How to Beat The YouTube Algorithm in 2021


How does the YouTube algorithm works? Beating the YouTube algorithm is a myth since this platform has had 15 years to perfect its artificial intelligence. It guides viewers’ behavior, which also has a significant influence on the content creators. Let’s take a closer look at the secrets of the YouTube algorithm 2021. 


Many YouTubers wonder how the YouTube algorithm can decide the viewer’s choices.

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Understanding the YouTube algorithm

What is the YouTube algorithm?

According to YouTube Chief Product Officer Neal Mohan, more than 70% of the time viewers spend watching video is decided by the YouTube algorithm. YouTube looks into: 

  • Which videos each user watches
  • What users don’t watch 
  • How much time they spend watching each video 
  • Likes and dislikes 
  • “Not interested in” feedback 

YouTube’s algorithm also has different signals and metrics to recommend and rank videos on each section of their platform.  

How do the YouTube algorithms work?

Let’s see how the algorithm of YouTube decides to serve content to their users on some sections.

Search Results


YouTube algorithm depends pretty much on search results.

The two most significant factors that affect your video’s search rankings are its keywords and relevance. When ranking the videos in search, YouTube will consider how well your titles, descriptions, and content match each user’s queries. They also consider how many videos users have watched from your channel, and the last time they watched other videos is surrounded by the same topic as your video.

Homepage & Suggested Videos

YouTube wants to serve the most relevant personalized recommendations to each of its viewers. To do this, they first analyze the user’s activity history and find hundreds of videos relevant to them. Then they rank these videos with these questions:

  • How well has each video engaged and satisfied similar users?
  • How often does each viewer watch videos from a particular channel or topic?
  • How many times has YouTube already shown each to its users?


The Trending page is a part of the fresh-popular videos in a user’s specific area. YouTube heavily considers view count and rate of view growth for each video they rank, because they want to balance the novelty with popularity in this section. 


Youtube has a subscription page where users can view all the recently uploaded videos from the channels they subscribed to. But this page is not the only benefit that channels get when they acquire a ton of subscribers. YouTube checks a metric called the View Velocity to determine rankings on their platform. It assesses the number of subscribers who watch your video right after it has been published. The higher view velocity of your video, it can rank higher than before.

YouTube also works on the number of active subscribers you have when they rank your videos.

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Hacking the YouTube algorithm: Should or Shouldn’t?


Beat the YouTube algorithm, is it possible?

Hacking a system is almost impossible and dangerous. Finding a shortcut on a racetrack or a cheat code in the video could cause you many troubles. And YouTube algorithm is also an area that YouTubers shouldn’t break the law.

However, if we look at this problem differently, we might have a different solution. For example, your content may be considered in the artificial intelligence of YouTube, and there is not a single deciding factor that determines whether Youtube is going to serve your video up to a particular person or not. Instead, it is based on millions of data points. So, how to trigger the YouTube algorithm can be seen as how to get more views and subscribers.

You should research that data, adapt to it and improve your content to send more positive signals to YouTube.

5 Tips to Beat the YouTube algorithm 2021

In 2021, YouTube has put the CTR and audience retention as the top metrics to promote specific videos, which means content creators should optimize their video correctly and have high video performance. 

In other words, you can beat the YouTube algorithm if you focus on building your audiences. Here are some tricks to suggest your videos to more people and give your viewers what they search for.

Types of viewers

When it comes to loyalty, YouTube has divided viewers into three categories:

  • New viewers: people discovering your videos for the first time.
  • Casual viewers: people who watch a few of your videos but don’t return often.
  • Return viewer: people who frequently come back to your channel to watch more.

Of course, you want as many new visitors to your content as possible and hope they enjoy your content, then return for more. But, unfortunately, casual viewers aren’t going to do you any favors and probably send wrong signals to YouTube. 

These data can help YouTubers on how to enhance the audience community.

Attract new viewers to your channel

The YouTube Studio suggests that more click-through rate and video watch time can increase the chance of your videos appearing to the audience. 


One method suggested by YouTube Studio.

Better thumbnails and more watchable content will lead to more impressions. This simple formula will persuade YouTube to share your content more often, and it is the key to increasing new viewers.

Next, when you want to convert these new viewers into return or loyal viewers, check out YouTube Analytics. It provides the closest being average views per viewer, which can reveal how loyal your audiences are.   

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Keep loyal viewers with Quality Watch Time 

YouTube is moving beyond the idea of raw watch time, so the Quality Watch Time appears to keep something more constructive. So the target that you want to reach is getting more views and maintaining the viewer’s interest.


Keep the audience interested in your content.

“A viewer may watch something for 10 minutes, but were they satisfied by the experience? Did they get the answer that they wanted? Were they entertained, emotionally moved? Has it created, built upon, or solidified the relationship the viewer has with the creator, and YouTube as a video platform?”

The solution that YouTubers should apply is making engaging video content. “Engaging” means your video is attractive enough to keep the viewers for a long period of time. If your content can successfully answer those above questions, you have already met the demands of the loyal viewers. 

Video optimization with keyword

If you have optimized your video correctly, your video can show up on top of the search results. So the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is pretty important if you want to get more views, watch time, and new subscribers. Here are the primary notes for you to work on YouTube SEO with appropriate keywords:

  • Research about YouTube keywords. Firstly, you should generate a list of ideas relating to your topics. Then, break down the topics, focus on keywords relevant to your customer’s needs, and develop that idea into the key message in your video.
  • SEO highlights. There are some SEO tips that you should remember:
  • Say your target keyword in your video.
  • The main keyword should appear at the beginning of the title and video description.
  • Take advantage of using Tags with keywords because it helps to rank your video higher and suggesting your video on the sidebar area.

It is the quality of your content that keeps people watching, but SEO can get people’s foot in that door. 

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Suggested videos 

Another way that you can get traffic to your videos is by suggested videos when YouTube recommends your content for other viewers to watch. 

There are four places that YouTube is suggesting your content: on the right sidebar, on the home screen, after a video finishes, and when viewers scroll down in the app on your phone.

One proper way to convince YouTube of your channel’s credibility is raising the “engagement actions,” including likes, dislikes, and comments. You can reply to a lot of comments or pose some questions at the end of your video. That would gain quite a few emotional reactions from the viewers, which are the favorite conditions suggested by YouTube.


Engagement actions between viewers.

The ultimate goal of YouTube is to get people to binge-watch content, stay on the platform longer, and keep watching video after video. So, if you want YouTube to take your video and serve it to many people, your goal is to impact YouTube in terms of quality and engagement of your content. 

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In a nutshell

YouTube algorithm 2021 has adjusted to improve the user’s experience, and that also is a challenge to many YouTubers in the path of growing their channels.

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