How to become a YouTube partner increase views for creators


How to become a YouTube partner? If you are serious about video production, find out how to be a partner of Youtube, and how to increase views on YouTube in the post below.

If you are a creator at the starting point of making money on YouTube, joining the YouTube Partner Program will be the first thing to splash through your mind. YouTube and its creators are two beneficially mutual parties of a revenue-sharing monitoring system. To be more detailed, to stay in the business, this platform allows creators to monetize their content through advertisements.

These advertisements come from individuals and corporations that YouTube partners with. If the viewers watch the ads on your videos, the advertisers will pay YouTube, and this revenue is divided between the platform and creators.

The actual rates can vary. But normally the split would be 55% for the creator and YouTube will get the rest of 45%. You can earn an unimaginable amount of money if you are serious about your path as a YouTuber.

In this post, AudienceGain would like to bring you useful instructions on how to be a part of this money-making platform. If you think you’re ready for this, let’s buckle down right away.

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Why should small creators join the YouTube Partner Program?

As a YouTube partner, small creators will have great access to powerful resources opportunities and additional tools. These tools not only help you establish a huge fanbase but also approve your channel to monetize.

That’s the most appealing feature of the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). Furthermore, that’s not the only merit. This program also has many other features that you can use to create your content safely and effectively.


Small creators are more excited about monetized YouTube channels, since this is the main point of people who choose video-making on YouTube as a career. On the other hand, producing Youtube videos is a prevailing online money-making method.

And as we mentioned below, small creators earn money through ads displayed on their videos. If the videos follow all of YouTube’s community regulations, YouTube will showcase targeted ads for each video you upload.

Several small ads are not going to affect you that much. With the targeted content, the more viewers watch or even click on the ads, the more money for you.

Copyright Match Tool


Copyright match tool

You own all copyright and distribution rights of your original uploaded content when you join the program. Nevertheless, any non-original content requires permission from third parties before posting. This includes getting permission to use any background music in your videos.

The Copyright Match Tool finds full re-uploads of your original videos on other YouTube channels. Once a match has been identified, you can review it in YouTube Studio and choose which action you’d like to take.

International Audiences

As the second largest search engine on the Internet, YouTube has 2 billion users worldwide. That’s an outstanding figure.

Approaching universal audiences can help you receive extra advantages of worldwide promotion, in addition to advertising programs on your channel.

Furthermore, you will have the freedom of choice to make more videos to target your potential audiences, as well as impress them with your skills of video production.

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YouTube Creator Support Team

When joining the Program, you can contact the Creator Support Team to answer any questions about the process of video-making, certain rules to adapt, as well as monetization features.

Their major responsibilities are:

  • Tackle technical issues or service part of Youtube
  • Help with video optimization
  • Troubleshoot and fix bugs or issues with your account
  • Learn to follow the regulations and copyright instructions
  • Resolve content ID and rights management issues.

How to apply for the YouTube Partner Program

YouTube is becoming an effective money-making channel all over the world. You can see it through the trend of becoming a vlogger. The content creation work is now not only for professional Youtubers but also for amateurs.

Minimum conditions to join as a YouTube Partner

  • Comply with policies regarding monetization on YouTube
  • Live in the country or region where the YouTube partner program is offered
  • Over 4000 hours of valid public viewing within 12 months
  • The channel includes at least 1000 subscribers
  • Already linked to Adsense account

With these conditions, your account will be considered by YouTube to make money, the waiting time will be from 15 to 30 days.

This threshold for participants allows YouTube to significantly improve its ability to identify creators who make a positive contribution to the community and help them increase their advertising revenue (and mitigate useless content as well).

These standards also help YouTube prevent potentially inappropriate content for monetization.

Creators can check the public watch time and subscriber counts in YouTube Analytics. If you haven’t met this threshold yet, keep working to create compelling original content and build your audience with tips from top creators.

On the other hand, AudienceGain offers you another solution to apply for the Youtube Partner Program, with our service of “buy 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers”.

Why should beginners buy views to be a partner of YouTube?

There’s a method of increasing views for YouTube videos that you often see many people “gossipping” about – buying views, buying watch time and so on.

Considering buying Youtube views would be a great choice, if you have money to invest in and when your channel is not yet able to gain a large number of subscribers or a great reputation.

At the earlier stage of the newly established, it is obvious that the number of subscribers is not much. Moreover, millions of videos are posted on YouTube every day, and your uploaded video will be buried and barely reach any viewer. Here are some certain advantages that give you peace of mind to buy YouTube views.

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Advantageous head start

If a small creator is aware of the downside of zero-organic-view-video, then buying YouTube views may be the best resolution in such a condition. After buying the service of increasing views, your videos would start with a few thousand views and this can make a great impression on targeted views.


Advantageous head start

Besides, an Increased number of views for a video will help promote natural growth for your channel. This is due to YouTube’s algorithm automatically putting videos at the top of the search engine for viewers.

Whether those views have been bought or naturally accumulated, the higher views the videos possess, the higher they rank.

On top of that, the audience can’t tell if you buy views for your videos or not. All they care about is that they would click on a 10000-view video over a 300-view one with the same niche, because the more the better.

The views are real

Many people often misunderstand that all purchased views are generated using automated techniques. The views purchased are not completely fake, indeed.

When you decide to choose a buying views service from a reliable provider, they can use sharing or referral solutions to invite users to watch your video from the system they create. In this way you can have peace of mind that your channel is still safe and does not infringe on YouTube’s condition.

Join in the Internet marketing campaign

For example, if you are someone who already has a bit of influence on YouTube, or you have certain experience in the marketing field, and you want to establish your own creative brand on this platform, why don’t optimizing be optimal to build your own brand? the fastest way.


Internet marketing campaign

This is the exact method that every business uses to promote their products and service on a certain competitive market. Businesses hire marketing agencies to all the promotion duties, as well as advertisement packages on Facebook and Instagram. They pay money to develop their product, and it’s completely legal.

Those actions work similarly on the Youtube platform. When you find a suitable view and subscribers provider, these companies will also come up with effective plans to promote your videos.

Each view distributor has its own methods, so the cost and time to complete the service will be different from one another. Your task is to do careful research about those distributors before implementing your purchase intentions.

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AudienceGain service for effectively increasing views for small creators

Are you sure to make any move on immediately increasing Youtube views? Go off without a hitch with our service of Buy 4000 Youtube watch hours.


Audiencegain’s rating on trustpilot

AudienceGain ensures that all the views and subscribers are absolutely authentic and eligible. You can see the result updated everyday until 100% completed.

About the Promotion Campaign that we mentioned, this is a program designed by our creative team with many years of experience in the field of digital marketing.

To ensure that all views you buy are safe and authentic, this program will display your videos on popular social networking sites. This is the most safe and optimal strategy for ensuring a certain number of real views.

Furthermore, our team guarantees not to use any automatic software to generate fake views, which leaves seriously negative effects on the process of you making contents.

Additionally, if you have any questions or offer for more other services, please contact our dedicated support team for more necessary details.

You will see the progress of increasing views after a few days, in addition to the performance of the Promotion Program. The views will be spread evenly over the videos posted on your channel.

With our firm social credibility, AudienceGain fully assures that your journey of becoming a Youtuber will be at the most comfort.


Q1: Can Youtube be a career?

Answer: Absolutely. Top Youtubers have earned a stable income frankly speaking. But at the earlier stage, it was not very easy.

All influencers on Youtube these days must devote their time and effort into creating contents and establishing a sufficient number of audiences to make the channel monetize. In addition to that, they also spend lots of money on video production, as well as marketing strategies to promote their identities.

Basically, being a Youtuber is like opening a business. The only difference is that it works in the virtual world.

Q2: What should I do if I got banned from Youtube?

Answer: To recover your suspended Youtube account, you can contact Youtube right away to tackle this problem.

However, the procedure would be very complicated and takes days until you can hear the answer from Youtube. Once Youtube locks your account, it means that they must have found something that is very bad on your channel without you even noticing.

So the best way is to not let your channel be locked before it occurs. Further we will provide you with some cautions for a safer Youtube operation.

Q3: How long is the suspension of my Youtube channel?

Answer: The suspension is permanent. Unless Youtube notifies you that they allow your channel to operate again within a certain amount of time (normally three months).

Besides, this announcement only delivers to you when you take actions on your suspended channel (like contacting them for more reasons why you are banned).

Q4: Does this package include the refund policy?

Answer: Of course. AudienceGain always prioritizes the interests of customers. You will get a 100% refund in case the product sent to you is not the same as the description mentions.

Besides, for new customers, we provide a 10% discount code.

Q5: Where can I get the contact for more detailed information about the service?

Answers: AudienceGain has a dedicated support team which is always available. If you have any questions, you can contact us by using the chat box in the right corner below and we also arrange a visual call on Whatsapp if required.

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Finally, after reading this article, you may illustrate some of the difficulties in increasing views to meet the conditions of being a partner of Youtube.

Find the best way to increase Youtube views naturally, with our service of “buy 4000 watch hours”. Contact our expert to get the best effective plan for your channel.

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