How to Use Creative Commons Videos on YouTube Without Copyright Claims


Many Youtubers have considered creative commons YouTube videos as a powerful feature to enhance the distinctive and expand the diversity in their content. However, not every content creator knows how to use it properly, leading to some unavoidable troubles.

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What are Copyright strikes?


Copyright strikes

If your video uses someone else’s content without permission, you are more likely to receive a Copyright strike. As a result, your video probably will be removed. YouTubers might be afraid if they encounter three pending Copyright strikes. That is when their channel would be terminated, and you can’t get around it by starting a new YouTube channel.

How to handle the Copyright strikes?

YouTube Studio recently has the Copyright strikes card on the left-hand side, making it easy to see how this strike affects your channel as soon as you open the dashboard. Clicking the card, you can notice your Copyright strikes with detailed information about the impacted videos.

Another way to find out about the Copyright strikes and any Content ID claims is to open the video library. In the Filter part, you choose Copyright claims, then you will see both videos that have copyright strikes and videos with Content ID claims. Finally, you can click into the Restrictions column to see the information about what happened. 

You can take action against the strike by choosing to contact the claimant or submit a counter-notification.

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What is Creative Commons?

To avoid encountering Copyright strikes, now we have Creative Commons. When you take a photo, shoot a video, or make music, you own it, and you have the Copyright. Therefore, you can decide how it is used, who can use it, or whether it can be copied, shared, and remixed by others. However, getting permission can be time-consuming and complicated for both the creators and the users, and Creative Commons can help.


Creative Commons

Creative Commons is a California nonprofit organization. It strives to help artists share their work without losing their copyrights, and at the same time, it supports other content creators to use original content and not get sued for copyright infringement. It is explicit and straightforward. 

What are Creative Commons Licenses?

Creative Commons hires lawyers to draft the different types of licenses, which require no money for the service from the licensed people. These licenses enable lawful collaboration, give permission to everyone to freely reuse the creative works. Here are the four baseline rights that you should pay attention to:

  • BY: attribute the work to its owner.
  • NC: prevent the user from using the creative work for commercial purposes.
  • ND: indicate the user can use the work but cannot apply any changes to it, no remixing.
  • SA: give the permission for modifying and distributing the creative content, but the user must share their work under the same terms as the original one.

Creative Commons rights

Creative Commons license has a three-layer design: the legal code, the human-readable, and the machine-readable. And mixing and combining the above four rights with other conditions will result in 16 Creative Commons licenses. Again, you should visit the website to find out more details.

If you want to share your work on the Creative Commons system as a creator, you should follow these easy steps: log in, answer a few questions, then name a particular license. After reviewing that license, you can tell the world that you have shared your work on that specific license by publishing the name of it with your work of art.

With video creators, they need to put the name of the Creative Commons license that they want to choose in the description section. Using a Creative Commons license will help owners grant the YouTube community the right to reuse and edit that video; they also develop their brands quickly. 

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Factors that help you get a Creative Commons license

Your content can be licensable if:

  • Your content is original.
  • Other videos are marked with a CC BY license.
  • Videos are in the public domain, and there can be more reasons for it.

There are hundreds of sites using these licenses:,, Vimeo, Soundcloud, etc., and YouTube is one of those active websites that make use of it.

How to use Creative Commons Videos on YouTube channel Without violating Copyright?  

Creative Commons licenses can inspire content creators to legally broaden creative works. This is because it claims Copyright and grants the right to use that content to others legally.

Access Creative Commons Videos on YouTube

There are two easy methods to find out videos that have Creative Commons licenses.

  • One method is to go to the YouTube search bar, enter the person’s name or the topic that you want to look for, then add coma and “creativecommons“. Here is an example for the keyword: “cat,creativecommons” or “taylor swift,creativecommons“.
  • Another way is to search the particular topic, click on the Filter button beneath the search bar, and choose Creative Commons. The search results will provide you the videos with a Creative Commons license.

Searching for Creative Commons videos on YouTube.

It is essential to pay attention to one thing: When downloading any video, you need to note the title, the Creative Commons license, and other relevant information about the videos. Then, in case receiving a copyright warning from YouTube, you can dispute the claim by sending a short email, providing the link and its license with a soft and clear statement.

Remember to give attribution to the owner

After choosing the Creative Commons videos on YouTube that you want to use, open it in another tab. You need to check its license; the bottom video description line is the one that shows the license of the selected video. 

You often see the selected video has a Creative Commons Attribution license, with the abbreviated icons CC BY. This license allows you to reuse, modify, merge, adapt, and customize, just as you wish. Then you download the video to your device. 

One note to remember is that you have to use the Creative Commons license videos according to the terms and conditions of the particular licenses selected by the original creator. 

However, one situation can happen: Later in time, some persons who designated the Creative Commons licenses could claim benefits from their videos. He might state that you are not using his particular video clip the way he wanted. It seems that you have violated the Copyright.

For example, you download a video and use it for commercial purposes like an infomercial ad. Later on, in time, someone popped up and declared: “That video clip was designated for non-commercial uses. I want you to take it down.”

YouTubers have to understand that using Creative Commons Videos does not give you a free license to use it in any method for any matter. Furthermore, all Creative Commons videos share the requirement of attribution. 


Your video description should have enough necessary information.

So, suppose you use a Creative Commons Video in your clip. In that case, you must cite the original creator by placing a link back to their main website in the video description. Additionally, you might need to state clearly that the content was taken from that author’s work for your allowed purposes.  

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Check over your work before publishing

The Checks step has been added on Youtube Studio to screen your videos for potential Copyright and ad-suitability issues before your video launches.


The Checks step – new function to make sure Creative Commons Videos on YouTube go well.

When you upload a video, you will see a Checks step in the upload flow. This is how this process works. YouTube will automatically check your video for Copyright content and Ad-Suitability. It might take a few minutes and can be run in the background.

If no issues are found, you will see the green check next to each section. However, if you have Copyright issues, you will have a clear view of your video’s copyright summary and status. You can also take relevant actions, such as: trim out segments, replace song, mute song, or dispute the claim if you believe it was made incorrectly. 

This Checks step only looks for Content ID matches and does not anticipate or prevent copyright strikes. But it is a careful step for you to review the Creative Commons Videos on YouTube before publishing any content.

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In a nutshell

Creative Commons videos on YouTube encourage content creators to collaborate and share their work with others. As a result, YouTubers can maximize the power of the Internet, nurture its spirit of innovation and strengthen the exchange of experiences and cultures. 

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