Is investing to buy YouTube views recently becoming a trend?


YouTube is a channel that gets 22 billion visits per month and is widely used in any age from education to entertainment.

For YouTubers, YouTube is a saturated market and there should be more ways to increase views without breaking the law.

One of them, buying YouTube views is gradually causing storms and being applied by more people.

You don’t need to spend too much time, effort, and money promoting your channel and still easily qualify for YouTube monetization.

With such practical benefits, you are wondering if you should invest and buy YouTube views today or not? So please read this article to get the most reasonable and satisfactory answer for you!

How does Youtube count views?

Since the watch time is an indicator for Youtube to evaluate your channel, a counted view is no longer as simple as a click. So, to get one view, you need to watch at least 30 seconds of the video.

First, let us briefly review the fierce competition among YouTubers on buying YouTube views.

I. Fierce competition among YouTubers about buying YouTube views


If you don’t grow fast, someone else will catch up and run you off


The YouTube market is currently very active and vibrant among YouTubers about buying YouTube views. In this situation, YouTubers face a lot of thrilling competition.

Your competitors may find services that provide more reputable and safer views than you. From there, they can easily grow and knock you off the track.

Even if you have good content and good marketing, if you don’t quickly gain views and credibility, it is very easy to run slower than other YouTubers.

Opportunities and challenges before YouTube monetization enabled

The fierce YouTubers market is now reflected in YouTube’s new policy of turning on monetization.

Since more and more people are making money on YouTube, since 2018, YouTube has launched a strong tightening policy on conditions to enable monetization.

Not only do you have a lot of views, but watch hours must be more than 4000 within a maximum of 12 months. Also, you must ensure you reach over 1000 subscribers.

What should you be alert to?

The purchase of YouTube views is also becoming more and more popular. The demand for people who need to buy YouTube views skyrocketed, causing many fake providers to appear.

If you do not have the experience to find the right reputable service like AudienceGain, it is very easy to be scammed.

You will both lose money and run the risk of being locked out of your channel because of fake views from fraudulent sellers.

Or invest in buying YouTube views when you know for sure you will win and your long-term development direction as many believe AudienceGain or do nothing!

Don’t waste meaningless money and waste your time on services that are not reliable.

II. Buy YouTube views as a leading trend?


Although buying YouTube views are not “trends”, they will always be in the future

Buying YouTube views is becoming stronger and spreading to many countries around the world. You have many choices.

However, be very careful when making your decision as you can run the risk of losing your channel if you choose the wrong service. YouTube’s bot is getting smarter day by day.

If the purpose of buying YouTube views is to trick the YouTube algorithm, that is not a viable option in the long run.

Instead, you should decide to buy YouTube views are just a stepping stone for viewers to pay attention to your channel and be impressed by the number of views to subscribe.

Especially in today’s times, the algorithm is paying more attention to user behavior instead of video views. You should not follow a trend but master it.

So, given those risks and challenges, what do you need to prepare to make money on YouTube when deciding to buy YouTube views?

III. What do you need to prepare for the tough battles that take place in the YouTube market?

Focus on Google Ads

In the fierce race of YouTube views, the first important thing you should pay attention to is to prepare fully knowledge to avoid encountering sophisticated scam services.

Also, advertising videos on Google Ads to earn more views is always encouraged by YTB because YouTube basically relies on businesses that need advertising to maintain.

At the same time, the videos are promoted more by Google Ads and will also be suggested by YTB on the video of the same niche. So, you should choose to focus on Google Ads.

At the same time, continuously promoting your video will help the channel build a stable initial audience to serve as a springboard, over time the number of audiences will grow, plus quality content will be a sustainable success sooner or later.

If you are just starting out, try a Discovery & target ad that is aimed at people who are genuinely interested in your topic or have the habit of finding keywords related to the product / service you are want to develop.

Either use the Google Ads retargeting feature to remarketing people who have visited your website, or create audience files for an existing email file.

Choose the right companion

A reputable view provider like AudienceGain just gives you a stronger base to go further and increase your audience’s trust.

AudienceGain can help you achieve 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers in less than 3 weeks, but if you want to develop for a long time, you must invest carefully in content to bring the best successful results.

Invest carefully in content

Here are a few YouTube content suggestions to keep an eye out for:

  • Rated TOP List of products
  • Review products, film, and games
  • Break the product box
  • User manual
  • Reaction video
  • Conquer challenges
  • Discovery video
  • Facebook Comments

The above ideas can help your video raise rankings quickly after buying YouTube views from reputable and affordable places.

Also, before buying YouTube views, you need to make sure your channel has enough elements that the service to increase views requires. A good example is AudienceGain.

You can completely buy real views through a promotion campaign from social media. Therefore, you need to have a video long enough to advertise on social media.

In short, before you join the race and invest money to buy YouTube views, you need to focus on Google Ads, find the right service, and meet all the conditions required by the service.

Also, you should learn some ways to help you increase real YouTube views, in the long run, to incorporate a long stride after choosing AudienceGain with a refund policy up to 100%.

IV. Some ways to increase real YouTube views legally and safely

Like Google’s search engine algorithms, YouTube has its algorithms and is used to recommend the best, most relevant videos to users.

It doesn’t sound simple, right? Fortunately, YouTube has a lot of factors in its algorithm that decide which video is the best and rank in its top search results.

#1. Increase views by search results

Use title containing keywords


Keywords play an important role in helping viewers find your video

A title for a Youtube video would have to do two things: provide keywords for the algorithm for YouTube to arrange the content displayed, engage users, and inform them of the video’s content.

To do keyword research, you can use typical SEO methods such as using keyword planning or other keyword research tools.

To check keyword popularity on YouTube, visit the keyword planner, and select YouTube search on the right side. Optimizing your video content for the right keywords will help achieve organic views.

Contains keywords in the Video description

The video description is where you can better inform search engines and users exactly what your video is trying to convey.

This will increase your clickthrough rate and drive more views, as users will know what to expect from your video.

You should attract interest, engage viewers with your descriptions, and optimize them one-by-one for the YouTube search engines as you would with an SEO meta description on your website.

Use tags

YouTube video tags help categorize video content and help the algorithm understand what users will watch when they watch your video.

Tags, along with the description and title, will reflect the main point of what is in the video. If you need keyword help, you can use keyword research tools, as mentioned above.

The art of growing thumbnails to increase views

Thumbnail images will make a difference when increasing your YouTube views from organic search results, recommended videos, or social media appearances.

  • What is Thumbnails?

Thumbnails are a term used by graphic designers and photographers to represent a thumbnail of a larger image, often intended to save screen space and allow users to view multiple images at the same time.

Thumbnails are often used on the Internet because they help website visitors see the image without having to download the full-size image.

Thumbnails save your visitor’s bandwidth and loading time.

  • Why are thumbnails so important in increasing views?

When you invest in thumbnails, you will more easily attract viewers

Choosing the right thumbnail image on each YouTube video is the metric for your success. Whether your video is successful or not, increasing YouTube views as you want or not is up to these images.

That forces you to choose images, colors, display, text in this small screen must be impressive and bring a great appeal. Why are they so important? Because of:

  • Video thumbnails are a measure for viewers to evaluate your video quality or not.
  • This image makes them somewhat understand the central content of the video and conduct the act of clicking on the video or not.
  • People can search by keywords to select videos. When the YouTube results return, there will be many videos on the same topic. Any video with an attractive thumbnail image will automatically be selected by the viewer first.
  • For quick clicks, the first video title sounds interesting. Next up is the image. The title is the name, the thumbnail image of the Thumbnail as the style, and the fashion sense of dress. If a person is judged by name and appearance without being discovered internally, the video also evaluates quality through title and thumbnail before clicking and exploring all of that content.
  • Thumbnails are not only user-friendly, highly interactive, but also save space. Because the preview image allows viewers to clearly understand different contents even when looking at a small space.

Thumbnail is usually generated automatically by search engines, image editing programs, as well as image management programs. The thumbnail’s small file size is especially useful for mobile browsers.

  • Thumbnails that make them more attractive and engaging

– Use outstanding colors

The more vibrant the thumbnail background is, the more prominent the thumbnail will stand out from other images, attracting more viewers.

However, you should not put too much color in the frame, making the thumbnail flashy and cheap.

Experts recommend that you should include the image file in a graphic editor, then increase the saturation just enough to make the colors stand out from the other thumbnails.

You only need to change the color filters a little bit, as even small changes to hue/saturation can immediately draw viewers in and you’ll be surprised by this.

Or increasing the contrast also makes the viewer notice.

– Use faces to connect

Try to make sure that the thumbnail shows the human face and if you can use a close-up photo it is much better. This will help the image to stand out on any device and of any size.

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, a thumbnail of a human face can guide the viewer into the heart and soul of the video.

The emotion added to the face will arouse viewers’ curiosity and make them want to see what creates emotions expressed in the thumbnail.

– Magnify the image

If your video content is compelling enough, use the action shot as a thumbnail.

The added sense of motion encourages viewers to click on the video to see what’s going on. The more actions that can be packed into a thumbnail, the better.

– Insert key-word

If you plan to insert text into your thumbnails, check out the stream channels of today’s famous streamer stars.

They will often overlay the thumbnail of the text to show the context of the video more clearly.

Including a title or a few important words can also help engage the audience.

And make sure the text is large enough to read on any device.

– Channel uniformity

Creating custom brand thumbnails creates consistency and is a great way to raise awareness from your audience.

If you publish different types of content, use different colors to help your visitors distinguish and understand exactly what types of content they’re viewing.

Create subtitles for the video

Subtitles for YouTube videos are still being debated a lot about the ability to increase video rankings.

However, these subtitles can help videos gain more views on YouTube if they are to serve international viewers.

#2. Increase views with content in the video

The content in your video is the most important factor in determining the number of views you will receive.

Youtube’s algorithm has dozens of different metrics that determine whether your video is delivering valuable content.

Provide either intellectual or entertaining content or both


Don’t look down on entertaining content because it is very pervasive

You can post intertwined topics that are relevant to your niche, entertaining to the audience while still providing useful knowledge.

Surely they will be videos with extremely valuable content and make viewers constantly return to your Youtube channel.

You can buy YouTube views to increase credibility and more impressions to stimulate viewers to review your video.

Create viral content on Youtube

Create videos with content that follows viral trends. A good example is that nowadays there are a lot of YouTubers who react to new music products.

However, it’s not always easy to match the topic of your video content with trending trends; But if you can find a clever way to do that, you can easily increase your YouTube views a lot.

Contact other YouTubers

Similar to posting a Guest Post on a website, YouTubers, influencers, influencers in the industry, or high followers can do wonders for increasing your views.

But this method is only effective when you have a certain number of views. You need to buy YouTube views first to boost viewers’ trust and ensure that the help of other celebrities is mutually beneficial.

These YouTubers can engage users and provide a different and unique perspective on your industry.

Provide links to videos or web pages in your description and you can form beneficial relationships built on mutuality.

#3. Generate views from the YouTube platform itself

The bottom line of the YouTube platform is to retain users. They make huge amounts of money from advertising, and the more people watch the video, the more profit they make.

Hence, there are many ways to operate on this platform and increase the number of people already registration as well as video views.

Create content that is related to hot videos

A potential goldmine to increase your views comes from the “Recommended Videos” section that appears in the user’s sidebar as well as after the video is finished watching.

The YouTube algorithm will suggest the results of the most relevant videos. Therefore, the content shown at the end of the viewed video will be similar to the content that the user has just viewed.

By optimizing your videos for popular, hot videos, you increase the chances of users viewing your YouTube channel and videos quickly.

You can combine similar keywords and descriptions and create videos on the same topic but with more engaging content or with more information presented in a more accessible way.

This way will be much more effective if you know how to use the money through AudienceGain to buy YouTube views.

Use of tags


SEO tags are efficient

These Youtube optimization features allow you to promote other content in your videos. You can create tags that are used to:

  • Advertising of other video content
  • Get more channel subscribers
  • Donate to a nonprofit
  • Navigate traffic to your website
  • Encourage users to participate in polls

The next way to increase video views, you should use tags to encourage users to visit less viewed content and subscribe to your channel.

Using YouTube’s user behavior analysis tools will give you lots of information and metrics for you to make the right tagging decisions to increase your video views.

Make a call when the video ends

When the video is almost over, this is a great opportunity for you to make calls to viewers like Like, share, or subscribe to your Youtube channel.

This is the trick that almost all YouTubers use for their channel.

Marquee Video Advertising

A video with text running across the screen while watching can help increase views for your other videos.

Just mark it at one point on a video that has at least 5,000 views, it will help you appear more on search results.

As mentioned above, you can create tags, screen when the video ends, and other links to video content in your marquee video.

Like internal links on web pages, your marquee videos have can be a great way to drive traffic and views to lesser-known videos and channels.

Use autoplay for your embedded videos

You should be careful when doing this, as autoplay video may be annoying for some users.

If the video content is explanatory, then it’s probably a good idea to use it as the user can immediately watch the video.

To enable autoplay for an embedded video, simply add a short encoding at the end of the URL in the iframe. You can also set a list of videos to autoplay.

Create a video playlist

Create a list of videos for users to watch continuously. After the first video ends, your other videos will play automatically, inevitably more views for each video played without having to navigate.

Be present in appropriate communities

Promoting yourself in your videos is one thing, but becoming an active member of the relevant community is another.

You can give comments on other videos, give useful advice or feedback if the video content lacks some important information will also help you increase your YouTube channel followers.

If you do not know how to promote effectively and quickly, it will take a lot of time and effort. So you can try using AudienceGain to buy YouTube views and boost YouTube rankings.

#4. Increase external YouTube views

YouTube can be embedded and shared on many different platforms and websites. Here are some ways to get more YouTube views from the outside

Increase SEO rankings for your Videos

Traditional SEO is also one of the most effective methods for increasing YouTube views as videos are more likely to appear in high ranking positions.

Embedded videos count as backlinks, and in this case, the links are pointing to the YouTube video, helping your ranking better.

Share the video link on social networks, other websites

There are many places where you can share your video. Outside of social networks, sites like Reddit or Quora are also a great idea for content sharing.

This is one of the methods to help you get the most natural views of your video

Reach out to influencers to promote your video

The influence of influencer marketing is fast becoming a great source of reaching target customers for big brands.

You can completely use this strategy to promote your Youtube channel as well as your video content. These influencers can be from science, entertainment, bloggers

#5. Always remember to be patient and focus on Google Adsense

The only downside to the organic growth process is that it takes a lot of time. Maybe 1 month, 1 year to start working.

So what you need to do the most right now is be patient and persevere for as long as possible.

It takes time for views on your channel to be recognized by YouTube. YouTube’s current algorithm is intended to measure and test whether the video content is of better quality and whether you are cheating.

Besides, video content always holds the success rate of the video. So, before focusing on Google Ads, you should ensure video quality.

For example, if you sell a new generation water purifier, develop promotional video content aimed at guiding households to have clean water every day and cleverly introduce the product.

 V. A unique choice for YouTuber who wants to buy 100% real YouTube views

Unlike services that provide views from tools with many risks, AudienceGain gives you 100% real YouTube views with a refund policy if the quality is not as described.

You are welcome to consult with AudienceGain’s leading experts in this field to ensure your choice is correct.

AudienceGain not only brings organic growth to your channel through promotion campaigns from social media but also increases the ability to enable monetization on YouTube.

In Brief

In general, there are many paths you can take to race to the “YouTube monetization” destination.

So why not give me the right to choose the shortest, most effective route and say no to illegal when using AudienceGain?

It is not important to buy YouTube views for how much but that you can fully exploit the growth potential of those real views faster than many other competitors.

Don’t hesitate and waste time! Take your breathtaking opportunity to collaborate today with any of AudienceGain’s leading experts!

For more information, please contact AudienceGain via:

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