Youtube Video Ideas For Beginners – Kickstart To Your Youtube Careers


Youtube has become a great platform for gaining fame, advertising and money over the past few years, especially after the coronavirus outbreak.

Many people want to try uploading videos to this platform, but they often have difficulty in the first step – choosing a topic. What type of content should you focus on? What are the topics that can help you get views and attention? Don’t worry, let us suggest some YouTube video ideas for beginners. Let’s start!

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1. Best Youtube video ideas for beginners

#1. My top list

Youtube videos of ratings/top ranks/reviews are often searched a lot, simply because no audience wants to spend time groping for what they want in detail.

Therefore, the general lists of top 5, top 10, top 50, … even top 100, are always easily noticed, easy to SEO and have very high views if on a certain topic.

On the other hand, this ranking should have some research or background, because if you keep throwing any list, the video is not of high quality.

#2. Start a vlog


Start a vlog

We’ve discussed this. Anything can turn into a vlog, and a series of videos work if it’s simple, friendly and true to what you’re really are.

Vlogs can also be very appropriate in the long run, and an ideal type of content for sub-channel if you already have a certain reputation on your main channel.

#3. House tour

Take your audience on a tour around your room or studio so they can learn more about you and how you work. Show them where you make your ideas come true.

#4. Get involved in a challenge

From time to time, a new challenge appears and takes the internet by storm. Improve your channel visibility by participating in a trending challenge.

#5. Tutorials/DIY/How-to



How-to, tutorial videos always attract a large number of searches from Youtube users. To be more detailed, these videos guide the viewer to do something. Lots of this content can be mentioned as follows, for instance:

  • Photoshop/Lightroom tutorials, computer tips
  • Daily tips
  • Recording instructions, weight loss instructions, instructions for playing musical instruments
  • Makeup instructions, how to learn a foreign language, how to do speed painting,..

In general, you can post videos that guide all the things you feel you know and want to share with others. Another way is to consult the online tutorials and customize your way to video.

#6. What’s in my bag/phone/…?

Or in anything, in your daily journals or in your bedroom. Give your audiences a chance to know more about you by showing off what you carry in your bag daily or how you decorate and organize your room.

#7. Create list videos

The lists tend to perform really well on Youtube. You may have noticed that lo-fi hip hop music lists have gained millions of views recently, demonstrating the appeal of this type of content to Youtube viewers.

As a result, whether it’s written or intuitive because the information is much easier to handle. Create a video playlist in which you list some of your top tips or favorites in a certain niche.

#8. Parody/Comedy kit

Are you the funniest in your group of friends who can make people chuckle and crack up at your actions or jokes? If so, starting a YouTube channel sharing some funny videos will be right for you.

You can create video stories, imitate someone, become an indie comedian or just “roast” any celebrity you want (should be moderately sarcastic and still respectful). Whatever you decide, if your content is good, people will see, share, and subscribe to your channel.

#9. Taste test


Taste test

Normally this type of content will have curious titles like ” the first time trying an exotic fruit”, “trying a homemade recipe for the first time …” for the purpose of providing information as well as entertainment for viewers.

Whether it’s eating durian or trying a dragon fruit, challenge yourself to try out unusual foods you’ve never eaten before for example. Your first reaction to trying a food with an unusual texture or notorious pungent odor can be a great source of entertainment for your audience.

#10. Unpopular opinions

Let us set some examples of unpopular opinions, though you may probably know about them. Those are like “What’s your opinion on pineapple on pizza?”, “Milk first or cereal first?”, “Does mint chocolate really taste like toothpaste?”, “Is ketchup a smoothie?” and so much more.

This is just basically turning any of your debate with your friends into a Youtube video, which also triggers people’s habit and tendency of daily eating or doing activities.

Oh and FYI, if you pour in milk first, you’re crazy! (no offense).

#11. Time lapse

Time lapse is a very popular type of fast forward video that attracts viewers on a certain topic. And for the reason it is fast, it shortens the time, audiences can hardly take their eyes off the video but want to watch till its end.

For example: video time-lapse about assembling LEGO, speed painting, weather changing, night sky,… You can learn how to use cameras and time-lapse techniques, or even smartphones have a time-lapse app for creating videos.

Remember to edit and insert background music so that it is the most attractive and appealing.

#12. Short films


Short films

Do you have an idea in your mind about a comedy movie? Cheesy? Horror? Write it down as a rough script, then trim it up and make a short film. Then try to upload it to Youtube to see the audience’s reaction.

#13. A day in a life of….

Create videos to show your audience what a typical day in your life looks like. This is a fun way for them to get to know you better while getting a behind-the-scenes look at how much focus is on the videos they watch.

This type of content can be implemented in a more academic and professional way when you want to share about your career, or a good daily routine to inspire viewers to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Such video formats will be titled “A day in the life of a doctor / barista”, “I do 20-minute work out everyday and it changes my life”,….

#14. Local news

Becoming a VJ or a reporter will be a dream for many people. But for certain things, you might not become a full-time news reporter and do something else as a career

Starting a news channel where you cover the world or the world daily is a great opportunity to follow your passion. You can turn your room into a studio and get some good lighting conditions for video recording.

Since it can take a while to become a reliable source of information, try to focus on a specific audience for immediate growth. For example, you can create a series of interviews where you invite a local reputed figure to ask questions.

#15. Become an artist


Become an artist

Also one of the simplest and most intuitive ideas. If you sing well, have a good guitar or trumpet skill, you can dance and are able to make choreography, record it, then upload it on Youtube.

However, be careful with copyrighted materials to avoid getting the content ID claim from Youtube.

Tips for better-clarifying Youtube content ideas

Perhaps the situation of “running out of content ideas” is not the only reason why you always have a headache in the YouTube creation process.

Great ideas are not something popping up in your brain on a regular basis. As a result, sometimes the implementations of original/used ideas will stably support you very well. So, apply the following tips if you are experiencing an empty state of mind.

#1. Scribbling and doodling

The best combo ever! Take a look at Tedx Talks educational and inspirational presentations. The speaker’s skills and expertise are just only one side to deliver such great speeches, besides to implement their ideas, we’re sure they have had to write and revise the draft many times to have such a complete presentation.

So to say, even though you are an amateur Youtube creator, you don’t have to be too crazy and fussy about the script you want to write for your Youtube videos. Just remember that when there are new ideas, write or draw them down. Your first draft doesn’t need to have a standard, as long as it’s full of ideas and you understand it.

Then comes the part where you rearrange your handwriting, scribbles or doodles into bullet points or a sketch, like an overview you are going to use to shoot a video.

#2. The 5W1H model for arranging Youtube content ideas


The 5W1H model for arranging Youtube content ideas

When presenting a problem/topic/issue, the first thing we need to consider is that the “flow” of ideas must be clear and easy to understand, not to mention how good/bad/valuable/controversial the problem is.

For our content to present clearly, the application of the 5W – 1H principle is one of the best methods we can apply.

5W1H stands for What, Where, When, Why, Who, How. This method is very simple but its effect is so great and beneficial. Not only helps us to present a problem clearly and easy to understand when answering the above “questions” in presenting a problem, but it also helps us to clarify the problem that others say when applying to someone else’s presentation.

#3. Mind map

Drawing a mind map is a unique and effective way to find or implement content ideas. By this way, you will not worry about “running out” the idea of writing script and recording videos but also do not miss any elements related to the problem you are writing.

When any idea splashes through your mind, get yourself a pen and a sheet of paper, write the main keyword in the middle, then cross out the issues affecting it.

For example, if you’re about to create a product-reviewing video, its surrounding branches will be: function, targeted customers, usage, benefits, preservation … For each branch, you add more detailed small ideas, so you will have a diagram of the whole thing related to the product.

What to do now is just look at the diagram and plan the script and filming.

#4. Reading



Reading is a very simple way to find ideas, and Youtube content ideas in particular. As a creator, make reading a hobby, or at least a habit, like reading the news every morning and spending half an hour reading a book that interests you.

Furthermore, you can read everything you like, without limitation: reading books, comics, magazines, detective stories … it’s up to you. However, pay attention to stay away from excessively obscene stories that contain unhealthy content or banned cultural products.

Books, stories, photo books will help expand your vocabulary, will make your thinking renewed and “bounce” with creative ideas great for your content video.

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Final Thoughts

There are 8 top youtube video ideas for beginners that you can consider. Have you found your favorite option yet? Do you have any other questions or ideas? Leave your comment below!

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