The myths on getting subscriber for youtube free – not as easy as it looks


How to get subscriber on YouTube for free? The end goal of every Youtube creator is to get views and subscriber for Youtube free. Most new Youtubers strive for the 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers to monetize their channels.

But as it’s become harder and harder by the day to make a name among the waves of established and influential Youtubers, creators are looking for any solutions to gain as many subscribers as they can. We will answer the question right in this article. Let’s find out!

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Why you shouldn’t hack subscriber for Youtube free


Why you shouldn’t hack subscribers for Youtube

We first need to address the elephant in the room: it will take quite a time for new Youtube channels to gain 1000 subscribers.

For that reason, one of the popular methods used by many is to use subscriber hack apps. They can even buy Youtube subscribers if they get bored of being a one-person clickfarm.

But how do these services work?

You earn your subscriber for Youtube by subscribing to and liking other channels, as instructed by the service. Most will ask you to subscribe to 20 channels and like a certain number of videos. In return, those channels will subscribe to yours.

Basically, this is called sub4sub, and it will do you no good in the long run

To put it simply, most of the Youtube subscribers you gain through hack apps or through paying shady services are all bots. It means they won’t interact with you.

They have no interest in your content, they won’t motivate you to broaden your horizons and they won’t help you grow in any manner whatsoever.

Moreover, if your channel seems to have suspicious activities and Youtube discovers how you have manipulated the subscriber counts, you will surely have your channel suspended or terminated.

Be it you suddenly gaining 10000 new subscribers overnight or that your videos have little likes and comments despite the huge number of subscribers.

In the end, trying to grow your channel in an illegitimate manner and violate YouTube’s Terms of Service will only destroy your chance of making money on Youtube.

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6 tips to get subscriber for Youtube free


6 tips to get subscriber for Youtube free

We hope you have drawn your own conclusion on hacking and buying fake Youtube subscribers after reading the previous part. To compensate, we will give you tips on how to earn authentic and active subscribers for your Youtube channel.

The best thing is, you can try these tips for free. You can try them out right after reading!

Ask your viewers to subscribe

Now this one might seem too salesy to some, but sometimes all you need to get something is to ask very nicely.

In marketing, this tactic is known as calls to action or CTAs. It motivates the viewers to engage with you. A CTA is when you close the deal and encourage people to do something.

Sometimes your audience just needs a reminder that you’ve got valuable content, and you’re asking them to support your hard work by keeping up with the work you do.

Most of the time, you can do this call of action right before you end your video, when your viewers are about to leave. However, you can place it in your video’s intro as well. Something in line with “Before we start, be sure to like and subscribe to my channel for more…”

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Interact with your audiences


Interact with your audiences

We’re human and we love feeling like we have something to offer. A quick response to what the audiences have to say can do wonders for building a loyal fan base for the same reason.

Youtube, beside being a video sharing platform, is also a social media where people search for this intangible thread of connecting and interacting with fellow people.

Due to that reason, the simplest way to gain active subscribers is to actively interact with them. It goes two ways, you show the viewers that you care, they in turn will care about you.

The goal here is to form a relationship between you and the audience.

A good viewer-creator relationship not only benefits you in the number of subscribers, but also in terms of retention view as they will be more likely to keep watching your work.

So how can you interact with your watchers you may ask? Well, as we have mentioned, replying to their comment is one thing. You can also make monthly Q&A videos, set up polls on the Youtube community post, or follow their channels back.

End your videos in an impressionable fashion

Like a stage play, you should manage to end your videos on a high note (or should we say go out with a bang). Make the audiences impressed and eager for more outside the usual call to actions.

It is your job to hype up the viewers and build up the anticipation. All you need to do is to give them a glimpse of your upcoming videos.

You have to make it clear why they’re not to be missed. That way you can encourage people to tap the subscribe button.

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Stick to a consistent publish schedule


Stick to a consistent publish schedule

When people subscribe to a Youtube channel, for most part they come for the high quality content that you have to offer.

Now you might think that your only job is to invest everything into making good videos and your subscriber count will increase just like that. But no, things are not so easy.

People might subscribe because of one well-made video that you made. However, soon they will crave for more, and if you fail to deliver, you won’t get any new followers.

To sum it up, quality has to go with quantity. You need to release your videos in a consistent and timely fashion. Don’t leave your subscribers hanging.

Suggestions for you:

New viewers won’t hit the subscribe button to channels that don’t produce regular content either.

You can use this rule-of-thumb to determine how often you should post video to your channel: one video a week to start, increasing to 3-4 week as your Youtube channel grows.

Make Longer Videos

Youtube states that “The longer you can keep people watching on YouTube because of your content, the more your content may get surfaced.”

Does this give you a hint yet? That’s right, you should make longer videos.

Combine with the fact that videos with high watch time numbers get promoted more often on the YouTube homepage and in the Suggested Video sidebar, it makes total sense to create long videos rather than short ones.

So what is the golden number? Well, the ideal run time for your video is more than 10 minutes.

Therefore, until a following is built, new Youtube creators need to stick to this number. When you have enough revenue, you are free to test out other video length.

Comment on other Youtube videos


Comment on other Youtube videos

By that, we don’t mean for you to go around and spam a bunch of popular Youtube videos with comments saying, “Watch my video pls” or “Subscribe to my channel”. That’s not how it works!

People will turn the other way instantly when they see this kind of comment.

The correct way is to leave a comment or start a conversation by saying something about the video you just watched. It can be funny, interesting, thoughtful or whatever. It just needs to be relevant to the videos that you comment on.

Many users that engage in a conversation with you will click on your profile, see that you have an awesome channel too, and subscribe.

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Final words

You see, gaining more subscriber for Youtube free is not an easy task at all. Some methods will even cost you your Youtube channel if you’re not vigilant.

So to say, you can sign up AudienceGain right now for more future tips on increasing Youtube subscribers as well as other platforms.

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