Tips to “hack” your YouTube watch time increase real views and subs quickly


Are you looking for a secret to both increase real views and subscriptions to increase YouTube 4000 hours watch time hack significantly? Read this article, you will probably become a trusted expert in the YouTuber industry!

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1. How to “hack” YouTube watch time on your YouTube channel?

YouTube has long been no stranger to young people around the world. As the second-largest search engine in the world, YouTube brings huge profits to those who know the real views and subscriptions to turn on monetization.

At the same time, YouTube also helps many famous YouTubers that you should make by enhancing YouTube watch time to enhance your brand name and popularity. Many of you still can not grasp all the tips to “hack” YouTube watch time increase real views and subs.

Therefore, in today’s article, you will discover each tip increasing the rating index that YouTube often relies on to improve video rankings on the search bar.

YouTube watch time is a factor that YouTube often relies on to know whether viewers are really satisfied with your video or just a “fake view”. YouTube watch time reflects how long users watch.

If before October 2012, the total number of views was the main criterion that YouTube considered in ranking the video, today’s views are no longer that unique position.

YouTube’s algorithm is changing more complex and unpredictable. Ideal and top videos often have extremely high YouTube watch time. This entails the ability to promote your video and attract more views than usual.

1.1 Playlists structure to drive viewing experience


Playlist structure

Creating a playlist is the perfect way to pull YouTube watch time. You can direct your viewers to potential videos and topics they are curious about.

When viewers are interested in many videos in the playlist, increasing YouTube watch time is natural.

Create interesting sequences of videos to increase your YouTube watch time. You can optimize a playlist by using the YouTube start and end functions to list the IN and OUT points for each video.

This makes your channel look both professional and impressive.

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1.2 Choose exactly the title and thumbnail that reflects the content of the video

You know humans are visual animals. Designing a great thumbnail image is a great way to help viewers click and watch them over and over again.

You need to make sure your thumbnail works well on both your computer and your phone.

According to the report, experts say that in the first 10 to 15 seconds there is always a drop in video viewership retention because there are no cool titles and attractive thumbnails.

Because viewers don’t see the potential of a video after they see a shoddy title and thumbnail

1.3 Use tags in the video


Using tag on youtube

Using tags is a good tactic in all cases where you want to increase the YouTube watch time quickly and safely.

It is often combined with the above two tips. You should use tags as a means to save viewers from boredom and hold them off longer on your helpful videos.

1.4 Create content based on phrases on YouTube

You can identify the most searched keywords through YouTube’s suggestion feature. The YouTube search bar suggestions are not randomized, it is based on the needs of the viewer.

This means that they see the keyword as the most phrases, it will show up on the search bar.

You should not tag oddly but also tag with phrases because this not only increases YouTube watch time but also helps your video improve ranking in the top search.

2. How to “hack” views on YouTube?

Before learning how to “hack” views on the YouTube channel, you can refer to some tools to increase organic views on YouTube as follows:

  • Keyword Tool – a tool to support, provide, analyze and suggest keywords for YouTube videos
  • VidIQ – A manager to help you gain control over your opponent’s views and research
  • Google Trends – A tool to help you easily access trends in the online community
  • Canva – YouTube Thumbnail Creation Tool to make videos stand out and more interesting
  • Social network – The most convenient tool to increase YouTube views and share YouTube

Of the tools above, the one that you should pay attention to the most is probably the social network. The potential of social networks is enormous. You can reach anyone wishing to watch your videos worldwide.

But what you need to note is that the available features of YouTube when sharing to third parties should be done manually to improve security.

Today’s popular social networks that you should consider to increase view and YouTube watch hours such as Medium, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, …

For a video to be at the top of YouTube recommendations and increase the views quickly, it must depend on the following 3 basic things:

  • Recommended videos are 4 introductory videos from the creator of the random selection algorithm
  • Related videosImportant are videos similar to your own
  • Recommended videos are based on viewers

According to the statistics report, many views are unlikely to be recommended, but can only receive 40% or more of the viewers.

It can be said that you need to build other solid and sustainable elements to make sure to reach the top-recommended as well as increase views quickly and organically.

2.1 Encourage interactive action

You will probably be surprised at the fact that a video wants many views to diligently interact with viewers and prove their brand appeal.

YouTube algorithm will pay attention to videos with lots of likes or dislikes, complimenting comments.

This means that according to YouTube’s way, when you watch a video, your brain releases endorphins or something, that substance will motivate you to like/dislike and comment to express your reaction and emotions for video.

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2.2 Use the thumbnail bogy

Are you feeling strange when you see the phrase “bogy thumbnail”? You don’t get it wrong, “bogy thumbnail” is the best way to increase 100% organic view on YouTube.


Use the thumbnail bogy

Usually, the colors that the “bogy thumbnail” uses often include blue, green, orange, and yellow. It is completely different from the videos in red, white, or black.

In other words, the application of the outstanding color of the “bogy thumbnail” stimulates viewers to more eager to click on their videos.

2.3 Video titles are bound to stand out

Choosing the right title contains keywords that only ensure YouTube watch time, not high views for you. The new featured title helps you rank top in the search engine bar. You should note the following:

  • First, you should add parentheses or square brackets to the end of the title to impress
  • Second, you should put the numbers in the title. It could be this year, the number of steps taken in a video, or it could be the number of people who missed your video
  • Lastly, you should notice that a title should be between 40 and 50 characters long. Videos under 50 characters in titles have a higher view count than videos with titles over 50 characters.

2.4 Pay attention to the video description

If the above tip to “hack” YouTube watch time is to choose the right title and thumbnail, below the wire you need to pay attention to the video description. “Strong intro” only needs 2 to 3 sentences.

But the “detailed outline” requires about 150 words. Do not write too long because often no viewers like to read the lengthy and disconnected fragments lacking links at all.

In the “video description”, you can insert links to websites and social media.

In the video description just need to meet the basic requirements of the above 3 parts and contain keywords after using or VidIQ research, it will increase organic views quickly.

2.5 Use “MVC formula” for video tags

The MVC formula is an acronym for the words “Main Keyword”, “Variations”, and “Category”. When you have the main keyword, you will make variations. The above keywords will be sorted in a certain order.

Normally, YouTuber will insert keywords with few searchers to make it easier to climb to the top of the search.

The variety of keywords makes it easy for your videos to search no matter what keywords viewers type in the search bar.

3. How to “hack” subscribers on YouTube?

No matter how cool or interesting your video is, you won’t be able to monetize it if you don’t reach potential audiences.

After viewers are interested in your channel, viewers will subscribe directly to receive notifications when your channel posts the next new video.

Here are some tips you should consider to increase your YouTube subscriptions.

3.1 Embedding videos on a website can increase YouTube subscriptions for free

Embedding videos on the website is a way to optimize the budget and orient the long-term development of the channel.

In websites and weblogs can help you reach more viewers and at the same time increase visibility on the search toolbar of YouTube.

YouTube algorithm will help you to raise the position of videos on the search engine bar when increasing organic views and subscriptions from websites of other platforms.

Here is a guide to how to embed a video on a website that can increase sub YouTube for free as follows:

  • Step 1: Go to the videos that you want to embed on the website
  • Step 2: Please notice that below the videos are displayed the icon “share”.
  • Step 3: You click on “embed”.
  • Step 4: Since the box appears, copy the HTML code in it.
  • Step 5: After that, paste the code snippet into the HTML of your blog or website.

3.2 Use YouTube’s link-clicking tools in your videos

How to refresh your channel to attract subscribers through that Video you are playing using YouTube’s link-clicking tool in your video.

You can save a lot of time by inserting images or words that are calling or promoting.

For example, when the video screen ends, you can prompt people to subscribe to the channel before YouTube’s algorithm changes to another video.

You can also obscure the branding as an additional subscription button that will hover over your video while watching it.

3.3 Sub rapidly increases from personal use through social networks

Most emerging YouTubers use the way of sharing the link of YouTube channel with a fan page on Facebook. The first way is that you click to watch a video then press the share button.

The second way is to copy the YouTube video link and shorten it at After you finish shortening, paste that link into the article to share on the fan page or group on Facebook.

Besides Facebook, you can share videos on Quora, Reddit,…

3.4 Insert a button to subscribe YouTube to the website to increase channel subscribers

This way of inserting a subscription YouTube button on a website to increase subscribers of this channel is often used to set 1000 subscribers to enable YouTube monetization.

As you know the standard to enable monetization for YouTube channels is to achieve at least 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers within 12 months. Therefore, when you insert a subscriber button on your website, you not only easily meet the criteria for enabling monetization, but also correctly format the individual brand of the channel.

When your channel has a good reputation, YouTube watch time will be increased quality and high.

Here is a guide to help you insert a subscribe YouTube button on your website to increase channel subscriptions:

  • Step 1: You need to copy the following path:
  • Step 2: You will have to re-declare the information so that the embed code adjusts to your code. Channel’s name has a blue ID which means that you can click on that ID to find your channel ID. The parameters below are for default. You will declare the channel: (channel name). You declare “YouTube Channel ID”. The layout you put in “Full” mode. Then declare to get the embed code put on your website. You should note that you copy the code placed anywhere on the website you want.

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3.5 Invest in YouTube channel appearance

Everyone likes to form. So investing in YouTube channel’s appearance not only proves your seriousness but also proves your professionalism and professionalism to the audience.

Viewers can become fans of the channel when they see the massive investment in the channel’s look.

You can use thumbnail images from Casnva software or eye-catching avatars that you believe will bring you luck.

Besides the look of a professional YouTube channel, you should also pay attention to posting videos arranged in a clear chronological order and quality content.

Strange and unique channel design style can make your channel stand out. This is also one of the top tips to “hack” your YouTube watch time.

Please pay attention to the banner. You don’t want scandals to spur viewers’ curiosity.

For example, say you say racist banners or hot issues to increase YouTube watch time. If you want to make money quickly then it could be a great trick to get around.

But if you want a sustainable investment then your advice is to be clean from the content to the appearance of the banner.

Your brand will be enhanced. The first requirement of achieving the perfect look of your YouTube channel is that you need to optimize all devices.

After optimizing your device, you not only increase subscribers but also increase your views and YouTube watch time.

3.6 You need to hide the number of YouTube subscriptions on the channel

It is a smart move to hide the small number of subs for the first time. Many viewers will not be confused when clicking the subscribe button. You know what the number of subscribers stands for, don’t you?

That is the reputation of the channel and the quality of the video.


Hide the number of YouTube subscriptions

Many people will think that because the video is of poor quality, there are few subscribers.

Humans are animals whose behavior follows social psychology and gregarious habits. Nobody wants to be the pioneer subscribing to a channel with few subscribers.

3.7 You should have a calendar for clear video playback

You should notify everyone when you have a new video posted. In theory, if you want to increase YouTube watch time, you need more videos to engage viewers.

But do not because of quantitative pressure that you cannot control the timing and quality of the video before posting. In addition to quality, you also need to ensure consistency and clarity when posting videos.

The way the big TV station from the past to now also makes viewers impatient by specifying the time to watch the movie?

Therefore, if you want to thrive on yourself, you should research your audience’s psychology and schedule a clear video play.

Having a posting schedule also drives your potential in managing yourself and your team to make effective deadline videos in terms of form and content. Without a specific posting schedule, you will sometimes lose your way and become less serious with creative thoughts and professional video design.

Another way to help you rank in the top 1 google and increase views and subs is by saying the keywords in your video aloud.

You should repeat keywords at least 4 to 5 times. Then you upload 1 record to your video you go to YouTube. Google can understand 100% of the content in your video.

Nowadays, it is not easy to build a YouTube channel that receives the attention of the masses.

You just have to master the basics of keyword research, YouTube making techniques, improving audience experience, video SEO while spending a lot of time, effort, and money.

Therefore, many YouTubers chose AudienceGain. Net companion on their path of channel development.

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Through the above article, surely you have grasped the secret of increasing YouTube watch time as well as increasing organic views and subscriptions, right? For you to own real views and subs on YouTube today, you can try to refer to the promotion campaign of AudienceGain.Net to develop the channel sustainably!

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