Top best tricks to freely increase Youtube views


How get more views on YouTube free? You are a Youtube content creator struggling with increasing Youtube views for your videos? You are at the right place! Here are our strategic tips in detail.

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How to increase Youtube views

It is the fact that Internet users may never get bored of watching videos on Youtube. There is no surprise that the whole world has a favor for this platform.

As the second largest search engine in the world, YouTube is a channel widely used to promote, entertain and educate, YouTube currently has about 22 billion unique visitors per month and the average length of a session is nearly 40 minutes.

How does Youtube count views?

Under several circumstances that a viewer watch a video over and over again, the view are still counted, but only to a certain point. If the algorithm finds out a random PC re-watch a video too much, the counting will stops.

This article will introduce to you a complete playlist of free methods to increase Youtube views on your YouTube channel such as: search result optimization, content quality improvements, using social media and so forth.

Our experts from AudienceGain have systemized these tips and several related information about the detailed techniques helping you to achieve the number of views you wish for.

Let’s dive in!

Increase Youtube use by search result optimization

Similar to Google’s search result algorithms, Youtube also has its private algorithms to help recommending the best, the most relevant videos to the users, in addition to ranking them at the top of the search engine.

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Relevant Keywords

First and foremost, your content-related keywords should be included in the video title and video subscription.

A title of a Youtube video plays two important roles: providing keywords for the algorithm (let YouTube to arrange the content display, engaging viewers, and recommending them of the contents). On the other hand, the video description is where you can better tell search engines and users exactly what your video is trying to convey.

In order to do keyword research, you can use typical SEO methods such as using keyword planning or other keyword research tools.

To check keyword popularity on YouTube, visit the keyword planner and select YouTube search on the right side to check keyword popularity on Youtube. Optimizing your video content for the right keywords will help gain organic views.


Secondly, YouTube video tags help classify video content and help the algorithm understand what users will approach when they watch your videos

Tags, along with the description and title, will reflect the core subject of what your videos are about. In case you need some help, you can use keyword research tools, as mentioned above.

Clickable thumbnails

The progress of increasing more views would be much easier if you invest more effort in the thumbnails. A thumbnail will help the audience see a snapshot or which part of the video itself is, then partly grasp the information they are searching for.

Therefore, in order to attract viewers from less than 1 second of a glance at the thumbnail, you should now actively create your personal thumbnail for your videos which looks more optimal and more prominent. This image is set up in the Custom Thumbnails Section.

To be more detailed, there are several factors that you should take a note when it comes to making your own clickable thumbnail:

  • Creating inspiring and engaging images with the standard resolution (1280×720)
  • Eye-catching title design
  • Avoid sensational and misleading headlines
  • Friendly, interesting, and authentic design

Content Quality

The topics in your video is the most significant factor in determining the number of views you will receive. And again, thanks to Youtube’s algorithm, the user can easily find content that has various valuables and is helpful for them.

Viral Content

Create videos featuring viral trends. A typical example is that nowadays there are lots of YouTubers doing music video reactions and movie reviews.

However, it’s not always easy to match the topic of your video content with the trendy stuff. Nevertheless, if you can figure out a smart way to do that, you can easily increase your YouTube views as expected.


Viral content

Furthermore, a potential goldmine to increase your views comes from the “Recommended Videos” section which appears on the user’s sidebar and after the video is finished broadcasting.

Due to the algorithm, Youtube is able to suggest the search results of the most content- relevant videos.

Therefore, the content appears at the end of the video will be similar to that of what the user has just watched. By optimizing these hot-topic and popular videos do you increase the chances of users watching your YouTube channel very quickly.

Entertainment and Education

You can upload interleaved topics that are relevant to your on-going niche. They need to be both entertaining to the audience while still providing useful knowledge. Make sure to create effective videos to make subscribers consistently stay with your Youtube channel.

For making money on Youtube, educational content ranks the first in searched type of video on Youtube, such as DIYs or How-tos, so you may consider starting to cultivate your ideas on these subjects.

In other words, to make useful content to educate your target audiences, you need to take the concerns and wonders of your audiences into account. It must address the problems that the viewers are looking for optimal solutions.

However, It may take lots of time, cultivating your innovative ideas and brainstorming how to individualistically express it with the tools you have. But it’s worth a try, and your effort may go viral! Who knows?

A mutual trust just works when you, as an initial small creator, take the responsibility to satisfy your potential audiences. In return, they will eventually deliver you public watch hours, or even more than that!

Make a list

Create a list of videos for your audience to let them watch continuously. After the first video ends, your other ones will play automatically, so that basically means more attention is drawn to your channel without any physical navigation.

Promotion on other platforms

The social networking sites don’t function if the users don’t have anything for them to like, comment and share with.

Popular Platform

Which are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. There are no doubt about the popularities of these platforms. People always scroll through their timelines to update information happening all around the world and look for some post to amuse them.

By the same token, sharing your Youtube video on these platforms, the possibility of your video being spotted is very high. And at the same time, humans are curious creatures then they can’t resist clicking on something that they are keen on.

Next, promoting yourself in your own videos is one side of the problem. Becoming an active member of the relevant community is also essential as well.

You can give comments on other videos in groups on Facebook, give useful advice or feedback if the video content lacks some necessary information. All in all, these methods also help you increase your YouTube views and channel followers.

Blog and Podcast

Blogs and podcasts are the powerful tools for you to spread out your content, as well as Youtube watch hours.

It is easy to write and publish your content on platforms such as WordPress and Medium.


Blog and Podcast

During the video-making process, brainstorming your ideas and writing them down are the indispensable tasks. So to say, most people are used to reading articles online, so why don’t you add your blog’s link under the Youtube video to provide more information for audiences?

As for Podcasts, in 2020, about 32% of the US population listen to Podcasts monthly. This proves the fact that this kind of platform is now a trendy thing.

As a consequence, podcasts in general can entertain people who are not fond of reading. Establishing more profound interactions with listeners can multiply opportunities to connect with audiences in your niche.

After all, blogs and podcasts are very potential virtual places for you to showcase your best content, as well as grow a mailing list for making money on Youtube.

Collaborate with other Youtubers

Hot influencers on the Youtube market with a huge number of followers can do wonders for increasing your Youtube videos.


Collaborations between Youtubers

These YouTubers can engage users and provide a different and unique perspective on your niches. Provide links to videos or web pages in your description and you can form beneficial relationships built on mutuality.

But first off, if you are building your Youtube channel from scratch, go over our how-to materials to give you a general visualization.

5 ways that help small YouTubers to get noticed on YouTube

Have an overview strategy

Without a solid strategy and an approach to YouTube, you’re never going to achieve the growth that you want. This point is vital if you want to get noticed on YouTube. Many YouTubers having thousands of followers and views can not be famous by accident. They can achieve it due to a long-term strategy.


Strategy to get noticed on YouTube

Create a content calendar

As a YouTuber who owns a channel with a few subscribers, you should have a clear content calendar to keep track of ideas and workflow. It has divided topics based on what you have worked on. In each topic, there can be several steps to follow: topic research, the theme, number of subscribers, the top leading videos, revenue videos (reviews, sponsorship), collab videos, audience responses, etc.


Youtube content calendar

After recording and evaluating the statistics, you should plan a series of videos rather than just one video.

Track video performance

By going into YouTube analytics, you can get so much data about how your videos are performing. It can be the click-through rate, watch time, average view duration, average percentage viewed, etc.


Youtube Analytics

Here is how to open YouTube Analytics:

  • Login to your YouTube account.
  • In the upper right corner, choose your profile icon and select YouTube Studio.
  • In the left-hand menu, select Analytics.
  • Then you can see the Overview, Reach, Engagement, Audience, and Revenue of your channel.
  • In the upper right corner, select Advanced Mode for details about video analytics. You can download the report or compare year-to-year channel growth and other aspects.

Niche does matter

Every Youtuber should have a clear view of your niche and what makes you unique on YouTube because it affects your channel a lot if you want to get noticed on YouTube.


What – How – Why niche


The first level is the outer ring, which is about “what” topic you focus on when making videos on YouTube. As the niche can vary a lot, so you should choose a proven and profitable niche.

For example, fitness is an extensive niche. If you keep taking fitness as a criterion to produce content, your videos will be difficult to reach many audiences. And as you know, there will be thousands of channels approaching this topic. So, after checking your competitors, you need to narrow your niche. For example, in the fitness niche, you can consider boxing, yoga, kick-fit, etc.

Remember that if you target everyone, you have no one. So what you should do is to focus on a particular group of people. Moreover, you have to answer these questions: How big is the niche? How many people are watching that niche’s videos? Because it leads to the goal of determining a realistic estimate of future revenues.


The next level is about “how” you will do it. “How” can determine if the video goes viral. You can see that the unique features in the viral video are: dancing, kids, animals, music. For example, you have a dog in your cooking video, it does nothing relating to your cooking action, but the videos still go viral because the dog is an unusual factor. Another example is the channel My Drunk Kitchen, the YouTuber always drinking while cooking.

That is about a significantly different “how”, a unique style of doing it. To figure it out, you should answer this question: What are the particular elements about you? They could be how you dress, how you talk, where to record the video, your own faith belief, time of how you do things, etc.

This question is worth the time to think about because your personality, your flavor makes you different.


The last one is “why”: why do you do it? Why will people want to follow you and connect with you? There is a crucial point here that you need to remember: people follow people with shared beliefs and similar values. So you need to find the mission of your channel and be motivated all the time to protect your mindset.

If you can always keep your passion, and get through the difficult time, what you receive after posting a video can be more valuable than the increase of subscribers to get noticed on YouTube.

Define your target audience

If you have just a few audiences:

First, you have to analyze your audience through these questions:

  • How old are they?
  • What do they do? (workers, teachers, students, gamers, etc.)
  • What are their interests/problems?

To get a clearer view, you can track the performance of your video and consider the concerning statistics. Hence, YouTube Analytics is beneficial here.

After getting an overview of your audience, you should use keyword research tools to get suggestions for the topics they are interested in. Taking advantage of less competitive keyword phrases is another way to reduce your competitors. If you have a high rank for the less competitive keywords, you will gain more authority on that subject.

An example of a Keyword research tool:

If you have no audience:

In case you are a newbie and have not had any audience yet, it is time to question yourself:

  • What kind of content do you want to do?
  • Who is your content for? Your content will be most suitable for whom?

After getting a small number of subscribers but still struggling with understanding them, you should connect to your audience more often. Read all the comments, ask them about anything related to your video. You can find out a lot of valuable information from their responses to get noticed on YouTube.

Have a unique selling proposition

A unique selling proposition is a clear message on your YouTube homepage stating what your channel is about. It usually is a tagline, and its mission is to make your YouTube stand out from your competitors.

For example, the Netflix homepage has the tagline highlighting its best services: “Unlimited movies, TV shows, and more. Watch anywhere. Cancel anytime.”

Take the time to write a heart-wrenching intro and create a unique tagline showing your content difference.

Brand your channel

Affirming your brand needs to pay attention to many factors. Firstly, it is the YouTube banner. It has a massive impact in attracting more audiences because first impressions are often hard to fade. Therefore, you need to invest in an outstanding banner that shows your channel’s personality and the value your channel provides to the audience.

Then, your channel icon, logo, how you arrange the videos on the homepage, and every thumbnail must be consistent. It all depends on your style to make sure that once the audiences randomly see one of your videos, they realize that it belongs to your channel.

Moreover, a consistent habit of video uploading frequency can build your channel’s trust. If you do not create a viral video, but you still have 2 or 3 videos every week, that consistency can promote your value and raise the traffic. YouTube tends to suggest your video to more audiences.


Q1: What methods does Youtube use to pay for the creators?

Answer: When you get the Youtube Partner Program’s approval, you are allowed to register a Google Adsense account and Youtube will pay you through a service called Google Adwords.

Basically, Google Adwords is a “virtual” place where Youtube will display advertisements of some partnered businesses. If your channel is monetized, these ads are shown on your videos and if users click on your videos and watch the ads for example, you get paid. That is it!

Q2: Then where does Youtube get the money to pay for the creators?

Answer: As we mentioned above, Youtube also is paid by the businesses they work with, if your audiences click on the business’s advertisements displayed on your videos by Youtube.

If you wonder about the percentage, then here it is. If the advertiser pays Youtube $100, the amount of money the publisher will be paid accounts for 68% of that profit, which is $68.

Q3: How many views per video are required to be paid $1?

Answer: 1000 views.

And the deposit is slightly different in various geographical regions, raging from $0.25 per 1000 views to $5 per 1000 views. In Vietnam for example, you can only earn $0.5 but this figure can rise up to $3 per 1000 views in neighboring countries.

Q4: How long does it take YouTube to get an approval for a channel for monetizing 2020?

Answer: 30 days.

Youtube needs time to review your channel when it receives your request to enable turning on the monetization mode. This process involves re-checking the minimum number of views and subs and Youtube also needs time to make sure your channel is valuable for users.

And if your channel is rejected, it takes you another 30 days to reapply. Not to mention that you would have a few more days for the error-checking on your channel.

Q5: Can I buy the views and subscribers separately?

Answer: Of course.

Depending on which option is most optimal for you, AudienceGain also creates packages which are suitable for increasing individual views and subs separately. If you just want to increase your views, the possibility of you getting organic subscribers is very high.

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In summary, we absolutely believe that the strategies to increase Youtube views are in your hand. Whether you go for a natural and long-term development for your channel, we always give you the best service, in addition to a series of tutorials of how to soar your watch hours on Youtube.

Also, sign up for AudienceGain right away to have a pleasant journey with our service!

Finally, contact our expert to get the best effective plan for your channel.

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