Youtube channel for Kids – Things you need to know about kid-focused content on Youtube

Among the content types of Youtube channel, Youtube channel for Kids is one of the most popular niches. Indeed, Youtube is currently a leading website and video-sharing platform in the world with a huge number of rich and various content videos.   

With such properties, there is no reason that Youtube does not have a large user base, billions of visitors daily with 500 hours of video uploaded every minute. Yotube’s audience is also very diverse, mostly young people, especially the children(under 13 years old).

There has been some trouble with the platform as it failed to protect these little audiences from inappropriate content, leading to negative consequences for the physical and psychological well-being of the children in general. 

In addition, Youtube is not the only party to blame, parents are also very inattentive in monitoring their children when accessing this website. Many woeful creators have taken the disadvantage of these audiences to increase their channel views and Youtube watch time just for quick monetization

So, what do Youtube and parents need to do to protect children? Please read this article below to know more.

Youtube channel for Kids - Things you need to know about kid-focused content on Youtube

How to start a youtube channel for kids – Things you need to know about kid-focused content on Youtube

Youtube’s act to comply with COPPA

So back in September 2019, the FTC announced a $170 million fine to Google following its investigation against Youtube on allegations of violating children’s privacy laws.

The FTC cited evidence that Youtube had given the advertiser information about YouTube channels that are popular with younger audiences and facilitated them to expand the reach of advertisements on videos. This is in violation of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

Although the settlement had somehow been worked out between the two parties, Google was still forced to change its current policies and business operations to control content on YouTube.

For example, Youtube may ask creators to label content for younger audiences and pause crawling on videos targeting teenagers. This also prevents creators from taking advantage of this young audience to increase views and watch hours just for profit purposes.

Now here comes the consequences that will and already have a devastating impact on the creators, especially for those who’re making kid-focused content to make money on Youtube. 

Basically, following concerns of the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) over the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) compliance, YouTube made the changes immediately. When it is rolled out, YouTube will default to assuming that all views of the child content videos will be children regardless of the age of the setting in the viewer account.


Advertisements - Youtube kids

How to make a youtube channel for kids – Don’t forget Advertisements

On YouTube children-related channels, users will no longer see personalized ads. In other words, users will still see ads on videos with children’s content, but these types of ads will be less relevant to them since the Youtube system will rely on the context of the video to place ads, not user data.

Monetization features

Children’s content creators monetization features will be limited. You will no longer see Super Chats or Merchandise Shelves because these features are based on user data so that YouTube can allow eligible creators to activate them.

Other features

In addition, Youtube will also turn off other features (which are largely based on user data) such as comments, live chat, playlist, mini players, notifications along with other two recent new features are the Community tab and Shorts stories.

The new “Audience setting”

The new Audience setting youtube channel for kids

The new “Audience setting” – Youtube channel for kids

The Youtube’s algorithm has been always changing for the maximum support for the creators and also in order to enhance the level of safety for the Youtube ecosystems, especially the young children.

So as a result, Youtube learning systems will depend on user data so they can find the content that is clearly made for kids.

Therefore, the platform has added a new feature in the “Audience” tab to assist creators in evaluating whether their channel is suitable for a young audience or not. 

There are two ways to set your audience: at the channel level and the video level

Channel level

As a creator, if you find out that your whole channel is including kid-related content completely or not, you can set the audience at the Channel level for quick guidance. 

Find the Audience tab in the Settings and go to Advanced Setting, then choose the answer that best describes your channel. 

This setting is applied on all of your older videos as well, so in case you create a new channel or account, set your audiences at the channel level as the first step. 

Video level

On the other hand, if your videos are so diverse in terms of content, you can mark your audience at the Video level. Go to “Video” tab in Youtube Studio, click on videos you want to edit and go to Audience

Remember, it’s extremely essential that you take these steps to set your audience accurately. Or else, you may face several punishments from Youtube like strikes, deactivating monetization features or channel’s suspension. 

Identify children’s content

Identify children’s content on youtube channel for kids

Identify children’s content on Youtube channel for kids

The age to identify a young audience can vary widely from country to country (as in the US it is 13 years old). So there are a few factors that you can rely on to determine if your channel content is suitable for children or not.

  • There are children’s characters in the videos. 
  • Songs, poems, famous children’s stories.
  • Famous TV shows for kids or featuring cartoon characters.
  • Play theater or tell stories using a children’s toy.
  • Games with the main character are children such as acting, playing the role of fantasy characters.

Things creators and parents should do with Youtube channel for kids

YouTube has a dedicated app for kids – YouTube Kids is available almost fully on device platforms, from phones, tablets to Smart TVs. YouTube Kids’ interface is intuitive, easy to use and divided by content type or age.

In the software, users can control by using password protection or view duration. However, Some parents believe that the content on YouTube Kids is not updated and lack richness, especially for school children.

Some stated that there are only songs, music cartoons available and the parents want their childrens to approach some educational and instructional videos as well so they can understand the nature around them. 

Thus, lots of children access Youtube without the supervision of their parents and it is understandable because they can’t keep an eye on the kids all the time, here are some ways that parents, as well as creators, can protect children while they’re browsing Youtube platform. 

Youtube Kids

Youtube Kids

Youtube Kids

Indeed, Youtube is a very safe application for children, but in contrast it loses the inherent diversity of the largest video sharing platform in the world.

For the same reason, parents can combine this app with the original platform to filter content for their kids to see. For example, they can watch cartoons for entertainment on Youtube Kids, besides watching educational content channels on the website to learn.

Anyway, the Youtube Kids app also has its own merits thanks to some functions of setting a limit on viewing hours for children, dividing specific types of content such as Learning, Program, Discovery, etc.

Restricted mode

YouTube’s restricted mode allows you to hide content that is supposed to be adult-only or contains offensive and violent elements. Moreover, videos that are viewed are then hidden from all comments.

However, YouTube itself warns that inappropriate content cannot be completely eliminated in this mode, thus this mode only works relatively and those types of contents still appear. 

To turn on Restricted Mode on the computer, in the upper right corner, click the avatar and select Open restricted mode at the bottom of the toolbar.

With mobile phones, users do the same settings with the YouTube app. Tap the avatar, select Settings and choose to enable restricted mode. These operations only work on each device. However, if a young child learns how to turn on/off mode, it may become useless.

Turn off search feature on Youtube channel for kids

Google search and Youtube are based on artificial intelligence technology and machine learning algorithms, so it can be difficult to ensure safety online for your kids.

As a result, the search feature is very “sensitive” to children while they can look for the videos they want to see real quick (and because kids these days are too smart!). You’d better turn off the search feature and do the searching stuff on your own in case your children ask. 

Deactivate video recommendation

This is important because Google also notes that, with its endless recommendations of videos based on what they’ve seen,”sometimes your kids may find something on YouTube that you don’t want them to see. 

Check the viewed history

Check the viewed history

Check the viewed history

As noted above, YouTube shows video recommendations based on your watch history. SO if you find anything inappropriate that the kids accidentally watched, delete them right away. 

Create playlist

You can also create a number of playlists for kids depending on their wishes and interests. In addition, you can download videos and add a separate offline playlist (if the videos are available for download) to minimize the negative effects when YouTube is online, such as video recommendations, advertisements and so on. 

Other video or movie websites

But keep in mind, not Netflix. You already know how addictive this movie platform is. Netflix also has a variety of children’s programs, such as cartoons, or wildlife documentaries. 

However, Netflix does not have the same advanced content filtering and restriction features as Youtube. 

Television channels such as PBS, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network all provide mobile apps for kids with professionally curated and produced content.

Do you want to safely build a Youtube channel for Kids?

Kid-focused content can be a potential and lucrative niche for every creator to monetize from their channel. Nevertheless, you should carefully follow the platform’s terms of service on children’s online privacy in order not to be “banned” by Youtube. 

So to say, AudienceGain is a Social Media Marketing company which dedicates to support content creators to develop and promote their videos, brands and products across social platforms, especially Facebook and Youtube.

Sign up for us right now to know more methodical strategies to make money on Youtube and leave a comment below if you have any questions. 

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