How to get views on Youtube by evergreen content


The most long-lasting, the most effective, the most safe and legal content strategy of how to get views on Youtube shouts out the name evergreen YouTube videos content. Have you ever checked any of your videos which keep generating views in months and even years after you posted it? To learn more, check out the article below.

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Evergreen content – a long-lasting strategy of how to get views on Youtube

Evergreen content is content that is always relevant and does not become out of date over time. It consistently attracts the attention of viewers due to the enticing, useful information that they can approach at any time. For months and even years, this subject has still remained top on the search engine.

Videos about evergreen content are highly searched and useful. Creators can distribute an evergreen video multiple times and the major goal here is to rank it on Youtube and Google. As a result, this process can cause your channel to grow exponentially.

Here are some types/examples of evergreen content for better visualization:

  • Instructions, how-to videos, DIY challenges
  • Encyclopedia format
  • Expertized experience of a job career
  • Product evaluation
  • Educational content
  • Video illustration on certain subjects

To be more detailed, here are some titles related to evergreen content:

  • How to use Photoshop for beginners
  • Easy-to-use tips and tricks to write blogs
  • Standard marketing strategy from experts
  • A guide for flat lay photography
  • DIY – ways to tidily organize your room

And so much more. Overall, these contents are very close and practical, mainly bringing value to the user’s experience.

How to get views on Youtube by an effective collaboration between evergreens and virals

So the basic standard of an evergreen content video is its time-insensitive, highly applicable and all-the-time searched features. However, in practice, things can get a little more complicated.


Which one is better? Or there is no better one than the other?

Evergreen content is usually solution-based, like How-tos, tutorials, F&Q, sometimes reviews and reaction videos as well. In other words, videos related to this type of content are the answers for the most asked questions.

So, if a video is about 10 minutes long and you teach your audience how to download a Youtube video to the computer within the first 3 minutes, the chances are that the retention rate for the remaining 4 minutes will gradually decrease.

When the problem is solved, that means the audience just wants the answers as quick as possible, and nothing else. This results in a counterproductive Youtube video strategy, while watch time is considered to be the most important metrics to evaluate a great video.

Furthermore, evergreen videos will definitely perform worse in the very beginning. If you focus entirely on this type of content, they don’t immediately give you the sufficient number of watch hours.

The underperformance is not entirely your fault or a problematic video implementation, but due to some other objective factors, such as YouTube’s saturation where thousands of similar-content videos are posted or the algorithm prioritizes videos of channels with more subscribers.

Thus, all you need is time to track and experiment with different ways of creating evergreen content. On top of that, evergreen content has the distinct advantage of being relevant over a much longer period of time, but viral topics tend to have great search and engagement interests.

You can get the best out of both worlds by creating a video that combines evergreen topics with some of the hottest trending topics which are the talk of the Internet.

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Research the topic


Do a thorough research on the topic

First and foremost, you need to work out what Youtube users are searching for, what has got high search volume, what are the trendy keywords. All these tasks are to make your evergreen videos approachable to the community.

Besides, keeping an eye on trending topics is a solid strategy to help launch new content ideas. You can see what people are saying in the topics of trending videos by visiting their comment section, and instead of replying there, you can even create a full piece of content as a response.

Trending topics may also provide an opportunity to share content that you created in the past, or to resubmit it a bit before re-sharing.

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Make the video “viral” based on an evergreen topic

One of the best ways to create value-added content is to provide a solution to one of the most common or frustrating problems for your audience. Understanding the pain of your viewers comes into play here, as this will allow you to identify what they’re struggling with and come up with solutions they can reach.

To be more detailed, when you’re solving an issue, your content should be both detailed and actionable. Your content should also come up with new answers to existing questions instead of rehearsing similar questions.

Let us now take the example of the “Diet” subject to understand how to make an evergreen content trending. If you are an expert in nutrition and healthy lifestyle, own a Youtube channel that specializes in green and healthy eating, be confident that your topic will never be out of date.


Intermittent fasting used to be very prevalent

Viewers look for information on this type of niche a lot, and with the power of advanced technology and the development of the Internet today many people have access to different methods of losing weight.

As a professional consultant of this niche, in order to develop your Youtube channel and ensure the quality of the knowledge you want to convey, you need to have the skill of keeping up with the tendency of weight loss in the community, as well as accumulate personal experience to add to a series of content-related videos.

For example, intermittent fasting was an extremely popular method of weight loss for about 2 years ago. You can type in those keywords and see a lot of videos being published around 2019-2020. However until now, there are many other methods that people can incorporate in their diets to suit each person’s fitness.

Therefore, you can make a video assessing the pros and cons of intermittent fasting, followed by other videos on other methods of eating green or weight loss diet.

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Well now, you have a series of videos about intermittent fasting in particular and about weight loss in general. They are technically discrete videos but in terms of content they are related.


The power of tags on Youtube

Now your task is to show that relevance of the content to your audience and make it easier for them to find. Incorporating these videos into a playlist is also a good idea but we don’t highly recommend this way.

To be more specific, the content you do is based on the transient trend of intermittent fasting, while related videos are about other weight loss methods. Synthesize into the optimal playlist only when you produce a bunch of videos about intermittent fasting, for example its pros and cons, your review of the methods, the menu you recommend for fasting and so on.

So to make them related, in each video, you should mention other relevant videos so that viewers can easily find them. In addition to optimizing the title and description, you can add tags. Tags will help search engines read your video content and help YouTube find similar videos that can be linked to yours, thereby increasing the reach of your channel.

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Final thoughts

Well, so to say, the above analysis of the “Diet” niche is just one example that we researched to help you better understand how to combine evergreen and viral content.

In order for a successful video promotion campaign to succeed, creating viral and evergreen content requires some in-depth research and planning. Get to know your audience and once you do, you can choose a topic that best addresses their problems and give them new ideas.

Also, take your time to experiment and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Instead, take action and find ways to incorporate content experiments into your overall growth strategy.

Furthermore, you should test different types of content (including video, audio, graphics, and more) and different sub-topics in your niche. This is the only way to really see what works and what’s not for your targeted audience.

With that being said, sign up for AudienceGain right away to let us know about your opinions on the article and learn more about Youtube’s growth strategy.

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