Things to consider before buying YouTube Views and Subscribers


Here are the reasons why you should consider buying Youtube views and subscribers, in addition to why those two figures can possibly decrease.


Buy youtube views and subcriber

The reasons why Youtube views and subscribers decreases

One of the most important factors in the creation and development of a YouTube channel is increasing views and subscribers.

How does Youtube count views?

30 seconds is the minimum amount of time to count one view of each videos. Furthermore, if you watch the first 10 seconds of the video then stop, then skip to other part for the remaining 20 seconds, the view’s still valid.

Over a period of time, you’re very happy by the growing performance of your video’s views and subscribers, but all of a sudden, they’ve gone worse. The number of views and subscribers start to fall down under the average.

Why is this happening? In fact, you can create good videos that you think can be very attractive compared to other channels, but when looking back at the views, there are just a few.

Well, maybe you think what you create is great and trendy enough, however, what about the audiences? Have you ever considered why your viewers stop coming back to your channel?

Therefore, here are some reasons that AudienceGain will go over in this article. These are also the secrets that our teams have learned from people making money on Youtube, who are successful in their career. We also hope that these answers will help you tackle your concern.

Let’s get started.

Youtube get rid of “unreal” account leading to decrease in Youtube views and subscribers


Youtube removes fake and inactive accounts

In general, the reduction in the number of views and subscribers to your channel is quite common sometimes. Maybe your audiences are no longer interested in your contents, so they unsubscribe. That sounds a bit sad, but you have no control over your viewer’s preferences.

However, what if most of your viewers are “unreal”? In this case, we mean that there’s a majority of inactive Youtube accounts that are created in mass to subscribe to your channel. These kinds of accounts are often created for the purpose of increasing views and subscribers for other channels.

To be more detailed, Youtube regularly verifies the validity of accounts and the performance of all YouTube channels, and it’s smart enough to recognize what are active and what aren’t.

For instance, if a Youtube account subscribes to your channel, however it doesn’t hit a like on your videos or leave any comments. That can be seen as an inactive Youtube account, and the platform would get rid of it.

In other cases, a single Gmail account creates several Youtube channels, then all of these subscribe to yours, then this can also be considered inactive. Besides, maybe it’s just your viewers decide to close their accounts.

You’re too focused on SEO


SEO Youtube videos – not appropriate for all niches

If you’re working in the marketing fields, you’re probably familiar with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). That being said, Youtube SEO can be used as a tool to make your videos rank top on the search result, when users search on Youtube by specifically researching keywords, descriptions and tags.

Lots of experts tell you how to SEO videos and do keyword research. Nevertheless, do you think all millions of views videos have optimized keywords in order to increase subscribers? Absolutely not.

You need to look for the big picture here. In fact, there’re lots of videos that have no particular titles or descriptions but still have an amazing performance of growing views and subscribers.

As a result, you should remember that keyword research and description optimization are for video marketing only. For example, they can be sales and product promotion content, product reviews and so forth.

Besides, if your channel is mostly about affiliate marketing methods, then SEO is indeed important. But your man niches are about, say, vlogs, entertainments, music, then you should focus on what is viral recently on the Internet instead of SEO.

Your contents are no longer appealing to your audiences


Content has no improvements

As we mentioned above, you have no control of your audience’s preferences. Yet, you have control of what content is the most appealing to them, then create videos based on that to make your subscribers stay engaged.

Consequently, you should pay attention to create engaging videos that are attractive, consisting of innovative ideas, valuable knowledge and vivid images:

To summarize, an engaging video needs these followings:

  • Clickable thumbnails
  • The dedicated investment in content
  • Title rising curiosity

Now, we’re going to talk about a common misunderstanding problem that most Youtubers encounter.

To begin with, here’s a scenario between creators and viewers. After watching one of your videos, new audiences will subscribe to your channel under the assumption that the video they have watched reflects the speciality of your entire channel.

On the other hand, after becoming your regular viewers, they may realize your channel varies with many types of contents, such as gaming, DIY challenges, crafting videos and so forth. All those unrelated topics make it hard to know what a channel is really about.

With that being said:

Don’t confused subscribers with multiple subjects

You must try to stick to your own channel’s niche. It’s fine to branch out over your line to follow certain trends, but try to make everything relating to your main subject.

This is a popular example. You have certainly acknowledged the explosion of super heroes movies from Marvel studio? Not only are movie review channels talking about these topics during more than a decade, but also gaming, craft and even cooking content make videos based on several topics related to Marvel.


Super famous movie line from Marvel Studios

In 2019, “I love you 3000” – Iron Man’s famous line from End game becomes extremely trendy and prevailing in the virtual world. The movie line literally appeared on the thumbnails and descriptions of every channel’s videos.

However, this year, Marvel has not yet released any new films (because of COVID-19). Overall, the audience’s interests in superhero films have declined slightly. Even crazy fans will probably be distracted by other types of content. If you continue creating content on this topic, will your channel still be appealing to your audiences, at least this year? Probably not.

Take care of your current subscribers

The most essential thing is still finding a way to deal with what you currently have. From there, you will find the most optimal and fastest strategy for your Youtube Channel to increase views and subscribers.

Even though those two figures have decreased a bit, instead of being too nervous about it, think about the positive side. The subscribers that stay with you definitely still recognize the value that you deliver to them.

As a consequence, trying to enhance more engagement. Responding to the most-like comments is also a good way. Moreover, in case you don’t have any new ideas for your videos from time to time, look for them in the comment section. Let’s create contents that your audiences ask for (e.g your Q&A, or product review they’re interested in).


Dear Ryan – how a Youtuber interacts with his audiences

One of the very unique audience-responding content that we find very interesting is the series “Dear Ryan” of Youtuber Ryan Higa – one of the long-standing and famous creators about comedy on the platform. Basically he just turns his fan’s comment into a song or a rap battle’, which is very outstanding.

Youtube is indeed very competitive

Youtube is still the second most searched platform in the entire world, with over 500 videos uploaded day by day. There are tens of thousands of people doing business and building their careers on this money-making platform.

There are many well-developed Youtube channels today, plus with explosive popularity, receiving millions of views for each video, their contents are always on point. Besides, for the majority of Youtube channels, they also have a professional team behind to for a better development of the channels, in addition to enhance their competition with their opponents in the same niche.

If you just stay still without thinking of the good strategy for your channel, the audience will inevitably find other channels more enticing. To assure your audience still stays with you, try your best to be a better content creator on this competitive money-making platform.

Your subjective perspective – a mistake leading to decrease in Youtube views and subscribers


Your subjective opinions on video-producing process

In reality, the number of views and subscribers of a channel decreases slightly is completely normal. For well-known Youtube channels possessing millions of subscribers, losing about 100000 subscribers is not a big deal.

However, as for small channels, which lose a large amount of subscribers in a short amount of time, that’s the problem.

Have you ever wondered that you are too focused on individualizing your content without taking the time to think about what your audiences want?

How long has it been since you didn’t re-watch your old videos, or take a look at other competitor’s videos? If you don’t do research on other channels regularly, how can you learn from your mistakes, to know what’s right or wrong, in addition to what contents are more accessible recently on the Internet?

With your overly subjective opinions, about the content, video-producing process, as well as how you brainstorm your ideas will sometimes lead to the lack of interaction in the Youtube community. Apart from that, not only your audience, Youtube isn’t going to appreciate videos that don’t strengthen engagement between creators and users.

Some tips for enhancing engagements with subscribers

To do that, just simply watch other videos from channels creating videos with the same niche as your, the ask yourself:

  • What is the latest subject they create?
  • How do they deliver it? (script writing, video production and so on)
  • What is the content that they have not mentioned in their video?
  • How to make your own contents enticing and attractive?
  • Comment directly on their videos to ask in details about their perspectives on the subject (if necessary)

It can be said, the competition between content creators on YouTube is increasingly fierce. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to develop anything from this potential platform. Avoiding these mistakes, continuous learning and creativity are the keys to your YouTube channel’s success.

Take a look at your YouTube career and let us know how you have overcome the above problems!

AudienceGain – the reputed company for buying Youtube views and subscribers


Audiencegain’s rating on trustpilot

4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers has always been a holy threshold for every Youtubers to reach through. And with our service for buying Youtube views and subscribers, this process can be cut downed in terms of time significantly.

And when we say “cut down”, we mean a totally legal and safe “cut down”. This is a very effective strategy for you to consider, and we assure that you will be surprised by our optimal service.

When having done with the order, our team will start a Promotion Campaign on social media to get real 4000 Youtube watch hours from different sources.

All views are spread out evenly on every video, and the campaign is continuing until you get the outcome you wish for. On top of that, you can keep track of this process to acknowledge how our delivery works.

Normally, it takes 2 weeks to gain 4000 watch hours. Nevertheless, our professionals state that 3-4 weeks must be a sufficient amount of time for natural growth, which leads to a better chance for monetization.

Moreover, we guarantee that the views and subscribers are authentic, safe and comply completely with Youtube’s monetization conditions.

In order to fulfill your goal to quickly monetize, our dedicated support team is always available to answer any question, as well as provide any detailed insight on the service to your demand.

That being said, visit us right away and be a part of the AudienceGain community.


Q1: Can I watch my own youtube video to get 4000 watch hours?

Answer: Yes you can, but it is not effective and appropriate.

When you watch your own videos, views and watch hours are still counte. However, if you repeat this action and in a short amount of time, Youtube will stop counting your views. With that being said, the platform’s algorithm can easily indicate the same user watching the same videos over and over again.

Q2: Can Youtube delete old videos?

Answer: Yes!

It also depends on what type of old videos it is. In 2018, this platform deleted 58 million videos to keep it as clean as possible. This action was to warn the creators that Youtube was going to get rid of a huge amount of inactive channels as well as spam accounts. As a result, at that time, a significant number of old videos may be among those deleted ones.

Q3: Then does Youtube remove videos that don’t monetize?

Answer: No it doesn’t!

The relationship between creators and the platform is symbiosis (basically). As long as your videos are in compliance with Youtube’s terms of service, your non-monetized channel is safe. Youtube needs to maintain its prestige, besides they also need your video as a necessary content foundation (for the purpose of receiving advertisements from collaborated companies).

Q4: How long does it take to get 4000 watch hours?

Answer: Well, it is a very long duration of time.

Basically, in a year, you need to have 4000 public watch hours. That means 240000 watch minutes in total. On average, you need to maintain 20000 minutes of watch time per month.

Q5: Does this service of buying 4000 watch hours include the refund policy?

Answer: Of course. AudienceGain always prioritizes the interests of customers. You will get a 100% refund in case the product sent to you is not the same as the description mentions.

Besides, for new customers, we provide a 10% discount code.

In conclusion

It can be said that the competition between Youtube content creators is increasingly fierce. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to improve anything from this potential money-generating platform. Avoiding mistakes mentioned above, continuous learning and creativing are the keys to your YouTube channel’s success.

Indeed, take a look at our service to find out the best and optimal strategy for the growth of your channel.

For more information, please contact AudienceGain via:

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