouTube score increase. You should pay attention to the following factors

  • How many likes and dislikes does your video have?
  • When you finish watching your video, do customers leave comments?
  • Many people are sharing your video on social networks like Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr, …
  • Do you respond to and interact with customers on video or not

The organic ways to increase more than 4000 watch hours on YouTube above are all safer instead of deceptive tricks like using bots/proxies/tools to increase virtual views. 

Increasing virtual views is no longer safe when YouTube’s algorithm is increasingly complex. 

If your channel has monetization enabled, the use of bots or proxies to create fake views and subscribers will have a huge impact on your channel.

Another method in which you can generate natural and organic views and subscriptions is to go to AudienceGain’s Promotion Campaign service.

AudienceGain – the opportunity to increase YouTube watch hours quickly and safely

The Promotion Campaign service of AudienceGain allows you to have organic views and subscriptions coming from social media campaigns. 

The views are evenly spread over the videos in your channel, helping YouTube to raise the top quickly. Because it is 100% safe and consistent with YouTube’s policy, many politicians, artists, and celebrities choose Audience. 

There are many YouTube losing money and YouTube watch time just because the service of providing views and subs is not reputable. AudienceGain’s delivery times are super fast and super flexible.

Just 1 to 3 days after you sign up for AudienceGain’s service package. 

If you feel the product is not as described, you can respond and get money back according to the Audience’s refund policy to ensure the benefit of customers.

If you have any problems or problems with AudieneGain then you should feel free to respond to our dedicated customer support team. 

You will certainly be satisfied with the quality and reach more than 4000 watch hours on YouTube.

Final thoughts

The above are all the best and most organic best practices to help you exceed 4000 watch hours on YouTube and make money from YouTube. All your problems will be resolved by contacting the Audience today. 

Currently, the Audience has packages for 3 10-minute videos and 2 20-minute videos for you to freely choose. 

Depending on your needs, you can carefully consider and determine whether you want to invest in the long term and make money from YouTube today or not.

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