How to get monetization on Youtube fast by evergreen content


In the previous article, we have talked a lot about how to promote videos in order to monetize quickly. Most of them are how to optimize your channel so it can reach through the threshold of 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers. We also offer you buying Youtube watch time to get monetization fast.


Youtube Evergreen Content Creators

Furthermore, we had mentioned the tasks you need to do after achieving the condition, such as submitting an application into Youtube Partner Program (YPP), turning on monetization mode, as well as other essential factors for maintaining the growth of your channel.

Today, in this article we want to take a deeper look at the content quality – one of the decisive criteria for the success of your channel. We want to talk about evergreen content.

In fact, it would be difficult to specifically categorize evergreen content type. It is more like a video-creating technique. The reason is because all niches will need to produce videos that contain evergreen content so as to increase Youtube views and subscribers.

So, what is evergreen content? Why is it so important? Let’s find out with AudienceGain in this article.

Evergreen content – the key for the success of every Youtube channel

If you’re an expert in the marketing field, “evergreen content” is always a recommended term for the growth of a marketing website. However, if you are a newbie in the field, or a small Youtube creator, the concept of evergreen content may make you curious.

What is Evergreen Content?

With that being said, basically the color green symbolizes the association with nature growth, the thriving prosperity as well as luck. So, a “evergreen content” is also based on that kind of concept.

Evergreen content” is a “type” of content which consistently attracts the attention of viewers due to the enticing, useful information that they can approach at any time. For months and even years, this subject has still remained top on the search engine.

EverGreen Content is very long-lasting in many niches. However, we need to clearly distinguish this kind of sustainability in some cases. The sustainability that evergreen content looks for is not the time it exists on a website or on Youtube. Those are the content that always has sustainable value to audiences.

Types of Evergreen content

Let’s figure out common evergreen content and what is the opposite of it!

In order to recognize an evergreen content, you can’t just read the title of a video to perceive it. But in general, evergreen content often focuses on the following topics:

  • Instructions, how-to videos, DIY challenges
  • Encyclopedia format
  • Expertise experience of a job career
  • Product evaluation
  • Educational content
  • Video illustration on certain subjects

To be more detailed, here are some titles related to evergreen content:

  • How to use Photoshop for beginners
  • Easy-to-use tips and tricks to write blogs
  • Standard marketing strategy from experts
  • A guide for flat lay photography
  • DIY – ways to tidily organize your room

And so much more. Overall, these contents are very close and practical, mainly bringing value to the user’s experience.

On the other hand, here are some examples of non-evergreen content:

  • Statistics, timed digital reports (e.g American presidential election 2020)
  • Trendy topics, viral contents (e.g ice bucket challenges, bottle flipping trick shots,…)
  • Seasonal and occasional topics (e.g weather and holidays)
  • Trendy advice, fashion style

No matter how hot these types of content are, they eventually lose their value. These types of content are only suitable for an instant method, when you need an idea to keep up with the trend to increase views. Especially, if your channel is not monetized yet, they only bring a certain number of watch hours in a very short time.

Youtube videos with the most likes

Released on January 12 of 2017, up to now, MV “Despacito” of Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee is the most-liked videos on Youtube, with 41.95 million likes.


Despacito music videos – the most-liked video on Youtube

Well, it can be stated that videos that have gained millions of likes, along with billions of views, belong to music-video content. Getting such an unbelievable number of likes is basically impossible for small creators, unless you are a famous and influential artist.

On the other hand, to get monetization on Youtube fast and if you’re really talented in this genre, you can do cover songs on Youtube to get the most likes.


Lydia Kim – famous high school singer for Hello – Adele cover

This South Korean girl – Lydia Kim did an outstanding job on covering “Hello” of the Grammy Award winner Adele. Due to her incredible talent and the huge widespread of the cover video on Youtube (369 thousand likes and more than 23 million views), it didn’t take much time for Ellen DeGeneres to notice her and she invited this little girl to the Ellen Shows.


Instead of being impermanent, an evergreen content will have a very long-lasting value. At any given time, it is always “new and fresh” to certain objects. Therefore, this content always has its readers at any time in the future.

One-of-a-kind but viewer-friendly topics


One-of-a-kind but viewer-friendly

Which means evergreen content needs to be unique and original. The source of the information you give must be specific and not reused on any other website.

Furthermore, the contents you make needs to be highly applicable. Youtube views can easily approach these kinds of topics to search for solutions any time they want.


Evergreen content can always help viewers use this resource, maybe forever. As we mentioned on the evergreen content list below, those are all topics that viewers are always interested in, and they can come back to watch it whenever they feel like doing it.

Content and video-producing quality


The quality of video production

Value is created from quality. This is the most important, must-have criterion of evergreen content. So please remember, evergreen content is interesting, valuable and useful to the reader.

Apart from that, a valuable video will attract viewers right from the title and eye-catching thumbnail. Consequently, you should make your audiences “fall in love” and quickly click on your video.

In particular, the title, thumbnail and description (of the evergreen content) are also powerful weapons with great “damage” when someone shares your videos. It will help attract more visitors, increasing the number of views and subscribers for your monetized Youtube channel.


As well as well-invested, in terms of both time and energy. After cultivating your evergreen content video, keep in mind to try optimizing your video.

In order to do this, you can search for keywords about the content you want to make. This is also a must-have criterion for EverGreen content. Try to optimize your video, making it necessary and useful to many people.

For example

Have you heard about Kurzgesagt – in a nutshell – a YouTube channel focuses on minimalist animated educational content, using the flat design style. This can be seen as one of the most evergreen content channels due to its popularity and its value to viewers.

Even though there are some random opinions stating that the channel’s script writing do not appear to be based on scholarly, or entirely reputable sources research, however, the aesthetics and production of the videos is indisputably professional and engaging.

The channel’s niche is mostly about science, history, space technology and so forth. It can be said that these issues may not be too friendly to viewers, but the expertise behind- the-scene team has tried to integrate very familiar illustrative examples, while explaining the technical terms in the simplest way, to make it more approachable to the viewers.

For instance, in this video of human history, they had shortened 200.000 years of human-being existence to a 10-minute video, a reasonable amount of time to deliver content, as well as increase the retention rate of viewers with such beautiful and appealing illustrations.

Kurzgesagt- in a nutshell publishes not much video for its 7-year lifespan. However, their opinion has always been quality over quantity. As you can see, besides the well-invested script, the use of After Effect for video production has also made a special mark for the channel.

FYI – buying Youtube watch hours – how are public watch hours counted?

Watch time metric tracks how long each viewer watches a particular video. According to YouTube, this metric applies not only to individual videos, but also to the entire channel as well.

The platform once states that “channels and videos having lots of watch time result in higher visibility on the search engine and recommendations”.

According to YouTube’s algorithm, 60-second videos viewed from start to finish will probably outrank a 20 or 30-minute video that is only viewed for a few minutes. YouTube’s algorithm calculates watch time while considering video duration to ensure fair results.

Advantages of evergreen content on how to get monetization on Youtube fast

With all the great benefits, evergreen content can bring top merits to your Youtube channel. Here’s why.

Its opposition to viral content


Going viral or stay evergreen?

As for trend-catching content, they can attract a large number of views and subscribers, within a short time. On the other hand, such videos will quickly lose their value and are not remembered by anyone. As a result, viral contents are not safe for the long-term development of your channel.

For evergreen content, in fact, from the very beginning of your Youtube career, if you focus entirely on this type of content, they don’t immediately give you the sufficient number of views and subscribers.

But be patient, since evergreen’s values are permanent. After a certain period of time, the number of people searching and the number of views will never stop. Therefore, at any given time, evergreen content helps you attract more potential audiences.

Shares are a great thing for content creators. And evergreen content is far more likely to be shared than trending content. Thus, it brings to your channel the real golden time.

The preference from Youtube


The preference from Youtube’s algorithm

Well, there’s no need to explain much about this, because it’s just so obvious.

Youtube’s algorithm is smart, therefore, it’s able to evaluate the quality and value of a piece of content.

Evergreen content will be greatly appreciated by analysis tools. Meanwhile, the platform will not regret rewarding your videos with a higher ranking. As a result, this is proportional to the increase of views and subscribers.

Plus with an effective promotion campaign and as long as SEO is still valid and standard, Youtube will give your videos a certain priority, especially for video recommendations.

Consistent sharing

One of the greatest things about evergreen content is its wide popularity. On social networking sites, even for several-month-or-year content will still function if it proves itself to deliver lots of valuable knowledge to the viewers.

And as a consequence, with the power of continuous sharing from Internet users, evergreen content can generate a large amount of traffic, from which is the increase of views and subscribers.

Keep-in-mind note


Evergreen content is long-lasting

Up to this point, evergreen content has really brought value to many Youtube channels. However, as we mentioned, focusing on evergreen content in the early stages usually won’t immediately give you the Youtube watch hours that you want.

In fact, there are many great channels creating evergreen content. Besides, the evergreen content will also need to be updated and improved to keep up with the advanced technology, as well as scientific research. Furthermore, you will also need to reset the way your video is optimized with the change of the Youtube policy and algorithm.

Last but not least, evergreen content is sometimes a bit rigid. You will need a mix of content with long-lasting value and modern trends right out of the box.

With that being said, these days, many Youtubers consider buying views and subscribers as an optimal and effective method for them to get monetization on Youtube fast, in addition to being satisfied with their passion of creating evergreen content.

Instructions of how to get monetization on Youtube fast – solution from AudienceGain

In order to get 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers in exactly 365 days to monetize is not easy, and fortunately, you can quickly get through that threshold, that amount of money still does not bring you much benefit.

Then why don’t you shorten your process by simply choosing our service for buying 4000 Watch Hours Youtube and 1000 Subscribers?

With this service, AudienceGain guarantees you with eligible authentic views and subscribers, which 100% adapt Youtube’s terms of service.

The combo of 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers will be delivered to you in a maximum of 72 hours.

Furthermore, AudienceGain also has a dedicated group of professionals with many years of experience in the field of digital marketing on social media, such as Youtube, Facebook and so on.

We ensure that all the views and subscribers are completely real and legal, the result will be uninterruptedly updated to you regularly until 100% finished.

Apart from that, AudienceGain includes safe and money-back guarantee, in addition to a lifetime warranty to give the customers the best experience.

In case you have any questions during the process of growing watch hours, our expert team will solve your problems straightaway, as well as provide you with the effective strategies for optimizing your videos.

In short, AudienceGain are proud of being a supporter for your Youtube career. After using our service, you could enthusiastically continue your plan with peace in mind.


Q1: What types of content are not allowed on Youtube?

Answer: According to Youtube itself, “hate speech, predatory behavior, graphic violence, malicious attacks, and content that promotes harmful or dangerous behavior” isn’t allowed on YouTube.

Q2: Can Youtube signify copyright infringement right away?

Answer: Yes it can.

The more serious the copyright violations are, the quicker the platform can find out through the automatic copyright detection. Afterward, YouTube is incentivized by law to contact and work with copyright owners once it’s received a claim, which is a big hassle for video creators when they try to prove fair use.

Q3: What is content reuse?

Reused content often refers to channels that repurpose someone else’s ideas without adding significant original commentary or educational value. This policy is taken from the AdSense Search Console portion of AdSense program policies. This is a very common reason why the channel is not turned on to monetize.

Q4: Will my channel get banned if I purchase Youtube watch hours?

Answer: Not at all!

As we mentioned, AudienceGain promote your videos by our PromotionProgram. We basically showcase your video on multiple social platforms and you will eventually get more Youtube watch hours, which means more views consecutively.

And this progress takes time to complete. Please don’t be too impatient to look for “free Youtube watch hours” from shady providers. These are fake watch hours and easily detected by Youtube’s algorithm. That’s the reason why Youtube is going to terminate your channel.

Q5: What about the copyright issues when I decide purchasing views and subscribers?

Answer: Don’t worry much about it.

As long as your content complies with Youtube’s copyright conditions, your channel is completely safe.

As for us, the views and subscribers are completely accumulated from our effective Promotion Campaign. In addition, we will also provide more insight on copyright infringements, as well as application procedures for YPP.

Final thoughts

We cannot deny the potential value that evergreen content can generate in months, or even years.

Hopefully, through the above article, you can understand more clearly about its values, thereby building a suitable content plan to monetize on Youtube fast.

With that being said, want to increase more views on Youtube? Make sure to sign up for AudienceGain and leave comments on the section below.

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