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Benefits of buying YouTube Watch Hours & Subscribers from us

No need to wait for months! We will help your channel legally get monetized within 2-4 weeks. That is our commitment when buying 4000 Watch Hours service.

We use only methods recommended by YouTube to promote your videos. So that’s why we can ensure your channel will be 100% safe.

In order to reach the goal, we will spread the views over multiple videos throughout the campaign that will also be beneficial to the channel in terms of YouTube’s Algorithm in suggested videos.

There is a serious problem that almost every new YouTuber has in the process of developing their YouTube channel that prevents them from growing faster, which is identifying and analyzing their competitors.
So, to push your channel’s growth to the next level, we will help you understand your niche and your competitors’ weaknesses by doing the research. Then you can use your advantages to surpass them intelligently.

With invaluable experience in growing channels and promoting videos, our team will give you truthful advice for You to learn more about YouTube and how to make money on the platform with your content. We are trying to cover the live chat throughout the day and night to help you address any issue You might have.

Not only help your YouTube channel get monetized quickly. With five years of experience, we are ready to be a mentor throughout channel development to help you successfully grow on YouTube.

Results After Buy YouTube Watch Hours Online

We will first check and help you improve your channel’s shortcomings, such as content, video quality, organic growth, etc., to make it satisfy YouTube’s policy. We then proceed to promote your videos to the audience on the social networking sites recommended by YouTube. That’s how we help you fulfill YouTube’s monetization conditions safely and quickly.

What are the requirements?

We do not require your channel to have videos 1-2 hours in length but your videos must be over 5 minutes each and the total of channel’s duration has to be over 60 minutes. Because from our years of experience, the total channel’s duration has 60 minutes, bringing better results when YouTube reviews the channel for monetization.

At AudienceGain, we aren’t only selling the monetization services but ultimately focus on the mission of supporting YouTube creators with the best strategy to grow a YouTube channel, as well as to be approved to monetize and generate passive income.

As for those who are newly exposed to the Youtube ecosystem but wish to make money on this promising platform, we will accompany you from the very first small steps to reach to the success!

  • Refund and fulfill the order for free if it can’t complete at the committed time.
  • Refund 100% if the service causes any negatives effect on the channel.
  • Refund 100% if the service can’t help your channel get monetized.

Note: Make sure your channel strictly follows YouTube’s monetization rules.

Buy YouTube Watch Hours Before Too Late!

If you are considering to buy YouTube watchtime, you should make the decision quickly. The impact of this purchase would bring more benefits than you think, and this post will answer all of your suppositions. We will walk you through all you need to know about monetization from buying YouTube view time and explain how to have the best service.

Should you buy 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers 2023? 

Investing in buying YouTube Watch Hours can both solve problems that YouTubers often face as well as bring many other benefits that you have never thought of.

Solving YouTuber’s common difficulties

Eligibility for monetary compensation

Every YouTuber might want to make money on this platform right away, but the requirements they have to meet are 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers. This process takes a lot of time and effort, and many people give up their dream of being YouTubers because they think it is not easy.

Then buying watch time or subscribers is the top solution that has been used for a long time in the community. A legal, fast, and secure choice can help content creators quickly reach the monetization thresholds.

SEO optimization

Another problem that YouTubers usually face is how to optimize SEO of their videos. Sometimes, having relevant content and the right keywords is not enough. There are thousands of videos being published every day, so this is an intense battle for the top position on the search results page.

However, when we look the other way, things might change. If you purchase YouTube subscribers or watch time, your material will appear in search engines such as YouTube, Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Your coverage also increases, your chances of climbing to the top of the search page are also improved.

Outstanding benefit: Increase credibility for other monetization offers

Buy YouTube watch hours boosts the overall credibility of your channel, which might attract more opportunities to collaborate with big companies or other famous influencers on the YouTube community.

In-stream advertisements

Advertisers would be more inclined to contact you if you had more credibility and exposure as a consequence of higher watch hours.


Furthermore, advertisers frequently rely on well-known YouTube channels with a large number of followers and long viewing hours to promote their products or services. In comparison to in-stream commercials, YouTube does not take a portion of the money you make from sponsored content. As a result, this is the most effective method of monetizing your YouTube channel. It does, however, need credibility, as evidenced by a significant following and thousands of watch hours.

Merchandise with a Brand

You may even be able to sell your own branded items through a trustworthy outlet. This is also a fantastic method to monetize your YouTube channel because YouTube does not take a share of any products you sell via your channel!


Finally, if you have a trustworthy channel, your audience is more inclined to trust you and not only buy from you but also invest in your initiatives! One of the newest and most popular methods to earn on YouTube these days is through crowdsourcing from subscribers and admirers.

How to buy 4000 Watch Hours for monetization effectively?

The channel must comply with YouTube guidelines and policies

Complete 4000 hours of public watch within a short time is great but it doesn’t signify anything. In order to monetize your YouTube channel, you’ll need to link to a Google Adsense account too. 

Audience Retention on YouTube

On YouTube, audience retention refers to how much of your video that your viewers watch. As a result, it is a measure of how many people watch a video all the way through.  Furthermore, on YouTube, viewer retention is frequently reported as a percentage. So, a 50% rate can indicate that viewers are halfway through your film.
That is why having a goal in mind to boost audience retention on YouTube is always a good idea.

Tips to increase YouTube Watch Hours organically

Choose a niche for your channel

It’s critical to remember your channel goals and who your target audiences are when looking for the appropriate YouTube niche. Are your objectives, for example, brand recognition and reach or product reviews and consideration? Or are you a content producer rather than a company? As a result, your objectives may include channel expansion, audience interaction, or audience targeting.

Research the YouTube keyword 

If you want to make your YouTube channel more discoverable, you’ll need to do some keyword research. Maximizing your organic reach, building brand awareness, and gaining unrivaled insights are some of the benefits you may obtain from it.

VidIQ is one helpful software that can support YouTube SEO quite effectively. Users may use this tool to look for and select SEO-friendly titles, video descriptions, and tags.

Optimize your video before publishing

There are 6 features to optimize videos before posting them on your YouTube channel: 

  1. Powerful title: It must have keywords, match your content, use brackets, and avoid clickbait.
  2. Essential description: You need to repeat keywords, optimize click-through rate, add links, metadata, and timestamps in the description box.
  3. Subtitles: You can go to your YouTube Creator Studio, pick one video, choose Subtitles/CC, select the subtitles’ language and click Set Language.
  4. Hashtags: Hashtags are commonly used to indicate a video topic, genre, or specialization. Hashtags appear above the video title or in the video description box on YouTube.
  5. YouTube cards: 5 types of cards should be in your video (Subscribe button, Video or Playlist, Channel, Donation, Poll, Link)
  6. End Screen: It lasts 15-20 seconds. You have to go to the YouTube Creator Studio, select content, click on the video you want to edit, choose the End Screen box, and choose the element you want to add.

Promote your video after uploading 

Among several methods to advertise your YouTube video, using social media might be one of the top options. Advertisements through Google Ads might help you reach more people from other social media like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, etc. And many other methods like setting up online merchandise shops, planning social interaction contests, giving free gifts, and more. These platforms are great sites to connect your YouTube channel with more potential audiences.

6 common mistakes that YouTubers usually have

Too much emphasis on promotion

Some rookie YouTubers are more concerned with getting views and advertising their videos than with generating better ones. It’s understandable that they’d be perplexed when they see other channels receiving thousands or tens of thousands of views for videos that are just as fantastic as theirs. Unfortunately, rookie YouTubers may make certain blunders as a result of this type of thinking.

Overwhelmed by the amount of information available

You might be perplexed at first by the vast array of topics available on YouTube. And you believe you can devote time to a variety of things. So you experiment with games, vlogs, parodies, film reviews, photography, and so on. But the fact is that you’ve been incorrect since you agreed to participate in more than one topic.

The Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS)

It occurs when you are concerned about all of the expensive equipment, such as microphones, cameras, and lighting. You’re just concerned with the ideal gears, but you’ve forgotten that content is king. This condition started with the initial step of planning to set up a channel, and it might linger in your thoughts if you can’t figure out what to prioritize.

Undervalue the Analytics feature

The Analytics section on the YouTube Creator Studio is possibly the most exciting. This allows producers to see and track the interaction and engagement of their channel over time and per video. Furthermore, the analytics tab is divided into four categories, each with its own set of tools and functions.

So if you can’t take advantage of it, you won’t know how to control your video reach and what the best optimization method is. It is recommended that you should take a closer look at this AudienceGain blog post to deeply understand the YouTube Analytics.

Do everything on your own

It’s possible that working on a YouTube channel will make you feel lonely. You write your own material, shoot your own videos, and edit them yourself. Even chatting to the camera while filming a video clip is the same as talking to the camera. As a consequence, you’ll frequently be disappointed since no one knows what you’re selling and you’re still working alone. Moreover, this mood can delay your creativity, leading to many mistakes new YouTubers make when they get stuck in creating new content.

Take inspiration from other YouTubers

When you’re stuck for ideas or trying to compare your YouTube channel to other well-known channels, you tend to look at other people’s work and attempt to figure out what makes them tick. Unfortunately, few people recognize that this is one of the most common blunders made by rookie YouTubers.

→ The above are errors that YouTubers are easy to encounter, but they are not scary as much since you can find effective solutions from

In a nutshell

Everyone can create a YouTube channel and make money from it by themselves. However, to be able to turn on monetization, it will take a lot of time and effort as well as a solid passion. Buy YouTube watch hours is a solution worth considering as it offers countless long-term benefits.

So, don’t hesitate to search for this service on the reputable sites like Contact them right now to get useful advice and attractive offers!

Buy 4000 Hours Watch Time - AudienceGain Compared


100% of watch hours come from real audiences

Organic and stable growth during the campaign

No video-length required

Full refund if your channel is not approved for monetization



100% of watch hours come from real audiences

Organic and stable growth during the campaign

No video-length required

Full refund if your channel is not approved for monetization

Buy Youtube watch hours is the right choice to grow your channel and make money from their videos. In this article, AudienceGain will explain why you should buy watch hours on YouTube and how to find the best deal for your needs.

1. AudienceGain

When it comes to helping YouTubers build their channels effectively and rapidly, AudienceGain was a company that specialized in doing so. They were incredibly effective in assisting tens of thousands of YouTube channels to develop from nothing to the point at which their channels might generate thousands of dollars in revenue.

This service is offered at a very reasonable and competitive price. You can select from a variety of options based on your needs and financial constraints. For just $129, you might obtain 1000 subscribers as well as 4000 view hours. You can also change the order to suit your tastes.


– Watch hours are generated entirely by actual viewers.

– Consistent and natural growth throughout the campaign.

– Legal and completely safe.

– Any length of video will do.

– 24/7 welcoming customer service personnel.

– If your channel is rejected, a full refund will be given.


– There aren’t any drawbacks at the moment.

Score: 9.8/10

youtube watch time hours buy

AudienceGain is the place to YouTube watch time hours buy

2. UseViral

The simplest way to buy 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours is through UseViral. You only need to give a link to the YouTube video you want to monetize, UseViral will take care of the rest. UseViral offers several cheap plans. Only $18.5 – $229.5 is required for 100 to 2000 watch hours.


-Give you the appropriate number of hours to watch YouTube.

-The packets from UseViral are always geo-targeted.

– Instead of based on the number of hours you desire, the invoicing will be based on the amount you are willing to pay.


– They don’t take Bitcoin as payment

Score: 9.2/10

buy public watch hours youtube

UseViral offers trustworthy buy public watch hours YouTube

3. Media Mister

One of the greatest sources to buy 4000 watch hours on YouTube cheap is Media Mister. And that’s because the service has been around for so long. Being a veteran player in the field, Media Mister knows how the market works and what drives watch hours. Users need to pay $169 – $669 for 1000 – 4000 watch time hours.


– The low pricing.

– In the long run, your video gets recommended to more and more people.

– The level of security and confidentiality.


– The only restriction here is that the video must at least be 60 minutes long, which doesn’t come close to most videos

Score: 9/10

buy cheap youtube watchhours

Media Mister owns a cheap service package

4. SidesMedia

Another excellent choice if you want to purchase YouTube watch time is SidesMedia, a more recent competitor in the market. You can get only watch hours from them. However, they can also give you access to a channel that has already been paid for. You only need to pay $69.5 – $229.5 for 500 to 2000 watch hours.


– You choose the specialty, and SidesMedia will cater to it.

– For you, SidesMedia will create an entire YouTube channel with unique content and the necessary graphics.

– The naturalness of its watch times.


– No free trial is available.

Score: 9.2/10

purchase youtube watch time

No trial is offered on the SidesMedia website

5. GetAFollower

GetAFollower provides a personal touch to your desire to buy YouTube watch hours. It’s one of the few services that buy YouTube hours watched that has a stellar reputation. GetAFollower’s approach to providing services is what makes it so unique. For 2000–4000 watch time hours, users must spend $337–$669 in total.


– GetAFollower will tailor your strategy for you.

– They are devoted to protecting consumer privacy and avoiding data breaches.

– Each and every transaction carried out on the website is quite secure.


– Few choices for payment.

Score: 8.5/10

buy cheap youtube watchhours

GetAFollower is a service provider of buy cheap YouTube watchhours

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6. Buy Real Media

Buying 4000 watch hours on YouTube quickly is a great option, and Buy Real Media is a great option as well. With this service, you may buy YouTube public watch hours to get started with simple monetization. Buy Real Media lets you buy anywhere from 1000 to 4000 watch hours for $169 – $669.


– That all of the watch hours they provide are 100% genuine and organic.

– Every transaction made to Buy Real Media is secured and encrypted.

– Your video get the monetization you wanted.


– They don’t accept Bitcoin payments.

Score: 8/10

Buy youtube watch time hours

Buy YouTube watch time hours easier thanks to Buy Real Media

7. Viewsta

For those who need a head start on their orders, Viewsta is the best location to buy 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours. You can purchase a minimum of 500 and a maximum of 5,000 watch hours. For the bundle with 1000 hours of viewing, you simply need to pay $75.


– Its automated service.

– Starting your order from their website is simple.


– You need to already have a channel with at least a couple of videos in order to place an order with Viewsta.

Score: 7/10

youtube watch time price

YouTube watch time price at Viewsta from $75

8. SubPals

If you want to buy YouTube watch hours but want to do it in a secure and safe manner because you know there are a ton of businesses out there that simply want to take advantage of you, SubPals is a perfect option.

According to them, 100 to 4000 YouTube watch hours would cost you $60 to $700, which, when compared to other businesses in the sector, we believe to be fairly good pricing.


– They guarantee delivery in a timely manner.

– Their outcomes take a maximum of 72 hours but start in as little as 24 hours.

– Customers of SubPals are given a refill guarantee.


– Fairly new business.

Score: 8.2/10

Buy real youtube watch time

Buy real Youtube watch time prestige at SubPals

9. YTPals

When you need to buy watchtime and subscribers for a reasonable price, YTPals should be one of the first businesses that come to mind because they have a 100% delivery guarantee and don’t even need your password to provide your features. For 100-2000 watch hours, users must pay somewhere between $60 and $450.


– Secure and private.

– They provide round-the-clock help to their customers.

The low cost.


– No trial offer.

Score: 8.5/10

buy 4k watch hours

You can buy 4k watch hours at YTPals

10. YT Boost Pro

When it comes to being able to assist you buy 4000 watch hours cheap, this firm has something that not many other businesses do: a solid reputation. You can get 200 watch hours for only $50 thanks to flexible pricing; that’s a great deal.


– A reasonable price.

– Quality and a good reputation.


– Only email is available for customer service; live chat is not.

Score: 6.5/10

buy youtube channel watch time

Customers should buy Youtube channel watch time at YT Boost

FAQs Buy cheap YouTube watch time

Here are the questions you can refer to buy real YouTube watch hours:

Can I watch hours Youtube buy?

You may indeed buy 4000 watch hours for YouTube. You can pick a bundle that best suits the requirements of your channel. It affects the YouTube rating of your video and makes up 85% of the YouTube ranking algorithm. You may use it to make money off of your YouTube channel.

YouTube promotes your channel through suggested and search content, which improves your watch hour. More views, subscribers, and likes result from this. Additionally, your revenue increases as your reach.

It is now appropriate for your Youtube channel to gain more authority by signing up as a Youtube partner. High-quality views will increase your Youtube watch hours, enabling you to quickly reach the 4000-hour threshold and submit a monetization request. Furthermore, all of the users of this service have been approved by Youtube without any problems.

The length of each channel’s videos determines our marketing strategies, but it shouldn’t take more than 14 days to supply all 4000 hours.

How to buy watch hours on YouTube cheap India?

Never before has buying YouTube viewing time been so simple. We provide you with the safest and most affordable combo. To purchase YouTube watch hours, you simply need to adhere to a few simple procedures. Of course, your account needs to be open and operational.

To buy YouTube watch hours at AudienceGain, follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit AudienceGain’s website.

Step 2: Next, you hover over “Premium Services” and click on “Buy 4000 watch hours YouTube”.

Step 3: Choose the service package according to your needs and click “Buy now”.

Step 4: In this section, if there is a discount code from AudienceGain, you can enter it. Otherwise, click Continue to checkout.

Step 5: You proceed to fill in the important information in this section.

Step 6: After filling in, you will check again and proceed to pay. There are two payment methods you can choose from, “CardPay” and “Coinbase Cryptocurrencies”. Don’t forget to click on the words “I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions”. And click “Place order” to buy watch time hours.

buy real youtube watch time

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Is it illegal to buy YouTube watch hours?

It is not against YouTube’s policy to buy 4000 watch time. There can be some locations where you must avoid picking up watch hours. It is best to buy real youtube watch hours online from a reputable seller. Your channel will be safeguarded and avoid legal issues if you remove bots and phony viewers.

The use of automated systems or the automatic presentation of videos to unaware users are examples of actions that YouTube does not permit in order to artificially increase the number of audiences, watch hours, comments, or other data. This regulation might result in the deletion of YouTube channels and content.

The vendor of unique YouTube advertising packages essentially extends an invitation to its network of Youtubers to see and comment on your video when you purchase one. You are not violating YouTube’s policy of presenting movies to unaware users, assuming that this person is aware of the agreement.

The only time it is secure to buy YouTube watch hour, likes, views, and subscribers. It’s advised to avoid purchasing any YouTube promo packages if they are not real.

How to get 4,000 watch hours on YouTube free?

The following 7 steps will help you reach 4,000 YouTube watch hours:

Find proven topics

There is no need to start from scratch. Instead, you might research tried-and-true content concepts and then add your own spin to them. This is how: Enter a keyword associated with your industry on YouTube. I’ll utilize “fashion” in this illustration. Keep an eye out for the subjects that have generated a lot of views.

Open a handful of the channels right now. Click on the “Videos” tab if the channel has a lot of subscribers (>30,000). Then use the “Most Popular” filter to locate topics that have a proven track record. You should carry out this procedure for each channel in your sector until you have a nice database of themes.

Qualify (and Prioritize) Your Topics

If you have a new channel, you need to be deliberate about the kinds of videos you produce. You can choose to focus on more competitive themes once your channel has gained some popularity. There are various methods for topic qualification, however, VidIQ will handle the bulk of the work. You will see VidIQ’s Score for the subject.

Targeting just subjects with high scores is ideal. When a topic has high search traffic but little competition, it receives a high score. In your database, I advise placing the score next to each keyword. Then you rank your themes in order of importance.

Develop Your Strategy

You ought to have chosen a keyword target by now. To buy YouTube watch hours, you must create a video plan. When creating your strategy, consider the following queries:

– What is the ideal length for your video?

– What interests you?

– What are you opposed to?

– What is your title?

– What will you require in order to make the video?

– What is your time frame?

Create the Video

You can use my quick and easy method for making videos, which is:

– Outline the entire video: In as little time as possible, you want to provide them with the information they require. That answer is a script.

– Create a video: You’ll need a teleprompter if you’re filming a talking-head video. To begin recording, simply turn on the camera.

– Edit your video: You may do this for nothing with iMovie or for money with Premiere Pro. On Upwork, you can also employ a video editor.

Optimize Your Video

You must optimize your video before uploading it. I advise making your goal term part of the filename. It’s time to post your video and then optimize it for YoTtube’s natural search.

Promote Your Video

What I have shown you are about half of the process. Promotion of your video makes up the remaining 50% of the procedure. Keep track of when well-known channels in your sector publish. When a new video is released, make sure to provide an insightful comment.


If you keep working, you’ll eventually clock 4000 watch hours buy. But here’s the thing: just making one video isn’t sufficient. Your first video probably won’t be successful, which is very likely. Because of this, you must persevere and continue to post. I walked you through the process of creating an excellent YouTube video.

Can you buy watch hours on YouTube?

Certainly, it is indeed possible to purchase YouTube watch time. However, it is important to note that the practice of purchasing YouTube watch time has been increasingly observed, especially in the year 2023.

What is the best place to YouTube watch hours buy?

Audiencegain is the best option to get 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers. Its affordable prices are one of its strongest points. You can pay with many different methods like Paypal,Visa/Mastercard, Funds, Coinbase Cryptocurrencies,…

How to differentiate between genuine and fake watch hour sellers?

Differentiating between genuine and fake watch hour sellers is crucial to ensure that you’re making a wise investment and not violating YouTube’s terms of service. Here are some key pointers to help identify the authenticity of watch hour sellers:

Research the Seller’s Reputation

  • Transparent Practices
  • Guarantees and Claims
  • Pricing
  • Customer Support
  • Duration of Business Operations
  • Check Their Social Media and Online Presence
  • Mode of Payment
  • Refund Policy
  • Cross-check with YouTube’s Policy

What if I get 4000 watch hours but not 1000 subscribers?

YouTube wants to think of you as a business partner if you’re looking to apply for the Partner Program. To be accepted, you must fulfill a number of requirements, such as having more than 1,000 subscribers and having logged more than 4,000 watch hours in the last 12 months.

First, you need to start thinking like a publisher and concentrate on the metrics if you want to succeed on YouTube. Do you only have 1000 subscribers while having 4,000 watch hours?

That indicates that you are near the bottom of the leaderboard and do not have YouTube’s approval to monetize. That is the main cause of YouTube churn. Upon closer inspection, you’ll see that they began to expand their channel, attained 1,000 subscribers, and stopped growing.

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As you can see, buy YouTube watch hours is a smart and easy way to boost your channel and reach your monetization goals. So what are you waiting for? Buy YouTube watch time today at AudienceGain and enjoy the benefits of being a YouTube partner.



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