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Benefits of buying Monetized Channel

The channel is eligible to enable video ads instantly. Just concentrate on creating excellent videos and make money with them.

For “Botted” Monetized Channel: Other companies on the market do not offer warranties for the Monetized YouTube Channel service after the purchase. But, we guarantee the channel will be safe for three days after purchase, so you have time to check the channel, change the necessary information and secure your account.

“Organically-Grown” Monetized Channel, we guarantee 100% there won’t be any risk of getting demonetization caused by our original video. Furthermore, we guarantee an instant refund if the channel quality is not as described.

Note: The condition is that you must not upload any videos yet.

With 1000-3000 real subscribers who have been engaging with the channel, it would bring you a quicker start than developing a channel from scratch.

Note: This feature is only included with the Organically Grown channels.

100% of videos are original that created and reviewed by the experienced experts in our team content creators. No copyright strikes or violations.

Typically, monetized channel has been linked with an USA or UK Google Adsense account already. Simply let us know if you are in another country, we will rely on that to give you a suitable Google Adsense account.
Support changing Google Adsense account & niche safe.

Typically, we deliver the Monetized Channel within 1-12 hours.

For your convenience, we will guide you through minor steps such as account login, account security, or even change to a secure Google Adsense account after the channel is successfully transferred. So relax. We will help you to manage your channel conveniently fully.

Make sure you get advice from our team of experts to choose the type of channel that’s right for your needs.
For consistency, please make sure you read and agree to our Terms of Service before making a purchase.

What Does The Monetized Channel Look Like?

AudienceGain Compared


Affordable price

Channel quality and uniqueness are guaranteed

Guarantee for demonetizing issues after buying

Support in redesigning the channel logo & banner for free

Available a list of channels link for choosing.

Super fast delivery



Affordable price

Channel quality and uniqueness are guaranteed

Guarantee for demonetizing issues after buying

Support in redesigning the channel logo & banner for free

Available a list of channels link for choosing

Super fast delivery



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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Organically Grown Channel:

This type of channel is built by only 1 content creator with high-quality content. We confirm that this channel would have a steady increase in organic views and subscribers. Therefore, there is no risk due to the original videos. There is a refund policy for this Organically Grown channel.

→ Who are suitable for this service: people who want to develop the channel in the long term by creating their original videos.

  • The Botted Channel:

There are some risks of getting demonetized because we mainly uses a few content creators to produce videos (Includes their faces) for many “botted” channels. As a result, YouTube may still consider those channels had reused others’ videos.

→ Who are suitable for this service: people who use multiple Monetized Channels in a short period to make money by reusing others’ videos.

Would YouTube be demonetized shortly after I buy it?

Buying monetization channels has its own risk. As you know, YouTube was tighter in allowing the new channel to monetize on their platform. They will still be strict even after the channel has been approved for monetization. The channel will be quickly demonetized if they detect any violation from the videos. To be honest, the Monetized Channel is more suitable for old YouTubers that already know YouTube’s monetization policy as they can avoid undue risks.

However, it doesn’t mean there won’t be a chance for new YouTubers. Have confidence if you are serious and want to make money with YouTube. You can learn the policy carefully and adhere to it as other YouTubers do. Everything would be fine.

What if YouTube was demonetized before I upload videos?

For “Botted” Monetized Channel: Other companies on the market do not offer warranties for the Monetized YouTube Channel service after the purchase. But, we guarantee the channel will be safe for 12 hours after purchase, so you have time to check the channel, change the necessary information and secure your account. After that time, we will not be responsible for anything that happens to your YouTube channel, including the channel being demonetized, disabled, or anything else. The condition is that you must not upload any videos yet. 

In most cases, the channel is safe, but it does happen every once in a while. All purchases of Services are made at your own risk. Due to this, we cannot refund after services have been completed if this has occurred to an account/content.

For “Organically-Grown” Monetized Channel, we guarantee 100% there won’t be any risk of getting demonetization caused by our original video. The condition is that you must not upload any videos yet. Furthermore, we guarantee an instant refund if the channel quality is not as described.

In buying my account, you agreed with the terms and conditions of my service, thank you!

We only sell YouTube Channels joined YPP for about a month. So, its stability is very high.

Here are the steps to receive the channel?

Step 1: We will send you the detailed information of the Monetized Channel that includes Email, Passwords, Recovery Email, then add your Gmail address as the channel’s owner in a few hours.

Step 2: We will connect with you through Live Support and guide you step by step in performing channel security. You have to follow our instructions strictly when signing in the Monetized Channel onto a new IP address for safety reasons.

Step 3: After everything is set & you’re satisfied with the channel, that means we have completed your order.

According to the YouTube’s policy, they will only count the Public watch hours for monetization. That is to say you should not delete the videos on the channel to maintain the monetizing status of the channel until you can gain the 4000 watch hours on your own videos that you will upload after you received the channel. 

Absolutely not! Changing the niche has never affected the channel’s monetization status. Make sure your videos follow YouTube’s policy, we guarantee that.

Of course. Contact us for more details. We will rely on your sale frequency and give you a reasonable rate to benefit from it.