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Benefits of buying YouTube Watch Hours

We/Our business operation work(s) on legitimate social media platforms, strictly following YouTube’s terms of service of promoting your videos to your targeted audience. Therefore, we guarantee your channel will be 100% protected.

Along with many years of the experience to assist lots of YouTubers to monetize on this platform, AudienceGain understands the major factors that YouTube relies on to decide whether a channel is eligible to participate in YPP or not (Average Retention Per View, Content, etc.). And of course, we will focus on making full use of our resources to meet those demands to make your channel most likely to be monetized.

Basically, we depend on 2 main platforms: Social Media and Google Adwords to launch the video promotion.By this way, your videos will reach a potential audience in the same niche. As a result, we can affirm that the watch time are real and legal, as well as real subscribers in the same niche will bring a potential number of views to videos in the future.

Promoting videos to the right audience is one of the best stratagies to improve the channel’s average viewing time, so that videos on a channel with relevant content are more likely to be suggested by YouTube.

As for those who are newly exposed to the YouTube ecosystem but wish to make money on this promising platform, we will accompany you from the very first small steps to reach to the success, with our absolute dedication and many years of our experience/accumulated practices in the digital marketing field.

We won’t ask you for the required length of video, but they must comply with YouTube’s terms of service.

Contact us if you have any issues with Watch Hours & Subscribers we have provided or other problems that you have encountered. We will support you solve it immediately with our best effort!

Apart from the premium feature above, we also provide a free promotion campaign to target the right audience from your nationality for the best quality views to increase your channel identity, as well as those who are interested in your niche.

Audiencegain reviews

See our 205+ verified customers’ reviews on

Excellent experience with AudianceGain. They are very supportive and responding immediately. Definitely not fake services. Will strongly recommend to everyone who is looking for genuine monetization services. It will take some time but at the end one can rejoice. Thanks 😊
Soul Cook
Soul Cook
February 1, 2021.
I worked with them on 2 different programs, purchase of the monetized channel and helping to get my own channel monetized. To my surprise BOTH worked. You need to follow their instructions when you buy a new channel, but they are super helpful via WhatsApp and responsive (in their tone zone). One recommendation would be to ask for a specific niche when you buy a new channel. Definitely would recommend and will be using them again.
Morgan Terrelle
Morgan Terrelle
February 1, 2021.
It is a good service that shows the content to the right audience. Probably the best one I ever used!
ŚσlvenԐvσlve Australia
ŚσlvenԐvσlve Australia
January 27, 2021.
This is the only one service provider you can trust. I used many services before but no results. They did excellent job!
January 17, 2021.
Excellent service with supports and channel delivery
Lun Lun
Lun Lun
January 16, 2021.
Very nice service and good people! Very LEGIT!!! Now my channel is printing $ thanks to this amazing service...
January 12, 2021.
Great service and 100% Real. I really love their work
January 8, 2021.
Dependable. Trustworthy. Always delivers.
Carole Lynnn Servideo
Carole Lynnn Servideo
January 3, 2021.
I am not sure how these people get 5-star ratings. People either do not understand how YouTube works or they're FAKE reviews. I ordered 4000 hours and 1000 subscribers package. Got monetized but YouTube removed 375 subscribers after a month or so. They say the views are real but let me tell you this. How come you get 4000 views but no single comment, like, or shares? That is impossible. What they do is creating playlists and show like they are promoting your video to real users. Every time I ask why there's no engagement, they say the views are not targeted for my niche. Bunch of BS and lies. How come real viewers watched 95% of your video but no comments nothing at all? I can confidently say that DO NOT waste your money for getting views from FAKE companies like this. Get your viewers organically. You may get monetized your channel spending $300 but in long run, your channel will suffer. My channel is now useless because their so-called REAL subscribers do not watch a single video I publish now. Also, YouTube knows these kind of companies try to mislead the system, so they remove the views and subscribers eventually. When I asked about that they said YouTube is removing those because of the election time. BS after BS. If you are reading this review, DO NOT fall for their crap. Build your channel organically.
Ravana Tech
Ravana Tech
January 2, 2021.
This guys are legit. 5th order and not gonna stop.
Mr Han
Mr Han
January 1, 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s detailed information about how it works and why we can say it’s completely safe and legal.
After you have ordered, our expert team will review your videos and brainstorm to design a suitable plan that can maximize your channel’s chance to get approved for monetization. Once the plan is set, we will promote your videos to potential viewers who relate to your niche on two main platforms: Social Media & Google Adwords. Besides, we will continuously monitor and update the campaign until the watch hours and subscribers you paid for are delivered and satisfied with the results.

The delivery time would depend on the performance of your videos on the campaign. Nevertheless, it usually takes 2-4 weeks to complete 4000 Watch Hours.

At AudienceGain, not only providing the current service of selling 4000 Watch Hours and 1000 Subscribers, we also ultimately focus on the mission of supporting YouTube creators with the best strategy to grow a YouTube channel, as well as to be approved to monetize and generate passive income.

As for those who are newly exposed to the Youtube ecosystem but wish to make money on this promising platform, we will accompany you from the very first small steps to reach to the success, with our absolute dedication and many years of our experience.

At AudienceGain, we use a legal promotion campaign and it’s suitable for most YouTube channels. However, it still needs to have 2 criteria to get good results as the package:

  • There’s no copyright material on the videos.
  • Follow the set of YouTube’s rules.

If your videos aren’t meet the criteria above, please contact us for the solution.

At AudienceGain, our customer satisfaction is always our top priority.

Our commitment:

  • Refund 100% if we are unable to complete in the estimated time.
  • Refund 100% if the service adversely affects the quality of your channel.
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  • Eligible to make money instantly.
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  • Support practical channel development orientation.
  • Get free 1 logo & 1 banner.


  • Eligible to make money instantly.
  • The page’s niche is random. 
  • High-Quality & compliance with Facebook’s Policy.
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  • Eligible to make money instantly.
  • The followers and views are real.
  • Review new videos & provide strategies for effective development.
  • Support to join Creator Fund program even you are based in ineligible countries.
  • Support setting up payment information step by step.
  • Support practical account development orientation in the long-term.