Who has become a billionaire by making money on Youtube?


Well, the answer is, we don’t know. But here’s the thing! Is Youtube really worth a great fortune? Is making money on Youtube such a piece of cake by just uploading video of you being goofing around with your cats? Well, in fact, there are truly some individuals who literally post videos for a living.

However, to be frank, PewDiePie and the little boy Ryan Kaji are far off being billionaires on YouTube, to a certain point, makes a very good profit from their careers. And in return, this video-sharing platform supports them with effective tools to help them reach their peak.

As we said, this is a win-win relationship.


Do Youtube billionaires really exist?

On top of that, we all know that videos are the future of online marketing. Indeed, the idea of a person can be rich by just staring at the camera and talking by his/herself was non-existent more than 10 years ago.

And even now, those who are heavily exposed to advanced technology, they do not understand what a Youtube creator works to make that much money.

In this article, we’re going to list the creators we find who actually have a great influence on social media by their unique contents. Besides, all of them take their careers very seriously and some even become millionaires.

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8 top-earning creators on making money on Youtube

Ryan Kaji – the youngest figure making money from Youtube

In 2020, 9-year-old American boy Ryan Kaji had just been named the YouTuber with the most money-earnings by Forbes, with the amount of profit up to $29.5 million.


Ryan Kaji – 9-year-old boy with his successful Youtube career

To be more detailed, Ryan Kaji’s World channel, which began operating in 2015 managed by the little boy’s parents has now attracted about 41.7 million subscribers, in addition to 12.2 billion views.

Ryan Kaji’s most popular video is “Huge Eggs Surprise Toys Challenge” with over 2 billion views. This is also one of the 60 most watched videos ever on YouTube channel.

Kaji can currently earn millions of dollars each year through his “empire” business on YouTube, TV and on the shelves of many large retailers like Target or Walmart in America.

The boy’s popularity started with YouTube in 2015, with his toy unboxings videos. The boy’s parents uploaded videos about the gadgets of the toys he built. From there, the channel began to develop into a channel providing educational material for children, not just simply engaging unboxings

Furthermore, with the guidance of a pair of business-savvy parents and his representative studios – Pocket.Watch. Kaji quickly expanded beyond YouTube and participated in many TV shows on Nickelodeon and Roku. The boy also soon sold his branded products in stores.

Well, as for his personal life, his parents always strive to keep their son living the life of a normal 9-year-old boy, going to school, practicing swimming and taekwondo with his friends rather than being an idol of the worldwide children.

The boy’s father, Mr. Shion said that with the channel’s growing growth, he and his wife realized they needed a large amount of staff to make Ryan’s video processes more efficient. As a result, his family currently manages a 30-person production team under the name Sunlight Entertainment.

Typically, Ryan only shoots videos about an hour on weekdays and about 3 hours on weekends. There were also a few weeks that Ryan didn’t shoot video.

“With traditional forms, children have to shoot all day,” said Loann – Ryan’s mother. “What we try to do is provide a normal childhood for our children. It still has plenty of time to do and enjoy other hobbies. ”

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Pewdiepie – the iconic creators making money on Youtube

There have been a few random statements on social networks that people started binge-watching Youtube thanks to PewDiePie’s gaming videos. Indeed, this Swedish guy is really one of the biggest success stories on the platform.


Pewdiepie – the veteran gaming Youtuber

The creator once said that he didn’t start becoming a YouTuber to make money. He always tries to be humble since he wants to live a normal life, and doesn’t want to use money to change his life.

But for now, look at his career. Although he has never been specific about the amount of money he earns from Youtube each year, it is said that PewDiePie makes a total of $58.2 million per year, which works out to $4.85 million per month.

To be more detailed, he does not only make money as a Youtube Partner (the approximately amount of money from Youtube Ads is $1.6 million each month). He can earn well from his merchandise, which is about $42.75 million per month and that figure for affiliate marketing and brand deals is $500K.

Besides, according to Forbes,  PewDiePie makes $13 million a year from YouTube in 2019, but it’s unclear if that number includes income aside from ad revenue.

And no one even comes close to those outstanding numbers.

With a humble start in 2010, while still in school, PewDiePie is famous for playing comedy-style horror games, considered the most influential character in the gaming world. Recently, this guy started a strong livestream activity in the battle between platforms like YouTube, Twitch or Facebook Gaming.

On top of that, It is known that PewDiePie channel currently has 108 million subscribers, more than 26 billion views over 4,200 videos.

Dude Perfect

These are the guys who make everyday fantasies a reality, meaning you just randomly push the shopping cart in the supermarket then it hits the drop off place with just one straight push. Or in another scenario, throwing a bunch of keys into the backpack of your friend who is about to leave the house.


Dude Perfect – the “trick-shot” guys on Youtube

Well, we’re talking about trick-shots. The other “trick shots” appearing in their clips are also very interesting and spectacular, making viewers think that the boys do it without much effort, they can hit the bread in the oven, hit three spoons into three cups at once and so forth.

Dude Perfect is a five-member team: Coby, Cory Cotton, Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones and Tyler Toney, all of them were high school friends and shared the same school basketball team. From the head start, they were just a bunch of guys enjoying the viral “trick shot” game among young people and challenged each other to see who performed the more spectacular moves.

Now, the group has a YouTube channel with over 54,7 million subscribers. It’s estimated their annual salary is around $12 million from YouTube. With other sources of income from TV shows, endorsements, merchandise, this figure can rise up to $30 million.

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Rhett and Link

Are you suffering from OCD, like when you see someone snacking, they open the chips at the end of the pack but not the top, then you just can’t stand it? Or in other cases, uneven capris, an unsolved Rubik’s cube, toilet paper facing inwards?


Rhett & Link – Good Mythical Morning comedian duo

Sound similar, OCD-ers? Look for the OCD song of the duo Rhett and Link to feel some sympathy. The music video was released in 2014 and now had over 54 million views.

Started producing comedy show Good Mythical Morning in 2012, Rhett and Link are named the most veteran stars on YouTube. In addition to self-produced content, the comedian duo also set up a Mythical Entertainment business with more than 100 employees to create more YouTube products.

The content of the channel revolves around the daily stories of two comedic-styled content creators. Right now, the channel Good Mythical Morning has over 16.8 million subscribers and the Rhett and Link channel themselves has reached 4,97 million subscribers.

Moreover, they also own two other YouTube comedy channels, publish two books, create a podcast channel, two books, and a multi-channel network called Smosh, which was purchased for $10 million earlier in 2019.

As for the profit they monetize from the Youtube channels, it is estimated that they make over $20 million and 19 billion views in 2020.

Preston Arsement


Preston Arsement – Minecraft and Call of duty gaming channel

Preston Arsement is a very famous gaming creator. Started the channel in 2010 and mostly filmed himself playing Call of duty and Minecraft, now he’s a star of game discovery videos, in addition to Fortnite and prank contents.

In addition to the channel Call on Duty with 8.79 million subscribers, the 26-year-old also owns 5 other channels with different contents, estimated total of more than 33.4 million subscribers, helping him earn more than $19 million this year, which also accumulates 3.3 billions of views.

Part of Arsement’s consecutive success comes from its ability to read industry trends. This is not only about the business opportunities, but his video style as well. In order to produce more high-quality videos, he had built a team by working with Night Media in 2017 to effectively contribute to the rapid increase in the number of audiences.

Now he has created more gaming videos for children, like LEGO and the trendy game this year-Among Us. Besides, now, he creates vlog-style content that focuses on children like challenge videos and pranks.

Apart from making money from Youtube, he also has established his own brand called Preston Styles to sell merchandise.

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Jeffree Star

The cosmetics industry in recent years is gradually accepting a new factor – the participation of beauty boys in the game. The beauty boys just need to love beauty, make-ups, hair-styling and Jeffree Star is the boss of the beauty-cosmetics niches on Youtube.


Jeffree Star – talented beauty boy of the cosmetics world

Before becoming a beauty blogger, Jeffrey once pursued an artistic career to become a singer. Nearly ten years of cherished help motivated him to gather knowledge step by step. He used to work as a make-up artist in music videos, for grand events, wedding parties and lavish fashion shows.

Characterized by the elegant, stylish and luxurious style, his Youtube channel has about 16.9 million subscribers, which earns 15 million USD and 600 views in 2020.

In addition to the profit-making from YouTube, other sources of income of this beauty blogger also comes from makeup classes and her own cosmetic brand – Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

David Dobrik

With the exception of the creators who used to be popular on Vine (now defunct) platforms like Miranda Sing or Liza Koshy, it can be said that David Dobrik is the most successful star when converting his active territory to Youtube.


David Dobrik – Slovak-born American YouTube personality.

This American Slovakian Youtuber is well-known for his vlogs and antics with a group of creators dubbed Vlog Squad. Now as a social media personality, his channel has over 18 million subscribers and has earned him $15.5 million and 2.7 billion views. Indeed, his quick-witted comedy pranks and sketches resonated with viewers on the video-creating platform.

In 2020, Dobrik has given lots of attention to TikTok with about 24.7 million followers. However, in March, Dobrik said his vlogs were essentially unable to be filmed while in quarantine due to the Covid-19 translation.

Also in 2020, Dobrik released a photo capture and editing application. The app is inspired by Dobrik’s secondary Instagram account, where he posts 90s retro-style and disposable camera photos.

Li Ziqi

The only Asian figure on the list. Li Ziqi has long been a prevailing creator known to many people, not only in China but also in many parts of the world.


Li Ziqi – Chinese country girl and her aesthetics

Li Ziqi went to Beijing at the age of 14 to make a living, but decided to move back to her hometown – Sichuan to take care of her grandmother. She opened a local specialty store online. After that, her life began to have a big change when the country girl began to upload videos of her recording her daily life on Youtube.

The clip format specializes in making local dishes and was not only unique at that time but also very interesting, bringing a sense of peace and comfort to the viewers

Furthermore, she has a seemingly large insight of the traditional craft, cooking and foraging, and her videos are viewed millions of times around the world.

With that being said, on social networks, there were even many clips that were said to be “plagiarist” Li Ziqi content with the same shooting style but made of different dishes in different localities. This proves her undeniable attractions on social networking sites.

So far, Li has shot over 100 videos and her channel now has more than 13,9 millions subscribers. Videos of traditional Lunar-New-Year dishes, the country girl wearing a red cape riding a horse and making bamboo furniture from scratch has received millions of views.

Well, as for the work of making money from Youtube, there is some rumours saying that she has made 168 million yuan in 2020 (which is $23 millions), but she denied this right away.

However, there is no need to speculate Li’ outstanding success, since she has great commercial value. Currently , she owns a shop on China’s e-commerce platform TaoBao selling traditional Chinese food, and an English language shop for other food, herbal tea and fairy-style clothes.

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