How Can I Earn 1 Million Views In 15 Days By AudienceGain?


Are you wondering which services to look for to increase the effectiveness and prestige of YouTube watch hours? Don’t worry, this article helps you understand why someone got 1 million views in 15 days by Audience.

Currently, more than 1.3 billion people are constantly active on YouTube. Every hour, there are nearly 200 hours of watch time uploaded to YouTube. With a fertile market like YouTube, many people think making money from channel creation is easy.

However, the competition between channels on YouTube is more fierce than you think. If you want to survive and help the channel grow, you must know the right direction. What you need to invest in before is to pay attention to the increase in YouTube watch hours and find a solution if your amount of YouTube watch hours is too small. The process of increasing YouTube watch hours is not as simple as you think. If the quality of your video is invested and targeted to the right audience, you can easily increase your views and subscribers.

Here are some notes that you should take to quickly increase YouTube watch hours as well as how to increase 1 million views in 15 days by AudienceGain.

Request increasing view quickly and safely


Request increasing view

The requirements that you need to meet to easily increase views are:

  • YouTube videos must be output continuously
  • Quality content and targeting the right audience
  • The title contains the keyword that is searched a lot or the keyword is in the top trending
  • The video needs to be elaborate on the part that looks like HD quality and sound
  • Swimming in the “recommended” flow on many popular videos

The factors above are essential when you want to elevate your video to the top trending and growing channels.

Because it is less strenuous and time-consuming, in addition to investing in video, many users now buy real views from a package service like AudienceGain or use bots to create fake views.

However, how to create fake views is not as safe as you think.

If your channel has monetization enabled and still uses VPS, VPN, and proxies to increase views, and YouTube watch hours, your channel is at risk of being locked out, or the video is cancelled.

Currently, YouTube’s algorithm is becoming more sophisticated and intricate.

Also, according to the latest YouTube regulation on enabling monetization for that channel, it is necessary to reach 4,000 YouTube watch time and 1000 subscribers.

This is almost a difficult challenge to overcome, especially for YouTubers who just entered the industry.

Many people misdirect both the target and the sustainable direction of the channel, leading to a locked channel after a few months.

Before discussing how many people get 1 million views in 15 from AudienceGain, let’s point out the harmful effects of some of the most popular ways to increase YouTube watch time!

The harm of increasing fake views


Increasing fake views

Currently, the tools to increase YouTube watch time and subscribers that many YouTube users are using the most are QniTube and QniTube Action.

So let’s go in-depth and clarify the benefits and harms of these two tools to increase these views and subscribers.

Increase YouTube watch time through QniTube

One of the tools used by many YouTubers to increase views quickly is QniTube. According to the current psychology of viewers, very few people watch videos with only a few hundred people watching.

So, if the videos meet the quality and quantity requirements at a certain time as mentioned above, you need to grasp some tips or hire a reputable service to increase view packages like AudienceGain.

QniTube has an interface in many languages, so it is suitable for YouTubers in many countries.

Also, QniTube has the outstanding feature of simulating a real person with the Dcom switch. You can easily set the number of proxies to run the software.


  • Automatically increase YouTube watch time like “real people”
  • Automatically change the IP address
  • Comfortable customising video viewing time to your liking
  • Easily control the amount and duration of video playback to avoid YouTube detection
  • Save the most of your time and effort
  • User-friendly and easy-to-use interface for beginners


  • Currently, YouTube’s algorithm still detects “fake views” from QniTube
  • Only increase YouTube watch time, not increase subscribers and comments
  • Unsuitable for people who have monetization enabled because channels can be cancelled easily

Increase subscriber and comment through QniTubeAction



Increasing views is a must. However, you can’t just keep on increasing your views and forget about your subscriptions and comments.

According to YouTube’s current algorithm, the more comments your video has, the easier it will be to reach the top. It demonstrates the great popularity and quality of the video you post.

Besides, high subscriptions help viewers trust and be curious about your YouTube channel more than others. If you have a few subscribers and comments, then surely many viewers will question the quality.

As more people feel a lack of curiosity, they will skip subscriptions and comment on channels and videos with more engagement.

Unitech Company has created the QniTubeAction tool to help many new YouTubers take advantage of it to increase YouTube watch time. This tool allows you to run on Proxy as well as Dcom.

You can’t imagine how great they are until you know how it help you grow your sub without needing you to know too well about technology.


  • The interface is simple and anyone can use it for the first time
  • You can adjust the time and the number of subscribers you want
  • Freely adjust the time off between subscribers to avoid YouTube’s attention
  • Change comments quickly and varied
  • Has a higher level of security as well as safety than many other tools
  • Quick results are possible
  • Subscribers receive multiple videos at once


YouTube’s algorithm can pay attention to fake subs and comments from the QniTubeAction tool. The risk of locking your channel is high if you have monetization turned on.

Both tools to increase YouTube watch time and increase sub, comments like QniTube and QniTubeAction have their strengths.

However, using them to make money is not a wise choice if you want to grow your channel in the long term.

You should learn to make money online more legitimately and securely instead of taking unpredictable risks from fake view obtained from the YouTube watch time tools mentioned above.

Currently, many people trust to buy a full package of YouTube watch time increase service at AudienceGain.

AudienceGain not only ensures all views and subscribers are real but also assures your channel can be receptive to a much broader audience market.

This means earning 1 million views in 15 days by AudienceGain is not as hard as you think

Explain how to earn 1 million views in 15 days with AudienceGain

1-million-views-in-15-days-AudienceGain is rated Excellent

AudienceGain is completely different from the risky and risky options outlined above. You do not need to fear being locked out of your channel for illegally increasing fake views from QniTube or QniTubeAction.

Instead, when ordering a package from AudienceGain, you only need to wait 1 to 3 days for the goods to arrive at your location.

AudienceGain can help your YouTube channel generate revenue after gaining 1 million views in 15 days.

It is estimated that you can track increased views per day depending on the package ranging from 50,000 views to 70,000 views from AudienceGain.

AudienceGain helps you to stimulate YouTube watch times and subscribers without any harm to your account.

This reputable service does not use fake accounts such as bots or proxies, so you can completely trust that after purchasing the service package, the subscriber count may disappear.

If you use a fake view to increase your search engine rankings, YouTube will delete it in a short time.

Therefore, you can increase YouTube watch time through AudienceGain just like politicians, celebrities, and artists often use.

AudienceGain will accompany you in creating a stepping stone to help your channel reach more users and be safer than others.

AudienceGain not only has a service package that helps you run ads on multiple videos to get more awareness but also has a service package to increase your views rapidly within a few short days.

You can depend on your needs and flexible ability to match the service package to your YouTube channel.

The current trend is to buy a reliable service package instead of using tools like VPS or VPN running at home, which consumes electricity.

You will lose more if you do not choose AudienceGain to increase your YouTube watch time.


  • 100% legal and suitable for many YouTubers in many different fields
  • Increase the reputation and popularity of your channel
  • Improve channel ranking on search engines (the SEO score of your YouTube channel will be higher)
  • Avoid the risk of losing your views and subscribers when using fraudulent services
  • Target a specific audience for your YouTube channel
  • Create a community for your channel to maintain higher views and subscriptions
  • Avoid channels that are at risk of being banned, such as using bots, proxies, tools
  • Support for changing Google Adsense accounts safely and quickly
  • perfect and dedicated customer care service
  • You can change your advertising strategy to give you the best results
  • You can know the average viewing time and geography of your video viewers
  • Be professional and responsive to every need you put in place before proceeding
  • Adopt a legitimate marketing approach
  • Effective as advertising via Social Media, Google Adwords
  • Save your time, effort, and money in the long run
  • Refund policy support if the customer is not satisfied
  • There are many diversified service packages

AudienceGain is currently implementing many services to increase views rapidly as well as targeted views from a specific country such as package targeted country views.

Besides, you can subscribe to one of two effective packages such as “High-Retention” with an average watch time of 20-25 minutes/view or “Fast-view” with an average viewing time of 30-180 seconds. /view.

Average viewing time is considered one of the top parameters that YouTube needs to rank videos in the search engine bar.

Therefore, if you buy the YouTube watch time increase service from AudienceGain, you just need to sit and watch the results of this prestigious service.

AudienceGain service packages ensure quality and receive positive feedback from users.

You also understand that if the video’s views are too low, it is easy to flag violations as well as your search engine impression rate with related keywords.

In addition to the huge increase in YouTube watch time, AudienceGain is oriented to develop two services to buy YouTube channels today:

  • YouTube channel has been accepted to make money
  • YouTube channel has met the conditions for making money

After purchasing an approved monetization channel, you have a platform with 1100 to 2000 real people registered. AudienceGain will confirm and award the channel within 24 hours.

If you want to speed up in time as well as less effort, you can discuss with AudienceGain about many different service packages to increase YouTube watch time quickly.

Final thoughts

So, you can see that earning 1 million views in 15 days is not as difficult as you think if you choose AudienceGain. It’s easy to download your great videos and make a lot of money after being noticed by many viewers.

What are you waiting for without visiting AudienceGain and quickly gaining huge views after just a week of signing up for the service from AudienceGain?

For more information, please contact AudienceGain via:

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