Note to avoid being immediately turned off monetized YouTube channel


You are wondering how to avoid being immediately turned off a monetized YouTube channel. Don’t worry this article will tell you the answer right now! For a long time, YouTube has been considered a fertile land that makes money from posting videos. However, many friends notice that they do not post videos often, but the channel quickly turns on the monetization YouTube channel and enjoys new YouTube features. You see that they do not often refer to the video or focus on editing the video to post it on YouTube. So why did they do that? Read this article to see notes to avoid being immediately turned off monetized YouTube channels! First of all, do you know what YouTube’s new policy is?

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Monetized YouTube channel policy


Monetization YouTube channel policy

YouTube 2020 introduces a one-channel policy with monetization enabled, which must meet the following conditions: having enough 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours within 12 months. Besides, in addition to the above hard condition, you must also ensure 100% video quality and not copy other people’s content or violate YouTube’s community guidelines. You also need an Adsense account or a network to link to withdraw money after you’ve enabled monetization for the channel.

If you link your Adsense account with a YouTube channel, you need to wait until you reach $ 100 to withdraw money through your bank or Western Union. If you link the network to the monetized YouTube channel, you will withdraw through PayPal. Here are some community guidelines that you shouldn’t be breaking. Because it not only prevents your video from being posted, it will even be permanently deleted. The channel will be turned off monetization once enabled. You need to consider carefully if the video content is related to the following prohibited acts of YouTube.

Firstly, content according to the Monetized YouTube channel includes 18+

  • The content focuses on sexy body parts whether blurred or concealed.
  • Audio or text that is pornographic.
  • Mating scene of animals.
  • Content about sexual scandals or leaking sensitive private videos or photos.
  • Content that is relevant to the sex industry, including sexually related entertainment.
  • The content shows sex toys and sex equipment.
  • Content that shares or retells sex stories.
  • Content can be understood as full sex trafficking.
  • Using too obscene and offensive language.

Secondly, challenging content, jokes endangers you and others

Dangerous challenging content with the risk of bodily injury jokes that scare others, risk of bodily harm, or negative mental effects….

  • Challenge to jump on rolling cars, challenge blindfolded paths, run and jump on the roofs of buildings,….
  • Games for strangling, hitting the head in the water, or hanging …
  • Activities that pose a risk of severe burns, freezing, frostbite, or electric shocks, such as the challenge of burning fire on your body or the challenge of pouring hot water on you.
  • The challenge of eating or drinking dangerous things, which can cause illness or poisoning, and consuming drugs and chemicals in high doses to cause harmful reactions to the body.

Self-incision is abstaining from damaging the body, falling in pain, piercing the body, being hit hard, trauma, or being crushed with heavy objects.

  • The content shows minors drinking alcohol, smoking e-cigarettes, using tobacco or marijuana, or improperly setting off fireworks.

This part is very popular for those who want to make YouTube about the topic of jokes, and challenges …

Thirdly, pranks that threaten others can be dangerous

They are content that is meant to be fun for fun, but in danger of danger or affects the morale of others. For example, trick others into believing they are in real danger, even if no physical harm has happened to them. For example, fake bombing jokes, shooting threats, fake deaths, fake suicide … make others tremble. But this kind of content not only makes money but sometimes the police can also invite the police to drink tea.

Fourthly, contents of instructions for taking actions that can be dangerous or harmful

  • The content of instructions for manufacturing guns, mines …
  • Content that encourages the use of weapons to harm others.
  • The content states that harmful substances or treatments can have health benefits.
  • Content that is stolen, intrusive, or fraudulent. For example, instructions on how to steal money, instructions to crack the locks to steal, instructions to hack Facebook accounts, to crack software….

Fifthly, the content is offensive, creepy


The content is offensive, creepy

  • Footage appeared blood and gore, animal slaughter.
  • Traffic accident scene, street fight, injury scene, corpse …
  • The scenes of images that make viewers feel frightened such as blood, intestines, sexual fluids, human or animal feces, crime scenes, or accident photos.
  • Medical procedures such as the removal of boils, tongue removal surgery, ingrown toenail removal, skin implants, plastic surgery, open wounds and are not of an educational or explanatory nature to the viewer.
  • Content related to cannibalism.

In this section, you can see a very popular form of video on YouTube which is: footage recorded from a mobile phone, dashcam, or surveillance camera system that shows the person injured or killed in accident traffic, with a headline like “Terrible accident” or “Warning: Content contains gore scenes”. Surely these videos will not be monetized enabled.

Sixthly, violent content

  • Scenes of fighting, beating other people.
  • Unreasonable violence against children, even if it’s only dramatic or fictional
  • Behaviour scenes that commit violent crimes such as robbery or rape are not of an educational or explanatory nature to viewers.
  • Content that abuses an animal is offensive, such as encouraging or forcing an animal to fight, or intentionally causing harm to an animal. Examples are videos of fighting dogs, cockfighting, … in which viewers are forcing animals to attack each other, or videos of bullfighting, in which there is a scene that injures cows (eg, cows’ sword stab).

Seventhly, exciting and hostile content

  • Content that is inciting, violent, or hateful towards an individual or a group of people.
  • Personal attacks, slander, and damage to the reputation of others.
  • Defame the personality of individuals or groups of people by calling them inferior beings, utilising them to animals, insects, pests, diseases, or other non-human subjects.
  • Content that encourages others to believe that a person or group is inhumane, inferior, or obnoxious.
  • Content that promotes, honours, or condemns violence against others.

Eighthly, content online harassment and bullying

  • Disclose someone’s personal information, such as address, personal email address, personal phone number, passport number, or bank account information about that person.
  • Content that was intentionally posted to humiliate someone.
  • Negative and hurtful comments/video content for others.
  • Content that incites others to harass or intimidate individuals on or off YouTube.
  • Content that involves sexual acts without consent or unwanted pornography.
  • Content that threatens specific individuals with bodily harm or destruction of property.
  • Content that involves abuse or threats against minors.
  • Sexualizing or humiliating an individual who is involved in or is present in a non-sexual setting.
  • It states that specific victims of public violence or their loved ones are actors or states that things that happened are not real.

Ninthly, addiction-related content

Contents related to the promotion and instructions for the manufacture and use of addictive substances such as drugs, cigarettes, tools to use addictive substances such as tobacco pipes, cannabis smoking deck … including herbal cigarettes pharmacy, electronic cigarette …

Tenthly, content related to firearms, ammunition, explosives

Promote the sale of guns, instructions for assembling any kind of gun, including parts or components of such guns, bombs, bullets, … abuse, or misuse of guns. In short, do not make content related to firearms or explosives, which can cause danger.

Eleventhly, controversial content and sensational events

  • Controversial issues such as political conflicts, terrorism or extremism, sexual abuse …
  • The emotional events such as war, death, and tragedy …

Twelfthly, news content

Actually, about news content in general, YouTube probably does not ban it, but ordinary YouTube creators, are not journalists or reporters.

So the news they do is usually taken from the newspaper’s network, together with images downloaded from the internet and then merged into video, using robotic voice (google) or self-reading …

For this kind of video, a lot of people did it years ago, but now it’s hard. Currently, YouTube has put in the form of reusing content or repeating content, and of course, it will not make money.

Thirteenthly, other content

The above are some types of content that are not or are difficult to make money on YouTube that many people will get involved with. Also, many other types of content are prohibited or not very advertiser-friendly, so they are not enabled to make money, even if they are still posted. To learn more, please read carefully YouTube’s monetization policy and community guidelines. If using, please “gentle”, “moderate”,.. Maybe many of you think, away from all the above content, the video is nothing more interesting.

Sometimes this is the case, so if you can avoid it, the better, but if you can’t avoid it, use it at a light and moderate level, you can still make money. YouTube also understands this problem, so it also gives some examples of how to use some types of content, meaning that with this level of use, videos can still be monetized, some examples are as follows:

  • For vulgar language: Soft profanity or use strong profanity from time to time if the situation in the video is annoying.
  • Sexual content: Romance, kissing, general discussion of relationships or sexuality, or moderately arousal content may include restricted clothing, sexy dance, non-sexual education, graphics, or a music video that contains pornography without nudity.
  • Dangerous Content: Content is a bit risky, but in a professional and controlled environment, the location is clear no one is likely to be seriously harmed.
  • Persistent Content: Mild violence, the trauma that does not display blood or graphic content, or violence that is dramatized as part of a video game, animation, comedy, drama, or music video.
  • Abusive Content: References to marginal groups in a non-hurtful context.

Those are some examples that YouTube gives, to let us understand that some content may be “prohibited”, but if used lightly and moderately, it can still be enabled for money. As you can see, it is almost difficult to shorten the time to create a few videos and still enable monetization. But it’s not impossible. The risks that you have to face alone are also enormous. How have the players making money from YouTube enabled the monetization model? How do they create so many popular YouTube channels often up to a hundred channels whose channel only has a few videos made by themselves or re-uploaded from others?

Note to avoid being immediately turned off monetized YouTube channel

How to log in to a YouTube channel safely with a new IP address?

One of the cases that many people encounter is that Google is banned or suspended while logging into a newly established IP address. So how do you log in to a monetized YouTube account securely?

Here are some things you should keep in mind to avoid being banned or suspended by Google when logging in on a new IP address.

  • Firstly, it’s best not to change your password or information immediately. Google will consider your change of information unusual. From there, Google will either ban or ban your YouTube channel.
  • Secondly, use recovery mail (provided with channel purchase). In case Google needs to verify the new IP address, you should cooperate. This will help you avoid uncertainty when someone hacks your IP address.
  • Thirdly, you should consider uploading videos after 48 hours. If you leave this time out, the channel locking rate will increase.
  • Fourthly, you absolutely cannot link the channel with a Google AdSense account or a network that has ever been violated or linked to a violated YouTube channel.

How to grow a monetized YouTube channel organically?

To avoid turning off monetizing mode, in addition to paying attention to how not to be seen as unusual by Google, you must grasp tips to develop a monetised YouTube channel organically.

Tracking the attention score to assess the storytelling performance

There are 2 main types of content on YouTube: entertainment content and content providing information (information). You need to make sure that your attention score increases when you orient the following path.

Entertainment videos attract viewers with good titles or attractive thumbnails, so the attention level can be high at first but will decrease towards the end.

Here are the factors that make a great entertainment video:

  • The 5-second rule: A good, entertaining video should engage viewers within the first 5 seconds. You can use the questions or put you in an odd situation and don’t forget to create contradictions that make the viewer feel the thrill immediately.
  • Storytelling: This is an essential focus of the video. Learn how to include a good story in your video so that your audience stays with you until the end. You can use tips that apply in advertising or create opposition to achieve this goal.
  • Entertaining videos should not be too long, 1-3 minutes is ideal. At this point, it is very necessary to observe the attention score. Where do people usually stop watching? Is it at the top of the attention span?

The second type of video is the video that presents information, such as video tutorials on the process, how to do it, DIY (do-it-yourself) … Contrary to the entertainment video type above, the attention of the video information. This news tends to be the opposite.

  • Low attention score initially: Most of the traffic will leave at the beginning of this section. People quickly decide if they want to learn about an issue they want to explore from a video.
  • High-end attention score: Those who stay over the 2-3 minute mark will often watch the end of the video.
  • Steps: Great informational videos keep people on by giving sequential steps to getting something done. People tend to pause a video to take notes or follow suit. Think about how you could follow a folding video tutorial or use a piece of software.
  • Length: The length of the informative video is also not so important as long as you provide the answers your viewers need.

Using annotations

YouTube’s “Annotation” is the notes placed on your video. You can use them to increase your audience by the following techniques:

  • Call to action: Create a permanent sticky note to the video prompting people to follow your channel.
  • Spotlight annotation: This feature allows you to create a clickable annotation located on the video, thereby driving viewers to a specific landing page or product page.
  • Links to other videos: These captions also allow you to point to related videos (yours or others).

It’s up to you to decide where these captions will appear on the video. You also control when they come and go. When someone watches the video, these annotations will be displayed, but viewers can go to the player’s menu and turn them off.

Supporting factors for a good video

There is always a careful investment behind a good video. Let’s take a look at 5 important factors to support a quality video:

  • Keyword research: You won’t get traffic, let alone high-quality traffic, if you don’t do keyword research to see which words are searchable or trending, then Try to avoid long-tail keywords in video building.
  • Transcript: After you have recorded the video, put together the transcript (the text showing the dialogue, and the audio content in the clip), and upload it to YouTube. Doing this will give Google a clearer context, support for indexing, and help viewers get more words related to the content for a more convenient search.
  • Manage social media channels: Take advantage of social networking. Share videos 2-3 times a week on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. The more you share, the more likely the video will be ranked.
  • Your Page: After about a week, embed the video on your website. Then you repeat the process of sharing it to other platforms again.

How to develop a safe monetized YouTube channel?

Buy organic views and subscriptions for the channel


Buy view and sub

A common way many YouTube players often find services that provide reputable views and subscriptions.

After they finish the transaction, they can turn on monetization right after that because they have met YouTube’s conditions for monetization.

However, if you buy views or subscriptions, you should pay attention to staying away from confidential comments and strange links of unknown origin.

Many YouTubers, after buying cheap views and subs, lost their views for no reason right after that.

Maybe the fraudulent service side can also give you “fake views and fake subs” that cause YTB to scan and delete them all. You should be more careful in choosing the service that provides views and subs.

Buying a YouTube channel

In addition to buying views and subscriptions, you can try the YouTube channel provider with monetization enabled. There are two popular ways to buy and sell YouTube channels: only sell YouTube channels and sell channels with Gmail.

First of all, you need to know that YouTube has two types of channels that are the main channel and the brand channel. Gmail can create many different YouTube channels. However, there is only one main channel and the remaining channels are the brand channel. To know which is the main channel, and what is the brand channel, you click on this link: Below is a picture of a brand channel. If it is the main channel, this text will be different. There are two cases of selling channels without Gmail and selling channels with Gmail. Selling channels without Gmail is usually only for brand channels. If you want to sell the main channel, you can turn the main channel into the brand channel and then sell.

After you sell your channel, change the channel administrator, and delete all old admins. You wait 1 day for your buyer to be granted the highest rights. The transaction here is considered terminated. Selling monetized YouTube channels with Gmail, you need to fully check if there is any problem with Gmail before. Don’t just change your Gmail password. Because Gmail has a mechanism to recover if the password is lost. You should change from A to Z the content and information so that Gmail has two layers of security and phone number change.

After you see that Gmail is quite stable, please check the channel admin rights. You have purchased a monetized YouTube channel, you have the right to remove all unrelated people and do whatever you want. When you buy a monetized YouTube channel, you should pay attention to two types of cases where it is easy to lose both lead and fishing when buying a channel that is channel with only re-up videos. Or the channel that has been warned by YouTube for the 1st or 2nd time.

Monetized YouTube channels such as this are often easily scanned and lost by YTB. You don’t know when your channel will die. My sincere advice is to check the turn and sub-chart of the monetized channel before buying. If you see the service provider providing the pump view and subs for a long time, it will be safer than pumping within 24 hours to 48 hours. Another way to avoid being scammed is to post on social networks to consult with many experts. This is very effective. Because many fraudulent services are notorious after receiving your money, they also take advantage of the email recovery function to take back the YouTube account sold.

It can be said that acquiring a monetized YouTube channel is the best way to save time. You can try to experience the service of providing a safe and professionally designed monetized YouTube channel from AudienceGain.Net.


AudiencrGain company rating

When you want to find a service that provides a monetized YouTube channel, that service must fully meet your requirements for a channel.

AudienceGain is confident enough to respond to your dream needs about monetized YouTube channels. Currently, AudienceGain is providing 2 services that are:

  • YouTube channel has been accepted to make money
  • YouTube channel has met the conditions for making money

These two services both have fast delivery times within 24 hours. At the same time, AudienceGain can help you with the right channel for the topic purpose for which you want to edit your video. At the same time, AudienceGain also takes on the role of changing the content of the channel without creating any negative effects. In case you have problems with your Google Adsense account and have difficulty withdrawing money from a channel with monetization enabled, AudienceGain will support changing accounts. Normally, more than 99% of services offering monetized YouTube channels will not assist you in this matter.

You can choose AudienceGain.Net today to own a channel with a luxurious and professional design from the avatar, channel layout, and description to keywords, and tags. The channel that you are provided with will be available for 4000 watch hours and have more than 1100 real, not virtual subscribers like using VPS, tools, or proxies. This not only shortens the time you spend money on YouTube without making many videos but also ensures the safety of your channel after the transaction is done.

Some useful articles for you:

In general, after reading this article, surely you have your orientation to develop your channel and note to avoid immediately turning off monetized YouTube channels, right? The above methods are commonly used by many YouTubers. However, the best advice for you is to ask someone with seniority and experience to buy views/subs or buy a monetized YouTube channel. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to ask the experts in the AudienceGain house!

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