YouTube niche: Introduction and Tips to pick up the suitable one


Before starting to create a YouTube channel, the first step is to choose a YouTube niches to stick with it as long as possible. Then, the key point of this choosing task is content consistency and valuable information improvement.

That is why the creator needs to have a clear understanding of what they intend to do, with the aim of proceeding smoothly for the channel development in the future.

That being said, how should you choose your niche and based on what factors? Read this article for further details.

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What are YouTube niches?

To begin with, a Niche (or niche market) is understood as a small segment of a market or a market void with the goal of consisting of a particular group of customers.

In general economics, businesses choosing niche markets means focusing their efforts on most small markets. It does not mean competing for market share in large markets according to market demand.


YouTube niches

For instance, women’s fashion is a huge market. In this market, women’s business fashion brands are the smaller ones and the vintage women’s business fashion brands will be a small niche in this market.

Products, features, and benefits are designed to meet the very specific needs of a small group of target customers.

Therefore, on YouTube, if you want your video creation process to be successful, it’s important to decide clearly from the outset what your channel’s purpose is.

The importance of choosing the right YouTube niche

The right niche is very important because it directly affects the development of YouTube channels.


YouTube channel growth

Having a consistent niche makes your channel more engaged with people, who discover your great content and want to see more relevant videos. If not focusing clearly on your YouTube channel, you will lose your subscribers for boredom.

Thus, you can not upload random theme videos and hope for good luck. Every video should have a clear purpose content. Otherwise, your channel will be hard to grow. Your videos will be buried in a content-saturated community.

Moreover, defining a specific topic for a channel is a way for YouTube to run ads on channels with relevant content, in addition to ensuring content safety for the audience. For example, YouTube has completely blocked ads on kid-focused channels, or on culinary channels, you will almost never see ads for games on it.

You have to choose a subject and become an expert in that topic to do so, your reputation can be spread widely, there will be more audiences and the channel will grow faster.

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Here are a few very popular and potentially profitable niches that you can refer to

Kid-focused YouTube channel

Children, who are always curious and can easily idolize someone, are considered to be the ‘gold mine’ of kid content creators. Because this age group has a lot of free time to go online and every family has their own computer, smartphone, etc. So, it is easy for them to access YouTube.


The Youtube Channel niche focuses on children

Some popular kid-focused Youtube channels: Ryan Kaji (28,9 million subscribers), Vlad and Niki (63,7 million subscribers), etc.

Gaming channel

Basically, gaming creators record themselves while playing some games, give comments on some moments, or do Livestream to interact with audiences. Besides, there are many gaming YouTube channels that have had quite an impressive growth in 2020 when producing videos about the game Among Us tips, the most popular when Covid-19 has been taking place.


Game channel niche on YouTube

Prominent gaming channels: PrestonPlayz (9,62 million subscribers), Shroud (6,72 million subscribers).

Culinary channel

If you love to cook (or even just to eat), food channels can be a great idea. Showing off recipes and showing how to use kitchen appliances and utensils is a money-making tool.

Some well-known channels can be mentioned as follows: Tasty (20,2 million subscribers), Babish Culinary Universe (8.65 million subscribers)



Educational/Tutorials/How-to/DIY niche

Everybody wants to learn about something new even as simple as how to tie the shoelaces in style. If you have good skills in any area, make a tutorial video to give your audience more information.

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This is a very fast-growing niche on YouTube. Using soothing audio and visuals to relax viewers, ASMR YouTubers seek to create a viewer’s physical response to something happening on a video.


Content types related to small niches such as makeup art, hair styling, skincare, fashion, etc. Some popular channels can be mentioned such as James Charles (25,7 million subscribers), Brad Mondo (6,81 million subscribers)

Vlog – potential “YouTube niches”


Vlog niche

This is a very special niche. Any subject-specific creator can do vlogging. Essentially, vlogging is about recording simple moments of daily activity, and creators can diversify this type of content in any way to engage viewers.

And there are so many more niches out there for you to choose, based on your personal interests, life experience, certified skilled.

How to select the best niche for a YouTube channel?

Choosing a niche that suits your capabilities and the tastes of the public needs to be based on many factors. Normally, a creator chooses content based on what they like and is good at it as well.

Determine your goal

It is different whether you want to produce a video for a living or do it simply because you want to do it for fun. Up to this point, YouTuber has become a professional career and content creation is a very hot topic on the Internet.


Determine your goal

Gradually, modern life makes viewers’ demands and desires for quality increasingly high, making becoming a YouTuber also requires a more serious and professional investment. From the preparation of cameras, crew, scripts, etc., all showed the same care as performing television programs.

Therefore, do you want to create videos to make money or to ignite your passion? Do you want to be famous, you want to make funny jokes, or create content for a particular audience so you can build a community?

Besides, you also may be using YouTube as a platform to showcase your personal brand and develop a reputation you can bring to the real world.

Once you have a clear goal for what you want to achieve on YouTube, you can consider the tactical orientation for kicking start your channel in: find a niche and create content.

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Show off your skills and passion

There are many reasons why you should choose a YouTube niche from your passion:

  • You are passionate about a certain field. That means you have a certain amount of motivation to continue to learn and improve. You can actively come up with new ideas and continuously improve video quality with your knowledge.
  • Becoming a YouTuber needs stability. You should regularly post content to earn money, and enhance engagement with viewers. This can quickly turn into pressure if you are not interested in what you are doing.
  • Viewers can feel your enthusiasm and dedication as you present your favorite topics. It can make a very good impression in the eyes of viewers, making them believe in your serious attitude. They see your effort as bringing valuable lessons to the community.

An objective perspective

Put yourself in your audience’s shoes and question yourself what they will expect from you. Choosing a channel’s niche comes from your passions and expertise is the key, but how to deploy your content to approach more audiences is a different story.

For example, if you have a passion for photography and plan to open a YouTube channel specializing in photography, the audience is widely diverse. Your video viewers may be the amateurs, people looking for DSLR camera’s review, professionals, and certainly your competitors as well.


Put yourself in the audience’s shoes

From those types of audiences, you can plan videos on topics tailored to different audiences. Remember that videos starting with “How to” or “… for beginners/experts” are always on top searches. These are evergreen content, giving you a steady increase in views.

On top of that, to find out what topic the audience is interested in, use keyword search tools like Google Keyword Planner or Keyword Surfer, etc.

Be well-prepared

To stand out on this video-sharing social network is pretty difficult. In fact, these niches above and some others that you know all have a huge number of creators. Indeed, YouTube is now over-saturated and too competitive.

However, this is a difficulty that even well-known creators are facing. If you are new, don’t worry too much.

In the early stages, although the video’s performance will not be as good as you expect, you are still free to experiment, post what you want and keep track of the audience’s reaction. You can then draw from your experience and strike a balance between what you want to show and what the public likes.

Our giveaway: Make a vlog, if you’re still considering

Vlogging is varied, which means gamers can do vlogging, chefs can record their daily recipes for dinner, beauty icons can show off their lipstick collection and cushion them. via vlog.

However, for creators with expertise in a particular field, they choose vlogs as personal life-sharing content in addition to their primary mission. This YouTube niche helps them increase engagement with followers, increase their income, or simply run out of ideas temporarily.

For vloggers specializing in vlogs, most of the steps to implementing this niche are pretty simple. Just use your phone, user-friendly editing software, and record what you do every day.

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You can also refer to how to do this on YouTube. Many videos like “What did I eat when I was a college student” or “Daily Life of a doctor/nurse” received a lot of attention from the community.

So vlog is the most accessible niche in terms of cost, production stage, time, and ideas.

And if you still have problems and wonder which YouTube channel is right for you, immediately join AudienceGain to find the answer.

Well, have a nice vlog!

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