What to do when the channel turns off monetization due to content reuse?


Are you wondering how to help a channel that has been disabled monetization due to content reuse? Don’t worry, AudienceGain will get you out of this dilemma! Content reuse is reusing other people’s content without adding original content that has significant commentary or educational value. That is a very common reason why the channel is not turned on to make money, and the channel is not allowed to make money.

YouTube channel was refused to make money due to “reusing content”. Let’s notice of not making money due to violation of the policy of “reusing content”. So let’s find out more about this policy together! What is the “reuse of content”? How to prevent it? When you are refused to turn on monetization or turned off monetization for the reason of “reusing content”, what should you do to fix it? …

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The content reuse policy of YouTube


The content reuse policy of YouTube

When you apply to enable monetization on YouTube, YouTube will carefully check your channel to see if it violates the policy on the original community or not, there are copyright violations and a policy. It is also very important that YouTube always considers whether your content is original content or not. Or is the re-use of the content, or does it bring any specific value to viewers?….

Community or copyright literature is very dangerous but clear, so most of you can easily avoid it. But as for “reusing content”, this is a rather “ambiguous” policy. It is more precisely said that it is “very open”, so it is difficult to avoid, so this is an error. The most common reason you are denied making money, the most commonly encountered is a violation of the policy of “reusing content”.

Note: In this policy, YouTube does not inform in advance, does not announce any video violation, and there is no way to check if there is a violation or not, only when considering making money if it is rejected or disabled by making money.

What does “content reuse” mean?

So what does “content reuse” mean? For simple literal understanding, it doesn’t seem difficult to “reuse the content”. It means you re-up, reuse other people’s videos, videos already downloaded elsewhere, and posted on your channel … that’s all.

Of course, but this policy is even broader than that, many videos are made by themselves, not taken by others but still violated. So we will need to delve deeper into this policy! First, we will read through and see how YouTube regulates this policy!

Extract information from YouTube

Including 2 parts “Content repeating” and “Content reusing”, if one of the violations is 1 in 2, it will be the reason for “reusing content”.

Content repeats

“Recurring content appears on channels with extremely similar content, and viewers may find it difficult to discern differences between videos on the same channel. This policy is based on the Search Console section of the AdSense Program Policies. We have adjusted this policy to be more relevant to YouTube creators.

This policy applies to all of your channels. In other words, if you have a lot of videos that violate YouTube guidelines, we may remove monetization from your entire channel.”

Content is allowed to monetize

This policy is to ensure that the content that is engaged in monetization will be attractive and interesting to the audience.

In other words, if a regular viewer can see that the content of the video on your channel is different, then in general, you can make money.

We understand that many content creation channels follow a certain pattern. The bottom line is that the nature of each video should be relatively diverse.

Examples of content that is allowed to be monetized (including but not limited to):

  • Videos have the same intro and end, but most of the video content is different
  • The content is similar, but in each video, you discuss specifically the characteristics of a topic you are focusing on.
  • Short videos of similar subjects, edited together to explain the relationships between them.

Content violates this principle

When a channel has many videos of very similar content, these videos can be disappointing to people who turn to YouTube for interesting content.

That means videos of channels with only slightly different content will not be allowed to monetize.

In other words, your channel shouldn’t have content that is automatically created or produced based on an underlying template.

Examples of content that is not allowed to monetize (this is not an exhaustive list):

  • Content is just re-readings of other material that you are not the original creator of, such as text on websites or news channels.
  • Songs with tempo or tempo will be adjusted, otherwise, it will be the same as the original
  • Similar repetitive or pointless content has little educational, commentary, or narrative value
  • Type of content stereotyped, mass-produced or by programming technology
  • Text or picture slideshows run on the screen with little or no commentary, narrative, or educational value.

Content reuse

Reused content is content reused by channels other people’s content without adding original content that has significant commentary or educational value.

This policy is derived from the AdSense Search Console section of the AdSense Program Policies. We have adjusted this policy to be more relevant to YouTube creators.

This policy applies to all of your channels. In other words, if you have a lot of videos that violate YouTube guidelines, we may remove monetization from your entire channel.

Content is allowed to monetize

The goal of this policy is to ensure that we are enabling the monetization of original content that adds value to our viewers.

If you show a humorous opinion or deep judgment in the content and you are not the original creator, make a slight change to the content.

You can generally post this type of content on your channel, but each video may be subject to other policies such as copyright.

In other words, we allow content reuse if viewers can recognize a meaningful difference between your original video and your video.

Note: While these examples do not violate a policy regarding the monetization of reusable content, other policies such as copyright still apply.

Examples of content that is allowed to be monetized (including but not limited to):

  • Use videos in reviews
  • Scenes from a movie where you rewrote the lines as well as changed the voiceover
  • A video replay of a sports match where you explain the special moves a competitor performs to win (or cause them to lose)
  • Reaction video in which you comment on the original video
  • Edited footage from another creator’s video to which you add a plot or comment

Content violates this principle

If you take someone else’s content, make a minor change, and then call it the original work, violate this principle. This policy applies even if the original creator has permitted you to use their content.

Content reuse is not related to YouTube’s Copyright enforcement. That means that this content is not based on copyrights, rights, or fair use guidelines.

This guideline means that sometimes, even though your content is not subject to a claim, your channel may still violate our guidelines for reusable content.

Other examples of content that is not monetized (this is not an exhaustive list):

  • Videos capture moments in your favourite shows, edited with a little bit of narration or without narration.
  • Short videos that you have compiled from other social networking sites
  • Song anthology by many artists (even if you get their permission)
  • The content has been uploaded by many other creators
  • Content that promotes other people’s content (even if you have their permission.

What is the YouTube Content Reuse Policy? That is the information that YouTube provides. What is reality? Looks still pretty vague, right?

So right now, let’s analyze clearly in fact, ie the most common causes related to this “content reuse” policy for you to know more!

Types of content that often violate the “reuse of content” policy


Monetization suspended

Firstly, re-up, ie reusing other people’s videos, videos already downloaded elsewhere downloaded posted to your channel.

Whether the video has ever been on YouTube or has not been on YouTube but because it is already elsewhere, such as Facebook or TikTok for example.

Even if you take from a lot of videos, and many sources, each source only cuts a short segment to make a composite video, without copyright, you can still be “reusing the content”.

Some of the most common types of content topics in this scenario are as follows:

  • Short videos are aggregated from many different social networking sites. For example, many of you have taken short clips on TikTok collectively posted on YouTube, and often will also have this error.
  • Synthetic music videos, for example, top 10 best songs…. (Even with permission from the artist).
  • Video synthesis of good football (even without copyright).
  • Video synthesizes the scenes in the movie.
  • ….

In short, if you pick up videos from elsewhere, and edit them, even if they’re not copyrighted, you will still violate the policy of “reusing content”.

  • Secondly, video games without your face and voice.
  • Thirdly, video recording your phone screen or computer without showing your face and voice.
  • Fourthly, homemade video with content similar to many other videos already on the network does not provide additional value for viewers.
  • For example, you see someone making a very good clip, you catch the idea of people doing the same, if nothing is better, you can still be allowed to reuse the content.
  • Fifthly, news video format using Google Voice to read articles on the internet, together with slideshow images. This type of content was a few years ago The other is still allowed to make normal money, but it’s been very difficult for more than 1 year, except for some big channels before.
  • Sixthly, a video camera mounted on the car records the journey, but there is no comment or explicit use of that. A video with a fixed camera of a street scene of traffic or constant rain and wind is not attractive.

Often there will also be the error “reusing content”. This form is commonly seen in videos that many people do to play views, long videos for hours but from start to finish are the same, with no different content.

These are some types of content that are commonplace or violate the “content reuse” policy.

Of course, there will be many other types of content, because as I mentioned above, this policy is very open, it is impossible to list all types of content that will violate or not.

Or even some of you still do some form of content as I mentioned above can be completely avoided, no problem at all. Sometimes look for luck too.

In short, the purpose of YouTube is to bring the best quality content to its viewers and protect the community of creators.

People should be encouraged to only post original content, each video has its creativity, do not want to have much similar content.

So content types that seem unnecessary because there are already many on YouTube or other sources, your content does not add value compared to existing content will be listed as a “reuse content”

So when making content, try to add your creativity, make a difference, and add value to the content, then it’s easy to make money monetization!

How to avoid violating the “reusing content” policy?


You should create and not copy the content

Of course, if you make your video according to your ideas, and scripts, don’t copy anyone, then rest assured, it will not fall into this policy.

The problem is that for those who want to do topics about news, games, reactions, synthetic clips … that’s difficult because these are topics that often have a policy of “reusing content”, like me. said above.

But rest assured, YouTube says this “We allow content to be reused if viewers know that there is a significant difference between the original video and your video”.

This means that if you re-use the content, but add new and unique creations to the content, monetization YouTube channel will still be enabled.

For example, a reaction video is still allowed to make money! However, you use the content again because reactions often have the main content of reacting, commenting, and reassessing the original video.

This means adding value, and a specific purpose to the video. But having to turn your face is easy to accept! Provided that it is allowed to be used again by the owner! If not, the copyright will be stuck even if the content is not reused.

What if you want to make a video about games? For the game, please try to show your face with attractive commentary for the video!

The same goes for the phone or computer wizard screenshot videos. Generally speaking, you should appear your face and your real voice, the higher the rate of acceptance.

Let’s note that it only increases the rate of approval, not just appearing in a face to be approved, sometimes even not appearing is still approved.

If you want to do news, make it hard to read with your real voice, do not take your voice from Google or automatic reading software, your face should appear as much as possible in the clip.

For example, in the headline leading the news, you turn to face you leading the story as television people do.

Then, in the middle of the video, if you cannot find the auxiliary clip, you can use a few images, but how to make the content attractive and professional.

About the composite clip, you also try to add value by narrating, making reactions, and letting viewers see that the original content has been “transformed” into a new product (with transparent information in the video description).

The friend also appears in many videos or adds a voice to explain his editing details.

In a nutshell, in all cases of reuse, you must create more value, “transform” into a new product, and convey a new message to the audience to be easily accepted!

It is advisable to add information to the introductory video description that is reasonably different from the original content.

Of course, all use cases are not subject to copyright!

For example, if you want to react to someone’s video or song, you have to understand the rules of use, if you are not sure, you must contact the owner to ask for permission to use it, even if it is not copyrighted, it is dead…

How to deal with the “reusing content” violation?

That means when the channel has been rejected or turned off monetization due to “reusing content”, what should I do?

There is no other way, the only job you need to do now is to determine if the videos are likely to violate the policy of “reusing content” as mentioned above, and then remove them all.

Post more videos created by you, no infringement….if you still qualify for viewing time, wait 1 month and you will be sent a monetization application.

Let’s remember, that when you delete a video, the viewing time from the deleted videos will be lost!

Therefore, if the video channel does not have enough 4000 watch hours, you need to post a new video and earn more hours to watch, 1 month later, when eligible, you will be enabled to earn money again.

Please consider it carefully! As I said above, many contents can be made by you, if not taken from anyone, it is still likely to violate.

Such as content that follows other video ideas, and content that lacks value is not exported. showing your face or words….

In many cases, it is difficult to tell if there is a violation of that policy, so it should be carefully considered!

Only when you have changed the content for the channel will you re-enable monetization, but if it remains the same after 30 days, the re-activation request will continue to be denied.

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Finally, if you want to make money on YouTube, want a YouTube video with the most likes?

Don’t forget that likes (and even dislikes) are based on how your content performs. Frankly speaking, whether the contents are attractive and practical, or useless and controversial, they all draw more attention and traffic to your channel.

So focus on writing a compelling title and make sure it includes the main content-related keyword (the maximum number of characters is 70, but 30 would be ideal).

On top of that, take the time to create a custom thumbnail instead of using the auto-generated freeze frame from the videos. More than 90% of most-liked videos on YouTube use the designed thumbnails.

Last but not least, write a short and spicy description for the videos, containing strong sentences with targeted keywords.

To Conclude

Fortunately, the policy of “reusing content” is vague and difficult to recognize, but it is not very serious because it does not lead to permanent monetization will be asked to reconsider.

That’s all, we hope to receive more contributions from all of you! If anything is missing or wrong, or have comments you want to share, please leave a comment below! Thank you! Good luck!

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