The best place to buy Youtube subscribers – a specific guideline


It’s time to think about another faster and more optimal method for your YouTube channel development. If you’re getting stuck somewhere during the process of promotion, there is no reason why you should not buy Youtube subscribers for a rapid growth.


Youtube – money-making platforms for video artist

Here’s why. We are no longer too surprised by the popularity of YouTube in the last decade – the second most searched platform on the Internet with 500 videos uploaded every minute.

Indeed, 500 videos are uploaded every minute. With that much fierce competition, it’s not hard to admit that sometimes you just want to give up on your journey of building a successful YouTube channel.

No matter how much effort you spend on promoting your videos to increase views, you still won’t get 4000 hours of watch and 1000 subscribers to be approved by Youtube Partner Program (YPP).

Establishing a fanbase naturally is great, however, many subscribers have chosen to buy subscribers to get rid of frustration and the lack of motivation right at the beginning of their career as a Youtube.

But before that, there are several things to consider if you’re short on a budget. Since buying subscribers can be expensive a little bit if you can’t manage to find a reputed supplier.

Therefore, read this article from AudienceGain to re-establish your mindset. And whether you choose to buy subscribers or develop your Youtube channel on your own, we provide you with both “buying Youtube subscribers” and effective promotional campaigns for your channel.

Well, you have a freedom of choice! And here’s the article!

Things to consider before buying Youtube subscribers

We would like to re-emphasize our statement. Buying watch hours, subscribers, or views are completely safe and legal. This act does NOT go against Youtube terms of service.

This is just like you hire a service to help you cover all the tasks for increasing video views in order to, say, be approved to YPP, or any other purposes you demand.

However, you must take caution when selecting a provider selling YouTube subscribers. Some sites are illegitimate and can lead you to cumbersome trouble with their fake YouTube account.

Given the significant factors of buying subscribers, there are helpful tips to help you make a well-informed decision before making any move.

Your financial status


Financial Status – stable income

You can buy as many as subscribers you want, but normally, people have a tendency to buy at least 1000 subscribers first (for YPP). Then if your channel is finally monetized for instance, you can consider buying additional subscribers to gain more reputation.

This just hugely depends on your budget to be honest. But keep in mind that you need “real” subscribers with an affordable price range. As a result, please consider where and how many to buy before cost an arm and a leg on your potential fans.

Targeted Audiences

There’s a high chance that the subscribers you buy won’t be your potential viewers.
However, you can use them to gain more right audience, since the more subscribers you have, the higher possibility you rank highly on the search engine, leading to an increase in the number of your channel’s subscribers.

Your niche

Your content is always the core factor for your channel growth, as well as the money you make in the long run. When you finish purchasing subscribers, you need to keep uploaded exciting content to get organic followers.

Youtube is a “battleground” for video-producing and money-making, hence you must create content that associate with the interest and demand of your viewers to keep them stay connected.

How does Youtube count views?

Well, when a user clicks on a video to watch, one view is counted if he/she watches the video for at least 30 seconds. If he/she watches under this threshold, the click will only be counted as “viewed”, not as a view.

What about a more “natural” strategy?

Buying subscribers can be an immediate method for your channel development. However, in the long term, the only way to develop a sustainable Youtube channel is to create quality content that truly cares about the needs of your viewers.

This article will give 10 ways to help you increase your subscribers sustainably and effectively:

Call on channel subscriptions at the end of videos


Call on to your viewers to subscribe

Well, this is the easiest way to be honest. Adding a “call-to-action” sentence at the end of each video doesn’t take you much time. Besides, you also make a great and friendly impression on your new viewers.

Calling to subscribe to the channel is like a comment, a guide for them to register. Furthermore, another appealing factor is that audiences will find it interesting to subscribe to the channel when the owner urges them to easily receive notifications, which in return can kick off their curiosity for the next videos.

So to do that?

  • Leave the registration link on the description below
  • Include pictures, sentence, calling for registration in video (when editing)
  • Share on social platforms to draw more subscribers (if you find it necessary)
  • Commenting on your own videos that prompts viewers to subscribe

Make a brief trailer


Create an amazing trailer

Intro videos are small video clips are for branding purposes. You can promote your brand by using these introductory clips. If done properly, containing all the essentials related to the actual video or product, your professionalism will be appreciated.

In fact, most YouTubers have always focused on creating a great intro to get more subscribers. You can create an intro for your YouTube channel using a variety of intro generators.

Here are 3 tactics for making a great channel trailer:

  • Start an introductory video with your own tagline
  • Keeping video lengths around 60s (or shorter). Frankly speaking,  YouTube’s algorithm also finds that short-length videos are more well-converting.
  • Introduce the main purposes of your channel (is it for educational goals, entertainment, product reviews,….)

Publish long videos (at least 10 minutes each)

So longer videos means that you have a higher chance to have more required Youtube watch hours. In addition, we consider 10 minutes is sufficient for a useful content of a specific subject that you want to effectively deliver.

And of course, long videos rank higher in YouTube’s search results.

High-quality content


Content is still the King

Viewers are more likely to subscribe to those who produce content on a regular basis than someone who posts videos only from time to time.

Try to post videos at familiar times of the week. Let subscribers know when you’ll post a new video (on your trailer) , and they’ll come back to watch once the video is uploaded.

If your content is really attractive, your viewers and fans will help you promote through social networks, thereby helping you to get more and more new viewers for no cost.

Share video to social networks

One of the ways to make your channel the most popular is through social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, …


Social networking sites – virtual communities

If your video is compelling and pervasive enough, social networking sites are the best virtual places to promote your videos as well as your channel.

Take advantage of social platforms to be able to pull video views by sharing videos to groups with the same topic group. Obviously, just a group of a few thousand members or a few tens of thousands of members and if your video is  interesting enough, it will be very easy to get lots of views.

Besides, if you already have a website/blog that contains keywords that have high rankings on Google, you can pull traffic through Youtube and vice versa.

Inserting a video in the article will also be very good for keyword rankings, keeping the reader stay engaged when most people are now lazy to read but willingly to watch.

On the other hand, if you are a newbie, there is nothing too difficult to create a website blog in this day and age, you can learn and do it yourself in a short time.

Time frame for video posting

For video posting, time frame for each video is totally depends on each individual and where he/she lives (different time zone)

If your niche is about cooking and introducing religious cuisine, the golden hour with most people online will be before lunch, or dinner.

There will be many different ways for you to define & choose golden time frames for video posting such as:

  • Test video posting in many different time frames and compare the number of views in each video (relative).
  • Depending on how long other channels post videos, but to avoid competition, you should also avoid strong competitors.

This is a quite effective way for you to increase the necessary metrics for your Youtube channel.

Reply to all Comments

This is one of the easiest ways to get more subscribers. In fact, YouTube’s internal data found a clear correlation between replying to comments and subscribers.

Because most YouTubers don’t respond to comments regularly. Therefore, it will help you stand out when replying to comments from viewers.

Create rewards

It’s time to create some reward for your subscribers’s enthusiastic engagement. You can give them gift or discount codes related to the contents that you make.

Apart from the potential growth in views, watch hours and subscribers, rewards also help you get closer to your familiar audiences and build strong sympathy.

Content that your audience has been asking for

That being said, the comment section plays a very important role. It’s a place where your viewers give feedback to your video, in addition to debate on your opinions on each video’s subject with other audiences.


Enhance the communication between creators & viewers

And on top of that, it’s a great source of ideas when your train of thoughts gets stuck. Looking for comments like “can you do a Q&A video?”, “Can you do a review on ABC products from XYZ brand?” or “have you heard about…?” to generate more  ideas.

Also, this is totally an act of goodwill, so the payoff may not be immediately beneficial.  There’s no guarantee that fan-requested videos will go trendy or attract more subscribers, but you just need to look at other merits for  further development:

  • Establishing a mutual trust with your endearing audiences.
  • Maintain subscriber’s loyalty
  • Spread out your channel’s popularity
  • Maybe a break from a process of idea-brainstorming.

As a YouTube creator, it’s still your job to decide which videos fit your channel and content strategy. But it never hurts to pay attention to your audience and include them in your decision-making, whenever possible.

Embed YouTube videos in your blog posts

Your blog is an untapped source of subscribers. Why? If someone reads your blog, they clearly like your content.

In order to get the embed code from a YouTube video, you need to click on the Share button under the video, then get the embed code for it.

Click on Embed and copy the code that’s highlighted for you.

Paste the embed code in the spot in your blog post where you want your video to be appeared.

AudienceGain – best place to buy Youtube subscribers

audiencegain's rating on trustpilot

Audiencegain’s rating on trustpilot – best place to buy Youtube subscribers

Whether you are trying to get the sufficiency of 4000 watch hours or 1000 subscribers, or your channel is already monetized, views and subscribers are still two main factors for your channel’s development.

Therefore, our service of buying Youtube subscribers will tackle your concern straightaway.

With more subscribers, you can easily improve your social credibility, as a result encourage more organic videos views and subscribers.

Furthermore, additional subscribers to your channel boost your channel rankings on Youtube, therefore widen your channel’s popularity on this platform.

And if you’re a small creator struggling with getting more subscribers to monetize, our solution would be the most effective for your plan.

Moreover, our team also includes a no-drop guarantee and over delivery service for the package of buying subscribers.

Now, if you’re serious about your Youtube career, sign up for us right away to update the latest news for strategies and methods of a successful Youtube channel!


Q1: Will I be forbidden from Youtube if I buy real youtube subscribers cheap?

Answer: The answer is no. And as we mentioned, buying views and subscribers is a common service you can look for in this day and age. You pay for your optimal advantages, and there is nothing illegal about that.

The important thing is that you should be careful with many shady views providers on the market. And make sure your content doesn’t infringe Youtube’s policies, because this will lead to the channel’s suspension or demonetization.

Q2: Can I buy the views and subscribers separately?

Answer: Of course.

Depending on which option is most optimal for you, AudienceGain – best place to buy Youtube subscribers, also creates  packages which are suitable for increasing individual views and subs separately. If you just want to  increase your views, the possibility of you getting organic subscribers is very high.

Q3: Can my video rank top when I buy subscribers for youtube channel?

Answer: Well, possibly? Maybe? To be honest, we have no clue.

Our main point is that buying views and subscribers can be seen as a strong foundation for your channel development. That is a rapid and more efficient strategy to get 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers for YPP.

Therefore, to be cherry-on-top requires much more than that. Youtube’s algorithm will examine the nature of your content and make sure that your video doesn’t violate any of the policies.

Furthermore, engagement (based on watch time) must be one of the decisive requirements for sustainable success.

Q4: What about the copyright issues when I decide buy youtube account with subscribers?

Answer: Don’t worry much about it.

As long as your content complies with Youtube’s copyright conditions, your channel is completely safe.

As for us, the views and subscribers are completely accumulated from our effective Promotion Campaign. In addition, we will also provide more knowledge about copyright infringements, as well as application procedures for YPP.

Q5: How many days does it take to apply for YPP?

Answer: Well,  30 days maximum.

Youtube needs time to review your channel when it receives your request to enable turning on the monetization mode. This process involves re-checking the minimum number of views and subs and Youtube also needs time to make sure your channel is valuable for users.

And if Youtube rejects your channel, it takes you another 30 days to reapply. Not to mention that you would have a few more days for the error-checking on your channel.


Above all are our instructions to help you quickly increase subscribers, likes & views for your Youtube channels, especially new channels that need to be exploited to the maximum.

There are many other tips, but in our opinion, the way to develop the best is still a good investment in content quality to make your viewers stay engaged and connected.

We hope that you will quickly increase your YouTube index. You want to find a best place to buy Youtube subscribers, don’t forget AudienceGain.

If there are any questions you can ask below this article.

For more information, please contact AudienceGain via:
Hotline/WhatsApp: (+84)70 444 6666

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