Youtube channel art – best steps to be a future artist in the virtual world


How to start an art channel on YouTube? There are many Youtube channel art that possess excellent art tutorials and creative instructions. If you’re looking for something to motivate yourself to be creative, these artists will help awaken your inner self.

Besides, if you were born an artist, you are gifted with artistic talent and are looking for opportunities to show off your skills and share your artworks, Youtube will be a great platform to help you achieve your aspirations.

And you may consider this, art can be tough in the very beginning, since it’s not going to get you many views and watch hours due to the fact that there are a bunch of artists out there doing the same task like you on Youtube.

Even so, given the sheer amount of quality videos on YouTube, it can be difficult to determine where to start. To resolve this issue, please refer to our article and start creating an art Youtube channel.

Let’s dive right into it!

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Everything You Need To Know About YouTube Channel Art


Youtube channel art – How to make youtube channel art?

Killer steps to create a Youtube channel art

Okay, so before making any moves, you may want to check other art channels to analyse what makes them successful to have a large number of views and subscribers, as well as learn some tips and tricks.

Decide on your content of Youtube channel art

First off, you may start to consider what type of content you will upload on your Youtube channel. What kind of art do you do? If you don’t have the answer right now, don’t worry. You can figure that out in no time by starting with the simplest – speed painting.

To be more detailed, speed painting (or (drawing time lapses) is the art of painting that combines the artistic ability of the painting and the digital technique to document the work.

Speed painting artists, in addition to being able to sketch extremely fast, also use a number of visual technology to make video speed painting more appealing.

This content is probably one of the most popular content that new artists start to post on Youtube. Furthermore, these sped up videos of the drawing process often accompanied with soothing music background, which makes them so engaged to watch.

Viewers will be irresistible to the artist’s skillful drawings captured in detail and meticulosity with the help of technology and on a pleasant soundtrack, you’ll get the watch hours you want,

On the other hand, to diversify your Youtube channel art, it doesn’t hurt to start thinking about future content or all possible ideas coming through your mind. They can be drawing tutorials, reviewing drawing kits, vlogging, collaboration and so on.

Keep-in-mind note: no posting unrelated videos


How to create youtube channel art?

Just to remind you that this is the Youtube art channel we’re talking about. The content is diverse, but in a way it’s very particular. In other words, your videos must include artistic tools: paintbrush, watercolor, color palette, sandpaper, etc.

Being focused is the key. The audiences who subscribed to your channel expect to see and learn about art, not how to, say make brownies and Among Us stack killing tricks.

On the other hand, if you want to do other niches or turn some unnecessary footage into behind-the-scenes videos, considering creating a sub-channel would be a great choice.

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How to make channel art for youtube? Recording equipment

Filming devices


Filming devices

It’s so obvious that in order to produce an art video you need to capture everything by some kind of equipment.

Professional artists probably own the most expensive and high-quality recording equipment, but for small creators, you can start with the small tech device coming in handy(maybe right next to your hand now) – your phone, as long as your phone has a decent quality video (at least 720p, standard must be 1080p).

Phone can also have an app to record your voice as well.

If you’re interested in upgrading your equipment or just to add more devices to your recording collection, buy a webcam or a digital camera.

On the one hand, the webcam also features a built-in microphone and has a pretty standard quality. Several webcam you can arm yourself with, such as: Webcam Logitech C922, Webcam Logitech B525 , Webcam Ashu H800,….

On the other hand, you should consider buying mirrorless cameras: Sony A6000, Sony A6300, Canon M50,… instead of DSLR cameras to produce videos for Youtube art channels (DSLR cameras are not very portable). Besides, cameras are best for recording speed painting, in addition to large memory card size (at least 16GB and better at 32GB).

As a result, a mixture of using phone, webcam and camera can flexibly create your videos to serve multiple shots of each content type.



How to Make the Best YouTube Channel Art – Don’t forget Microphone

A mind-blowing microphone will help you filter out the noise very well, in addition to produce video with better sound quality.

You should also buy a pop filter (or choose to buy a microphone with pop filter included). It helps block the air from going directly in the video while you need to talk close to the microphone.

Additional equipment

We also suggest some kind of tripods to hold your phones or cameras while you need to record the videos in different areas, especially if you’re recording traditional art filming from above. Furthermore, a tripod also reduces the shakiness while filming.

Also, sometime you’re going to record your computer desktop for drawing tutorials, digital drawing, image editing tutorials. There are several free software that you can use such as ScreenCastOmatic, OBS Studio, etc…

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Camera setup


How to make a youtube channel art? Camera setup is very inportant.

So how do you set up the camera angle to capture every shot of your drawings and crafts? Let’s start with the simplest equipment and the easiest angles to install.

The first is with your phone and a table phone holder. Place the table you plan to sit on by the window to get natural light. You can incorporate side or front-facing angles for a wider variety of post-production.

However, filming with your phone has a drawback that you will accidentally end up filming the leg of the tripod, or if you put the camera in front, the angle will be upside down.

Using the camera and desktop monopod (you can adjust the length of the monopod easily) is still an optimal choice. Place the camera right next to you, against your dominant hand. Another filming tip is framing the shot so that what you’re filming is on one side, instead of in the middle. That way, if you want to add text when editing the video, you’ll have a blank place to add it.

On top of that, you’re probably faced with lighting problems, unless you have a very advanced studio apartment where you can get direct sunlight. So, let the light into your room as much as possible, record shots near the window and use the table lamp to shoot at night.

Remember to cover the lamps with some fabric to create a softer diffused light.

If you have a large enough area to comfortably shoot around, pay attention to the following:

  • The room with windows next to the wall is perfect. The larger the window, the more natural light. Near a window will create soft light with darker and softer shadows.
  • Orient your light source by wrapping the fabric or oil paper around the ceiling lights to direct the light into a beam and not create all kinds of shadows on the background. Thus the viewer is not distracted, nor distracted by redundant details. They will only focus on the your drawing in the video



Post production

There are lots of different editing software. Whether you are using Windows or Mac operating systems, or using a high-end computer or phone for post-production, the most popular and professional software available today is Adobe Premiere Pro.

Adobe offers a 7 day free trial of Premiere Pro. A full year’s subscription paid up front costs $ 239.88, which works out to $ 19.99 per month.

One obvious benefit of using an Adobe package is a smoother workflow. You can easily move your videos between Premiere Pro video editing software and audition audio editing software. When you’re using free software for video and audio editing, you may need to take an extra step to convert the file.

However, Adobe Premiere will be quite difficult to use for the average creator’s editing skills. In this case, you can switch to Filmora 9. It is also a paid editing software (cheaper than Premiere) but easier to edit.

Filmora’s interface is also quite simple for you to quickly get the hang of it. You only need to do some googling if you run into any problems while editing.

Keep-in-mind note for music

The background music for art videos is an indispensable part for an engaging painting or drawing tutorial videos. However, to avoid violating Youtube copyright policies, make sure to first check YouTube’s Audio Library, they’ve recently added more free music.

Other good sources for free and royalty free music are OurMusic, Bensound and Incompetech, so you can head over for more options.

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Upload your art videos on Youtube channel


Upload your art videos on Youtube channel

Once you’ve completed the steps above, it’s time to upload your video to your YouTube art channel. It’s still those familiar actions you need to do to promote your video, such as redesigning the thumbnails, writing titles with content-related keywords and a concise description.

In case you are an art blogger or art tools reviewer, don’t forget to add your social network, email and blog account links to your description.

In addition, you should note the information about the track you use in the video, as well as adding hashtags that many people search for (#speedpaint, #coloringbook, #howtodoacoloringbook, #paintingtutorials). Thus, the Youtube algorithm will easily recommend your videos and rank them high on search engines.

Speaking of hashtags, if you are a YouTube creator, you must be so familiar with the diverse trends on this platform, and art challenges is one of them.

As a consequence, record these challenges and add hashtags like #DrawThisInYourStyle, #ToonMe, #OneLineArtChallenge, #OneMarker,…for better visibility. From here you can increase the views and subscribers for your Youtube art channel.

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