Why Aren’t My YouTube Shorts Not Getting Views [5 Problems]


YouTube shorts not getting views is a big problem in the content creator community. It is important to understand what factors influence the distribution and popularity of videos on this platform and what are the causes for it. Read this article by AudienceGain for answers.

Short videos on YouTube don’t get views for several reasons:

  • Short content does not attract viewers
  • The format of the video is incorrect
  • Don’t use hashtags
  • Duration is too long
  • Due to the lack of content

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1. Your short content is not engaging viewers

youtube shorts not getting views

1.1 Problem

✖️ When creating short content, every second has great value in influencing viewers. When people watch Short Videos, they are looking for quick and fun fun. If they stop watching mid-stream, your retention rate will decrease and YouTube will stop publishing your Short Video.

✖️ YouTube stated that the algorithm follows the audience. So if the audience gives no responses to the Short video that you’re uploading, YouTube will stop trying to test your videos. People are not interested in your 60-second content implies a negative signal so your Shorts will not be promoted. This trouble might be the reason why your YouTube Shorts not getting views.

1.2 Solution

✔️ Within the first 3-5 seconds, you must grab the viewer’s attention (avoid extraneous intros and other elements in your Shorts; you only have 60 seconds to work with, so don’t squander any of them on filler).

✔️ Get right to the point, or, if you’re presenting a tale, start with a hook to keep the audience’s attention from the first few seconds, and then follow through on the promise you made in the video.

✔️ Another strategy to keep your YouTube Shorts audience interested is to show rather than explain. Explaining something often takes a lot longer than simply showing something in action, and watching something happen is more interesting than listening to the theory.

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2. The format of the videos is incorrect

youtube shorts not getting views

2.1 Problem

YouTube Shorts are meant for short-form mobile viewing and compete directly with TikTok.

✖️ Consumers are accustomed to seeing shorter information on their smartphones in a vertical orientation, you should alter your films to reflect this.

✖️ If you create a square or horizontal video, you’ll have more free screen areas to employ to keep the viewer’s attention. Viewers can see a lot less of the video if it’s been arranged to seem horizontal when viewed vertically, especially with horizontal video.

2.2 Solution

✔️Aim for a 9:16 aspect ratio, and if cutting into a video, make sure the primary region is in the middle.

✔️ You should be fine if you’re making YouTube Shorts with your TikTok account, as YouTube doesn’t punish videos with the TikTok logo on them.

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3. YouTube Shorts not getting views because of wrong hashtags

YouTube Shorts not getting views

3.1 Problem

✖️ There is one exception here: you do not have to include the hashtag in your video, for YouTube to identify it as a Short. However, including the #shorts hashtag in your video might help it be picked up by YouTube faster.

✖️ You generally don’t need to use the hashtag if you’ve previously had numerous videos picked up and performed well, but it won’t hurt your video’s performance if you do. As a result, you should probably include it nonetheless.

3.2 Solution

✔️ #Shorts is the right hashtag to put on your Shorts. It should be plural, and it doesn’t matter if the initial letter is capitalized or not. It doesn’t matter if you put it in the title or the description of your video.

4. The duration is too long

4.1 Problem

✖️ Your YouTube Shorts not getting views is possible if your videos are too lengthy. It must be wrong if you believe that you have to use all 60 seconds.

✖️ You don’t have to utilize the full 60 seconds, and if you do, you’ll end up with a lot of unneeded fluff, which will make the video less entertaining.

✖️ This, like the preceding point, increases video drop-off and lowers viewer retention. As a result, YouTube will promote your Shorts less.

4.2 Solution

✔️ Keep your YouTube Shorts as brief as possible. If you can convey the message/value in less than 10 seconds, go for it. Make your movie 30 seconds lengthy if it takes 30 seconds.

✔️ Do not spend additional seconds after your video describing what you do or asking for subscribers, likes, or other forms of feedback. They will subscribe if they want to, and if you add 10 seconds of self-marketing, people will unsubscribe, lowering your retention rate.

✔️ Short and sweet are always the target.

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5. YouTube Shorts not getting views due to lack of content

Content is what attract viewers the most

5.1 Problem

✖️ Creating content for multiple platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, your website, and even TikTok, is an essential part of establishing an audience.

✖️ When it comes to new platforms and services, the content issue appears. If you already fave a solid position on that platform, gaining a lot of traction rapidly is not difficult, but there is just not enough material to fulfill demand (if there is an audience already, think Instagram Reels, LinkedIn posts, etc.).

✖️ This is a problem that most creators have with YouTube Shorts as well. Because a lot of channels grew quickly using Shorts in the beginning, it’s expected that you’ll rocket and have a million subscribers after 10 Shorts. However, as more creators submit Shorts, the likelihood of yours being included to the YouTube Shorts section might decrease.

5.2 Solution

✔️ You need to publish more interesting content to boost the chances of your YouTube Shorts and Promotion YouTube Video being discovered by the appropriate people.

✔️ They may expand rapidly, allowing your Shorts to appear on the shorts shelf more quickly.

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Short videos are becoming increasingly popular on YouTube, and now is the time to capitalize. When your YouTube Shorts not getting views, consider whether you have one of the 5 problems we mentioned above and fix them immediately. Moreover, if you want to boost your shorts on the Short shelf, contact AudienceGain right now to receive more valuable solutions.

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