How can you promote your YouTube channel for free?


How to promote your YouTube channel for free? Well, we’ve got you on track. In this article, we outline some crucial tips and tricks to promote your YouTube channel for free without spending on channel advertisements. Firstly, we walk you through some interesting YouTube tools that you were probably unaware of before. These tools are phenomenal in helping you promote your YouTube channel for free. They include YouTube Contests, YouTube Hashtags, the Community Tab, YouTube Stories, and playlists on YouTube.

In the next section of the article, we outline some critical on-app tips for promoting your YouTube channel for free in 2021. We have based these tips on using YouTube SEO, embedding your videos, and including CTAs in your videos. 

Moreover, then the article highlights some vital off-app tricks to promote your YouTube channel for free in 2021. Here we cover YouTube channel promotion via social media advertisements and blogging. 

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YouTube Tools

Firstly, to promote your YouTube channel for free, you should consider these excellent YouTube tools and features that you might not have been aware of before. This section of the article outlines some key features to promote your channel for free.

YouTube Contests

YouTube contest is a remarkable feature on the application that allows you to engage with your audience members deeper. Through YouTube contests, your audience members can submit videos of their talents, and you can feature the winner on your YouTube channel. In addition, you can also give prizes to your winners to encourage users to participate in your contests and drive meaningful engagement. 

Remember to set SMART goals for your contest before you start publicizing it. Moreover, include an introduction to your contest, including why people should participate in the video description for your contest. Furthermore, it would help if you also had your contest’s rules in the video description. Finally, it would also help if you provided clear instructions on how people can enter the contest. 

Furthermore, you can carry out different types of YouTube contests. Some common examples include giveaways, talent contests, and asking users to comment below on your videos. YouTube contests are terrific if you want to promote your YouTube channel for free because they drive heavy user engagement on your channel.

The first step in using YouTube Contests to promote your YouTube channel for free is setting SMART goals for your contest.

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YouTube Hashtags

Moreover, you can also promote your YouTube channel for free using YouTube hashtags. YouTube hashtags are an exciting feature that works in the same way that hashtags work on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. In addition, YouTube hashtags help recommend videos to users based on what they want to view. This is because the YouTube algorithm uses hashtags to group content into particular niches or categories. Therefore, using hashtags helps improve your channel’s discoverability. Moreover, you can add hashtags to your video titles or video descriptions.

Hashtags are great for YouTube SEO!

In addition, hashtags can also improve your video’s SEO. Optimizing your video for SEO is crucial to garner more views and grow your channel on YouTube for free. This is significant to understand because people usually use hashtags as keywords in their searches on YouTube. Therefore, using hashtags increases the likelihood of your videos showing up in the top-most results when users search for keywords that you have included in your hashtags.

Community Tab

The Community Tab is perhaps one of the fascinating tools available on YouTube to interact with your audience and increase user engagement to promote your YouTube channel for free. A Community Tab allows you to interact with your audience outside of the videos you upload to your channel. This is because you can utilize various features such as polls, images, and text-based posts on your channel once you have a Community Tab. You can also share GIFs and channel updates through the Community Tab. Therefore, the Community Tab is a great tool to inspire new content, interact with viewers, and promote your YouTube channel for free. However, to unlock the Community Tab on YouTube, you must have at least 1000 subscribers. 

The Community Tab allows content creators to post images or create polls.

YouTube Stories

Moreover, you were probably unaware of this exciting feature on YouTube that is great for promoting your channel for free. YouTube Stories are mobile-only short videos that allow you to connect with your audience more casually than your channel posts. They are a collection of short videos that lasts for seven days. Users can watch YouTube stories on their mobile YouTube app. They can watch from the top of their Subscriptions feed, on some watch pages, or from their Homepage. You can use YouTube Stories to promote your YouTube channel for free because they are perfect for continuous interaction with your audience through video clips that stay on your story for a week.

YouTube Stories are a great tool to promote your YouTube channel for free because they last for seven days!

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In addition, an excellent tip for promoting your YouTube channel for free is to organize your videos into playlists as much as you can. This is because playlists make it easier for your audience to navigate your content and choose what they want to watch. Therefore, they are essential for having a neat and organized channel. Moreover, grouping your playlist based on similar topics or niches is a good idea as this allows your viewers to view similar videos. Furthermore, you can also group your videos into playlists based on a step-by-step video series or sequenced posts for a particular topic.

Arranging your videos into playlists allows your users to sort out your content based on niche or topics.

On-App Tips

In addition to the spectacular features and tools available on YouTube to promote your YouTube channel for free, we also recommend the following on-app tips for driving meaningful user engagement and growing your channel.

YouTube SEO

Optimizing your video content for SEO is a crucial part of video creation and marketing as a YouTuber. You should always include keywords in your video title, video description, and hashtags. Moreover, you can also use closed captions and design custom thumbnails to improve your YouTube SEO. This allows your videos to have good discoverability. This is because it makes it easier for the YouTube algorithm to recommend your videos to viewers browsing for similar content. Having an optimal amount of keywords can help improve your channel’s performance to a large extent. Therefore, you should learn YouTube SEO to promote your channel for free and improve your channel’s discoverability rates. 


Additionally, collaborating with other channels is also another fantastic way to promote your YouTube channel for free. Cross-promotions enable you to reach an entirely new audience and increase your channel’s growth. For example, suppose another content creator with similar content vouches for your channel. In that case, this provides instant social validation for your channel; many users may view your content because it lies in the same category or niche. Finally, collaborating with channels with a higher subscriber count than your own is ideal because a channel with higher credibility is vouching for you in that case.


Embedding your YouTube videos on your website or other platforms is also another great mechanism to promote your YouTube channel for free. This allows users to visit your channel once they become familiar with your content on another platform. Therefore, embedding your YouTube videos will enable you to reach new viewers and get more subscribers. 

Embed your videos on your website to drive traffic to your channel.


CTAs are interactive overlays that tell your viewers what they should do after watching your video. They are one of the most crucial parts of your videos that you can include in your videos as text, dialogue, or buttons. Adding a CTA button is perhaps the most user-friendly way to add a strategic and vital CTA to your video because users are more likely to click on a button than perform multi-stepped actions. 

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Off-App Tips

Finally, here are several off-app tips to promote your YouTube channel for free that you should consider.

Social Media Advertisements

Firstly, you should always advertise your videos on your social media accounts. We can not stress this enough! Social media advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, Snapchat, TikTok, etc. are ideal for driving traffic to your YouTube channel. Many people do not regularly browse on YouTube and use some combination of social media applications instead. 

Social media advertisements of your videos are an excellent way to promote your YouTube channel for free and get more viewers.

Therefore, if you advertise your channel, you can attract new people who may have never visited your YouTube channel before. Alternatively, you may also provide a schedule or channel updates on your social media accounts. Moreover, you can use clips from your YouTube videos in posts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., to promote your YouTube channel for free and attract new audiences.


Finally, another tremendous off-app tip for promoting your YouTube channel for free is using a blog in conjunction with your YouTube channel. You can write short articles related to your content, add short clips or GIFs or screenshots from your videos and create interesting storylines around your content on your blog. In addition, you can also post important information such as your schedule or updates or snippets/teasers from upcoming videos on your blog. This allows readers to visit your YouTube channel so that you can attract new audiences. 

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To sum it up, you can promote your YouTube channel for free using YouTube tools, including YouTube contests, YouTube hashtags, the Community Tab, and YouTube stories. In addition, organizing your videos into playlists is also an excellent tip for free channel promotion. Moreover, you should also optimize your videos for SEO and collaborate with other channels to promote your channel. Additionally, you can also embed your videos to drive user engagement and expand your audience. Finally, you should also always include calls to action in your YouTube videos to encourage your viewers to take relevant actions, such as subscribing to your channel. 

Finally, you can also advertise your videos on social media to promote your YouTube channel for free. Using a blog in conjunction with your YouTube channel is another excellent tip to reach new audiences and grow your channel. However, if you want to learn more about how you could promote your YouTube channel for free using YouTube’s tools, you can get in touch with our YouTube experts at AudienceGain. Moreover, we can also help you promote your channel if you are not well-versed in YouTube channel promotion techniques and strategies. 

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