How do I buy YouTube watch hours for cheap in 2021? 


Is your YouTube channel not eligible for monetization, and everything you’ve tried hasn’t worked? Or are you looking to buy YouTube watch hours for cheap? If these problems sound similar to yours, we’re here to guide you on buying YouTube watch hours for cheap in 2021.

Finding the cheapest yet most credible and trusted sources online for buying YouTube watch hours is a difficult chore! Buying from certain malicious websites may potentially download malware onto your device. We’re here to find you the best possible deals for buying YouTube watch hours for cheap in 2021.

Additionally, in this article, you’ll also learn why this might be beneficial for your YouTube channel. The article also compares whether buying watch YouTube hours or subscribers would be cheaper in the long run.

Should I buy YouTube watch hours for cheap?

We’ve all probably thought this when looking to buy watch hours on YouTube. However, we’re here to tell you why buying watch hours could potentially be very healthy for the growth of your YouTube channel. 


Buying YouTube watch hours for cheap from untrustworthy websites could be harmful for you so only buy from credible sources.

The following link to one of our articles covers all you need to know about the advantages of buying watch hours on YouTube for cheap from a trusted site or entity. However, for your convenience, we have listed some of the primary advantages of buying watch hours. These are:

Monetization eligibility

Greater visibility of content on YouTube and other search engines

Increased channel credibility for monetizing using in-stream ads, sponsors, becoming a market affiliate YouTube Premium and other paid membership programs such as the Amazon Influencer Program, and video editing services

More credibility amongst audience members for monetizing through the sale of branded items or merchandise, crowdfunding from fans, and increasing following growth


Increased credibility for your channel, amongst your specific audience means that more people would be willing to buy your merchandise or crowdfund your projects.

Where do I find cheap YouTube watch hours for sale in 2021?

Do you wish to know where you could find and buy YouTube watch hours for cheap? You can find the most reasonable prices for the purchase of YouTube watch hours and subscribers at AudienceGain. You may visit our main page to check for the costs. 

Remember that you can trust us not to download malware on your device or send malicious bots, viruses, or other content your way! These are the things that happen when you buy from untrustworthy websites or entities. 

Is it cheaper to buy watch hours or subscribers? 

Many YouTubers would tell you that buying subscribers is cheaper for you. Contrary to popular opinion, buying watch hours is more affordable in the long run. Consider the cost analysis when buying 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers versus 4000 watch hours. Subscribers may seem more reasonable, but no deal has been included here at AudienceGain for only subscribers as:

  1. They do not make sense without watch hours
  2. Subscribers also do not affect monetization as quickly as watch hours do.

In Conclusion 

Conclusively, buying YouTube watch hours is very easy if you’ve made up your mind after reading the numerous advantages of purchasing watch hours, such as increased channel credibility and visibility and greater chances for YouTube monetization. However, be careful to trust credible sources and not every website out there because you don’t want malware or viruses on your device!

If you want to buy watch hours for cheap you could visit our website.

In addition, AudienceGain is committed to helping you out with any queries and concerns you might have on buying YouTube watch hours.

For more information, please contact us via:

Hotline/WhatsApp: (+84)70 444 6666



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