How to film YouTube videos? (Part 2)


Do you want to learn more about recording, lighting, and soundproofing how to film YouTube videos? Well, we’ve got a treat for you!

This article is the second in the article series on filming YouTube videos. The first article highlighted pre-filming, which included the basics and budgeting. Additionally, the article also covered camera options, microphone options, and lighting options. Finally, we also elucidated testing your equipment.

This article, however, deals with the remaining steps in filming YouTube videos. Firstly, we outline recording, which entails finding the best frame and choosing the best shots. Here we elucidate three primary types of shots: wide shots, medium shots, and close shots.

Followed by this, the article delineates lighting, which consists of ambient lighting, direct lighting, and setting up lighting. The last section covers fill light, key light, and hair light setup options for lighting. Finally, we also explain audio settings and soundproofing when filming YouTube videos.

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Film YouTube Videos 3: Recording

Finding the Best Frame

Firstly, to film YouTube videos, you need to choose an appropriate frame for your channel that best represents your channel niche. For example, who do you want to be the main focus of your videos? Will it be you? Will it be animations and images and videos produced through graphic designing? These are the questions you should be looking to answer when finding the best frame for your videos. Usually, it is a good idea to choose your frame based on your channel niche and video topic or subject.

Choose a frame that you want to focus on your video, such as yourself, for vlogs.

Types of Shots

Additionally, there are three primary kinds of shots that you can use when filming your YouTube videos.

#Wide Shot

The wide shot is ideal for filming multiple people in the same frame. Moreover, you can also film YouTube videos where the background or setting is essential with a wide shot.

#Medium Shot

Moreover, medium shots work best for filming almost any kind of YouTube video.

#Close Shot

Finally, a close shot works best for filming a YouTube video where a closeup is required. For instance, you would use a close shot for filming one person speaking.

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Film YouTube Videos 4: Lighting

Additionally, to film YouTube videos, you must also be aware of your lighting options. These include ambient lighting and direct lights. Furthermore, it would help to set up your lighting using fill lights, essential lights, and hair lights.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is the lighting that occurs naturally in a setting. For instance, if you are filming outside, the outdoor light will be your ambient lighting. Similarly, if you film inside a home office or a studio, the office or studio lights will be your ambient lighting. However, ambient lighting is not enough to use when filming YouTube videos for your channel—using only ambient lighting results in unflattering shadows on the subject and around them. Therefore, it would be best if you used direct lighting along with ambient lighting.

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Direct Lighting

Direct lighting is integral to use when filming YouTube videos so that your videos look professional. However, you can use various natural lighting sources, such as ring lights that we outlined in the first part of this article series.

You can use a direct lighting source such as ring lights with ambient lighting.

Setting up Lighting

Additionally, it is vital to set up your lighting accurately so that the subject of your video is visible. You can use a combination of fill light, a key light, and a hair light for the best lighting effects.

#Fill Light

You must position the fill light to the left of the subject.

#Key Light

However, you should position the key light to the right of the subject.

#Hair Light

Moreover, position the hair light above the subject.

Together, these three lights make the best lighting setup for filming your YouTube videos for a professional effect and pleasing aesthetics.

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Film YouTube Videos 5: Audio and Soundproofing

Furthermore, it is also essential to ensure that your audio is evident when filming your YouTube videos. If your audio has static or echoes, then you will most likely lose a lot of viewers. However, editing the audio once you’ve filmed a video is difficult. It is not easy to remove unsolicited sounds after you’ve filmed a video. Therefore, you can use soundproofing to ensure there are no unwanted sounds in your audio. There are many different ways to soundproof your environment before filming that we have outlined as follows:

  1. You can check the background for any unwanted or noisy sounds from adjacent rooms.
  2. Keep an eye out for buzzes coming from traffic, air conditioners, and computers.
  3. You should also do an audio test to decipher whether your audio has many echoes or reverb.
  4. Finally, you could also use soundproofing panels if your budget allows it.

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To sum it up, this article elucidates some crucial aspects of filming YouTube videos, starting with finding the best frame for your videos. Then we outline three types of shots that you can use: wide shots, medium shots, and close shots. Moreover, the article also covers ambient and direct lighting for filming and explains how you can use a combination of fill lights, key lights. and hair lights for an optimal lighting setup.

Finally, the article walks you through audio problems and soundproofing your videos. However, to learn about other elements of filming YouTube videos such as editing, tune in to AudienceGain’s YouTube services which include suggestions and tips for filming.

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