Class A tips you need to learn to become a Youtube chef


For those who love to cook, it is extremely fun to learn new dishes and recipes. In fact, there are many anonymous cooks who have earned certained reputation as a “Youtube chef” while their main is about cooking lessons, simple recipes and culinary criticism.


Youtube chef

Furthermore, if you are a food lover or a culinary enthusiast and have spent hours on YouTube watching food-themed videos constantly wanting to learn more new knowledge, skills and look forward to sharing with everyone your experience, you are also a potential culinary creator, who can become an inspiration for others.

Besides, although viewers have been exposed to the culinary content, this is a form of evergreen content that can help you achieve a stable number of views and subscribers. Can you make money being a chef? If you have already reached 4000 watch hours to make money regardless of this niche’s great competition, well, you just did such a great job!

Well, let’s follow this article to know some top skills to grow a cooking-focused Youtube channel!

Take a look at the current Youtube culinary trends!

In this day and age, healthy living styles are developing strongly, and consumers are increasingly interested in nutritional value in their daily meals. And after the crazy 2020 of “quarantine”, “social distancing”, “lockdowns”, etc, the global trend towards a green lifestyle starts  booming.

On the other hand, home-cooking is still the talk of the Internet during lockdown. Many Youtube chefs, while trying to kill quality time have created some weird combinations with left-over ingredients to create delicious but simple recipes that anyone can learn.

Apart from that, there are some other prevailing culinary trends which these online chefs need to seize the potential opportunities to make money on Youtube.

Organic Food


Organic Food

The shift to a healthy lifestyle has also led to an increased demand for vegetables, especially organic foods. As a result, the F&B industry in the coming years will see a “mushroom-like” growth of organic farms.

Besides, consumers are starting to think seriously about replacing meat in their meals. They take a closer look at the nutritional ingredients, the supply process, the amount of clean water used, and the safety of the food, which indirectly spurs a great deal of interest in food-derived foods.

So to say, many Youtube chefs have successfully introduced to the viewers many home-made recipes. In Asia, Li Xiqi is a Chinese reputed creator known as the “cooking fairy” due to her simple, familiar dishes through peaceful country footage.

Currently, Liziqi Youtube channel has more than 13.4 million subscribers and more than 2 billion views, each of her videos has a very high number of views and likes.


As a Youtube chef, you can totally cook for yourself tons of food and sit on the camera doing livestream with your audiences, while eating at the same time!

In fact, Mukbang content can generate a crazy amount of views and watch hours for the creators without spending much time and effort. Besides, this type of content is original and copyright protected, and that will tackle some monetization-related issues.



Autonomous sensory meridian response – ASMR

ASMR culinary videos create sensations that help viewers eat better, create cravings, help treat anorexia, and are simply for those who live alone and want to have company while eating.

Nino is a young Youtube chef focusing on cooking, especially cakes. Apart from the beautiful, lively footage, the beautiful dishes, the thing that most impressed the audience was probably the owner of the channel (since he always wears a bear-head-like mask)

Choosing the ASMR method as the main style for the content with close-up angles along with lovely little kitchen appliances, this guy’s Youtube channel has more than 4.56 subscribers and this figure shows no sign to stop.

Best tips for Youtube chefs to monetize from their culinary channels

Just like other niches on Youtube, in order to surge the watch hours as a cooking-focused channel, every Youtube chef needs to enhance engagements between them and the audiences.

How to make a cooking show script?

  • Write an outline for your script
  • You should break the script down into three acts: the beginning, middle, end of a story.
  • Tell detail what you plan to cook, what your audience need to prepare the dish themselves, and you should talk step to step how to make it.

Follow the trends

As we mentioned in the food trend below, it’s essential to provide ideas that are inspired by what people are currently interested in. So follow the seasonal ingredients and get inspired by what’s new, fresh and recent.

Furthermore, You can also keep an eye on YouTube trending videos as well as take a look at other opponent’s channels.

Use Youtube playlist to make food series

How to Start a Successful YouTube Cooking Channel? Tasty has done a really good job in creating food-focuses TV series such as “Make it big”, “Make it fancy”, “Eating your feed”,… which has brought to BuzzFeed huge amounts of money from videos with billions of views.

On the contrary, if you’re only an individual Youtube chef and has no back-ups from post production, you can do something easier and simpler.

For example, create an all all-vegan week or the series of “no” in 30 days (such as, no sugar, no processed food,…) recipes. This forces people in the habit of keeping track of your channel every day, in addition to a thing that YouTube loves to reward with better ranking on the search results.

You now can perfectly gain social credibility while no need to worry about lack of time, manpower and effort when maintaining the channel.

Take advantage of Youtube Short


Youtube Short

Now scroll through your Shorts, you are going to see many creators have made use of this “vertical-type” videos to promote their food-related videos.

Moreover, since a Short video is limited to only 60 seconds, take advantage of this kind of downside to draw more attention.

To promote your channel, just edit and cut the main footage of certain cooking-recipe videos and post it on Youtube shorts. Also, never perfect the food at the 60th second so that viewers will click on your channel out of curiosity.

Bear in mind that right Youtube Short is still in beta and you cannot monetize from this feature yet. The key is to focus primarily on regular-type videos and only incorporate Short as a tool to boost channel popularity.

Don’t go too insane on expensive gear!

We understand that every Youtube chef just wants to assure the high-quality images and sound because culinary content is all about visual effect, sound-soothing satisfaction and easy-to-follow instructions.

Well, in fact, you don’t need to purchase all high-end cameras or sets of lighting in order to produce “expensive” food-related videos. As small creators, you can totally use your phone and a mobile tripod, or borrow from acquaintances for the video-producing process.

Keep it simple

When you’re just starting your YouTube journey, it’s best to stick with the simpler things that can provide decent quality videos. Besides, you also need to consider the budget on the buying ingredients or kitchen appliances.

As a consequence, it’s more appropriate to play safe since the growth of the cooking niche on this video website is very unpredictable.

In fact, there are many ways you can elaborate the content in different types while still saving money, such as “Taste Test”, “3-ingredients meals”, “Food vlogs”, and so on.

The importance of angle and color theme –  key factor Youtube chef should notice!

Perhaps you want to start your own Tasty-style channel, or being a sarcastic Youtube chef as the owner of “You suck at cooking”, cinematics techniques are the indispensable skills you really need to cultivate.

That being said, to take “food porn” to another level, pay attention to the followings of light, angle, and montage.


First off, establish a two-light-source set up – “Key light” and “Back light”. While

the key light is going to cover the whole cooking surfa, backlight will create shadow to enhance the depth of the dish.

Make sure to use a white diffusion to soften the direct lighting.

Angle and editing

Close-up and top-shot are the most common angles to film a food-focused content. Furthermore, specified scenes, slow tracking shots will work on images of sizzling fried bacon or smoked porks.

On top of that, another camera technique is slow-motion scenes, so if that’s the image you’re trying to make, make sure your camera can film at least 60fps (or higher) because you can get clean and clear footage when you slow it down in post.


How to film yourself cooking? The studio is a place where all the cinematic elements come together, meaning that many setting stuff depend on you in terms of post-production. Thus, you can use Adobe Premiere or Filmora to master the jump cuts and transitions editing techniques.

How to promote youtube cooking channel?

  • Use Social media
  • Don’t forget Email marketing, this is the helpful promotion of your channel.
  • Ad words will promote your cooking channel.
  • Video SEO: Write title, description for youtube cooking channel

TOP 10 Food YouTubers & Channels Teaching The World To Cook

1. Rosanna Pansino – 8.8 Million YouTube Subscribers
2. Epic Meal Time – 7 Million YouTube Subscribers
3. Tipsy Bartender – 3.2 Million YouTube Subscribers
4. How to Cake It – 3.2 Million YouTube Subscribers
5. How to Cook That – 3.2 Million YouTube Subscribers
6. Jamie Oliver’s FoodTube – 3.1 Million YouTube Subscribers
7. MyCupCakeAddiction – 3.1 Million YouTube Subscribers
8. Laura in the Kitchen – 2.8 Million YouTube Subscribers
9. MyHarto (My Drunk Kitchen) – 2.5 Million YouTube Subscribers
10. Food Wishes – 2 Million YouTube Subscribers

Want to be a successful Youtube chef?

Well, with all the overwhelmed information above on making money on Youtube as a certified chef, are you ready to take all the spotlight with all the top culinary skills you possess?

Well, let AudienceGain know about your perspectives on this article if it has provided you with valuable lessons by leaving comments below.

Don’t forget, there are other potential “Youtube niches” that you can exploit if there are failures or obstacles in this niche.

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