Top 5 Outstanding Youtube Intro Ideas You Can Learn


First impressions are important. In this day and age of endless content, you have to produce your video as outstanding as possible, and an intro plays a vital role in it. This article will show the top 5 unique Youtube Intro Ideas that you should reference before making your own youtube intro!

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What Is A Youtube Intro

A YouTube intro is a brief video that shows at the opening of a video. It’s like a video identifier in that it allows Youtubers to associate their name with a feature or video topic.

Intros assist viewers in comprehending the overall tone of the channel and getting a sense of what the video will be about right away. Besides, an intro is an important aspect of channel branding since it captures the people’s attention and sticks in their minds.

Top 5 Outstanding Youtube Intro Ideas You Can Learn

Top 5 Outstanding Youtube Intro Ideas


Jimmy Donaldson, commonly known as MrBeast, is one of YouTube’s most popular and well-paid artists at 22. His daring challenges and cash giveaways have helped him build his channel to 53 million subscribers. If you watch his Youtube intro, you might note that it is short but contains lots of drama and plot twists!

A solid intro establishes who you are and the types of videos you produce as early as feasible. The key is to capture your audience’s attention right away and persuade them that your content is a good fit for them. The excellent brief content demonstrates off production value, and such an opener allows you to identify what to expect immediately. That’s what Mr.Beast has been doing and it can work for you!

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Coco Melon

Coco Melon is really doing good with their Youtube intro. This animated intro became a trend on TikTok. This social media phenomenon featured mom and dad and kids playing the audio of the unforgettable Cocomelon introduction while their children ran around looking for the sound source. Offsprings enjoy replaying these records, leading Cocomelon’s YouTube channel to rank second on Social Blade’s top five list of most viewed videos.

With eye-catching images and interesting music, animated videos are a great way to give your YouTube intro a fun spin. They can help you show off your personality, editing style, and the area in which you create movies without having to take clips or photos for this phase. As a result, they’re one of the best YouTube intro ideas to try.

Top 5 Outstanding Youtube Intro Ideas You Can Learn

Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star is known as a beauty vlogger, and she’s bubbly, charming, and charismatic. Her Youtube intro lasts about 8 seconds long, showing how she welcomes people to watch her video. However, it contains full information about herself and the new makeup concept.

“ What’s up, everybody! Welcome back to my channel…” – This quote is shown in almost all of her videos. It sounds friendly and really familiar. Various YouTubers use this quote for their opening, and you can consider using it for your intro as well. A short, direct Youtube intro never gets old!

TED Talk

The intro starts with a star or a bubble that swells and blows out — almost like a supernova. The supernova sends off bubbles and atoms, followed by the TED logo. This opening has amazing connotations of collecting and sharing wisdom, whether the topic is space or the ocean. This type of Youtube intro is classic and suitable for various content.

Top 5 Outstanding Youtube Intro Ideas You Can Learn

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WIRED Autocomplete Interview

WIRED magazine’s YouTube channel is called WIRED. Since their autocomplete interviews receive millions of views, you may have seen one of them. The autocomplete interview is a straightforward notion. Celebrities are provided Google autocomplete results for personal queries, which they then respond to in real-time.

Because so many celebrities have fluffed their lines, such as in the video above, the intros to these interviews are given by the celebrities themselves and have taken on a life of their own.

Top 5 Outstanding Youtube Intro Ideas You Can Learn

Telling A Story

People are into storytelling, especially in a video. That is to say, delivering a story to your audience is a surefire technique to keep them engaged before they click away. “What’s the narrative behind my video?” you might wonder.

There’s always a genuine or fictional character who can relate to your film. Discover that individual and troubles, and display them in your beginning.

Making A Logo Intro To Your Channel

When people look at your intro logo, they probably will keep it in mind. Enhance the growth of your company with a logo intro. Creating a consistent opening in each video is important to have a professionally branded YouTube channel. The YouTube Intro logo will assist you in accomplishing this by including a professional-looking description at the beginning of each video promoting yourself or your company.

Your Intro Needs To Be A Unique Visual Experience.

Simply improving your visual experience in design, photography, and videography. Your YouTube opening should have the same visual quality as the rest of the video. The use of a branded 4K clip followed by 360p is odd and unprofessional. Viewers may believe you are inexperienced in video production.

Top 5 Outstanding Youtube Intro Ideas You Can Learn

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Timing Is Everything

It is best to ensure that your Youtube intro is no longer than 10s or shorter. Remember, you don’t need to put everything into your intro. All you need is to draw attention to your video without revealing too much. If you make it too long, it is unnecessary and makes audiences lose interest in your main content.

Using The Right Music

Having catchy background music is a great way to contribute a qualified Youtube intro. It is also a benefit for branding that viewers can sometimes recognize your channel by listening to a theme song. Make sure the song must be non-copyright audio.

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If you’re just getting started on YouTube, having a distinct Youtube Intro will help you stand out. We’ve covered all you need to know about making an appealing YouTube intro and utilizing InVideo to integrate it into your video effortlessly. The next logical step is to publish your video on YouTube and share it with your community. Refer to Top 5 Outstanding Youtube Intro Ideas to help you make it successfully!

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