YouTube Trends 2023: Following Trends or Not?


Are you interested in learning about the hottest YouTube trends 2021? Do you want to know whether you should follow these trends or not? Well, get some popcorn and a drink.

This article highlights the top YouTube trends for 2021. Firstly, we walk you through the most popular trends on YouTube in 2021. Then we elucidate which content is the most popular and most viewed on YouTube. 

Then, we highlight the following YouTube trends for 2021, including the advantages and disadvantages of doing so. In this section, we delineate creating unique content and starting your own YouTube trends. 

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YouTube Trends 2023

So, when it comes to YouTube trends in 2021, one can distinguish general trends across the platform from the most famous content, and top YouTube searches in 2021. One excellent source to get all the latest information on YouTube trends is the YouTube Culture & Trends extension

YouTube Culture & Trends

The YouTube Culture & Trends site is the best insight for YouTube trends in 2021. The Discover tab on the YouTube Culture & Trends extension displays the top trends for YouTube videos, including graphs for 2021. In addition, this tab contains various pertinent YouTube trends for 2021 and their relevant data and data visualization. 

The YouTube Culture & Trends site is a fantastic platform for gaining insight on the hottest YouTube trends for 2021.

Moreover, the Records tab on the YouTube Culture & Trends site contains information on four primary categories for musical records:

  1. All-Time Most Viewed Music Videos 
  2. Most Subscribed Official Artist Channel for all-time
  3. All-Time Top 24 Music Debuts
  4. All-Time Fastest Music Videos to One Billion Views 

Additionally, the More tab consists of the In The News tab and the About page. The former contains various news stories from popular contemporary magazines and news outlets such as:

  1. The New York Times
  2. ABC News
  3. Vice
  4. Wired
  5. Billboard
  6. The Verge
  7. OMR
  8. Variety
  9. Washington Post
  10. Wall Street Journal
  11. Civil Eats
  12. Metro 
  13. The Telegraph
  14. Harper’s Bazaar
  15. Cosmopolitan
  16. The Sun
  17. Daily Star
  19. Los Angeles Times
  20. Evening Standard 
  21. USA Today
  22. Financial Times
  23. Daily Mail 
  24. Forbes
  25. Teen Vogue
  26. Outside Magazine
  28. Rolling Stone 

These articles revolve around various genres such as news stories, the latest trends in 2021, news about YouTube and YouTubers, etc. 

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Popular YouTube Trends 2023

This year’s popular YouTube trends for 2021 involved many different videos, features on YouTube, and other popular culture trends. We have summarized the ten primary YouTube trends for 2021 in this section of the article. 

#Co Watching Events 

Watching gaming and sports events together on YouTube has become trendy during social distancing measures around the world.

Firstly, especially during times of social distancing, a popular YouTube trend for 2021 is co-watching events. Many critics argue that what happens surrounding an event is as important as the center stage. Co-watching events give people a sense of community as they watch sports events, concerts, or other significant events such as award shows together. During the times of COVID-19, this has been especially true for sports events and sports fans. For instance, a quarter of a million football fans tuned to AFTV’s Arsenal Versus Newcastle Watch Live in 2021. 

#YouTube Challenges

Secondly, YouTube challenges were another popular YouTube trend in 2021. Video creators carried out various challenges involving YouTube viewers’ participation, from makeup challenges, viral dance routines, and chili eating challenges to comedy and art challenges. 


Moreover, on-the-go videos are all the rage these days. With the growth of Tik Tok and Instagram, short on-the-go videos have become a popular online trend. However, this has also translated into a YouTube trend for short on-the-go videos in 2021. YouTube Story is just one example of YouTube’s optimization to integrate the latest trends.  

#High-Contrast Thumbnails

Exciting thumbnails with high contrast are great for attracting viewers.

In addition, high-contrast thumbnails were another salient feature of YouTube trends for 2021. Thumbnails are very effective in attracting viewers to watch your video. Therefore, the more eye-catching your thumbnail is, the higher are the chances of it attracting viewers to click on and watch your video. This led many video creators to start creating thumbnails with high contrast to attract viewers quickly. 

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#Highly Branded Channels

Furthermore, highly branded channels are another big YouTube trend for 2021. YouTube now has many big channels and prominent YouTubers making millions online every day. As a result, you will see famous branded channels for every niche possible, from makeup to how-to videos!

#Gaming Live Streams

Another pertinent YouTube trend for 2021 is gaming live streams. YouTube has become a significant destination for gaming and eSports tournaments. Live streams allow gamers to broadcast around the world and also make money simultaneously. Another gaming YouTube trend for 2021 relates to Twitch streamers live streaming on YouTube or posting their VODs on YouTube. 

#Voice Search

Moreover, in particular, users are enjoying YouTube’s new accessibility feature for searching, the voice search. Voice search has become a primary YouTube trend in 2021. The microphone icon is displayed next to the search box and enables users to search for videos using their voice. This feature has resulted in more long-tail keyword searches on YouTube. Long-tail keywords usually contain several words or form a sentence. As the use of voice search rises, video creators must integrate long-tail keywords in their SEO as they are generally easier to rank for. 

Voice Search has made searching using keywords on YouTube more accessible than ever before!

#YouTube Hashtags

YouTube hashtags took off in 2021 to become a famous YouTube trend. As the functionality of the hashtags increased, so did discoverability due to YouTube hashtags. With the increase in the usage of YouTube hashtags this year, content creators should try to rank their content on hashtag landing pages for more viewership. 


Additionally, another pertinent YouTube trend for 2021 is V-tubers or virtual YouTubers. This category of YouTubers consists of anime or animated characters. It first rose to prominence in Japan due to the efforts of the Tokyo-based company Activ8. They brought forward the first popular V-tuber, Kizuna Ai, to life. 


Finally, docuseries are another famous YouTube trend for 2021. Unlike documentary films that usually last about 90 minutes, docuseries or documentary series enable creators to delve deep into their subject matter. The popularity of docuseries on YouTube has increased significantly this year, and it is a growing niche. 

Popular Content on YouTube 2021

Furthermore, in addition to the hottest YouTube trends for 2021, it is worth finding out which content niches performed the best on YouTube in 2021. Here we list the top categories for content on YouTube in 2021 based on engagement metrics. 

  1. Commentary
  2. Product Reviews
  3. ” Top” List Videos
  4. Comedy
  5. How-to Tutorials
  6. Reactions
  7. Challenges
  8. Memes
  9. Q&A (Question and Answer videos)
  10. Interviews
  11. Docuseries
  12. Music Videos
  13. Educational Videos
  14. Gaming Videos
  15. Narrative Videos
  16. ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) Videos
  17. Sports Videos

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Following YouTube Trends

Now that you’re well aware of the hottest YouTube trends for 2021, as well as the most famous content niches for 2021, it’s time to figure out what your take from this should be. First, of course, it is an excellent idea to jump on the bandwagon and choose a few popular YouTube trends or content niches to go with. However, sometimes thinking outside the box and creating unique content makes your videos go viral or establish pertinent YouTube trends. 


There are many advantages of following popular YouTube trends and content niches for 2021 and integrating them into your channel. Here we list some benefits of using some popular YouTube trends for your content. 

#Using Hashtags 

Using hashtags increases discoverability for your videos on YouTube. The YouTube algorithm categorizes videos based on their niche and tags and hashtags used by the content creator. Therefore, using hashtags increases the chances of more people viewing your videos, as they also rank on the hashtag landing page. 

Hashtags are excellent for improving discoverability on YouTube in 2021.

#Creating a Brand 

Secondly, it is also a great idea to build your brand and increase brand awareness for your YouTube channel. We saw earlier that highly-branded channels are a hot YouTube trend this year. This is because both viewers and sponsors are attracted to professional channels with professional and personalized outlooks. So in that respect, creating a unique channel design and building your YouTube brand is one popular trend you should jump on.

#YouTube Challenges

Additionally, it would be best to consider carrying out YouTube challenges that form a popular YouTube trend for 2021. This is because YouTube challenges tend to generate a lot of engagement from users and can help increase your views and subscribership by a significant amount. Therefore, following this trend in 2021 may be a good idea.


However, it is not always a good idea to jump on the latest trends and blindly follow what other YouTubers are doing to build their brands and increase their popularity. Thinking outside the box and creating unique content is imperative because you can not always follow YouTube trends to get views. 

Content virality on YouTube is heavily dependent on content uniqueness. Therefore, if you keep following YouTube trends without any new input yourself, you might as well start losing engagement instead of gaining viewership! Consequently, it is crucial to balance following popular YouTube trends and creating unique content for becoming popular or blowing up on YouTube in 2021.

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In The End

To sum it up, you can study the hottest YouTube trends for 2021 thoroughly on the YouTube Culture & Trends website. It contains information on the most popular trends on the platform, including many different rankings for music videos. In addition, you can also find various articles on current YouTube trends and news from renowned magazines and news outlets. 

Moreover, the hottest trends for YouTube in 2021 are: 

  1. Co Watching Events
  2. YouTube Challenges
  3. Videos-On-The-Go
  4. High-Contrast Thumbnails
  5. Highly Branded Channels
  6. Gaming Live Streams
  7. Voice Search
  8. YouTube Hashtags
  9. V-Tubers
  10. Docuseries 

Additionally, this article also lists the top ten YouTube content niches for 2021. Finally, we highlight some advantages of following YouTube trends, such as using hashtags to increase discoverability, building a professional brand of greater engagement, and carrying out exciting YouTube challenges for more viewership. 

However, it is crucial not to get lost in following YouTube trends. You should also create unique content to increase the chances of your content going viral. Moreover, it’s always better to be the trendsetter but finding a balance between following trends and setting your trends is vital for becoming a successful content creator on YouTube in 2021.

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