Hack Youtube views free – a smart or risky investment on your Youtube career?


In the Youtube ecosystem, the tricks to hack Youtube views free to increase watch hours and subscribers are advertised widely and publicly. There are even YouTubers who actively post to find service providers to buy views.

In fact, if you search for this keyword “hack Youtube views free” on Google, you are going to see 83,800,000 results, which proves that this trick is already a “thing” on the Internet. Because people look for them at a high frequency and not every creator can afford 4000 watch hours to make money on Youtube on their own.

Well, people say “money can’t buy happiness”. However, as a creator, you will be happy if you can monetize from your content, and this is the age-old goal of every full-time Youtuber. That’s why they are willing to pay for the risk of hacking views.

Now, let’s see why this underground trick is so common in this day and age.

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What is “hack Youtube views free”?


Hack Youtube views – taking advantage of “security holes”

Well, you get what you pay for, and “free” doesn’t mean that you don’t have to pay for anything.

How to hack Youtube view?

Fundamentally, “hack” is the use of “security holes” to illegally interfere with software, hardware, computers, systems, computer networks in order to change its inherent functions.

That being said, “hack views” are all the tricks to break into digital systems (Youtube platform) to find ways to increase fake views.

Currently on the market, there are many unreliable view providers that can deliver the service of “increase views, watch hours and subscribers” within only several hours.

As a result, this phenomenon arises as the most frequently asked question “Why do those providers can do that so quickly, while many small creators are even struggling with getting 4000 watch hours to join Youtube Partner Program?”

These tips have never been publicly disclosed, but here we have gathered common methods of ineffectively increase views:

  • VPS – Virtual Private Servers – just like a normal computer which is installed on the Windows operating system. It can operate 24/24 to watch your videos, and be controlled remotely for many purposes different.
  • Click Farms: thousands of low-paid employees view your videos.
  • Mytube Bot: MyTube Bot is a type of tool created to increase YouTube views quickly. It is coded to bypass Youtube’s view censorship system easily.

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Why is the “hack youtube views free” searched by many Youtubers?

hack-youtube-views-free-VPS-Click Farm

VPS, Click Farm and “hack free” applications

To be clear, you need to spend some money to pay for the increase-view tricks we have mentioned above.

To be more detailed, let’s talk about VPS and Click Farms. Basically, the concept of these tricks are a series of different accounts to “boost” views for the YouTube videos.

Consequently, due to the use of these tools, videos without investment in content still reach thousands of watch hours and monetization enabled, while the development of the channel does not follow YouTube’s terms of service.

Now, when it comes to “hack free”, it means that people are looking for free-download applications tools to increase the number of views as fast as possible. There are some apps like iView, Video Bot, Traffic Bot Full Edition, Tube Traffic and so on, with the concept of “click bot” (constantly clicking over and over), to automatically increase views for the videos.

Possible risks when hack Youtube views free

The unreal counted views


How does Youtube count views?

Youtube is the leading video-sharing platform in the world, so it has a technology system with programming algorithms that automatically calculate views including:

  • The time frame: in the morning, afternoon or evening
  • Viewing devices: Phone, PC, tablets, TV,…
  • Age groups and gender
  • The number of watch time

The platform analyzes through usage behaviors and collects data that is predictable. Furthermore, the watch time is the key factor to calculate views. An eligible view is counted when a user watches a video for at least 30 seconds.

Thus, if a view does not have enough information from device, location, watch duration will not be counted in the video.

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The possibility of channel being locked


The likelihood off channel being removed

The Youtube algorithm is really smart in detecting fake views. For example, if you want to increase views by yourself by watching your video over and over again, Youtube can quickly find out this repetitive act.

Since this view is coming from the same server, and the same location within a short period of time, the view counting process will eventually stop.

Besides, in terms of the use of VPS and Click farms, no matter how sophisticated it is, this trick is simply duplicating the clicks to increase the view thanks to the support of more manpower computers. .

These tools are designed with the sole purpose of increasing views and the algorithm can detect this inappropriate job without the channel’ owner ‘s notice.

Therefore, channels will then be flagged for an alert, and if this continues, the creators have to take full responsibility for their illegal actions when their channel is removed from the platform entirely.

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Many monetized channels can’t bypass Youtube after they use hack tools to boost unreal views. Indeed, for small creators, when they reach 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers, there’s a likelihood that those figures can decrease significantly and the monetization features (for huge channels) can be deactivated as well.

Shady view providers


Unreliable view distributors

Additionally, because these services are often performed through online transactions, many cases of fraudsters have occurred. Many individuals and organizations have paid the money but the view providers fail to fulfill the commitments.

On top of that, some YouTube creators no longer use this approach due to the risk and costly price. Instead, they spend money to run advertising for their videos , expecting the video to be recommended on a high frequency by YouTube’s algorithm.

Our verdict to increase Youtube views

That being said, of all the above forms, only the most legal and secure tricks to increase Youtube views is doing Youtube Video advertising.

Discover more about advertising formats on Youtube

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