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Your benefits from our Monetized YouTube Channel

The channel is eligible to enable video ads instantly. Just concentrate on creating excellent videos and make money with them.

Basically, we depend on the Social Media platform to launch the video promotion. In this way, your videos will reach a potential audience in the same niche so that’s how we provide views and subscribers. Finally, we can affirm the method are 100% safe and legal. No-drop guarantee.

There’re 1500-3000 Subscribers on the channel that might help you develop the channel easier than starting from scratch!

100% of videos are original that created and reviewed by the experienced experts in our team content creators. No copyright strikes or violations.

Typically, monetized channel has been linked with an USA or UK Google Adsense account already. Simply let us know if you are in another country, we will rely on that to give you a suitable Google Adsense account.
Support changing Google Adsense account & niche safe.

Our team will chat with you directly to guide you step by step from logging in to change information like phone number, recovery email, password, and an AdSense account that we will prepare for you in your country.

Normally, it takes us a few hours to prepare and deliver the channel.

Besides the premium features above, we will support you in redesigning the channel Logo & Banner to enhance your channel’s professionalism for free.

This service is only suitable for YouTubers who want to make money by re-uploading others’ videos.

What does "Buy Monetized YouTube Channels" mean?

What does a Monetized YouTube Channel have?

A YouTube channel will be under monetization review, which has achieved 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers. After monetization is enabled, you become a member of the YouTube Partner Program. You can receive feedback from Creator Support teams and access the Copyright Match Tool with many monetization features. Your channel is ready to make money.

What benefits can you get from a Monetized YouTube Channel for sale?

The first advantage is if you buy YouTube monetized channels, you will have the residual revenue from the existing videos. When YouTube channels are sold, they have frequently reviewed channels, and the ad and affiliate revenue generated by those current videos might last for years.

Another good point of a monetized youtube channel for sale is that it already has a loyal following. You don’t have to waste months producing videos that are hard to gain numerous viewers. You may pick up where the original author left off and start selling your goods and services.

While having a vast subscription base is beneficial for the guaranteed views, it also has another advantage: growing more significant following much more easier. And it can have different benefits depending on different types of YouTubers. 


For beginners: A higher number of views signifies greater authority. When new YouTube users encounter a video with many views, the material in that video is given more weight. If a video gets a lot of views, people are more inclined to click on it.

For experienced ones: The YouTube algorithm favors videos with a more significant number of views. Because of the greater view counts, YouTube knows that specific demographics enjoy this video, and the videos will get higher rank in the search results and suggested videos sections.

Buy YouTube monetized channels might let you skip the grind and get directly to the money because a solid subscriber base will offer your videos better view counts right away.

AudienceGain – the best place to buy YouTube channels

It’s essential to understand what criteria you may want to buy someone’s YouTube account before you pay them a lot of money to obtain access to their channel and subscribers. This service at AudienceGain not only can satisfy all your needs but also provide things that few sites can.

  • The commitment: After giving the channel and the right to use to the customer, we will always be ready to help with any problem.
  • Warranty service: Before handing over the account to you, we always ensure the monetization mode and the quality. Having a YouTube monetized channel for sale can grant you the privileges of being a member of the YouTube Partner Program and access to a free Google Adsense account. Moreover, the previous videos always have to be original and have lasting value to maintain audience retention. 

Sign up at our website right now to create a revenue-generating channel without having to spend a lot of effort in a long time.


What Does The Monetized Channel Look Like?

AudienceGain Compared


Affordable price

Channel quality and uniqueness are guaranteed

Never encounter demonetizing issues after buying

Support in redesigning the channel logo & banner for free

Available a list of channels link for choosing.

Super fast delivery



Affordable price

Channel quality and uniqueness are guaranteed

Never encounter demonetizing issues after buying

Support in redesigning the channel logo & banner for free

Available a list of channels link for choosing

Super fast delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the steps to receive the channel?

Step 1: We will send you the detailed information of the Monetized Channel that includes Email, Passwords, Recovery Email, then add your Gmail address as the channel’s owner in a few hours.

Step 2: We will connect with you through Live Support and guide you step by step in performing channel security. You have to follow our instructions strictly when signing in the Monetized Channel onto a new IP address for safety reasons.

Step 3: After everything is set & you’re satisfied with the channel, that means we have completed your order.

According to the YouTube’s policy, they will only count the Public watch hours for monetization. That is to say you should not delete the videos on the channel to maintain the monetizing status of the channel until you can gain the 4000 watch hours on your own videos that you will upload after you received the channel. 

Absolutely not! Changing the niche has never affected the channel’s monetization status. Make sure your videos follow YouTube’s policy, we guarantee that.

Of course. Contact us for more details. We will rely on your sale frequency and give you a reasonable rate to benefit from it.