The Note At The Start Of Monetized YouTube Channel


How to start a monetized YouTube channel? Are you embarking on buying 4000 watch hours, preparing to monetize the YouTube channel, ? Don’t worry, this article gives you an overview of getting a monetized YouTube channel!

YouTube Partner (from Google) has always been one of the most engaged forms of online money making in Vietnam because of its easy to start, durable nature, high potential income, and high reputation.

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Even many people who do not need capital (or need a little) can do it, so you can see around you from high school students, college colleges, or adults, many people are still making money with YouTube every day.

But we should not just stop with making money with YouTube Partner. Because with the 1 largest video platform in the world, you can exploit many other ways to make money from it.

In this article, let’s dig into:

  • Help you define what is making money with YouTube? Especially a YouTube Partner. The note at the start of monetized YouTube channel
  • Help those who have been making money with YouTube Partner to know some other ways to do with YouTube. For example, you can buy real views and subs or buy a monetized YouTube channel. Pros and cons.

Let’s start !!!

Is making money with a monetized YouTube channel real or not?


The note at the start of monetized YouTube channel

YouTube is a giant platform developed by Google that allows you to upload videos to store and share for others, to watch communities, or to keep you private.

Thanks to this platform, the phrase make money with a monetized YouTube channelhas gradually become familiar to many people around you.

Some people will go public, while some people will keep it a secret, you will never know what they do.

But this job is quite vague for beginners who have little exposure to technology, and even this is unbelievable (or extraordinary) for those who do not do MMO. So is making money with YouTube real? Let’s give you a few examples: PewDiePie with more than $10 million per year.

This guy used to “troll the world” with the announcement of his monetized YouTube channel, he has fulfilled his promise but is another channel. Sources if you don’t already know.

PewDiePie earned more than 340 billion VND from YouTube in 2016 (source from Dan Tri)

He is handsome, humorous, have a good talk, and are good at games.

He makes millions of dollars each by publishing videos on YouTube and making money through YouTube Partner, but other revenue sources from advertising games are also very abundant.

How to monetize from monetized YouTube channels?

Make money with Affiliate Marketing through a monetized YouTube channel

Affiliate marketing is the promotion of products/services of other brands. You won’t have to worry about sourcing and customer care or logistics.

The only thing you need to do is find a way to promote the product/service.

This is a new form.

Many of you have thousands of dollars every month working with affiliate marketing on Amazon, Commission Junction or Shareasale, …

But the first prerequisite is that you have to own a monetized YouTube channel.

Or in Vietnam, publishers (the names of content producers who make money with the affiliate) are making good money with Adflex & Accesstrade.

Affiliate marketing is also a fairly popular trend.

Coming back to YouTube, the fact that many people use this platform to make money with affiliates has become very popular (even earning a huge income), especially demo videos (demos, manuals). , tips,….) products.

For example, Verizon FiOS is a popular Internet and television product in the US, they are willing to share $ 35 to $ 45 with referrers every time they bring in a new customer.

When you find Verizon videos on YouTube, you will easily come across videos like this. When viewers click through to their link and make a purchase, they will be automatically shared by a commission.

For example over 68k views, but need 0.5% to buy only they can earn 340 x $ 40 = $ 13749 already. (The estimate is like that, the real number cannot be clear.) But just one video only.

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Super chat after turning on monetized YouTube channel

Super Chat prompts the Cheering feature of the Twitch live video site. With Cheering, viewers are allowed to pay to make their message stand out in a live chatroom, through the use of animated emote icons.

In the case of Super Chat, a monetized YouTube channel allows viewers to highlight their message with bright bright colors and “pin” it on the chatroom.

While the practices may differ, the purposes for these two features are the same: They are means of allowing viewers to pay real money in exchange for attention.

According to YouTube’s explanation of the new feature, paid messages will be pinned at the top of the chatroom for up to 5 hours. This also means they have more “on-air” time and are known to chat with participants.

Live video producers also benefit from Super Chat. Not only are they better at connecting with their fans, but they also have tools to generate revenue from their videos after turning on monetized YouTube channel.

Use YouTube to build brands

In this case, I will take 1 quite outstanding example in the beauty field, which is ChangMakeup.

Every time Changmakup has a new product, there will be an introductory video, and every video will attract hundreds of thousands to millions of views and tens of thousands of comments.

And of course, selling products will also be extremely favorable.

However, before that, Changmakeup used to share a lot of knowledge on YouTube.

And it was well worth it, now is the time for her to enjoy the results. There was a time when this girl’s shop had an order of over 1000 orders per day and the website had to be closed for production.

These are the most obvious examples to help you visualize the role of monetized YouTube channel it is a tool, a video platform, and how to make money depends on your skills.

In the next part, let’s dive into the YouTube Partner and monetized YouTube channel, the easiest way to get started.

How to sign up for YouTube Partner?


YouTube Partner

Since 2018, your YouTube channel needs to have 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers within 12 months to join YouTube Partner (real view, not fake view), so do not try to register if you do not meet this condition.

So you should refer to ways to increase YouTube views to get 4000 hours of viewing as soon as possible.

YouTube has a separate page to guide you to start making money. If you want, you can also take some time to watch it. But these videos are quite general, mainly guide you on how to use and professionally create content.

YouTube Partner is a program that helps you earn income by placing ads on videos that you upload. You will receive money with:

  • Every 1000 advertisements show. (Little money)
  • Each ad click (much money)

And the money will be returned to your Google Adsense account.

The amount of money you receive also depends on:

  • What is video content? (Niches, such as finance, beauty, and cars often share a lot of money)
  • Which country does the ad clicker come from? (Countries with developed advertising industries such as the US and Europe often bring in greater income)

To make money with YouTube Partner you need to have:

  • YouTube account has been accepted to join YouTube Partner (Conditions 4000 hours of viewing + 1000 subscribers)
  • Google Adsense Hosted Account

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Record and make your videos

It sounds tough, but it’s not easy, you have to create your videos, you have to be gifted in something you think can create value in the community.

Some specific examples:


Characters quite familiar to you. They not only make videos for fun but also make money with YouTube, build brands, and then make money from other advertising programs (both online and offline).

How to get paid on Youtube as a Vlogger?

Review Video

Review videos are video reviews of products and services that have many interested people in the market. For example video review of phones, technology, travel services, credit cards, …

Tutorials Video

You can create tutorial videos, for example, tutorials to use Photoshop to .., a guide to record with… .., instruction to play a musical instrument,…. instruct everything you feel you know that many others don’t.

Make your animated videos for kids

If you have skills in making simple animated videos, you can compose your scripts to make videos for kids, see the example channel KN Channel makes Babier doll videos attract a large number of girls watching.

Shoot everything you think you might be able to see

For example, you play a good game. You meet some cute moment (babies, pets, boys, girls,….) That can come back.

Or you can make a video synthesis of a certain area that you think will attract the curiosity of the community.

For example, the video 30 Lovely Animals as Young, just collating photos have attracted a huge amount of views.

You can’t talk in front of a video, or build a script, or have the looks to make videos confidently. I think the online collage and synthesis will be a way for you to start making money with YouTube.

Video aggregation example:

  • Online newspaper (If you read it, the better)
  • Lovely moments of dog, cat, mouse, panda, …
  • Video children, children playing with pets.
  • Controversy, natural phenomenon, a natural phenomenon in the world
  • Historical figures, famous people, individual cases.

In essence, these videos are cut from many different sources/videos to create a video and the video maker can insert pictures, text, captions, or music.

Search for videos with the same topic and cut and merge into new videos, synthesize images from many different sources, add text, effects, dialogue,…

You can use Cyberlink Power Editor or Proshow Gold to create, edit, and export the final video.

Videos with a large number of views will bring very good profits for you.

Many of you also make other languages subtitles music clips, movies abroad, but this form is easy to be reported to the death channel, so I do not recommend it very much.

Or many of you combined from other major video platforms such as Facebook, IGTV or Tiktok also make a lot of money.

YouTube SEO – How to attract long-term views.

To earn $, having videos to upload is not enough, you have to make sure that your video has many views, has views and then new viewers can click your ad, you can earn money from YouTube.

Currently, more than 90% of advertisers bid on clicks, so if you have more clicks, you will have a lot of money, if you only rely on the number of views, very little.

Do not be foolish to manually click or ask someone to click on the ad displayed on your video, Google will detect this and permanently ban your partner account.

To get more views on YouTube. Along with the fact that you must always be creative to produce high-value videos, SEO is a mainstream marketing plan & many of you are using it very well.

Video SEO is how to optimize your video so that your video can appear in high rankings when someone searches for Video related keywords on YouTube or Google.

For example, when users search for “most powerful superheroes”, good SEO videos will appear in the first position on the results board. And of course, they will get the most views.

This is a popular way to get views “for free”, so you learn slowly and apply them in the long term.

Attract more views from social networks (Facebook)

Facebook is the most crowded social network in the world, why don’t we use it to push views to YouTube, watch famous Vloggers do this.

You can also create fan pages on different topics that are related to your Video channel. For example, National Geographic is a success fan page.

Everything is hard to start, attract initial likes in all the ways you can.

Especially if your Fanpage has quality content, you will surely have many likes. And the push of users from Facebook to YouTube will be easier.

You can also use Facebook Ads at first to attract people by age, interest, gender, behavior,…. However, you need a lot of research because running inefficiently will waste your budget. The most popular way to make money with YouTube is still the YouTube Partner.

This means that you will get money when a video viewer clicks on an ad displayed at your video.

The amount of money you receive per click depends on what field your video content is in, what country the content is, how the ad appears?

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For videos in the entertainment industry, the value per click is very low, because few businesses bid to advertise on these videos.

Videos belong to “money-making” industries such as healthcare, finance, travel, food.., the video value can be up to a few thousand to several tens of thousands per click.

Clicks in developed countries have a much higher value. If your English is good, you can make international videos to get a better income.

Let’s summarize the registration process for your YouTube channel to be accepted for monetization as follows:

  • You need 1 Gmail account & verify with phone number
  • Use this Gmail account for YouTube
  • Upload videos & promote your videos until you meet the requirements: 4000 hours of viewing & 1000 subscribers
  • Go to Creator Studio => Channel => Enable monetization in the Monetization section

You will also sign up for an Adsense account in this step (See the video tutorial above).

Update personal information, verify your phone number in your Adsense account. Then, you choose the form of advertising for the channel.

Let’s wait for a YouTube review, the process may take from 3 to 4 weeks.

When the YouTube review is successful, you will receive an email like this:

“That was successful”. To enable ads for any video, let’s go to “Video Manager”, tick the video, and choose “Monetize”.

Select the ad positions you want to display, then click Monetize.

AudienceGain – The start position of a monetized YouTube channel


Monetized YouTube channel

As you can see, building a popular monetized YouTube channel is a long process and takes a lot of time, money, and effort.

You cannot turn on monetization on a second day, but you need to make money with Youtube every day.

You can choose a service that provides monetized YouTube channels to quickly make money such as AudienceGain.Net.

With reputation and enthusiastic customer care attitude, AudienceGain is always on the list of services providing an effective YouTube channel.

AudienceGain allows you to safely change the content of your channel after purchasing a channel. At the same time, this service also supports you to change your Google Adsense account very quickly.

Most of more than 99% of YouTube channel trading services usually will not support when customers have problems with their Adsense account because they have completed the transaction.

But with AudienceGain, customer experience is always the top priority. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the channel or channel assigned to you is not as described, you can petition for a refund of the money spent.

It can be said that buying a monetized YouTube channel at AudienceGain.Net is not only safe but also quality assurance.

The monetized YouTube channel that you have ordered will be extremely professionally designed from channel layout to other advanced options.

You don’t need to worry about channel safety or AudienceGain shipping speed. All your worries have AudienceGain.Net take care of all.

Your delivery will be immediately upon deposit within 24 hours. You will also be guided from A to Z on the channel operation process to change and develop the most suitable channel for you.

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In general, after reading this article, you must have an overview of the monetized YouTube channel and know where to start to make money with YouTube.

If you still have any questions or concerns, please visit AudienceGain.Net and present your problem.

AudienceGain‘s team of experts will never stop searching for convincing answers to help you complete the path of monetizations from the YouTube channel!

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