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Benefits of buying YouTube Watch Hours & Subscribers from us

No need to wait for months! We will help your channel legally get monetized within 2-4 weeks. That is our commitment when buying 4000 Watch Hours service.

We use only methods recommended by YouTube to promote your videos. So that’s why we can ensure your channel will be 100% safe.

In order to reach the goal, we will spread the views over multiple videos throughout the campaign that will also be beneficial to the channel in terms of YouTube’s Algorithm in suggested videos.

There is a serious problem that almost every new YouTuber has in the process of developing their YouTube channel that prevents them from growing faster, which is identifying and analyzing their competitors.
So, to push your channel’s growth to the next level, we will help you understand your niche and your competitors’ weaknesses by doing the research. Then you can use your advantages to surpass them intelligently.

With invaluable experience in growing channels and promoting videos, our team will give you truthful advice for You to learn more about YouTube and how to make money on the platform with your content. We are trying to cover the live chat throughout the day and night to help you address any issue You might have.

Not only help your YouTube channel get monetized quickly. With five years of experience, we are ready to be a mentor throughout channel development to help you successfully grow on YouTube.

Results After Buy YouTube Watch Hours Online

We will first check and help you improve your channel’s shortcomings, such as content, video quality, organic growth, etc., to make it satisfy YouTube’s policy. We then proceed to promote your videos to the audience on the social networking sites recommended by YouTube. That’s how we help you fulfill YouTube’s monetization conditions safely and quickly.

What are the requirements?

We do not require your channel to have videos 1-2 hours in length. Because from our years of experience, the total video’s duration has 60 minutes, bringing better results when YouTube reviews the channel for monetization.

At AudienceGain, we aren’t only selling the monetization services but ultimately focus on the mission of supporting YouTube creators with the best strategy to grow a YouTube channel, as well as to be approved to monetize and generate passive income.

As for those who are newly exposed to the Youtube ecosystem but wish to make money on this promising platform, we will accompany you from the very first small steps to reach to the success!

  • Refund and fulfill the order for free if it can’t complete at the committed time.
  • Refund 100% if the service causes any negatives effect on the channel.
  • Refund 100% if the service can’t help your channel get monetized.

Note: Make sure your channel strictly follows YouTube’s monetization rules.

Considering Buying YouTube Watch Hours? Act Fast!

Contemplating purchasing YouTube watchtime? Speed up your decision! The benefits far exceed expectations. We’ll guide you through the advantages of buying YouTube view time and clarify how to choose the best service.

Why Buy 4000 Watch Hours and 1000 Subscribers in 2023?

  1. Overcome Common YouTuber Challenges

    • Monetization Eligibility: Aspiring YouTubers dream of earning, but hitting 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers can be tough. Buying these metrics offers a legal and swift path to meeting monetization thresholds.
    • SEO Boost: Good content and keywords aren’t always enough for video optimization. Buying watch time and subscribers can propel your videos up in search rankings on platforms like YouTube and Google.
  2. Additional Benefits:

    • Enhanced Credibility: Boosting watch hours enhances your channel’s reliability, drawing potential collaborations with prominent influencers or companies.
    • Attract Advertisers: A reputable channel with high watch hours is enticing for advertisers.
    • Land Sponsors: Advertisers look for popular channels for product promotions, and sponsorships often offer better earnings than standard ads.
    • Merchandising: Build your brand and sell your merchandise.
    • Crowdfunding: A trustworthy channel can tap into crowdsourcing from loyal viewers.

Effective Purchase of 4000 Watch Hours: Ensure your channel follows YouTube’s guidelines. While hitting the 4000-hour mark is a milestone, you’ll also need to connect with a Google Adsense account for monetization.

Understanding Audience Retention: It’s crucial to understand and aim to improve audience retention, representing the percentage of your video that viewers watch.

Organic Tips to Boost Watch Hours:

  1. Choose a Niche: Understand your channel’s objectives and target audience.
  2. Keyword Research: Use tools like VidIQ for SEO-friendly titles, descriptions, and tags.
  3. Pre-Publish Optimization: Focus on titles, descriptions, subtitles, hashtags, YouTube cards, and end screens.
  4. Promote After Uploading: Use platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook for promotion.

Common YouTuber Mistakes:

  1. Overemphasizing promotion.
  2. Being overwhelmed by content variety.
  3. Prioritizing equipment over content.
  4. Neglecting YouTube Analytics.
  5. Working solo and not seeking collaborations or support.
  6. Over-relying on other YouTubers for inspiration.

Visit platforms like to steer clear of these pitfalls.

Conclusion: Starting and monetizing a YouTube channel requires dedication and effort. Buying watch hours can expedite your journey, offering numerous long-term advantages. Explore reputable platforms like to make an informed choice. Don’t wait – seize the opportunity!

Buy 4000 Hours Watch Time - AudienceGain Compared


100% of watch hours come from real audiences

Organic and stable growth during the campaign

No video-length required

Full refund if your channel is not approved for monetization



100% of watch hours come from real audiences

Organic and stable growth during the campaign

No video-length required

Full refund if your channel is not approved for monetization

Can I buy YouTube watch hours? The best option if you’ve ever wondered how to go to 4,000 watch hours quickly is to purchase views. AudienceGain will provide reliable, high-quality websites and helpful questions to customers while they buy YouTube watch time in order to aid in their understanding.


The best website to buy 4000 Watch Hours on YouTube is

1. Why do people struggle to get YouTube watch hours?

A lot of people have trouble trying to get the watch hour count because YouTube requires 4,000 watch hours to qualify for the YouTube Partner Program.

2. What is the solution to quickly achieve 4,000 watch hours on YouTube?

You can buy watchtime on YouTube.

Maybe you try to generate the necessary watch hours on YouTube yourself by producing content and promoting your videos.

However, buying watch hours is probably a quicker option to reach your goal.

1. 20 Best site buy 4000 YouTube watch hours

There are many websites and services where you can buy YouTube watch hours. Join us to find out in the content below:

1.1. AudienceGain

When it comes to helping YouTubers build their channels effectively and rapidly, AudienceGain is a company that specializes in doing so. They were incredibly effective in assisting tens of thousands of YouTube channels to develop from nothing to the point at which their channels might generate thousands of dollars in revenue.

We are committed to bringing customers great benefits. If you’re still not confident in Audience Gain’s services, check out our positive customer feedback. They used AudienceGain’s services and got great results.

⭐ Rating: 9.5/10


– The only people who create watch hours are the real viewers.

– Steady and organic expansion during the campaign.

– Safe and entirely legal.

– Video of any duration is acceptable.

– Friendly, round-the-clock customer service staff.

– You will receive a complete refund if your channel is declined and accept payment by paypal.


– As of right now, there are no negative aspects.

buy youtube watch hours

AudienceGain is the best website to buy YouTube watch time

1.2. UseViral

Utilizing real views from real accounts, UseViral is a platform that guarantees your YouTube channel will be accepted into the YouTube Partner Program with a high acceptance rate. Purchasing YouTube watch hours from UseViral is an investment in actual viewers of your videos. You can become eligible for YouTube monetization thanks to this investment. 

⭐ Rating: 9/10


– Superior Watch Hours.

– Preserve your login.

– 100% money-back promise.

– Assurance of Delivery

– Constant Assistance.


– They don’t take payments in Bitcoin.

buy youtube watch hours

UseViral puts your security first and ensures that your reputation

1.3. Growthoid

Providing real people’s watch hours is how Growthoid, the top organic growth provider, distinguishes itself. Genuine conversations and committed account managers are the only things present, no bots or automation. An experienced account manager who is familiar with your objectives oversees Growthoid’s operations.

⭐ Rating: 9/10


– Hourly watches boost instantaneously.

– Individual account coordinator.

– Specified parameters.

– For numerous accounts, bulk pricing.

– A fourteen-day money-back guarantee.


– Not available for free to buy YouTube watch hours.

buy youtube watch time

You can also increase your YouTube presence by using Growthoid

1.4. Tokupgrade

This YouTube views solution expands the audience for your content by making your YouTube shorts more visible. This is accomplished by drawing in viewers who are more inclined to engage with your YouTube videos by sharing, liking, and commenting on them. 

⭐ Rating: 8.5/10


– Worldwide viewer base.

– Improved Ranking for YouTube Short Videos.

– Promote User Involvement.

– Increased Capability for Sharing Videos.

– Improved Exposure of Content.


– It might not promote the creation of content.

buy youtube watch time

Content makers can find a compelling solution with TokUpgrade

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1.5. SideMedia 

See SidesMedia if you’re searching for a useful method to increase the amount of time you spend watching YouTube. Safe marketing techniques are one of the factors that distinguish SidesMedia from its rivals. It’s secure for your account because they raise your views through organic techniques.

⭐ Rating: 8.5/10


– Channels for payments that are secure.

– Transparent costing to buy YouTube watch time.

– Excellent viewers.

– Refund or guarantee policy.

– Actual perspectives.


– There is no trial period offered.

buy 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers

Your watch time will rise with their assistance

1.6. Socialwick

Leading social media retailer SocialWick provides great customer service along with an extensive selection of premium services. You can easily increase the number of people who follow you on social media and improve your online visibility with SocialWick. Since 2017, they have led the market in terms of sales.

⭐ Rating: 8.5/10


– Promised quick delivery.

– No password is necessary.

– Completely private.

– Refill for 60 days.

– Constant Assistance.


– It costs money to watch YouTube with them.

youtube watch time buy

They claim it functions without any problems

1.7. YouTube Market

YouTube Market is a website specializing in providing service packages to increase views and watch time for your YouTube channel. You can choose one of the service packages that suit your needs and budget, from 1,000 views to 1 million views, from 4,000 viewing hours to 100,000 viewing hours.

⭐ Rating: 8.5/10


– Quick and safe service.

– Good and efficient service.

– Reliable guarantee and support.


– Paid support.

– Success is not assured by the service.

buy youtube watchtime

A platform for YouTube services, YouTube Market offers helpful services

1.8. QQtube

QQTube takes your channel to the next level by providing up to buy YouTube watch time for your channel to monetize. It focuses on the organic growth of your account and building strong relationships with the YouTube community.

⭐ Rating: 8/10


– No password is necessary.

– No inconvenient polls

– SSL security.

– They do not share your data.

– Continuously provide assistance for customers.

– Knowledge you can rely on.


– Customer doesn’t know anything about the service.

buy 4000 watch hours on youtube cheap

Buy YouTube watch time hours at QQTube’s services is very easy

1.9. Insta Followers

Insta followers have access to a wide range of media platforms and a vast network through which they can spread the word about your videos and draw in additional viewers. This significantly increases the organic increase in views for your videos. Following are a few advantages of using Insta followers:

⭐ Rating: 8/10


Refill Guarantee: In the event that your numbers decline, InstaFollowers offers a refill guarantee. Therefore, you won’t need to be concerned about any losses. 

24/7 Customer Care: For any problems you may be having, you may get in touch with InstaFollowers customer care at any time.

Quick Growth: You can expand your accounts and make money off of your content in the business by using the services and goods offered by InstaFollowers.

Secure Payment: They give our clients safe payment alternatives, so you don’t have to be concerned about your security. 


– False views are inactive.

buying 4000 watch hours

When you finish your payment, Insta Followers begins processing your order

1.10. Views 4 You

Views 4 You have the perfect solution to YouTube watch time buy for increasing and monetizing YouTube video watch time quickly and easily so that you can start earning today! Buy YouTube watchtime cheap on your channel can be a great way to monetize your account and start earning real money from the content you produce.

⭐ Rating: 8/10


  • You can trust Views 4 You when it comes to fair engagement videos on YouTube.
  • Their crew works promptly and effectively to fulfill orders once you make your purchase.
  • With Views 4 You services, get the best deals on premium YouTube watch hours and reach your 4000 YouTube view hours target.


  • A free trial is not offered.
buy 4000 watch hours on youtube

Your account will be improved after you earn 4000 YouTube watch hours

1.11. Amedia Social

Amedia Social is a top marketplace for purchasing YouTube views, providing content producers with a special chance to boost video views and exposure. They also accomplished the feat of 4,000 view hours, which made it possible for them to monetarily support their videos.

⭐ Rating: 8/10


Customer service: A committed crew is available around the clock to answer your queries and issues. 

Trust: They are a fully Spanish-registered business that is dedicated to giving you the best possible service.

Confidentiality: Amedia Social ensures that all of your data is kept private, preserved, and secret.

Secure Payment: They make use of completely safe and regulated third-party payment channels.


– The cost is relatively high.

youtube watch hours buy

Amedia Social offers a high-quality service for purchasing YouTube views

1.12. YouTube Services is a 100% safe and effective social media service platform. Their service not only helps increase views but also helps you earn more from advertising and sponsorship deals. YouTube Services help you optimize your YouTube channel earnings.

⭐ Rating: 7.5/10


– Boost your reputation and identity.

– Protection of safety and reputation.

– Optimize earnings.


– Doesn’t boost organic engagement.

buy watch time youtube

YouTube Services is committed to ensuring the safety of your channel

1.13. Followeran

You’re moving toward more YouTube interaction by making a buy YouTube watch hours from Followeran. Their strategies are designed to cooperate with YouTube’s algorithms, guaranteeing real growth. Followeran, with years of experience in social media marketing, ensures efficacy and trust. 

⭐ Rating: 7.5/10


– Money-back Promise.

– Speedy Assistance.

– Safe Transaction.

– No Password Is Required.


– There aren’t many ways to pay.

buy youtube watch hours cheap india

There are numerous perspectives on growing service packages among followers

1.14. Lenostube

Lenostube is a platform specializing in YouTube marketing, providing services such as increasing views, increasing subs, increasing viewing hours, buying monetized channels, and many other services. Lenostube uses safe and effective marketing strategies, bringing quality and stable traffic to your YouTube channel.

⭐ Rating: 7/10


– Realistic view, high retention rate, and lifetime warranty. 

– Views are generated from natural and quality traffic sources.

– Safe and YouTube-friendly service.

– Secure customer information. 


– The service does not apply to channels with pirated content.

youtube 4000 hours watch time buy

Lenostube has an easy-to-use interface

1.15. Eazyviral

Eazyviral made it possible for many of its users to quickly monetize their YouTube channels, which helped them achieve success there. You can buy YouTube watch hours for monetization with our actual viewing hours (your channel should adhere to YouTube monetization restrictions). Eazyviral will guarantee that every video on your channel receives only genuine, organic views.

⭐ Rating: 7/10


– Dependable Refill Promise and Warranty.

– Adaptable Customer Service.

– Positive Reactions to buy YouTube watch hours.

– Natural Development.


– Unusual Outcomes.

buy youtube watch time in uk

Their 24/7 support team is always available to offer assistance

1.16. Vidiq

Viqid is a website that provides tools and knowledge to help YouTube content creators grow their channels effectively and quickly. Viqid has many useful features, giving users the best experience.

⭐ Rating: 7/10


– Viqid is trusted by millions of famous YouTube creators.

– Viqid has a friendly and easy-to-use interface to buy watch hours for YouTube.

– Viqid updates regularly with new and improved features, in line with YouTube trends and changes.

– Viqid has many service packages to suit creators needs and budgets, from free to premium.


– Viqid can’t guarantee that your video will get more views or subscriptions just by using their tools.

buy youtube watch hours cheap

Viqid is the place to buy watch hours for monetization

1.17. YT-Boost

YT-Boost is a reputable and quality website, trusted and satisfied by many customers. YT-Boost uses natural and legal methods to increase the view hours of your YouTube videos, without using bots or cheating software. YT-Boost is committed to protecting customer information and does not require a password or access to your channel.

⭐ Rating: 6.5/10


– Completion time is quick, only 7 to 15 days, depending on the number of hours you order.

– You have a wide selection of service packages to pick from.

– Competitive and reasonable prices to buy publish watch hours YouTube.

– There is a refund policy if the desired results are not achieved or problems occur.

– There is 24/7 customer support via email, phone, or online chat.


– There is no package that combines both hour views and subscribers.

buy watchtime on youtube

Buy YouTube watch time in UK at YT-Boost to ensure quality

1.18. YTviews In

YTviews In is an automated YouTube marketing platform with long experience in the field of increasing watch time for YouTube channels. They offer a variety of plans at competitive prices, and you can buy YouTube hours from 100 to 10,000 hours of viewing time.

⭐ Rating: 6.5/10


– The platform is fully automated, allowing you to choose any number of YouTube 4000 hours watch time buy and get results in minutes.

– Platforms with precise targeting, tailored to your content and location, can increase your organic reach over the long term.

– The platform prioritizes security and privacy, requires no login information, and conducts all operations off-site. In fact, your orders are made in a private user dashboard where services are only accessible when you are logged in.


– The platform has no refund policy or warranty for their services.

buy watch hours youtube

You can buy real YouTube watch time at YTviews In

1.19. Social Followers

Social Followers is a comprehensive solution for all your social media marketing needs. Social Followers bring premium quality, safety, and nature to their services. Order your favorite package today to become the next social media influencer!

⭐ Rating: 6/10


– Social Followers has a variety of service package options to suit your needs and budget.

– Social Followers has a 24/7 customer care team to resolve your issues and concerns.

– Social Followers offer a money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with their service.


– Social Followers do not support short videos or live videos on YouTube.

buy watchtime for youtube

Buying 4000 watch hours is easy on the website Social Followers

1.20. Boosthill

A simple and easy way to buy YouTube watch hours is through Boosthill. Boosthill’s automatic service can help you accomplish your YouTube view hour objectives effectively. It usually starts working on your purchase within a few hours of you placing it on its website.

⭐ Rating: 6/10


– Boosthill will customize your plan, which is a benefit.

– They are committed to preventing data breaches and safeguarding customer privacy.

– Every single transaction made on the website is extremely safe.


– Few options for payment.

buy youtube watch time hours

Boosthill also supports buying 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours

2. The best offer buy YouTube watch time

AudienceGain is the most reputable and quality provider of YouTube viewing time purchasing services on the market. We provide you with YouTube watch hour packages with reasonable prices and high quality. You can YouTube watch hours buy a package that suits your needs and budget. Here are the prices for buy YouTube watchtime packages:

1000 Watch Hours: 129$

2000 Watch Hours: 149$

3000 Watch Hours: 169$

4000 Watch Hours: 189$

4000 Watch Hours & 1000 Subscribers: 199$

3. How to buy watch hours on YouTube cheap India?

How to buy 4000 watch hours on YouTube? Purchasing YouTube viewing time has never been so easy. We provide you with the most economical and secure combination. All you have to do is follow a few easy steps to buy YouTube watch hours. Naturally, your account must be active and open. Take these actions to buy watchtime for YouTube at AudienceGain:

✅Step 1: Go to the website of AudienceGain.

✅Step 2: After that, you click on “Buy 4000 watch hours YouTube” while hovering over “Premium Services“.

✅Step 3: Select the service plan that best suits your requirements and click “Buy now“.

✅Step 4: You can input any AudienceGain discount codes that are available in this section. Choose to Proceed to checkout if not.

✅Step 5: You continue by entering the pertinent data in this section.

✅Step 6: After completing the form, you will double-check and make the payment. You have a choice between two payment options: “Coinbase Cryptocurrencies” and “CardPay“. Remember to click the box that says, “I have read and agree to the terms and conditions on this website”. And to purchase watch time hours, click “Place order“.

buy youtube hours

When the viewing time is added to your account, you pay and wait

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4. How to get 4,000 watch hours on YouTube free?

How much time does it take to reach 4,000 YouTube watch hours? If you keep up a monthly watch time of 20,000 minutes, it will take you a year to make it to 4,000 watch hours (240,000 minutes). Your entire YouTube channel receives a portion of your watch time. 

4.1. Find topics

Enter a keyword related to your industry on YouTube. Pay attention to topics that have attracted a lot of views. Open a few channels now. If the channel has a lot of subscribers (>30,000), click the “Videos” tab. Then use the “Most Popular” filter to search for topics that have proven effective. You should do this process for each channel in your industry until you have a good database of topics.

4.2. Develop your strategy

By now, you should have decided on a target keyword. You need to make a video plan in order to buy YouTube watch hours. When formulating your plan, take into account the following questions:

– What is the perfect amount of time for your video?

– What piques your interest?

– What do you object to?

– Which title do you have?

– What equipment will you need to produce the video?

– What timeline do you have?

4.3. Create the video

You can use my short and simple video-making method, which is:

Summarize the entire video: You want to provide them the information they need in the shortest amount of time. That response is prewritten.

Make a video: If you’re recording a talking-head video, a teleprompter is required. You just need to turn on the camera to start recording.

Edit your video: You can use Premiere Pro to edit it for free or iMovie for free. You may additionally employ video editing on Upwork.

4.4. Promote your video

Prior to uploading, your video needs to be optimized. We advise you to use the file name to contain your desired keyword. It’s now necessary for you to upload your video to YouTube and optimize it for organic search results. You should give your video a catchy title, outline, tags, and thumbnail after you’ve uploaded it. 

5. FAQs buy cheap YouTube watch time

Can I buy 4000 watch hours on YouTube? Are you looking for a way to increase views for your YouTube channel quickly and economically? In this article, we will answer your most frequently asked questions about buying cheap YouTube views. Let’s follow the next part for more details.

5.1 Is it illegal to buy YouTube watch hours?

Buying 4000 watch hours on YouTube cheap for your channel is not recommended as it goes against YouTube’s Terms of Service. But you buy real YouTube watch hours online from a reputable seller. Your channel will be safeguarded and avoid legal issues if you remove bots and phony viewers.

5.2. What if we don’t get buy 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers in a year?

You won’t be able to monetarily support your YouTube channel through the YPP, or YouTube Partner Program if you don’t reach the annual requirements of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 view hours.

5.3. How many views in 4000 hours?

Ever wonder how many views it takes to accumulate 4000 hours of viewing on YouTube? The answer is that in order to buy YouTube watch hours, you need to get 240,000 views. That being said, this is merely an average figure that could change based on additional variables like the YouTube algorithm, the caliber of the content, the intended demographic,…

5.4 How to get 4,000 watch hours on YouTube?

Focus on creating high-quality, engaging content that appeals to your target audience. Consistency is key, and promoting your videos through social media and other platforms can help increase visibility.

5.5 How do I get YouTube Watchtime for free?

Create content that people want to watch, optimize your video titles and descriptions for search, and promote your videos through various channels.

5.6 Does YouTube detect fake watch hours?

Yes, YouTube has sophisticated algorithms and systems in place to detect fake engagement, including fake watch hours. Engaging in such practices can lead to penalties.

5.4 Does YouTube pay for 4,000 watch hours?

YouTube pays based on ad revenue generated by your videos. On average, YouTubers make $0.018 per ad view. Meeting the 4,000 watch hours requirement is a prerequisite for joining the YouTube Partner Program, which enables you to earn money from ads.

5.5. How to differentiate between genuine and fake watch hour sellers?

To make sure you’re investing wisely and without breaking YouTube’s terms of service, you need to be able to distinguish between real and phony watch hour sellers. The following crucial information can be used to determine whether watching hour dealers are real:

– Examine the Seller’s Record.

– Open and Honest Methods.

– Assurances and Assures.

– The cost to buy YouTube watch hours.

– Client assistance.

– Duration for Commercial Activity.

– Examine their online presence and social media accounts.

– Paying Method to buy watch time YouTube.

– Return Guidelines.

– Check YouTube’s Policy again to buy YouTube watch hours cheap India.

5.7. Terms and policies when I use the service AudienceGain?

In agreement with the mentioned personal information protection policy, AudienceGain:

– Dedicated to protecting the private data of consumers on the website. 

– Use SSL software to secure user data while it is being transmitted. 

Shall promptly notify the clients and the investigating agency in the event that hackers compromise the information server and steal customer data. 

(Note: When contacting and utilizing the service, consumers are required by the management board to provide full and correct relevant personal information. )

Clients can verify, amend, remove, or reject their personal data. Consumers can also file complaints with the website’s management board regarding the leakage of their personal information to unaffiliated third parties. In addition to responding and confirming the cause, AudienceGain will also offer guidance on how to restore and re-secure the data.

You accept the terms and rules mentioned above by providing AudienceGain with personal information. In every manner that it can, AudienceGain is dedicated to safeguarding the privacy of its clients. Customers are urged to keep password-related information private and not divulge it to third parties.

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When you buy YouTube watch hours, you will save time, effort, and money to grow your channel. Contact AudienceGain today for more details on how to buy YouTube watch hours cheap. We are committed to bringing you the best service with reasonable prices and a long-term warranty. Don’t miss this opportunity to turn your passion into a steady source of income. 



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