Tips for bloody experiences increase YouTube watch hours illegal


Are you anxious to increase YouTube watch hours, even want to use illegal methods and contrary to YouTube regulations? Wait, finish reading this article to see if the things you want to do work or not. Have you just stepped into the path of becoming a YouTuber to make money online and dreaming of making hundreds of dollars a day like others? Are you wondering how to increase watch hours on YouTube because you have tried everything but it doesn’t work? You do not know whether to trade-off to find fake views and sub or not?

All of your questions reflect a desire that you want to increase YouTube watch time. However, not all the roads to make premises are as easy and beautiful as you think. Maybe you should read through this article. You will know tips for bloody experiences increase YouTube watch hours and know which path should I take.

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Mistakes in thinking when making money from YouTube watch hours channel

One mistake: VPS helps increase YouTube watch hours effectively and safely


Increasing YouTube watch hours

Many people have mentioned to you the fastest and most effective way to increase YouTube watch hours is VPS.

VPS is short for Virtual Private Server. The great thing about VPS is that it allows us to run 24/24 non-stop. You can increase YouTube watch hours quickly, not slowly as you see.

The downside of using a home-based VPS is wasting electricity.

VPS allows you to log in to VPS IP addresses from any country. While raising money with foreign IP accounts, VPS’s bandwidth is also the easiest thing to attract you.

However, depending on the VPS, the bandwidth will be fast or weak. You need to learn how to install hardware to experience, tips to make money from VPS.

You should not mistakenly think that using VPS will create a safe and effective YouTube watch time. YouTube’s algorithm is increasingly developing and more complex.

You will be spotted immediately after using VPS to make money. If you still choose this option, please pay attention to price + configuration + vendor management + stability.

Normally, YouTubers do not choose emerging VPS but only work directly with large-level suppliers such as Amazon VPS, Microsoft’s Azure VPS, Vultr VPS, Google Cloud VPS, …

You can create multiple VPS to use at the same time. There are cases where YouTubers buy VPS from the reseller. That is, you buy and use it without wasting time to install it.

This can cost more than buying directly from a major vendor with the first use with lots of deals and discount codes.

The downside of the acquisition is that you cannot discard the old one and do not change the VPS when you want to change the IP address. Often a resale account will not be “clean” like accounts with major direct suppliers.

You know, in this case, if the seller to you had sold to many people, they might have used it for unclean things like entering a black web server, scanning SSH, or bot attack, … the main account that created VPS will die immediately.

Buyers even can install VPS theft software for you.

If you buy VPS to go to SEO video, it will be easy to fall into the situation of being considered spam by YouTube because the content is too similar.

It’s also difficult to keep the top comment because there are more interesting comments than you.

When you buy VPS again, the life of the account often falls on the rate of 50/50. You have to accept many risks from the seller, YouTube when increasing YouTube watch hours is illegal.

The critical downside when you use VPS is that the data on both sides of Google Cloud and YouTube may be identical someday. A Google Cloud account is very difficult to set up for a credit card visa in Vietnam.

Even though the data is not consistent, Google will not be outdone by you when using VPS to increase YouTube watch hours.

Not only making money on YouTube but if you use many of the same accounts on one machine and do something illegal, google still can track your trail.

In particular, if your YouTube channel has monetization enabled, using VPS will put the channel at risk of dying quickly.

Surely you also do not want to suddenly wake up one day with all YouTube watch hours disappearing, right?

Therefore, the top advice for you is not to be greedy at the moment but to cancel your chance to make money long-term!

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Second mistake: Acquisition of Gmail and YouTube account


Acquisition of Gmail and YouTube account

The acquisition of Gmail to apply fake view-increasing tools such as QQTube is no stranger to YouTubers. But can you make sure your YouTube account or Gmail account is 100% clean?

First, you should know that Google determines the exact location when you log on to the network. So if your Gmail account is logged in US IP, but you are actually in Vietnam, is it suspicious or not?

There are many ways to think of ways to steal personal emails from foreigners (Gmail fishing) to increase YouTube watch hours.

This is not as easy as you think. You cannot be sure the seller has not logged into Gmail to live or die. Once your sign-in trail is There is a high chance that the account will be taken back from the real user.

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Third mistake: Channel feed by Dcom 3G

The way of raising channels with Dcom 3G is more popular than using VPS and bots/proxies. They do not manage the channel by VPS but combine the use of Dcom 3G and a new Windows computer to feed.

Some even make a new private network line and do not use the old wifi. This is often used for channels that enable monetization. It is safer but the time increase in YouTube watch hours is extremely long.

That is not to mention you may have software glitches or YouTube finds out this alley shortcut.

Fourth mistake: Link your YouTube watch hours channels and cross subscribers

The worst thing that you probably do not know when linking YouTube channels and cross-subscribers is making the channel die.

You should not link YouTube channels and cross-subscribe when your channel is not large enough.

The abuse of placing links with comments on YouTube and cross-subscribers will cause the channel to die very quickly when YouTube scans.

Even if linking Google Adsense of your YouTube channels together, when one channel is scanned, it will drag along other channels. It is best to link each YouTube account to a different Google Adsense.

You need to limit your old information on the new computer as little as possible.

New farming accounts and your old information, if the site recognizes the commonality between the accounts, the YouTube channel will be heavily affected.

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Fifth mistake: Upload hot videos to the channel


Camtasia software

Another mistake that many YouTubers make is in a hurry to upload video channels.

You should edit the sound and the image before uploading it. You should also upload the file to Google Drive, dropbox, or megaz, or use the software “Moo0 video cutter” to cut the video and upload it to the channel.

The power of the software “Moo0 video cutter” is very formidable.

It only takes 5 seconds and the trimming process is completely free. You should also install great editing software such as Sony Vegas, Camtasia, and Adobe Premiere to bring the best quality experience to users.

This way helps you increase YouTube watch hours organic instead of illegal like using bots/tools to create fake views and subs on YouTube.

Sixth mistake: Exchange views

One of the mistakes YouTubers make most is exchanging views. If you define from the beginning that view exchange is not an effective and organic way to increase YouTube watch hours.

Exchanging views will take you a lot of time and sometimes don’t get the results you expected. Therefore, you should consider carefully before thinking that the view exchange application will not be detected by YouTube.

In short, instead of using tools, bots, or proxies to influence YouTube watch hours, you can choose more organic views.

Typically, you do SEO video to improve the video’s ranking on the rankings or need an experienced expert like AudienceGain to lend you a hand in the increase YouTube watch hours process.

How to calculate YouTube views?


How to calculate YouTube views

Have you ever learned about YouTube views? According to what Google claims on Adwords, the views are calculated based on two factors that are direct interaction, and the operation is confirmed as “need to see”.

This behavior is said that after the user clicks on the video, clip on YouTube, and “play”, the minimum time must reach 30 seconds or may have to run out of the advertisement completely.

A video with high views when fans support their idol, they will watch the clip for at least 30 seconds and then delete the web browser history.

Viewers who repeat that repeatedly can increase fake views up to 8000 views/day.

However, today, YouTube is quite strong if a virtual view (with the same IP address) shows signs of cheating YouTube views.

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How to increase legal and organic YouTube views?

You have a lot of options to earn and increase YouTube views. You can use YouTube advertising and create views, and share on other channels, social networks. Using YouTube advertising to increase YouTube watch hours is often very expensive. But you need a professional team and many employees to “seed” many fan pages.

Another way you can choose is to apply AudienceGain’s Promotion Campaign service. You do not need to manually apply the safe and organic view-increasing methods that AudienceGain takes care of you.

AudienceGain just helps you to optimize on-page, entity building, and perform advertising campaigns on social networks.

When AudienceGain helps you increase YouTube watch hours, your channel will both attract new visitors and increase traffic quickly. When there are certain YouTube watch hours, your brand will be more widely spread.

From there you can build customer trust and make it easier to make money online.

AudienceGain knows exactly what direction your channel should evolve. Different from fake views and subviews, AudienceGain creates real views by seeding social networks to pull views through standard video SEO. AudienceGain’s Audience Retention is always higher than many services that provide YouTube watch hours.

Engagement signals like commenting, sharing, liking, subscribing, … of your channel will become more intense after AudienceGain performs keyword optimization in titles, tags, and descriptions.

AudienceGain guarantees quick delivery within 1 to 1 day.

Types of services that AudienceGain offers you are: package “High-Retention” with an average view of 20-25 minutes/view and package “Fast – Views” with an average of 30-180 seconds. /view.

AudienceGain has a team of professional and enthusiastic customer care support teams and specialists. Depending on your needs, you can get advice from AudienceGain’s experts and choose the most suitable service package.

AudienceGain includes a service of 1000 subscribers to pull real subscribers from Google ADW.

You don’t have to worry about high retention views coming from people who aren’t interested in your content. The channel’s traffic is both high and has a loyal following.

From there, you can go through the Promotion Campaign of AudienceGain service to improve the video rank as well as the channel. From there, personal brand and channel reputation will be gradually asserted.

AudienceGain offers a 100% refund if the order cannot be completed or the service quality is not as described.

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Final thoughts

After studying tips for bloody experiences and increasing YouTube watch hours illegal, surely you have your way, right?

If you, have sincere advice for you if you want to make long-term money from YouTube, invest and study carefully how to increase the legal YouTube watch hours.

AudienceGain is safe and suitable for all channels with a wide variety of topics. Therefore, you can choose AudienceGainc to accompany you in creating new values and bringing great experience to your channel.

For more information, please get in touch with AudienceGain via:

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