Pro tips for buying Youtube views to make money 


For higher earnings buy views for YouTube video, 4000 watch hours to make money is no longer too unfamiliar. Is it safe and worth it? Look no further than the checklist down below to start monetizing. Youtube videos are literally in every corner of the Internet. Besides, Youtube, in particular, is currently the second-largest platform all over the world.

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Buying Youtube views – is it safe and worth it?

If you can take advantage of this platform, you will make a lot of money from here. Each video will hit a certain demand for the community, such as entertainment, discovery, education, and other information.

However, no matter the niches of videos are all about, every Youtuber always needs more viewers in order to stay engaged with more fans, and draw more attention from potential audiences.

To be more detailed, AudienceGain is a Social Media Marketing company which dedicates to support content creators to develop and promote their videos, brands and products across social platforms, especially Facebook and Youtube.

Here we have created to solve the needs for buying Youtube views to make money and level up on digital marketing to do online business.

In this post, our team will suggest some methods and by doing these ways, a fair amount of views will be delivered to you in no time.

Join Youtube Partner Program and earn money from ads

It can be said that this current form of making money is the most popular form in the entire world. When it comes to making money on Youtube, people will immediately think of this way to make money online thanks to its popularity.

Just a phone, or a camera, with a little more creative skills, you can produce video. However, this path of Youtuber from sharing to income generation is not easy at all.

To make money this way, you need to define exactly what topic you will be working on, or  what niche? Then invest your skills in content production, SEO videos in order to attract the most viewers.

Thanks to the monetization feature, Youtube has attracted a large number of creative teams (content creators) specialized in producing videos containing diverse content.

It is estimated that normally with 1000 views in Vietnam, you’re paid around $0.3-$0.5. As for in the U.S and Europe, the figure is about $2-$3.

Now our team would like to give you a few famous Youtubers below who making lots of money as Youtube Partners:

Vlad and Nikita – 6 and 4-year-old brother duo tops the chart of highest-paid Youtuber in 2020


Vlad and Nikita – brother duo tops that chart of 2020 high-paid Youtuber

With a total earning of $64 millions, Vlad and Nikita claim the top of highest-paid Youtuber in 2020. Each video featuring these children can earn $312.3K.

To be more specific, the main content of the children’s books is about unboxing toys mostly. Besides, kids around the world love to see these brothers tell stories and goof around.

This channel now has an outstanding number of 34.5 million subscribers and this figure is still increasing.

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Liza Koshy


Liza Koshy – high-paid comedian Youtuber

In terms of comedy genre, Liza Koshy has a big following on Youtube and social media. It is estimated that she has earned around $22 millions this year, addition to 17.8 millions of subscribers on her channel

This lovely little brown girl started making short comedy videos on Vine in 2013. After Vine was closed, she chose Youtube as the platform for posting her daily life videos as the comedy theme.

She took a break from Youtube in 2018 to pursue her desired career as an actress and got back on track in 2019.

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Keyword Research

If you acknowledge SEO (Search Engine Optimization), then you have probably heard about “Keyword Research“.

In general, Internet users search on Google and Youtube for a certain amount of keywords to find the content they want to learn.

There are keywords that get hundreds of thousands of searches per month, and when you title your video associating to these keywords, you have finished a small step in SEO, which is called “title optimization”.

If you already work in the marketing field as well as a professional Youtuber, there are several keyword search tools (and you may know them already). Rank tracker, Google Ads Keyword Planner, Keyword tools and so forth are the best software programs to help you search for optimized keywords.

Affiliate Marketing

Many millennials have made tens of thousands of dollars each month working as affiliate marketing on Amazon, Commission Junction and Clickbank.  Affiliate marketing is a sustainable and passive form of making money online, which is growing very strongly in many countries.


Affiliate Marketing

To be more detailed,  you promote products or services of companies or suppliers through referral links successfully, you will receive commission. Affiliate marketing through Youtube is a way to make money with affiliate videos that bring in high income.

Here are several steps to make money from this online business:

  • Create a professional Youtube channel.
  • Set up an SEO standard for the related products.
  • Post videos related to the products (review and evaluate their features and use)

Your videos need to possess valuable and attractive quality content, and the products should be related. Because your role now is to promote the marketing strategy of the company your partner with.

Furthermore, in the video description, you should cleverly insert the affiliate navigating to the website, landing page naturally. Besides, plus with CTA (Call-to-actions) buttons in order to appeal to more curious audiences to click on the links and check on the products.

If things work out, the companies can sell their products successfully, whether the customers purchase them out of curiosity or they finally found what they’re looking for. And you get the money as the third party from this bargain.

To be more detailed, you don’t need to register a Google Adsense account or worry about copyrights infringements. How much or less of your income from this approach usually don’t depend on the views, but from the number of people who click on your affiliate links and the percentage of commissions accumulated by the provider.

For example, there are videos that only have a few hundred views, but among them up to 2/3 of people clink on your affiliate links, you can get lots of money.

On top of that, to make videos for affiliate marketing, you should brainstorm ideas and produce the contents in some old-but-gold forms of “review X”, “unboxing Y” or “Z tutorials”.

Buzzfeed may be the most prominent case in point on the Youtube market for video marketing. This independent digital media company has over 20 million subscribers on Youtube.


Buzzfeed company

Most of the affiliate partners of Buzzfeed include the likes of Amazon, Walmart, Shopify and so forth.

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Video Marketing

Nowadays, major organizations and individuals have used Youtube as a “battle ground” to showcase their products as well as services. This platform helps leverage their brands and appeal both to real and virtual customers coming to their services.

Due to the advance of technology, buying goods and products are becoming more and more handy, by just some simple touches on the phone screen.


Video marketing

Entrepreneurs understand this behavior of customers, eventually these businessmen select Youtube as a methodical tool to promote their brands.

And yet no need to pay for Youtube ads!

Video marketing is videos related to the products or services that you are selling, focusing on bringing value to your potential community. You can sell any product on Youtube, whether you create them, or import them from a trustworthy source.

The most appealing advantage of this form is that Youtube has a huge number of visitors everyday. As a result, you can promote products on a very large scale, not only domestic but also abroad.

It is possible to combine sales with other forms of YouTube monetization when the video has a significant increase in views.

You can use the power of Youtube to bring customers to your website, e-commerce shop, in addition to improving brands of individuals and businesses in the field.

Funding from your fans

You have established a sufficient number of frequent audiences coming to watch your videos. They love your content and leave many positive feedbacks as motivation for your further content development.


Patreon platform

That being said, how about asking your viewers to donate directly to you in the video’s description?

The fact that Youtubers urge people to fund for their projects isn’t strange anymore. Additionally, Patreon is a very common platform that many creators use for crowdfunding.

However, making money from this method is not very easy. Audiences are unlikely willing to spend their money, unless they are indeed very keen on your channel and digging in your videos on a regular basis.

This method is still worth a try. For example, game Streamer has received lots of money from the support of community who love them. Depending on how much fanbase and how well the quality content, viewers can generously “donate” a certain amount of money for their idols.

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Buying Youtube views to make money safely and illegally

AudienceGain, as a reputed Digital Marketing company, is the most effective solution to get the Youtube view you wish for higher online earnings.


Audiencegain’s rating on trustpilot

With this service, AudienceGain assures you with eligible authentic views and, which 100% meet Youtube’s regulations.

You can see the performance of your video’s views in no time. We completely secure your personal information so no one can tell you buy the views. Your secret stays only with us.

Increasing in views gives you good chances for Youtube and Google rankings, in addition to your credibility for organic growth.

Our Promotion Campaign also splits views across multiple videos and encourages other people to watch your content. This makes Youtube’s algorithm believe that your channel has a steady and balanced growth.

Furthermore, a natural growth with high-quality contents is a great combination for your channel’s further development. And certainly, more money in your debit card!

In case you have any questions during the process of increasing the views and subscribers, our professional team will tackle your problems immediately, in addition to consult you with the effective strategies for optimizing your videos.

So, learn more about us by clicking on this service, then “crack the nutshell” of our proficient strategies for your concerns.

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Q1: How exactly does “buying Youtube views to make money” work?

Answer: We can’t say for sure, because each view provider may have different strategies for their products.

On the one hand, some companies own a force of low-paid employees who watch your videos all day (sounds kind of idle but yes, this method does exist). On the other hand, some provide views through website advertisements.

Here at AudienceGain, our expert team delivers views to you by building an effective strategy – Promotion Campaign. We assure that our method is totally safe and eligible for Youtube channel monetization.

Q2: Is it safe to buy views on Youtube?

Answer: Yes! If you do it right!

This purchase isn’t prohibited and no one can tell whether you buy the views or the views themselves increase.

Selecting the right company for buying views becomes very important.

There are plenty of view providers that have done a great job delivering views to the customers. There are also others that don’t. They use automated bots for fake views, and this act will be quickly indicated by Youtube algorithm.

At AudienceGain, we offer complete 100% money-back guarantees, buyer’s privacy as well as excellent customers. As a result, you can completely put your trust in us.

Q3: Then is it illegal to buy views on Youtube?

Answer: No! Indeed. And yet buying views does sound like an inappropriate action, it’s a common business these days. On top of that, no countries enforce specific laws on banning people from buying Youtube views.

Q4: Can I lose the views that I bought?

Answer: Yes!

There are always risks that need to be taken into account. Losing views can bring a sharp decrease in watch hours and subscribers as well. In that case, our team offers a money-back guarantee if you do lose a certain number of views.

On the other hand, it would be much ideal to prevent fall in views, by contacting our available-all-the-time support team for more details right away.

Q5: Can the views I buy generate money?

Answer: No. You can NOT directly get the money from the views you bought. Youtube’s algorithms are very smart. If you have a tendency to buy views to make money through Google Adwords, eventually Youtube will find out and you will get banned. So please be careful!

Besides, buying views can result in higher rank on the search engine. You can gain popularity and draw more attention from partnerships ott sponsorships to make money.


We hope that via this article you will have a fundamental outlook of how people work on Youtube and our service for buying Youtube views to make money.

From this, get your own great ideas and start making money right away, by selecting AudienceGain service for further development for your Youtube channel!

For more information, please contact AudienceGain via:

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