Promoting YouTube videos?


Promoting your YouTube videos is an excellent tool to advertise your channel and build your portfolio as a content creator or business. Here, we cover several crucial elements of YouTube channel promotion.

Firstly, we cover some crucial reasons to consider promoting your YouTube videos to get a larger audience. Moreover, there are several tips recommended by Google and the YouTube Creator Academy for advertising your content and channel.

After that, this article highlights numerous channel promotion tricks by Google and the YouTube Creator Academy. In addition, we also outline AudienceGain’s channel promotion services to get real subscribers for your YouTube channel.

Why promoting your YouTube videos is a good idea

Monetization Eligibility and Monetization Opportunities

YouTube’s monetization eligibility is a significant barrier that is very hard to cross without promoting your YouTube videos to get more viewers. We have explained the monetization eligibility threshold for YouTube in detail in this article. However, we have summarized it here for your convenience.

To monetize your YouTube channel, you need at least 1000 subscribers in addition to up to 4000 hours of watch hours in the last year. Moreover, you need to sign up for the YouTube Partner Program and Google AdSense.

Increase in channel visibility

Furthermore, promoting YouTube videos allows for your channel to be more visible to audiences. YouTube’s algorithm is likely to wipe out channels with fake views and fake subscribers. This means that real views would enable your channel to show up to people on YouTube more often. This would allow you to create your brand and advertise it to the best of your ability while also getting authentic engagement due to your increased visibility on YouTube.

Greater channel credibility

In addition, promoting your YouTube channel results in greater credibility for your channel because audiences would be able to identify that your channel has engagement with real people. In addition, your channel would also be more attractive to advertisers and sponsors.

Promoting your YouTube videos makes your channel attractive to sponsors and advertisers.

Guaranteed User Engagement for Future Content

Moreover, promoting YouTube videos guarantees you user engagement for content that you post in the future. This is because viewers could subscribe to your channel and view your future content due to your channel’s advertisements.

Fast way to increase following growth

In addition, promoting YouTube videos to new audiences is a fast method to increase your following growth. It usually takes a while before you can maintain a steady, high and positive following growth rate for your channel. However, advertisements for your videos help speed up the process. New viewers may visit your channel after watching your channel promotion advertisements.

Legal and organic channel promotion

Promoting your YouTube videos is also an entirely legal process recommended by Google and the YouTube Creator Academy. We shall cover both these aspects later in the article. Additionally, YouTube channel promotion is an organic way to promote your channel and impact a larger audience with your unique content and marketing abilities.

Real subscribers and viewers

Finally, promoting your YouTube videos is the only method to get subscribers and viewers on YouTube. Even if you buy subscribers from AudienceGain, we will use YouTube’s channel promotion tools to promote your videos and increase your following growth on YouTube. Beware of other sellers who sell fake bot subscribers and viewers.

Tips by Google for YouTube channel promotion

Moreover, Google also recommends promoting your YouTube videos and channel for increasing your audience on the world’s most comprehensive streaming platform. Google recommends numerous tips for YouTube channel promotion that we have outlined below.

YouTube APIs

Firstly, Google recommends using YouTube APIs for channel promotion and greater audience engagement. YouTube APIs enable you to use logos for your YouTube channel or videos on other third-party applications and devices. This is a fantastic opportunity to use YouTube logos for the effective branding of your channel on other sites. In addition, it is a great way to promote your YouTube videos on different platforms and forums.

There are three types of logos that you can use for channel promotion:

#YouTube icon

The YouTube icon is a great logo to utilize on social media forums to link a video or channel. Additionally, the YouTube icon logo is applicable when there are space constraints or connecting several sources, including YouTube.

#YouTube logo

The YouTube logo is used on applications or forums where removing the YouTube functionality does not fundamentally change the application. Sounds weird, right? This implies that you can use the YouTube logo to link content or a channel or a feature of an intermingled application with YouTube.

Twitch streamers commonly use the YouTube logo to link their YouTube VODs.

The ideal platforms to use this logo are games that allow users to interact with YouTube somehow, such as upload a part of their gaming stream on YouTube. Alternatively, this logo also works well on travel applications that link to a travel video, etc. Finally, this logo is an excellent tool for promoting videos on third-party applications without being too in-your-face with your channel promotion.

#Developed with YouTube logo

The Developed with YouTube logo is another excellent API tool to use for promoting your YouTube videos. You can use this logo to identify if the application in question is entirely dependent on YouTube or if you have developed your content on YouTube.

However, to use YouTube APIs for promoting YouTube videos, you must abide by the YouTube APIs Terms of Service, the requirements for using logos, and YouTube APIs documentation and specifications.


Moreover, Google also recommends embedding to promote your YouTube videos. Use links for your videos on blogs, social media, and a website if you have one for your content or business.

Audience Interactivity

In addition, Google also recommends interacting with your audience effectively to promote your channel. For example, you can use video descriptions and banners to encourage people to like your videos and subscribe to your channel. In addition, you can use shoutouts, comments, and subscriptions to maximize interaction with your audience on YouTube. Finally, Google also recommends making playlists to assort your videos so it’s easier for users to find them on your channel.

Advertising your YouTube channel

Finally, Google also recommends advertising your YouTube channel on multiple platforms for promoting your YouTube videos. This includes YouTube itself through the Ads Campaign for content creators that we shall elucidate in the second part of this article. Otherwise, you can also advertise your channel on social media.

Advertising your YouTube videos on social media is a great way to get new people to view your content.

AudienceGain’s channel promotion services

AudienceGain’s YouTube channel promotion services are organic and safe, not to mention completely legal. We follow Google’s guidelines for promoting your YouTube videos. In addition, we also abide by the YouTube Creator Academy’s guidelines for channel promotion that we shall elucidate in the second part of this article series.

Therefore, the subscribers and viewers you get from buying them from us are entirely genuine and authentic. They are not bots but people who will stick around to view your future content and help build your audience.

Advantages of buying YouTube subscribers from AudienceGain

We recommend buying subscribers from us to promote your YouTube videos due to the following reasons:

  1. All the subscribers and viewers you will get for your channel will be real people and not bots.
  2. We guarantee 100% user engagement for your future content.
  3. There is a 100% refund if your channel does not grow due to our channel promotion services.
  4. We use YouTube Ads to promote your videos and channel. Therefore, it is a legal and organic method for channel promotion.
  5. You will not have to spend too much money, effort, or time getting more subscribers and viewers through YouTube channel promotion because we will do this for you!
  6. We use customized marketing and advertising strategies to promote your channel that requires knowledge of marketing techniques and relevant jargon.

Therefore, this will be much more cost-effective for you in the short term and more beneficial for you in the long run because we will make all the effort of channel promotion for you.

YouTube video promotion services

At AudienceGain, we use a nuanced marketing strategy explicitly suited to your channel to promote your YouTube videos and help your channel grow. Moreover, we also utilize targeted ads to target specific consumers. This includes people who have visited your channel in the past and people with the same demographics as your audience. Targeted ads generally speed up your channel’s growth, and this is perhaps one of the best channel promotion tools for YouTube.

In Conclusion

To put it briefly, we recommend promoting your YouTube videos and channel because this has several advantages. These include becoming eligible for monetization on YouTube and increasing your channel’s online visibility. You also get greater channel credibility to attract sponsors and advertisers. Moreover, Youtube channel promotion also guarantees user engagement for your future content and is entirely legal and organic and a fast way to increase your following growth. Finally, consider promoting your YouTube videos to get real subscribers and viewers and not fake bots that other sources usually sell.

Furthermore, Google also recommends promoting YouTube videos and your channel through YouTube APIs, which are YouTube logos to use on third-party apps. Moreover, Google also recommends embedding, fostering effective interaction with your audience, and advertising your channel on social media to promote your Youtube videos.

Finally, AudienceGain provides superior channel promotion services if you buy subscribers or watch hours from us. We have outlined the advantages of our channel promotion services and the essence of our YouTube video promotion services.

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