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Buy Google Adsense accounts is a smart way to help you optimize your business time on the internet, increase your reach to potential customers and many other benefits. However, for those who have never used the service. There will be many questions and doubts. Understanding that, AudienceGain has researched and synthesized the most basic information for you to make the right decision to buy a Google Adsense account in the following article.

1. Benefits of buying Google Adsense accounts 

You should buy Google Adsense accounts because this type of account can help you make money, and you can experience many types of advertising on the internet to choose the type of advertising that brings the most revenue. Most importantly, this type of account is extremely secure and safe, with high transparency.

2. Things to consider when buying Google Adsense accounts

You need to carefully review and research the third party selling Google Adsense accounts, make sure you fully understand them and have authentic information, and check that Google has approved the account you buy before proceeding. pay. Please contact the Google account seller if you have questions you cannot answer.

3. Buy Adsense account online 

To buy Google Adsense accounts online, choose a satisfactory provider, then contact them for advice. Finally place an order and wait for confirmation of the successful payment process, you can use your Google Adsense account for your purposes.

4. How to buy Google Adsense account?

Currently, with the development of technology. You can easily buy Google Adsense accounts. However, be an intelligent customer to choose a safe, reputable and highly secure place to sell. AudienaGain may be a suggestion for you.

Born in 2016 with the predecessor as a company providing solutions to develop Youtube channels. Up to now, Audienagain has expanded and developed many new services according to user requirements. The website has served millions of people who need to grow their business system on social networking platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Zalo, … and received very positive feedback.

When you buy any service at Audienagain, you will receive 24/7 advice from a team of experienced IT engineers, every transaction is applied the latest algorithm of the platform. foundational and legal. In particular, 100% refund if you are not satisfied with the service, the service is not as promised by the website to the customer. 

With the motto of always putting the interests of customers first, AudienaGain has been doing very well its role in developing the brand of individuals and businesses on the online platform.

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5. FAQs: Buy Google Adsense accounts

Buy Google Adsense accounts has many common concerns for new users. Here are some answers you can refer to to solve your problem.

5.1. How much is a Google Adsense account?

A new Google Adsense account is $8 and $50 (new accounts created from 1 to 3 months) and old accounts created 4 to 5 years ago cost $129. This is the price of the Audiencegain page that you can refer to before buying a certain type of Google Adsense account. 

5.2. What are the disadvantages of Google Adsense accounts?

Google Adsense account does not bring significant profit for newcomers to make money in this form, the payment threshold for Google Adsense is as high as $100, there is no immediate support because the Google corporation is quite large, especially In particular, there are many types of restricted advertising.

5.3. When should I buy a Google Adsense account?

If you want to make money and get paid for videos on Youtube then you need to buy Google Adsense accounts. However, you are only allowed to have 1 Adsense account for all activities on the platform that Google is managing.

5.4. How many Google Adsense accounts can a person have?

According to Google Adsense policy, each person is only allowed to use one Google Adsense account. This provides absolute security because sharing the account with relatives, friends, and colleagues is not allowed. If you want more accounts, try visiting Google support for instructions. 

5.5. What happens to my money if I cancel my Adsense account?

If you cancel your Google Adsense account, you will receive your final payment within 90 days if you meet the condition that your balance is equal to or greater than you need to pay, your account is verified, you have no holdings for payment, and no open AdMod accounts. In particular, your final payment will be paid to the primary payment method on your costs profile.

5.6. Can I keep my money in Google Adsense account? 

You can keep your money in your Google Adsense account but only for up to 1 year. Google will prevent automatic payments until the date you specify payment. However, if you have reached the payment threshold, Google will issue a one-time fee of your accrued earnings.

Thus, the above article has provided helpful information to buy Google Adsense accounts successfully. AudienceGain hopes that when applying the service, you will reap more worthy and breakthrough results on the online business road.

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