5 brilliant YouTube channel ideas without showing your face 2021


You have countless YouTube channel ideas with an endless passion to become an outstanding YouTuber. But there is a problem that confuses you: how to generate video ideas without showing your face? Take a look at the article below.

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Why do some YouTubers refuse to show their face on video?

Making Youtube videos is a great way to earn money. But here is one problem: you don’t want to appear in those videos. The reasons could be you don’t have a good camera, recording yourself could be quite challenging, or simply you are not confident enough to be in front of the camera. 

It might be a struggle making you keep wondering where to get the YouTube channel ideas without being on camera. But don’t be afraid, there are several ways to handle it.

What do you need to create exciting videos with the best youtube channel ideas but not involving your face? 


A microphone or even your cell phone would be necessary if you want to get into voice-over. Even headphones with a built-in microphone are possible in this case. However, suppose you want your videos to be of excellent quality and not showing your face. In that case, you need to make sure that your audio quality is good enough. Therefore, you should consider investing in a mic with pretty good sound.

Camera and tripod

If you want to film your hand doing the work or film something to illustrate your ideas, you need a camera or a cell phone with a great camera and a tripod to get the top-down shots.


Camera and tripod.

Screen recording

It is pretty easy for you to record your computer screen or smartphone screen. That is a typical way to make a technology tutorial or any other kind of tutorial on YouTube. 

This practical approach can simplify the way of expressing the message to the audience. You can explain how the software works exactly with real-life examples right in front of the viewer’s eyes.

The good news is there are few different kinds of free software for recording your screen to make these types of videos.

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Stock footage

Stock footage is the video you can buy online which has been recorded by other people. You can purchase video footage by lists or retail each one on sales sites and string them into your own videos.


Although animation sounds pretty complicated and needs several technical skills relating to advanced 3D animation, there are still simple ways to create animation videos. For example, you can use some programs that automatically create specific animations (like a hand drawing on a whiteboard). Then, all you have to do is add the content. 


This is a method of showing what you are mentioning or demonstrating any instruction visually without your face in front of the camera. Basically, the video provides precisely the things, the work, the objects that you are heading to. So, for example, you are telling a story; instead of showing your face, you can display the scenes or the words in the story.

Top 5 clever YouTube channel ideas without showing your face and how to make it work

Cooking tutorial

When you are already fluent in basic cooking techniques and have a firm mindset about teaching, you can start your cooking channel. You would need a camera to shoot footage of the process of cooking a dish. And, of course, your face does not have to be included. The cooking tutorials will be recorded from the top-down shots, and the viewers only see your hands doing the work of making the food. Another way to capture all the cooking steps is by filming the close-up shots from different angles. 


A cooking channel on YouTube.

Here are some notes for you if you want to be an excellent chef who even does not have to appear on the screen:

  • Watch and learn from several famous cooking channels: Food content ideas for YouTube are endless. We can see many cooking channels are receiving thousands of subscribers. That is why you should closely observe them. You should notice how easy their instructions are, whether their recipes are different or not, how delicious their food looks, etc.
  • Plan your schedule: Brainstorm your distinguishing recipes, film the process, edit the clip, then upload it. Try to maintain your uploading schedule (once per week or more) because it will help you retain followers.
  • Listen to your audience: Spend time reading the feedback and comments below your videos because it will help you realize your strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, interact with your audience to know what they want to see.
  • Problem-solving skill: It is impossible to retain viewers if your food is not as good as they think it is. Therefore, if there is any mistake, you need to learn how to fix it. 

Starting a cooking channel might include many trials and errors. Still, it could be the best topic for a YouTube channel if you do not want to show your face on the video.

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Art tutorial

An art tutorial, somehow, is the same as a cooking tutorial in the way of filming: a camera records the work of your hands with top-down shots or detailed closeup shots. So, for example, if you are interested in nail art, a video showing how you polish the nails perfectly would tempt the young girls.

Art is a pretty broad subject, so you should consider the followings:

  • Narrow your niche: Niche is a segment of the market you wish to capture, so what would you like to do as an artist on YouTube? You have to answer this question first. Let’s say your talent is painting, and you want to make tutorial clips, but it is pretty wide as a niche. So you should narrow it down into something more specific, such as watercolor painting, animal painting, flowers painting, etc. It is better if you can master one thing, then slowly expand to others.
  • Pick an artistic name for your channel: It should be unique and easy to remember. It could be your real name or the words that relate to the art that you are following.
  • Constantly improve your skills: In the art channels, viewers always want to see the best quality videos, so you must constantly develop your art-related skills.

Technology tutorial

If your technology knowledge is considerably comprehensive, you can try working on YouTube channel ideas with tech tutorials. In this case, the screen recording technique can come in really handy.


Tech tutorials will help you fix the problems.

There are some things that you may need to know when starting YouTube on tech tutorials:

  • Know your audience’s problem: Every tool, every software, usually comes with a user manual, it can be bundled with the product, or you can easily find it online. But sometimes, we encounter troubles beyond the scope of information provided in the user manual. Then, use that information to choose a tutorial topic because that will help the most number of people.
  • Write a clear script on each step: No ramblings, no extra details, no backstories, no meandering topics.
  • Clean up your desktop: When recording your video, close any application you don’t need, and turn off any notifications that might pop up.
  • Pay attention to the sound: If you want to voice over your tutorials, Audacity and Adobe Audition are the recommended applications for removing mistakes and extra noise from your audio. 

It is terrific for those who know nothing about tech if you try your best to create some awesome tech tutorials. 

Inspirational video (using stock footage)

Making tutorials, where you have to actually shoot or record something yourself, is unlike making inspirational videos with the stock footage already created for you. However, inspirational videos are great for YouTube channel ideas.

Inspirational video is one of the most accessible sorts of video you could create without showing your face:

  • Provide motivational messages: Famous people have many quotes that you can make clips to clarify, or several influential stories that you can search on the Internet. You can record your voice telling the stories, or you can put the quotes on the video. 
  • Write the script if you want to voice over your clip: This step is similar to making a tech tutorial but it prefers a more inspirational tone to your voice. Fluent wording is also essential to let viewers feel the critical message. Remember that the manner of speaking and the audio quality matters a lot.

The more time and effort you put into it, the better your results are going to be.

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Book summary/reviews

According to recent research on video marketing statistics, 72% of people prefer to watch the video rather than reading the text. So a book summary could be an interesting option for YouTube video ideas.


Summary of the book “Who moved my cheese?”

There are some ways to talk about books on your video without showing your face. For example, you can summarize the book, review it in your opinion, or even earn money by selling the book from your affiliate links. Here are some notes that you might need to know:

  • Concise script: Many people looking for synopsis videos don’t want to hear a long speech, so summarize it in a concise yet informative way. If you choose a detail in your book to discuss, you should provide clear arguments and convincing evidence for your point.
  • Visual content: Instead of showing you talking about the book in front of a camera, the video would be much more interesting and connected to the script if it is full of lines in the books, animated characters, or related free stock footage.
  • Fair use: Summarize the book’s content in your own word, don’t copy any other content. Remember to clearly state the excerpt from the book. To be more careful, you can adopt a “Disclaimer’, where you give the names of the author, publisher, and any other third party having the rights to the book. Read more about this copyright to make sure your video is able for monetization.

Many people love reading books, but they do not have time to do it. The YouTube channel idea of book summary would allow you to get most of the benefits as a content creator.

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In short

Not showing yourself on the video wouldn’t affect several YouTube channel ideas much. You still can earn money, use it as a creative hobby, or make an impact on the world without having your face on the Internet.

And if you want to learn more about interesting creative ideas on this same topic, sign up for AudienceGain right now. We are consistently ready to provide optimal service for your channel with practical advice from the 24/7 online support team. So don’t miss the opportunity to nurture your creativity in long-term development!


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