How To Fix Your Youtube Videos With 0 Views?



YouTube is a constantly changing social media platform. More and more people are watching a variety of content on YouTube. It was found that almost 27% of viewers watch more than 10 hours of video content per week. With such a far-reaching popularity and engagement, why do videos on YouTube with 0 views exist?

How To Fix Your Youtube Videos With 0 Views

There are a few reasons why you have Youtube videos with no views.

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Why Do I Have Youtube Videos With 0 Views?

Youtube is undeniably a large platform for famous potential influencers; Yet a new study found that 90% of uploaded videos cannot exceed 1,000 views.

Many YouTube videos have no views, which signals that your content does not attract people in your niche market or your target audience. Some of the specific reasons are shown below:

The Thumbnail For Your Video Is Boring

Your thumbnail is the first and foremost thing a viewer will have an overview of what your content is. Most YouTube videos with zero views lack an appealing image or thumbnail. As a result, audience may choose to ignore them.

Therefore, many Youtubers usually make clickbaits despite their authenticity to get more views.

Your Video Is Excessively Long

Sure, long videos can give you more chances to add more advertisements, but advertisement is not the concern for newcomers. A video should be between 10 to 15 minutes long.

How To Fix Your Youtube Videos With 0 Views

However, sometimes you need to consider your target segment as different types of Youtube users will have different preferences.

For instance, a long documentary video for adult viewers can be long and go into detail. For teens viewers to get involved with your videos, consider making them around 5 minutes.

The Beginning Of Your Video Seems Hazy Or Slow

From the explosive introduction of other platforms like TikTok, the era for short videos has arrived, which makes viewers more impatient. They will have the tension to skip long videos with boring beginnings and jump to the short ones.

Since Youtube videos are marked as long forms, you have to make it to the point at the beginning, short and sweet.

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You Don’t Keep Your Content Constant

YouTubers that begin with low views can easily get frustrated and doubt themselves for choosing this hard path. However, YouTubers with a huge fanbase are the ones that keep posting every week or even every day.

This shows that they appreciate their audience and that what they are doing is what they devote themselves to. Therefore, keep in mind when you have Youtube videos with 0 views, inconsistent video posting can ruin your future career path.

You Failed To Use The Appropriate Video Tags

Any online platform that involves searching will have a keyword that can boost the content to the sky.

Youtube is not an exception, so new Youtubers usually miss out on this opportunity to appear at the top of the search result. As a result, their video will be on the end of the list and will forever be in the dark.

Additionally, there are some other reasons why you can not get more views when you keep rewatching your video; again and again, YouTube might presume the viewer is a bot and stop accepting views.

Moreover, the platform will not calculate views when users make spam comments on videos.

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How To Fix Youtube Videos With 0 Views?

Five tricks can help you become an expert Youtuber:

Create Captivating Titles

An exciting or attractive title can nail even the most challenging viewers. In addition, a good video title will increase your channel’s subscriber count. This will also make your material more desirable to YouTube advertising.

Choose A Youtube Topic That Your Audience Is Interested In

Many YouTubers win the lottery with one million subscribers the first month they begin Youtube. However, some might take a year or even a couple of years to reach 100 thousand subscribers.

How To Fix Your Youtube Videos With 0 Views

The key element here is to keep your video’s topic consistent with what your target audience prefers; you can post your video 2 or three times a week, or even once a week is okay. Try not to disappear for too long, as your audience will gradually forget you and go for other similar channels.

Researching Channels In Your Niche To Get More View

Following trends on Youtube is crucial work. Pay attention to some famous channels in your niche market and how they did so well. Learn from the forerunner and make your content more unique and better than what your competitor can offer.

When creating tags for your content, start with the most relevant search tags, as the search engine will prioritize the tags that appear first.

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Make Your Thumbnails Unique And Interesting

A great thumbnail can help you win over ugly and irrelevant ones. Some Youtubers use clickbaits which can be helpful, but this can only be the last resort as this is an unauthentic work, especially if you want to build a platform to influence people.

The best option is to utilize some design applications such as Photoshop or Adobe Illustrators to make your thumbnails the most shining on the page.

Pay Attention To Google Search Results

SEO is a must on Youtube; remember to keep your tag section optimized and appropriate.

How To Fix Your Youtube Videos With 0 Views

YouTube works similarly to Google in that users enter a term for the video they want to watch, and the site returns a selection of videos that best match the keyword.

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Youtube is a profitable platform and has helped create a community where people entertain and inspire others. Having Youtube videos with 0 views can be demotivating trouble for newcomers.

This article goes through some of the key causes of such a problem and shows some important tactics that can help you reach a million subscribers on Youtube in no time.

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