Youtube Views Hack In 2022 – Guidance For New YouTubers



Based on some research, people worldwide spend millions of hours watching Youtube videos every day, making video one of the most effective tools to promote, advertise or gain money from. However, with thousands of producers working on the platform, how could you make your video stand out?

Let’s read this article to learn some hacking YouTube views ideas to help you develop some insights to make your videos more approachable and lovable!

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Top 7 Ideas For Youtube Views Hack in 2022

1. Utilize The Speed For A Special Impression

The first tip we want to introduce is utilizing speed for a special impression. In short, you will speed up the scene or slow it down on purpose.

For example, if you want to highlight how boring and time-consuming a job is, just slow it down two times than normal. Then, people who watch it can feel the boredom and exhaustiveness significantly.

Suppose you describe how energetic you feel after drinking a cup of coffee. Just speed up the scene two times or four times faster than normal. The viewers will understand that you feel extra motivational, energetic, and happy that you can do anything faster and more enthusiastically four times than normal.

2. Match The Music To The Scene

This tip is simple to understand: you should choose the music that can best describe the scene’s mood. For instance, if the scene is about two people falling in love, you should choose sweet love songs like Perfect by Ed Sheeran or Malibu by Miley Cyrus, not some heartbroken songs like Wrecking Ball; or Blank Space by Taylor Swift, right?

In our opinion, the music choice will strongly affect the video’s success. If you split the video from the soundtrack, the scene is just people, scenery, noise – nothing worth watching. But, when you add the music, the mood changes. It seems like you are watching a fairy-tale. The people in the video are not from the real world; they are characters in a fictional world.

Youtube Views Hack

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3. Incorporate Multi-Angle Cuts

Nowadays, Youtube videos are as high quality as high-budget movies. The producers can pay thousands of dollars for an expensive camera and audio recorder just to improve the quality of their shots. The same goes with the shooting technique.

Before, we were just able to see the multi-angle technique in movies, but now, the Youtube video producers also learn to do it. Sometimes, just for opening shots, they can record 3 or 5 times, in 5 different angles, and then incorporate them into a scene.

They do that much, just for 5 seconds on the screen. And you may ask: Why do they have to do that? The answer is: it will surprise the viewers with such high quality, and it looks amazing. That’s how you win your viewers’ hearts.

4. Cut To The Beat Of The Music

This hack is the opposite of the #2 mentioned above, but sometimes, you need to mix things up to provoke a new (and interesting) impression for your viewers.

So, what is “cut to the beat of the music”? It means: you will cut the shots, change the pace, grade the color, add effects, or whatever to fit the changes in music tone.

For example, if the music is upbeat, the scenes will proceed faster and vice versa. When the music is reaching its pitch, the scene along with it should be the peak of the video with some “life-changing”, “motivational” style effects. That is what they call: cut to the beat of the music.

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5. Jump Cuts

“Jump cuts” – seem like a strange hack, right? In fact, this is one of the most common editing techniques used by video producers for a long time. You just don’t recognize it!

In short, jump cuts are cutting your clips into smaller parts, removing some parts to speed up the process. You can apply this technique in tutorials, vlogs, or videos about a long, time-consuming, and boring procedure. Just show some seconds of the first step, then jump to the second part, and jump to the next, etc.; that’s it.

Youtube Views Hack

By doing this technique, your video will be at a faster pace, which most people will prefer watching. People easily lose their attention now; they only spend 5 seconds for each content, so who will stay if your videos are too long to see the final result?

6. Utilize Sound Effects

Do you know that sound effects will make your video 10 times more lively than it is? Just try recording a short, simple 10-second video, then use any applications, like TikTok, Instagram, etc., to add a sound effect to it, then compare the two.

You will see the vibes from pre-editing and post-editing are so different! So, if you want to make your videos more hype-up, lively, and engaging, try on sound effects!

However, please let us remind you: typically, this sound effect trope only applies whenever you want your video to have a bright, positive, young, and energetic vibes.

If you want your viewers to watch the video, feel calm, and deeply empathize, then avoid any sound effects as much as possible. Leave your audience in tranquility and peace.

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7. Add Text To The Scene

Adding text to the scene is the final tip we want to discuss in this article. Have you ever seen a video with many add-on texts during transition or conversation? What do you think about it?

In our opinion, these texts, if used appropriately, are effective. Sometimes, when we cannot hear what the people in the video are talking about or feel distracted by too much information, we only care to read the text.

It can catch our attention to the context quite well. Thus, we suggest adding the text to some specific scenes to highlight the main point of that content.

Youtube Views Hack

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Final thoughts

We have gone through some good ideas about Youtube views hack from the best Youtubers in the meantime. They also get big recognition for every single video they drop, so their tips should be tried and true. Hope this post can help you!

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