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In this article, AudienceGain will provide you with information about the certain types of advertisements displaying on a Youtube account with monetization

As an Internet user, every time you get access to Youtube, you will see advertisements in the form of videos popping up right in the middle of the videos you’re watching, and even other positions on the home page.

If you are learning to do online business, or already a professional marketer, you will obviously be interested in how to create such advertisements to promote your brands.

In terms of YouTube creators, advertising is a powerful tool to help them make money and promote their videos.

What are Youtube Ads on Youtube account with monetization


Youtube Ads – Youtube Advertising

YouTube Ads, short for Youtube Advertising, is an online advertising service from Google which is displayed on YouTube. This is a form of paid advertising to show videos introducing products or services to potential customers (audiences) on YouTube.

As a result, these advertisements are only showcased on Youtube accounts with monetization. To be more specific, creators need to join Youtube Partner Program, then link their channels to Google Adsense account in order to let Youtube distribute advertisements (from partnered brands) on their videos.

On the next steps, both parties which are Youtube itself and the creators can make money, if the users click on the ads and watch it. Normally, the amount is divided 55% for the creator, Youtube will take the rest.

Its influence on a Youtube account with monetization

Compared to other platforms, YouTube has inherently made a difference when it comes to delivering content in the form of videos.


Youtube basic video advertising formats

In an environment with only sounds and images, it’s easy for customers to absorb all the information you bring when they are using both visual and auditory senses.

In addition, video advertising will allow passionate marketers to roam around the playground of their ideas.

With products that bring great value to the community, they are able to incorporate many inspirational stories and messages in their product promotions, just like the art of producing a movie.

Consequently, this will increase the most organic views and subscribers for the channels, as well as bringing both physical and mental values to audiences.

The merits on Youtube account with monetization

As for a Youtube account with monetization, its views performance always gives great statistics. At the same time, the number of people using Youtube to advertise is no less competitive.

With such an explosion, let’s take a look at the benefits of Ads on this video-making platform:

  • Get access to a huge number of people worldwide, since Youtube has more than 2 billions of visitors.
  • The ads campaign can aim at the right audiences, based on their genders, interests, age groups, regions, behaviors…
  • Due to the platform’s diversity, Youtube is the home of billions of videos raging from many subjects. Thanks to this, the product and service advertisements will have a wide coverage.
  • CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) are very flexible
  • Youtube adaptability: meaning Internet users can watch Youtube videos anytime and anywhere, through phone (Youtube application) and on computer.

The drawbacks on Youtube account with monetization

Possessing a huge amount of video uploads attracting billions of views from users around the world is an advantage, but also a downside.

First of all, you need to remember that there are 500 videos uploaded every minute on the platform. And as a result, Youtube sometimes is unable to control that great quantity. This leads to unsuitable contents having the opportunity to appear to the non-targeted audiences.

In terms of Ads expenditures, when you set up your video promotion campaign, Google will start distributing Ads on Youtube videos really fast and strongly. Within a short amount of time, your budget is going to evaporate.

On top of that, some types of advertising forms interrupt the user’s viewing experience, since they are displayed right in the middle of a video being watched. This will irritate viewers if the ads are not something they are often keen on.

Ads campaign setup on Youtube account with monetization

Here are the fundamental following steps to set up advertising campaign on monetized Youtube channel:


With more than 2 billion users owned, Youtube has more than 5 billion video views per day, and this figure is expected to continue increasing in the next years.

That being said, to conduct a proper research for an ad campaign, you should learn about Internet users’ social media habits through simple searches on Google. From there, you will have an overview of what users are interested in and what is trending.

For example, YouTube is not only rated as the 2nd website in the US but also the 2nd largest website in the whole world. To be more detailed, the frequency of YouTube use in the United States as of 3rd quarter 2020 was 92% weekly.

As can be seen from that, YouTube advertising will help you reach a large proportion of the population. This is a great opportunity to bring your message closer to millions of potential customers.

Measurement tools on a Youtube account with monetization

In the Analytics section of the YouTube Studio tool, YouTube provides all the insight into who your ad is viewed. This allows you to see if your ad is really good and effective or not.

YouTube analysis will bring lots of useful statistics for the channel to develop more effectively than you expected, hence better improve the content quality and video SEO that target a certain number of audiences.

So these are the indexes of video performance from Youtube Analytics tools:

  • Watch time & views: For how many views does a video have? How long do people watch one of your videos?
  • Audience retention: Do people regularly watch your promotional videos? When do people interact with your content? When do they stop watching?
  • Demographics: Who is watching your video? Where do they come from? (country/region)
  • Interaction Location: Are people viewing your content on a YouTube platform or on another website?
  • Traffic sources: From which sources do people find your videos?
  • Devices: How many% of views come from desktop, mobile, or other devices?

Furthermore, YouTube also allows you to see how users are interacting with the advertisements, like when they stop watching it, how long did they watch it, how many minutes of navigation clicks, and other indicators for the service of video advertising campaigns.

The Ads costs

From this point, let’s set a particular scene here, that now you’re the advertiser.

As for the marketers from businesses, YouTube advertising costs of $0.1 to $0.3 per view or action and the average daily budget is $10. Per view or action means when someone views the ad or interacts with it – like by clicking on it – the companies pay between $0.1to $ 0.3 per view for the creators.

However, this YouTube ad rate is just an average, so the companies may pay more or less.

Furthermore, these costs can vary depending on the quality of the video, your targeted audience and also the outcomes you predicted.

On the other hand, when watching YouTube, surely there have been times when the audiences clicked the Skip Ads button (Skip Ads). If you’re wondering when you’ll have to pay for a view that users won’t even watch it? It’s okay.

As a result, for the customer protections, YouTube won’t charge advertisers for the first 5 seconds.

Viewers will have a choice whether to continue watching your ad or not, otherwise everything will be free of charge.

FYI – buying Youtube watch hours – how are public watch hours counted?

According to YouTube’s algorithm, 60-second videos viewed from start to finish will probably outrank a 20 or 30-minute video that is only viewed for a few minutes. YouTube’s algorithm calculates watch time while considering video duration to ensure fair results.

8 Youtube Ads formats

Otherwise, Youtube advertising costs also depend on the types of ads set up on a Youtube account with monetization.

Skippable in-stream ads


Skippable in-stream ads

This is the most common type of ads, showcased most often on videos. Youtube users will find this type of advertising a bit annoying, but marketers are very fond of it.

This ad type can play before, during, and after the video is shown. A brand banner will be displayed in the bottom right corner of the video.

Besides, note that after 5 seconds, viewers can skip the ad. Skippable in-stream ads can appear on the Youtube platform, as well as other websites belonging to Google. In order to be suggested, the video ads need to last for at least 12 seconds and 3 minutes maximum.

Since this is a skippable type, you will only have to pay YouTube and the creator when a viewer has watched the first 30s of that ad.

So, as a marketer, you have no choice but to make your video compelling, viral and attention-grabbing.

Non-skippable in-stream ads (Pre-roll ads)

Pre-roll ads appears right at the beginning of the viewed video (or pop up right in the middle of the videos and at the end) and as they’re called, they’re non-skippable. They only lasts fro 15 seconds.

With that limits, there is no brand banner attached apart from the link the link “visit advertiser website”. CTA is 10 characters long and that of the title is 15 maximum.

Video Discovery Ads


Video Discovery Ads

Basically, Video discovery Ads only shows up on Youtube for the purposes of video marketing campaigns. They can be displayed on the search engines, home page, the “video suggestion column” on the right of the video-viewing page. The maximum video duration is 12 seconds.

As for creators of Youtube account with monetization specifically, they can use this ads form for advertising their video conten to increase more views and subscribers. Additionally, the charge is cased on CPC (cost-per-click).

On top of that, users clicking on this type will watch another separated video directly, so it doesn’t lead the users to a certain website. Furthermore, in addition to showing these ads with related topics, you can display them on locations like Youtube App Feed or the main Youtube home page.

Bumper Ads


Bumper Ads – only lasts for 6 seconds

Only lasts for 6 seconds, Bumper Ads would be the great choice for your advertising campaign if your want to trigger the user’s curiosity for the following valuable messages you want to deliver.

This ads formats enhance “touchpoint”, which creates a sense of anticipation and interaction between you and the audiences.

Sponsor card ads


Sponsor card ads

So take a look at the top right corner of the viewing video, you will see Youtube sponsored cards appear as a exclamation mark (a small CTA pop-up).

When the users click on the mark, a window displaying information that may relate to the video’s topic expands.

YouTube Sponsored Card Ads can feature videos and different types of products through Google Shopping, as well as provides a handy guide to help you create shopping campaigns.

In-video Overlay Ads


In-video overlay ads

This is the simplest type of ad, as well as causing the least annoyance for viewers. Therefore, it does not create a certain attraction for users to click on.

In-video Overlay Ads only appears as a banner and sometimes just a few lines of description. Advertisers can customize the overlay image and companion banner style according to their campaign goals and personal preferences.

Display Ads


Display Ads

It also show up as banners. Normally, they are placed at the top of the video-suggestion column on the right. They are also optionally displayed in different sizes.

Masthead Ads


Masthead Ads

This is a quite particular form of advertising. They will include a banner and a video clip of 970×250 size and are usually placed on Youtube homepage for 24/7. Masthead Ads create the most number of interactions from viewers.

Besides, Google also specifically said claims that this Ads Type is currently only available to only1 advertiser per country per day.

Therefore, you are required to contact Google first to place an ad. The ads costs are very expensive ($12,000-$15,000), so this type of advertising is usually for multinational brands that want to promote on this video-sharing platform.

FYI – do Youtubers get paid when users skip the ads?

Normally no! And it’s obvious. Who is going to pay you if the viewers have no interest in what they’re watching.

And it also depends on what type of ads it is. For example, if the viewers watch more than 30 seconds of the skippable in-stream ads, you will get paid, but not really be well-paid.

On the other hand, In-stream ads cannot be skipped uses target CPM bidding. Therefore, you will pay based on ad impressions (CPM).

Want to know more about Youtube accounts with monetization?

So all the information above is the specific guide for how the advertising campaign works on a Youtube account with monetization. You can sign up for us right now for more updates from our service of “Buy monetized Youtube channel” and other valuable insights for making money from this platform itself.

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