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Buy Youtube views will help you grow your Youtube channel and get more views and subscribers. But how do you know which website is the best and which one is a scam? How can you avoid getting fake views that can harm your reputation and get your account banned? In this article, AudienceGain will show you the 10 best sites to buy Youtube video views.

1. Why Should You Buy Youtube Views?

Do you prefer to concentrate on organic strategies for growing your Youtube genuine account, which makes you more approachable and engaging? We walk you through some useful methods in this area for getting Youtube views that will encourage you to acquire actual accounts and Youtube subscribers right away.

  • Improve the channel’s ranking

Are you trying to find a platform to identify yourself and reach your audience? Your rating can naturally go up. However, the number of Youtube channel engagements does matter.

Everyone knows that, at the beginning of 2022, Youtube’s algorithm will solely be based on recommendations and personalized search engines, which will be informed by metrics and analytics data. UGC (user-generated content) is so frequently displayed on Youtube. In order to improve engagement on Youtube, a strong SERP ranking is necessary. 

  • Use a novel video to become viral

To thrive on Youtube’s phony accounts, you must consistently present top-notch material and enriched engagement techniques. Purchasing Youtube views is a fast approach to increasing your audience size on the platform.

If, for example, your video only has 10,000 views and you need 50,000 for it to go viral, you may purchase the remaining views from websites that sell Youtube views to increase the visibility of your material and outperform your rivals.

  • Improve your follower and subscriber counts

Although it can be overwhelming for newcomers, the main objective of your Youtube channel should be to attract long-lasting subscribers. Initially, failure and disappointment are expected. Buy Youtube views to ensure that it naturally draws viewers and subscribers if you want to avoid that.

  • Put your efforts into providing more marketing services

The benefits of purchasing Youtube views allow you to concentrate on making investments in other marketing services on different social media platforms. This is just one of the many strategies to invest in a bright future as opposed to putting all your eggs in one basket and stressing about your increasing number of views and followers.

  • Create Authority

By adding subscribers, followers, views, and other engagements to your Youtube channel, you may increase your credibility with new users. This generates self-evident social proof. Therefore, it makes sense to buy views in Youtube to increase your credibility as a digital marketer or lead producer.

  • Cross-Link power to several platforms

Buy views for Youtube video and gain popularity to cross-promote your content on other platforms like your website, TikTok, Twitch, Spotify, LinkedIn, and more.  By raising sales and revenue, you can achieve the marketing service objectives of your company.

  • Create profitable exclusive opportunities

Your Youtube channel will monetize more quickly as it gathers more views and subscribers. It’s also not a big thing to purchase 1000 Youtube subscribers, right? Consider this a proactive investment that generates a high return on investment through compensated partnerships and sponsorships.

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2. 10 Best site buy Youtube views

Here are 10 reputable sites where you can buy views on Youtube video:

2.1 AudienceGain

Initially, AudienceGain was a business that specialized in offering services to aid Youtubers in effectively and speedily expanding their channels. With our knowledge, commitment, and thirst for knowledge, AudienceGain will work hard to earn the right to be the greatest option for content creators. Place your order at AudienceGain right away!

Pro of AudienceGain:

  • Increase the chance that your video will go viral.
  • Encourages viewers to watch your videos.
  • Good for rankings and making it simple to get organic visitors.
  • Gain greater visibility for your channel.
  • Random retention.
  • Lifetime non-drop guarantee.
  • 600–2500 per day, at a speed.
  • 15 minutes after the video is published is the estimated start time.

Cons of AudienceGain:

  • There are no disadvantages.

Score: 9.8/10

Buy Youtube views at AudienceGain from $75

2.2 SidesMedia

This service offers views on Youtube that come from active, live people. These individuals will view and distribute your videos to other users. “Entrepreneur Magazine” and “TechCrunch” cited SidesMedia as the top source for purchasing Youtube views.

Pro of SidesMedia:

  • Youtube real views.
  • Regular Youtube users.
  • Cash-Back Promise.

Cons of SidesMedia:

  • No free trial is available.

Score: 9.3/10

2.3 Followersup

The following website on this list will be able to assist you without the usage of spam accounts or bots, allowing you to take advantage of their top-notch services without having to wonder if the firm you are working with is giving you spammy results or not.

If you’re currently on a tight budget, you may obtain 50 Youtube views for just $1 thanks to the variety of packages they provide their customers.

Pro of Followersup:

  • Expert social media marketing and trustworthy websites.
  • It’s simple to purchase Youtube views packages.
  • Increase the social proof of your online presence.

Cons of Followersup:

  • Your social media involvement on this well-liked social media network might not rise.

Score: 7.1/10

2.4 Media Mister

A popular social media automation tool in this sector is called Media Mister. You don’t need to worry about your Youtube account being suspended because Media Mister makes sure they don’t employ spam accounts or automated tools. Their automated features are based on legitimate social media efforts, and automation as a whole is always current with the newest trends.

Pro of  Media Mister:

  • Youtube’s rapid expansion.
  • Promote your video clip right away.
  • Excellent customer care was provided.

Cons of  Media Mister:

  • No trial period.

Score: 7.0/10

2.5 Social Boss

With regard to social media promotion in general, Social Boss is a service provider that can supply you with cost-effective and high-quality packages for not just Youtube but also for all other social media platforms. One of the finest places to buy Youtube views on social media is Social Boss.

The best thing about Social Boss is that they put a lot of emphasis on safeguarding their clients’ social media data. If there are any problems with the delivery, you can contact their customer care team at any time to purchase these advertising services.

Pro of Social Boss:

  • Offers a solid Youtube growth service that is within budget.
  • Growth service and skilled staff of digital marketers.
  • You may also buy Youtube likes for your account.

Cons of Social Boss:

  • Possibly won’t help your videos show up in the search results.

Score: 7.5/10

2.6 Viralyft

For almost every active social media network, Viralyft offers a variety of services for social media growth. As a result, the clients are kept informed about the delivery and are able to estimate the required time. For those looking to purchase Youtube views, the website offers five packages, with prices ranging from $6.99 for 1000 views to just $374.99 for 100,000 views.

Pro of Viralyft:

  • The website also offers packages for significant social media campaigns.
  • Additionally, Viralyft features a payment gateway that is SSL-encrypted, ensuring the security of the customer data.
  • The skilled staff of marketing specialists at Viralyft is on call around-the-clock.

Cons of Viralyft:

  •  There isn’t a package available for the services required.

Score: 8.2/10

2.7 ViewsExpert

This is where ViewsExpert can help since they promote the client’s account through their extensive network of partners. This implies that any followers or likes you receive will solely be based on your content. For customers who seek genuine involvement, ViewsExpert is the finest place to purchase Youtube views.

Pro of ViewsExpert:

  • All of ViewsExperts’ packages have speedy delivery. 
  • The website has a payment gateway that is SSL-secured.

Cons of ViewsExpert:

  • Bitcoin payments are not accepted by ViewsExpert.

Score: 7.2/10

2.8 UpViews

People who want to buy Youtube views, likes, and subscribers should go to UpViews. The website offers a variety of service bundles to ensure that different people can use them. You can find bundles that are within your spending limits.

Pro of UpViews:

  • It is quite simple to use, and it goes very smoothly. 
  • Your questions can be answered by customer service, which is accessible round-the-clock. 
  • UpViews provides quick service delivery.

Cons of UpViews:

  • There is no free trial offered by them.

Score: 8.5/10

2.9 FollowerPackages

A website called FollowerPackages aids in its users’ Youtube channel growth. These services aid users in getting their videos included in suggested or similar videos as well as on the trending page. The website provides five packages for anyone looking to purchase Youtube views, with prices ranging from $19.00 for 2.500 views up to $175.00 for 50,000 genuine views.

Pro of  FollowerPackages:

  • Simple to use.
  • Effectively delivers amazing outcomes.
  • Many consumers can afford the cost.

Cons of  FollowerPackages:

  • They don’t provide services for social media growth.

Score: 6.8/10


A website called SocialPackages is specialized in offering Youtube growth services. The website offers ten pre-made comprehensive packages to assist with purchasing Youtube views, with prices ranging from $3.50 for 500 views to $373.50 for 100,000 views. SocialPackages is one of the greatest places to buy Youtube views because these packages are often delivered in 1 to 2 days.

Pro of

  • Affordable and premium packages are available from SocialPackages.
  • Bots or spam accounts are not used on the website.
  • Businesses and individuals can get in touch with them through the website’s form if such a problem arises. 

Cons of

  • Your Youtube video won’t get more comments as a result.

Score: 7.9/10

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3. Buy real views for Youtube video package

  • Buy 5000 Youtube views

You can use this service to boost the popularity and authority of your Youtube channel by purchasing views for your videos. AudienceGain, a recognized and experienced company in this area, will give you high-quality, safe, and quick views. Only $145 must be paid for the 5000-views plan. It’s a really good price, isn’t it?

  • Buy 10 000 Youtube views

You may increase interaction and subscription rates, gain 10,000 genuine views from individuals who are interested in your content, and increase your presence on Youtube’s main page and search results by buy Youtube views. The AudienceGain 10000 views plan costs about $290, which is less than many competing providers. 

  • Buy 50 000 Youtube views

Utilizing this translation package will boost your capacity to monetize your video through adverts. AudienceGain pledges not to employ any bots, proxies, or other techniques that are against Youtube’s rules. Given what you get, AudienceGain’s 50000 Youtube views package, which costs only $1290, is fair and cheap pricing. 

  • Buy 100 000 Youtube views

This is the final service bundle for AudienceGain’s purchase of Youtube views. An appealing and reasonable pricing for what you get, their service to buy 100,000 Youtube views is just $2690. Simply enter the URL for your video and select the period you want to boost views. You can count on AudienceGain to bring you the necessary number of views in the shortest amount of time.

4. FAQs buy Youtube views

Please refer to the following questions to assist customers who are buying Youtube video views effectively:

4.1 Is it OK to buy views on Youtube?

Yes, purchasing Youtube views is legal. There are no laws that forbid buying Youtube views, thus it is not unlawful. It’s completely legal and a well-liked Youtube marketing strategy to boost your views.

4.2 Can Youtube detect fake views?

Ever wonder how Youtube recognizes fake views? Do they keep track of users’ accounts and IP addresses, or do they focus more on how many views a video receives? The truth is that Youtube can identify fraudulent views in a variety of ways. To make it more challenging for producers of phony views to get via Youtube’s security filters, this is done.

Youtube frequently keeps an eye on the actions of accounts associated with particular IP addresses. When accounts act like bots and are connected to dubious IP addresses, Youtube frequently deletes the views those accounts have accrued. In the end, Youtube might completely remove the accounts or IP addresses.

Fake views frequently originate from comparable sites with comparable traffic sources. When a channel receives 99% of its views from outside sources, particularly on mobile devices, Youtube may suspect that the video is buying fraudulent views. Typically, Youtube will delete the videos on the channel’s phony views list and finally prohibit the channel.

Youtube has never revealed how they identify fraudulent views, as you can guess. Reverse engineering attempts at their security filters have been made over the years. Although this effort has proven challenging due to the daily removal of false views from videos and channel bans.

4.3 Is it legal to buy views on Youtube?

On Youtube, buying views is not entirely forbidden. Valid views can be purchased, but negative ones cannot be without the risk of repercussions. Therefore, the results of buying views depend on their caliber and origin.

On Youtube, buying real views is very normal and even expected. In this instance, “buy Youtube views” refers to diving into PPC marketing through the use of AdWords. You research your target audience, create adverts, draw visitors to your page, and persuade them to view your video.

But If you’ve been found buying excessive amounts of views or doing it repeatedly for the same video, Youtube will probably remove the offending video rather than try to chastise you in a way that just encourages you to continue your bad behavior.

It’s one thing to purchase views for videos that aren’t being paid for, but they’re much more likely to take action if you buy views for them. The aforementioned sanctions are likely to increase, and you also risk being completely barred from AdSense. This can be disastrous if you also use that account for other websites.

4.4 Is buying Youtube views pros and cons?

Let’s start with the benefits of buying Youtube views to comprehend how it may be useful for your marketing plan and expanding your channel:

  • Provide an Excellent Kick-Start: Your new channel can get off to a great start to buy Youtube views. If you have a new channel or fewer subscribers, it is always preferable to purchase a few thousand or five thousand views for your video to give it an initial boost..
  • Helps to get more views & engagement: More views and engagement are attracted to Youtube videos. On Youtube, viewers choose to watch videos that have already received a respectable amount of views and engagement. Therefore, by purchasing Youtube views, you automatically increase the likelihood that your material will receive more views and engagement.
  • Strengthen your social credibility: People take your material seriously when your video receives a respectable number of views and engagements, which strengthens your social credibility and authenticity. If a video has fewer views or more dislikes, no one takes it seriously because it casts doubt in the mind of the viewer.
  • Better Search Rankings: Your video’s chances of appearing in the search results will increase as it receives more views. Youtube’s algorithm prioritizes popular videos in search results so that users can find more relevant information. Your Youtube search ranking rises as more people see your video.
  • Make your video appear in suggested videos: Similar to how more video views boost your search ranking, they also increase the likelihood that your video will show up in the sidebar’s suggested videos section or right after related videos.
  • More Effective Marketing: Your overall marketing plan gets better as your videos receive positive feedback following bought Youtube views.
  • More Conversion and Earning: As we all know, having more views and interaction with your videos on Youtube increases your ability to monetize them with Adsense and other services like affiliate marketing and product sales. Your Youtube income will increase as more people see your videos.

You must weigh the disadvantages of buying Youtube views before making a decision. Here are a few of the main drawbacks:

  • Untargeted Audience: The views you purchase for your Youtube videos often are not geographically or thematically tailored. This means that your videos may receive irrelevant traffic or viewers who are not your intended audience, which is not advantageous to you because they won’t pay much attention to your content. 
  • Unethical: Bought Youtube views are unethical and can cause a harmful impact on your channel if it gets detected by the Youtube algorithm. It might make your Youtube channel looks fishy if you buy in a large amount. So always be careful about the number of views you are buying for a particular video and not only relying on the paid ones. Try to bring organic traffic as well on your content to generate genuine engagement.
  • No Ad Revenue: Buy Youtube views are unethical and, if discovered by the Youtube algorithm, can have a negative effect on your channel. If you purchase a lot, it could give your Youtube channel a shady appearance. Be careful when purchasing views for a certain video and don’t only rely on the ones you’ve paid for.
  • Beware of Scammers: As your channel must meet the requirements for the Youtube Monetization Policy with the required amount of subscribers and watch time, buying views won’t necessarily increase your ad revenue. Although it is beneficial for social proof and could increase visitors to your content.
  • Inorganic Results: Purchasing views won’t give you organic outcomes like more subscribers, comments, likes, etc. Your video’s views will only grow, but without subscribers, likes, and comments, it can come out as suspicious. As a result, along with purchased views, we constantly aim to develop organic engagement.

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In conclusion, buy Youtube views can significantly boost your channel and reach more potential fans and customers. However, you need to be careful and choose the best site to buy views in Youtube that are real and safe. Check out the AudienceGain site and start getting more views today!