Best Site to Buy YouTube Views in 2021: Are Watch Hours More Important Than Views?


With new creators who want to buy organic YouTube views, 4000 watch hours is the very first figure to get through. Then, they can apply for the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) and wait for approval. So if watch hours is such an important tactic, what are the roles of views, likes and subscribers? Why have we still constructed and updated with the best services to serve your purposes of being the best YouTuber?

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History of the “holy” 4000 watch hours


The change from YouTube views to YouTube watch hours

The Google-owned YouTube switched from “views” and “watch hours” as a key analytic tool a while back. To be more detailed, in the fight against channels with inappropriate, pirated content, YouTube had to change its monetization policy.

What are the conditions to earn money from YouTube? In early 2017, YouTube announced that the minimum requirement is to have a total of 10.000 views to monetize from YouTube channels. Nowadays, YouTube does not value the number of views anymore. This platform wants creators to know how to maintain real and organic audiences, in terms of watch hours and the number of subscribers. As a result, on February 20, 2018, YouTube officially tightened its policy with the content creators who wish to have a full-time creative job on this giant platform.


The new change on YouTube’s monetization policies

From that point, to enable monetization (display ads on videos), a YouTube channel must meet the following conditions

  • Comply with all YouTube monetization policies
  • The channel has at least 1000 subscribers.
  • The channel must have at least 4000 public watch hours in the last 12 months.
  • Live in a country or region where the YouTube Partner Program is available.

YouTube can block videos with harmful content that are inconsistent with YouTube’s terms of service. Also, this platform requires more time to carefully evaluate the creator’s channels before allowing them to incorporate ads and monetize.

Certainly, channels that do not meet those conditions will not be able to make money on YouTube, some people find the best site to buy YouTube views.

The hand-in-hand relationship between views and watch hours

Since YouTube itself and the creators have a favour for the number of watch hours (and we also have a biased perspective on this tactic since “4000 watch hours” is our premium service), that doesn’t mean “views” is not as essential as how to watch time affects the channel’s development.

How does YouTube count views?

YouTube indeed has many significant “numbers” that every creator needs to engrave those figures in their hearts. That being said, 30 seconds is the core amount of time to count one view from a certain viewer.

However, if an account is randomly jumping from video to video and watching each for 30 seconds, and the videos don’t seem to link in any way, this means they’re not created by the same user, or they’re not recommended in the recommendation engine. YouTube will assume that the watcher is a bot and stop counting its views. You have to make sure that videos get a real human view, not from a computer program. YouTube’s system will determine whether the view is valid or not.


30 seconds is the required time for a counted view

Moreover, YouTube never stops anyone from viewing a video, but if you continuously play the video a lot on repeat in a row, YouTube will list it as spam action and count no views. 

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How does YouTube count watch hours?

Watch time is the time audiences spend watching your videos. Audience retention rate is a great metric for recording this engaging video viewership, and you should keep this ratio in mind.


Audience retention rate to evaluate the watch time

Besides, the watch hours are valid only when all the videos are set to public. In case you delete a certain video then the watch time generated from it will be gone as well.

A long-duration video can partially increase the number of watch hours. However, you can’t assure that the audience will stay engaged to watch it until the end unless you invest in the content quality and audience interaction.

And there’s one more thing, channels and videos having lots of watch time (high audience retention rate) result in higher visibility on the search engine and recommendations.

Our cognition of the importance of views and watching hours

No beating around the bush anymore, we’re going to get straight to the point here! These two main tactics have a mutual effect on each other and without one another, YouTube’s algorithm can’t work, you have nothing to keep track of your video’s performance, and as a result, the audiences have no tools to get access to the content they search for.

The number of views in reality

Views somehow gained the upper hand even though YouTube changed its monetization policies three years ago. When users look for a certain keyword related to the content they expect to watch, the first thing that catches their attention must be the number of views.


The Baby Shark Dance – most viewed video on YouTube

Well, the more the better. Audiences always tend to click on videos having several hundred thousand views with clickbait thumbnails, as well as ranking top on the search engines. Moreover, it seems that YouTube audiences will never search Google for keywords like “videos with the most watch hours”. Of course, who can even calculate the watch time they have since YouTube’s algorithm takes the whole control over it?

So instead, most articles and reviews on Google rank the videos with the most views, especially when there is any video (usually a music video) reaching the billion-view milestone. The videos with the largest views used to be the “Baby Shark Dance” with more than 7,51 billion views and the “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee (7,12 billion views). It can be said that the number of views has a certain weight to evaluate the popularity of a YouTube channel, especially in the eyes of the audience.

Watch hours and the related engagement tactics

Views can lead to extended watch hours, many people choose to find the best site to buy YouTube views instead of spending the time and effort to start from zero.

However, views will only show you an overview of the attractiveness of a large number of views. Those statistics partly affect the popularity of a video, and draw more traffic to the channel.


CTR – click-through rate

Meanwhile, the watch hours will be the factor to check the total effect.

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Tips for increasing your YouTube watch time

  • High-quality content is the core element to increase watch hours.
  • Capture viewers’ attention in the first 5-10 seconds.
  • Concise title and eye-catching thumbnails.
  • Add a great trailer to your clip to your YouTube video.

Indeed, after changing its monetization policy, YouTube updated a series of other metrics to gauge the degree of engagement between creators and their potential audiences.

On the one hand, the average view per viewer shows the average number of minutes a video gets. We can judge how good a channel’s engagement is on YouTube based on that data. YouTube’s algorithm measures users’ behaviour to recommend more visible videos on the homepage and search engines.


Audience Retention Rate

Views are influenced by the topic of the video content, and by which audience those videos are targeted. Normally, tutorial videos, tips, and product reviews generate more views because of their high applicability.

On the other hand, the CTR metric (click-through rate) measures how often a person views a video after an impression on YouTube. To be more detailed, if a video gets lots of traffic and impressions, but no clicks to watch the video, the thumbnail and video title can’t attract your target audience.

In order to increase the video click-through rate, you need to understand the meaning of the indicators displayed. For example,  the high click-through rate and low average viewing duration mean that viewers are only attracted to the title or thumbnail, but the content is not enough to keep them engaged.

Likes and dislikes


YouTube Engagement metrics

YouTube hardly mentions the number of likes/dislikes in its monetization policy. But YouTube only includes them as metrics for calculating engagement metrics.

The engagement metrics on YouTube (including views, likes, dislikes, and subscriptions) show how many times a viewer interacts with a video or channel. These metrics can be an important measure of the overall popularity of your video or channel.

So in a sense, the two like/dislike buttons below each video serve as a view-like attraction, and for rating watch time’s impact on each channel. Likes means that the video is loved and that is the content with stable quality and value for viewers. On the contrary, a lot of dislikes mean that the content can be controversial or fail to meet public expectations.

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The answer from AudienceGain – the best site to buy YouTube views

As a consequence, a reasonable combination of the increase in view and watch hours will be the most effective technique for your channel development.

What is the best site to buy YouTube views? Why should you choose a reputed views website?

To ensure the safety of your YouTube channel development, and since the transaction completely occurs online, you will need to find the best site to buy YouTube views.

  • First of all, pay attention to the interface of the website providing the views. Look for the chat box of the interface and check the most recently posted article to see whether the website is working well.
  • Secondly, make sure that all of the provider’s services have a refund and insurance policy if anything happens to the process of increasing views and subscribers.
  • Thirdly, check to see if the company has an address and if there is clear contact information on the website.

Besides, you can directly call or send messages via the website if you have any questions. A company that provides a view would be appreciated if the customer support team responded as soon as possible.

Be sure to check the above information before you come across an unreliable and reputable supplier. You will spend a huge amount of money just for ineffective channel development. Besides,  the possibility that the channel is turned off for money-making, be reported and removed from the YPP is very high.

AudienceGain and our best solutions to increase views and watch hours

With our service of “buying 4000 watch hours” and “buying YouTube views”, you have the freedom of choice to select which one is more optimal for your channel at this moment, for a short or long run.

However, keep in mind that the number of views and watch time we provide does not directly make you earn the revenue. Only increases the possibility that your videos will be suggested and ranked highly on search engines. You still need to pay attention to investing in video content if you want to make money on YouTube.

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In addition, the number of views and watch hours we deliver are completely safe and legal. We provide running ads right on the YouTube platform as well as sharing on other social networking sites. In a nutshell, join AudienceGain right away to experience our service and leave a comment to let us know about your opinions on this article right below!

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