Is buying a monetized YouTube channel illegal as you think?


Are you wondering if is buying YouTube channel legal? Don’t worry, all your questions and misunderstandings about a monetized YouTube channel will be answered through this article! Each person when starting to work on YouTube has a lot of questions but does not know who to find the answer to. Because each stage of the channel’s development, you will encounter a different difficulty.

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Especially when you need to reach 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers within 12 months but meet too many obstacles. You are advised by many people to exchange views or use the fake view from tools, proxies, bots without knowing how many risks are still waiting.

There are too many speakers around recommending you to do this or that to develop your channel. But in fact, it works or not, only when you apply it to know. You should understand one truth one way, if there are too many people going, it will be much harder to make money at first.

Like Youtube, these days the second largest search engine in the world has very strict regulations on enabling monetization for that channel.

First, let’s clarify whether buying a monetized YouTube channel is legal?

1. Is buying monetized YouTube channel illegal as you think?

buying a monetized youtube channel

Buying a monetized YouTube channel is not illegal

The buying monetized YouTube channel is completely legal and 100% compliant with Youtube regulations. However, not all services that provide YouTube are legal.

You may encounter a scam organization that robs someone else’s YouTube account and sells it illegally to you.

When you pay for the transaction and receive the channel of those services, YTB can be scanned and permanently deleted.

To avoid this situation, you need to pay attention to choosing the right service that provides reputable and quality channels.

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2. Criteria should be evaluated before buying a monetized Youtube channel

The story of buying or selling channels is a legal service as you can see MCN also buys many different Youtube channels to build their business.

Usually, the criteria you need to pay attention to when buying a monetized Youtube channel are:

  • How old is the channel? What’s its development like?
  • How many views does the channel have and how many subscribers?
  • Does the channel have a good reputation?
  • Is the revenue of the channel much?
  • Has the channel ever been warned by Youtube or blocked the video/channel?
  • What are the interests, gender, and age of the channel’s audience?
  • Did the channel link through the Adsense account or network?

One note that you should pay attention to when choosing a monetized Youtube channel is the number of subscribers. Subscribers contribute a great deal to channel pricing.

Besides, when you want to buy a monetized Youtube channel, you must pay attention to whether the channel preparing to buy will be subjected to 3 warnings.

If you receive a lot of warnings, the channel will be deleted.

The best-optimized videos will help YouTube’s algorithm recognize what the video is about and then recommend it to searchers of similar content.

In addition to buying a monetized YouTube channel, you should also pay attention to buying views and subscriptions.

In terms of the form of channel, the purchase will save you more effort, money, and time.

But if you do not have experience with YouTube and are in the process of learning, it is best to look for a service that provides safe views and subscriptions.

Buying views and subscriptions gives you more space to develop creative ideas and learn from experiences.

Buying a monetized Youtube channel is suitable for large businesses who do not want to spend too much time gaining impressive views and subs.

At the same time, they can change the channel the way they want to gain high appreciation from the partner.

Here are some reasons that you should buy a view and subs!

3. Should you buy views and Subs?

3.1 Completely legal

Buying views and subscribers

Buying views and subscribers is legal

The purchase of real views and real subs ( NOT BOT or FAKE VIEWS ) for Youtube is completely legal and by Youtube policy, does not violate the terms of use of this platform in any way.

Youtube will only block channels containing illegal content, plagiarism, copyright infringement, or use illegal methods to generate fake views, subscribers..

Therefore, if you decide to buy YouTube real subscriptions from a trusted provider like AudienceGain, please rest assured, your Youtube account and channel. It will be safe. However, you need to make sure that this is a real registered account, not a fake one.

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3.2 Increase rankings for Youtube channel

Having more YouTube subscriptions will help improve the SEO ranking of your channel.

Videos in your Youtube channel will also appear higher in YouTube’s search rankings (the Youtube algorithm tends to prioritize videos and channels with high followers and views).

This means that every time a user searches for a keyword related to the content on your channel, your video is shown first to attract new viewers.

3.3 A tool to increase youtube sub for free

After purchasing for Youtube subs, both the algorithm and YouTube users will trust the popularity of your Youtube channel.

Then, you will have higher rankings, content gets more suggestions, show better on search rankings – this is a way to increase Youtube subscribers free to attract new views and subscribers. Do not worry about falling, being fined.

3.4 Positive social impact

The Public Psychology Guidelines show that the more followers your content has, the more credible it will be, and others will do the same – subscribe to your channel.

More followers mean your content is engaging, interesting, watchable, and trustworthy. Youtube users tend to like and subscribe to channels that have proven trustworthy.

This way, you will be able to increase the number of followers and increase your engagement completely naturally. Psychologically, no one wants to be the first to subscribe to the channel, no matter how good it is.

Therefore, buying subscribers for the Youtube channel will be a premise for you to increase the number of channel subscribers more simply and naturally.

3.5 Increased reliability

When people notice that your channel has a lot of subscribers, one single thought will come to their mind – it’s professionally choreographed and trustworthy.

From there, all you need to do is simply deliver high-quality content that everyone can see, learn, and use.

If you just bought a sub on Youtube or just launched a new channel and don’t have many likes and subscriptions, then buying Youtube subscribers will be a premise for you to develop the channel and make money from Youtube later.

3.6 Stand firm in the war of content

Youtube content is updated every hour. If you want your video to be noticed by many people, then you not only need to have great content but also maximize the visibility for your channel.

This is a relentless war. Therefore, once you have achieved the top position in the field you change, continue to apply different strategies to increase popularity, brand awareness, …

3.7 Misunderstandings about buying a monetized YouTube channel or views or subs

A monetized YouTube channel

A monetized YouTube channel

Some mistakes when joining Youtube are often made by people who want to buy a monetized Youtube channel.

Buy virtual views to gain a million views

It is undeniable that investing in money and paying for buying and selling views will help video easily reach millions of views, even more.

However, the use of virtual view buying and selling services has been thoroughly handled by YouTube. YouTube will continuously review and update views and only allow valid views to be displayed.

This is why in the first few hours of posting a video, the views are frozen and even deducted a lot as soon as YouTube detects that there are invalid views.

Must be famous for the video to reach a million views

Building a name makes it easy to attract viewers to your YouTube channel. However, it is not so that beginner innovator cannot achieve this.

Remember, before being famous, YouTubers like PewDiePie all started from zero.

Each creator has its style, creative thinking, and captures viewers’ psychology will make your video “viral” and easily reach millions of views.

Videos must reach a million views to enter Trending (YouTube Trending tab)

This is completely inaccurate, views are not the primary determinant of whether a video gets into the trending YouTube tab or not.

The Trending Tab often displays videos that are many viewers, especially videos with interesting or interesting content. Also, the titles of these videos are not misleading, misleading, or sensational.

The Trending Tab has an overview of what’s happening on YouTube and around the world.

For a video to enter the Trending tab, four factors must be balanced: views, view growth rate, source of views (including outside of YouTube), and “longevity” of the video.

Even if your video meets all of the above criteria, it may not appear on the Trending tab as many other videos may also meet these criteria.

The Trending tab system tries to choose videos that are most relevant to YouTube’s viewers and show the most extensive content.

Million views video will earn a million dollars

There aren’t any factors that can determine exactly how much money 1 million views on YouTube will make. This data can only be viewed by YouTube and the channel owner in YouTube Analytics.

Revenue from a video is based on the number of views or clicks on the ad and depends on the price set by the advertiser, so 1 million views in just an unspoken number.

The video must be invested and produced in a professional way to reach a million views

The videos that are meticulously made with the help of modern equipment and clear scenarios always achieve very high views. So if there is no good script and modern equipment for video production, will it reach a million views?

It is possible, an elderly Portuguese YouTuber named Nilson Izaias wrote the names of all of his channel subscribers in a notebook and thanked them in a video.

Among the many good contents on YouTube, no one thought of such a sincere act attracted the attention of the online community. And of course, that video also achieved an impressive amount of views. You can watch the video here.

YouTubers with millions of views always do everything themselves

They always have a working group, each of them will take on a different job, together contribute to maintaining and developing a monetized YouTube channel.

At first, you can make your passions. However, when the passion for growth comes, the workload also increases, to maintain and promote this development, you need a support person or group.

Tipping YouTube’s algorithm to help videos reach a million views

Of course, when you use third-party tools to interfere with YouTube’s algorithm and change parameters, your video or even channel will be disabled for violating Google’s service policies.

The trick here is to use the features YouTube has in your Creator Studio, which is exactly called video optimization. Video optimization includes video title, description, tags, end screens, and thumbnail images.

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3.8 How to buy cheap and reputable subscribers?

Determine the cost of buying subscribers

Determine the cost before buying a monetized YouTube channel

Determine the cost before buying a monetized YouTube channel

The price list of increasing Youtube subscriptions is not the same for service providers. Therefore, you need to decide how much a budget you can afford before you trade.

Remember that even if you don’t want to spend money buying sub-channels for your Youtube channel, you will still have to pay for other advertising fees.

At the same time, do not try to use a service that is too expensive because this can be a form of fraud, but also does not want a cheap sub because this may be a fake account and your channel will be penalized. lock up.

If you have a bit of technical knowledge, you can try to buy a sub for youtube with your home phone card.

Note: At present, to be able to do business online effectively, you need to combine product marketing on many different monetized YouTube channels.

If you are in business on Facebook, you need to learn how to optimize Facebook ads to lower ad bids, increase orders, and improve sales.

Lost channel subscriptions

If you buy subscriptions for Youtube from an untrustworthy source, you may lose your subscription minutes later. The reputable providers will always warn you that some users will unsubscribe at a later time.

However, when using a poor quality service, you will find that you do not have any subscriptions just a short time after buying.

Risk of being penalized or locked out of Youtube channel

When buying subscribers for Youtube channel from low-quality or fraudulent providers, you not only spend money but also damage your reputation.

Virtual users will disappear immediately after signing up, negatively impacting your reputation on both Youtube and other users.

Worse, you might even lose your loyal viewers by these virtual subscriptions; Your Youtube account will be flagged, locked, or removed from your channel.

Like Youtube, Facebook also has its own rules for advertisers who want to run ads to attract customers, close sales, and sell.

If you violate these policies, your advertising account will be very susceptible to being flagged and disabled.

Find a reputable place to buy and sell subscribers

Currently, there are many scams because this form of sale is not a company. If you are not careful, you may end up having to pay a lot of money without providing any service at all, or poor quality service.

If you decide to spend money on Youtube subscriptions, you must research the market thoroughly.

After you have chosen a website that you think is the most reputable, don’t forget to read through the reviews and comments of other users to make sure all information is accurate.

Some reputable subscribers service providers that you can refer to are:

  • QQTube (Website
  • SEOClerks (website
  • CPM view (website
  • Fiverr (website

In addition to the above sites, you can try AudienceGain’s YouTube channel offering.

You just need to talk to AudienceGain’s team of experts and they will guide you on how to make changes to your channel content without any negative impact. Currently, AudienceGain.Net has 2 service packs:

  • Youtube channel has met the conditions for making money
  • Youtube channel has been accepted to make money

For a channel that meets the conditions for monetization, you need to apply for YouTube and wait 15 to 30 days for Youtube to agree to enable monetization for the channel.

Usually, only when the Adsense account linked to the channel has enabled monetization to increase to at least $ 100, the payment will be made. Youtube will pay you on the 22nd of each month.

AudienceGain’s channel offers a professional design from its channel layout to its advanced features.

You will be given a thorough guide on both how to change your Google account Adsense safely if something goes wrong after a transaction.

Normally, other channel providers never support changing Adsense accounts, but AudienceGain is the opposite. AudienceGain wants all of your experiences here to be the best and most professional.

Thus, as long as you buy a channel that has 4000 watch hours and 1100 real subscribers of AudienceGain, you do not have to worry about anything. You can monetize the video vlog channel of AudienceGain.

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Each Youtuber faces countless problems when posting videos. You cannot guarantee views or subscriptions for the channel to turn on monetization. However, if you think twice, after getting rid of the misunderstandings you have made about buying a monetized Youtube, you can see that buying a channel not only saves you effort but also saves you time.

If you have a need, do not hesitate to visit AudienceGain.Net to own within 24 hours a monetized Youtube channel that ensures quality and 100% compliance with Youtube policy.

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