Things you need to know about Youtube Copyright Policies


First thing first, let’s gain an understanding of Youtube Copyright Policies to create safe and effective content, avoid Youtube channels being blocked. Youtube is the largest video sharing platform in the world, it also makes many people get “real rich” when posting videos on this social network thanks to being a partner of Youtube.

However, if making a fortune is so easy, everyone can become PewDiePie, and Youtube probably won’t be so attractive anymore. The platform has laws to control creators who produce content and monetize from Youtube channels.

For example, when you post videos, you can get in trouble, sometimes the clip you posted also lost its sound completely and received a strike from Youtube that you are violating music copyright. So how to thoroughly handle this problem?

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What is copyright?


Copyright – Youtube copyright policies

Let’s see what copyright is in the real world!

Copyright is the owner of the copyright protected materials in a work of art or one of their initiatives. It could be a scientific product – real art or literature, phonograms or drawings, selfies, movies, radio shows, or mental and intellectual creation that must be protected.

Furthermore, copyright is also considered the rights of the author of the original works that they are allowed to use in any form. The scope of protection can be applied to all published or unpublished works.

Basically there are three types of copyright protected materials on Youtube.

Public domain


Public Domain

Works will lose copyright protection from time to time and will be in the “public domain” that anyone can use for free. Usually, works will be in the public domain after many many years.

The copyright protection term depends on many factors, such as:

  • When and where the work was published?
  • Is it a hired work or not?

Some works created by US Federal government agencies will be in the public domain immediately upon publication. On the other hand, the rules for public domain vary from country to country.

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Creative commons


Creative commons

Creative Commons (CC) is a royalty-free license to the public that allows others to re-use a certain work of some one. Creative Commons licenses are just an idea, not supported by any laws.

Its strength lies in playing with the giant companies like Google, Youtube, Adobe and nearly all websites that use creative products. When you upload videos to Youtube. there is the option of a Creative Commons tag. As a result, uploading videos can all be marked as Creative Commons licensed by all creators.

YouTube’s standard license retains the default settings for all uploads.

You can only use the Creative Commons license for 100% original content, it help you how to make money on youtube. If your video has a Content ID claim, you can’t mark your video as a Creative Commons license.

By marking your original video as a Creative Commons license, you’ll grant the entire YouTube community the right to reuse and edit it.

Fair use

Last but not least, Fair use is the law related to the conditions in which people can legally copy parts of books, movies,…without the permission of the real person or organization who owns the copyright. In the United States, the court is the only place that can decide what is considered fair use.

How does copyright work on Youtube?


How does copyright work on Youtube

So here’s the thing, if you record a video and then go online to download music and insert a track in the video, then post on your Youtube channel then it is very likely that you have violated the copyright.

If you do not follow Youtube’s policies on copyright infringement, you will be greatly limited in the features on this platform, especially the monetization functions.

Indeed, because this is part of the Adsense advertising policy, reusing copyrighted materials on your videos can affect the monetization of your channel.

Once YouTube decides that your channel has a certain number of videos listed as content reuse category, your ability to participate in the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) will be completely lost

On the other hand, if your channel has joined YPP, sooner or later the channel will be deactivated.

And those 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers you worked your fingers to the bone to get will disappear due to channel suspension. Well, you’d better not let this happen!

How to check a copyrighted music track?


How to check a copyrighted music track?

If you point your web browser to, you can find out what will happen if you use copyrighted music tracks that can be searched in the music policy directory.

For example, depending on the copyright owner, each song protected by the copyright policies will be set up by Youtube with a number of modes for the creator to follow and use.

Virtually all copyrighted tracks do not allow creators to make money by adding a piece of music track to their content. Besides, the music will also be viewable-restricted in some countries.

Hower, If creators do cover songs, they can make money from their videos, but the amount of revenue they earn will be divided by a certain percentage of the copyright owner.

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Fair Use – a double-edged sword

Fair use allows you to reuse copyright protected material without permission. However, YouTube cannot decide what is fair use, only the courts can decide this.

There are different fair use rules in each country, but generally courts focus on whether you have modified someone else’s song or video. In other words, the court is essentially judging whether you have added a new wording or meaning to the original work, or if you just copied it.

Examples of content that is allowed to re-used then monetize (but not much)

  • Use original content to make comments.
  • A scene in which you have adjusted your dialogue and voiceover.
  • Your reaction to original content.
  • Repeatedly replay a scene in a sports tournament with a comment explaining a player’s moves to win (or lose).
  • Short scenes from others, but re-edited with new storylines or comments.

Examples of content that are not allowed to monetized (but some of of them can be reused)

  • Clips cut out of your favorite shows are simply edited with little or no narration.
  • Collection of songs by various artists (even if you have a license to use it).
  • Short videos with aggregate content on social networks.
  • Promote someone else’s content (with the person’s permission).
  • Promote someone else’s content (with the person’s permission).
  • The content has been posted many times by other creators.

Therefore, you need to reconsider all of the above factors to think about how to use copyrighted work properly. However, the above precautions are merely approximate because there is no guarantee you will be eligible to use the copyrighted content, unless your content is entirely derived from the ideas in your head.

We’re going to re-emphasize this, YouTube has no control over fair use, only the courts have the power to decide. And it’s never been a cut-and-dried process to determine fair use. Thus, there is always a risk that comes with using someone else’s copyrighted work.

Youtube is really good at detecting copyright violations!


How to Avoid Copyright Violation?

Supposing that one day you get a copyright claim or copyright strikes from Youtube, even if you are trying to join YPP or your channel has been monetized, will you still be participating in the program, or continue to make money on Youtube?

Well yes but not really!

Chances are that your income stream from Youtube will be unstable, or completely disappear. Moreover, unfortunately one day your channel is suspended, or some of your videos are muted. You may not know what to do next because Youtube has never had a clear explanation for their announcements.

In short, when a creator uses copyrighted content without permission from the owner, they encounter the risks of violating copyright policies.

Youtube will solve this in two ways.

Copyright claim


Youtube copyright policies – Copyright claim

In this case, you are not guilty totally. Primarily, Youtube informs you to let you know that you can use that type of copyrighted content, but not making money from it.

The videos will not be deleted from your channel. Plus, copyright owners have the right to place the type of ad they want on your video and make full money from it.

You might be wondering why you didn’t completely use a piece of music from the owner and they still get 100% of the revenue? Well, this argument has to be resolved by the courts and it relates to fair use we mentioned above.

The next thing, after receiving the Copyright claim via Content ID, you can choose to do nothing if you agree with the opinions and actions from the copyright owner.

However if you disagree and you want to know about the rights to use copyrighted materials, or if you think the system is misidentifying your video, you can dispute the claim.

Copyright strike


Copyright strike – Youtube copyright policies

Everything will be worse if the copyright owner is not as easy going as you think. Besides, Youtube will only give a warning for the first time because they will simply forgive the first mistake.

When you receive copyright strikes, your videos will be removed from the Youtube channel. If you receive 3 warnings, your channel will be terminated.

Here the process.

First strike

For a week, you will not be able to post videos or use Youtube Short. Besides, you will not be able to post on Community tab, add or remove playlists on watch page and save them, etc

All privileges will automatically reinstate after 1 week, however, the alert will remain on your channel for 90 days.

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Second strike

If you receive a second strike within the same 90-day period from the first alert, you won’t be able to post content for 2 weeks.

If no other issue occurs, then the full privilege will be restored automatically after 2 weeks. However, each warning will expire 90 days from the time the warning was issued.

Third strike

If there are 3 warnings in the same 90-day period, your channel will be permanently removed from YouTube. Also, note that each strike expires 90 days after the warning was issued.

What are your thoughts on how to be a partner of youtube?


What are your thoughts on how to be a partner on Youtube?

We hope that this article has helped you to understand the basics of the Youtube Copyright policy and its actions and protections for the creators accidentally violating the laws.

Moreover, the law on Youtube copyright is not simple and even more complicated because Youtube does not have complete control over copyrighted content. So, please learn more about the law through Google support for more information.

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