Two Creative YouTube Video Ideas For a Better Consecutive Video-Producing Process


With so many video formats out there, it will be difficult for you to know which creative Youtube video ideas are the best and right for you.


Two creative Youtube videos ideas

Youtube has a huge number of users. As a result, it’s essential to create a Youtube channel to start creating content if you want more watch hours, views and subscribers to join Youtube Partner Program (YPP) and make money. 

Constantly coming up with new ideas will be an unavoidable task to sustain the growth of your channel. Besides, a new, original idea is not something unique and available all the time. 

So, finding ways to solve problems with what you currently have in your mind will save you time, effort, as well as optimize the video production process.

Idea #1: The “versus” videos

First and foremost, that’s basically a sort of review-type, feedback-type, opinion-type Youtube video content which is so excessive in number on Youtube. However, as we mentioned below: work with what you have right now in your mind, so the versus videos can be very ideal. 

The thing here is to “squeeze the most juice out of an orange” (if this metaphor makes any sense to you, well thanks so much!) to have more videos, when you’re running out of Youtube video ideas


Canon 6G Mark II and 5D Mark IV

Let’s put it into context. For example, you can type Canon 6D into Youtube search bar then add “vs” or “versus” to see the results. You’re going to see a variety of search results that  camera enthusiasts are interested in: Canon 6D vs Sony A7ii, Canon 6D vs 5D Mark ii, Canon 6D vs Nikon D800,….

This is the classic and fundamental Youtube content. The best thing about this idea is that you can cover pretty much any topic and subject all over the world, from movies, music to technological gadgets or kitchen utensils. 

On top of that, instead of focusing on one keyword, now you have two which doubles the chance of potential discoverability of your video content as well as a huge effective step for search engine optimization. 


The impact of Youtube videos on consumer behavior

To be more detailed, customers who want to find and buy a particular product, even though after consulting the brands and comparing the prices, they still cannot make a purchasing decision because they want to be more careful and sophisticated with the option. Thanks to Youtube’s great help, they make smarter and easier buying decisions, followed by an exponential increase in product review videos.

You should know: Little-known fact – How the algorithm changes to rank Youtube videos

When a person cannot decide which one to buy, they will need the reviewing-content creators to help them evaluate each product as a middle man, who gives more objective opinions to select  what suits them best.

Besides, in a versus video, you can explore a lot more idea implementations such as highlighting the pros and cons of each product and giving advice. If you want to do something a little controversial to spark debatable discussion in the comments section, just frankly address which product you prefer. This will increase engagement for your video in addition to better ranking. 

In short, this is not a bad back-up idea and you can actively diversify for this type of content.

Idea #2: The common formula: Top/Best + number + content

Well technically, you just need to search for ranking text + whatever product you like then you will see generated impressive results with millions of views. What you need to do is choose a certain topic, gather as many different aspects as possible and create a video with a relatively amount of time. 


Top/Best list of ideas on anything

According to research on user behavior, most consumers have the habit of consulting others before buying, especially with high value consumer products about health and beauty.

They are also very popular content on Youtube. As can be seen from that, product review videos are very influential on consumer’s buying behavior.

Another great thing is that the top/best/… videos will allow you to include a lot of searchable  keywords, besides, the variety of products in the video will probably help with affiliate marketing which you can cooperate with many brands and increase revenue for your Youtube channel.

Also, you have a potential to turn this idea to “two sides of coin” for a series of relevant videos and drives up engagement. For example, you can make a video about “Top 10 most-liked US/UK music videos of 2020” or you can talk about “Top 10 most-disliked US/UK music videos of 2020”. 


The most-liked versus the most-disliked

However, this approach has a disadvantage. Each video will need to include multiple figures for you to rank for. Consequently, balancing the duration for each won’t be sufficient for you to provide details about its information. 

So the bottom line here is that you should create content about the topics that you are familiar with.

The method here (when scripting for these types of videos) is based on your usage experience, although it will require more time and money to invest in, it’s still worth a try. Because if your assessment is highly accurate and authentic, you will also raise your influence on the viewer’ hearts.

In addition, you can also take a slightly more risky move. If you want to make videos about a product in a certain field but you do not have much knowledge about, then it’s okay. You can totally take the time to learn about it.

You only need 1-3 months to regularly read and learn about that field then accumulate your own knowledge. 

Why these two creative Youtube video ideas?

OK, up to this point, you can assume that the above two ideas are simply another implementation from the content format of reviewing, commenting and giving feedback. There’s nothing fresh here, and you’re right.


The best ideas come from a clear state of mind

But believe it or not, even if it’s not too unique, you will still come back to it anyway. 

The all-time problem of every creator when they are short of ideas is not that they can’t come up with them, but that they are in a state of unconsciousness resulting in the pressure of continually producing videos, so they cannot research for better ideas or alternate strategies for the production. 

What we want to emphasize here is still diversity. Youtube is very rich in content, and try multiplying the amount of “diversity” here by idea implementations you can think of. Well, there will be no shortage of materials for your creativity.

After having great ideas for your video, you should maka a plan of uploading and editing. So here are some informative posts for you:

Final thought

From our points of views, these creative Youtube video ideas are formats that every creator should be experimenting from the very beginning. And if these styles don’t work for you, you can move on to other methods. You have a freedom of choices to select which is best for your channel. 

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