Suggested videos – buy Youtube subscribers to have more video suggestions?


Is increasing views and subscribers one of the factors for Youtube to evaluate a video suggestion? Should creators run ads or buy views and subscribers to enhance this golden chance? Well, one of YouTuber ‘s top goals is how to get their suggested videos to the targeted audiences.

Besides, have you ever wondered with over 500 hours of video content uploaded on YouTube every minute, how does Youtube discover and rate all of them? Let’s find the answers with AudienceGain in this article!

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What are suggested videos?

According to Youtube: “Suggested videos are recommendations on the watch page that viewers may be interested in watching next. These videos include personalized recommendations, based on the viewer’s previous watches, and videos that are topically related”.


What are Youtube suggested videos?

So that means suggested videos can be classified into three types:

  • The video column on the right of the main screen.
  • Right in the video when a viewer finishes watching
  • When a viewer enables the “autoplay video”, then the next one appears after 5 seconds.

Thus, if a user watches YouTube after watching a video, or is in the process of watching a video, he/she clicks to watch another video appearing in 1 of the 3 above positions will be counted in the suggested view.

Why are views and subscribers important for video suggestions?

YouTube consumption studies have shown that viewers tend to watch more when they receive recommendations from multiple channels. Therefore, suggested videos were created to maximize viewer engagement.

Therefore, by this way, Youtube will normally display suggested videos, in addition to related channels at the top of search results. After that, they will receive a huge volume of views and subscribers within a short period of time. This could be a complete step-change for improving the influence of a channel.

Increase Youtube views

Youtube’s algorithm created the video-suggesting mechanism with the purpose of enhancing the viewer’s convenience. In fact, no audience wants to waste time searching for the previous contents that they have binge-watched lately.

As a result, unlike videos that are viewed by ranking highly on the search engines, or by running ads, when a video is suggested, it will earn several thousand views or tens of thousands of views within the first 48 hours.

This is because with the feature of being “a video of the same topic appearing after a video has been viewed”, there is a high probability that viewers will definitely continue to watch the suggested video.

Increase in subscribers

With that being said, once your videos have been suggested, they are definitely targeted to the audiences who are interested in your content. Consequently, your channel naturally has more subscribers.

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Factors for suggesting videos

Until now, many people still think that likes, comments and shares are factors for videos to get suggested. But in fact, they are not, partly.

Since the algorithm changes in terms of whether to consider for a channel to be monetized, the factor for a suggested video is not the same anymore.


Ranking Recommendation Formula

In 2016, Google had exposed an algorithm for calculating elements of a suggested video – called a Ranking Recommendation score (RR).

Lots of YouTubers spent their time researching this algorithm and finding ways to improve their video recommendations. But the reality is not that simple.

Nevertheless, basically this calculation is based on the following factors: Watch Vector, Search Vector, Age groups/Genders and Click-through rate. These factors are actually related to each other, which means one will lead to the consequence of the other.

In the section below, our team will explain this formula in the simplest way so that you have a concrete visualization of how it works.

Watch Vector

Which based on how a user watched your videos. So it can based on his/her personalized watch history, your videos length, and especially the audience retention rate.

Watch vector influences audience retention rate and watch hours in each video. Please ask yourself, for a video with this duration of time, how many minutes will viewers watch, how to make them watch all of the video’s length?

To be more detailed, for short videos from 2 to 3 minutes, users will obviously not regret spending that much time watching the whole of them. But in reality, such amount of time is not enough for you to convey the content, as well as enhance engagement with your audiences.

Furthermore, many articles have shown that 10 minutes for a video is considered to be appropriate. It’s true, partly, because with that amount of time you can distribute the advertisements at each moment of the time length as you like, thereby achieving profits.

Nevertheless, also with that long duration, the bounce rate will also be higher. Afterwards, you have to consider how to organize your content reasonably during the video production.

So, the length of the video is entirely dependent on what stage your channel is. If you haven’t reached 4000 watch hours to monetize you should keep track of audience retention rate , then balance the time length with the content-creating process (it can be less than 10 minutes).

On the other hand, if your channel is approved to monetize, you can consider making longer videos to highly stay engaged with your audiences.

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Age groups/genders

Youtube has more than 2 billion users. As a consequence, YouTube’s content diversity is also derived from the purpose of the viewers, and a part of the influence comes from age groups and gender.

For instance, cooking or DIY hand-made videos are often viewed by females in the age group from 17 to 25. Video games are for men between the ages of 15 and 22.

In videos with more specific content, for example running ads for Youtube marketing, it will definitely be for both genders, in the 25-35 adult age group.

According to recent statistics, on YouTube the current percentage of viewers with% online is as follows:

  • 62% of users are male.
  • 37% of users are aged 18-34
  • 60% of users aged 19-29 have quite a large interaction on Youtube (26% daily, 34% weekly, 13% monthly)
  • The 14-20 age group has been increasing its impact on YouTube videos over the past two years.
  • On top of that, the 35+ and 55+ age groups are also growing in recent years.

Click-through rate and Search vector

These are actually mutual-affected factors. Search vector is to evaluate the ranking score, which means the higher this score is, the higher the Youtube’s algorithm will rank your video.

And for a high rank, you must establish a video-optimized strategy in terms of video title, description, thumbnail,….. in general to make your video attractive and appealing to viewers.

Once your video achieves that, it’s obvious that viewers will click on your video out of curiosity, resulting in the growth of click-through rate.

According to YouTube’s algorithm, 60-second videos viewed from start to finish will probably outrank a 20 or 30-minute video that is only viewed for a few minutes. YouTube’s algorithm calculates watch time while considering video duration to ensure fair results.

Audience retention rate is a great metric for recording the engaging video viewership. If you want the algorithm to prioritize your videos, you should keep this ratio in mind.

How to increase views and subscribers to make videos be suggested?

Content is the King to increase views and subscribers

We know that talking about the importance of content is just some same-old subjects we have written a million times on the previous articles, but admit it, content is what makes Youtube “Youtube”.

Therefore, make sure to test all your implementations against YouTube analytics, which provide top metrics as a graph of audience retention and average view time across your videos to monitor what’s working and what’s not.

Optimize titles, tags, description to increase views and subscribers

In order to target a certain group of audiences, you need to determine that the videos you create must be for their demands. Viewers come to watch your video not only for entertainment purposes, but they also need to address a certain need in life. So on this video sharing-platform, it is you who fulfill those needs.

To make it easy for other people to find your video, give the titles that match the content, and also tags with closely-meaning with the targeted keyword. To be more detailed, you can make like 3-5 sentences for the meta descriptions (keyword included), as well as 9-12 keyword-focusing tags.

Foster Call-to-action (CTAs)

should you buy youtube subscribers

Call-to-action button

Encouraging CTAS has the potential to create a higher emotional experience for viewers. If a call-to-action motivates viewers to engage, it can have the same effect as the psychological notion that physical actions like smiling can affect our emotions.

Thus, by offering a call to action to interact with a video, we are able to create a highly emotional connection with viewers, which can lead to a high chance of video recommendation.

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AudienceGain – a reliable service for buying Youtube watch hours and subscribers

Our company, AudienceGain is a Social Media Marketing company and our mission is to provide amateur as well as professional Youtubers with the best tools to develop and promote their videos, brands and products across social platforms, especially Facebook and Youtube.

If you want to quickly monetize and get your videos suggested, head over to our service of “Buy 4000 Youtube watch hours” and other services that assist you to start making money as soon as possible.

All watch hours are gained from our Promotion Campaign, which promotes your videos on common social networking sites, with 100% Quality & Comply with YouTube’s regulations.


Q1: Why does Youtube sometimes stop the video recommendations?

Answer: Supposing that you regularly watch a certain set of videos, then suddenly one day you won’t see those content appear on your timeline any more. At that time, it can be said that Youtube has stopped the video-suggesting process.

This is because Youtube has suspended the channel’s owner you follow. In other cases, maybe the process just slows down a little bit.

Q2: Can I lose the subscribers that I bought?

Answer: Yes!

There are always risks that need to be taken into account. Losing subscribers can partly bring a sharp decrease in views and watch time as well. In that case, our team offers a money-back guarantee if you do lose a certain number of subscribers.

On the other hand, it would be much ideal to prevent fall in subscribers, by contacting our dedicated support team for more details right away.

Q3: Why does Youtube recommend the same, old videos all the time?

Answer: Basically, Youtube tries to find out which videos are shared by most channels to provide an overview while you can’t get through your personal browsing. As a result, old videos get more views, therefore giving the impression that it is good and must-watch, not giving much care that people may have already watched it.

Q4: What factors are Youtube suggestions based on?

Answer: YouTube heavily personalized recommendations based on a user’s history. Apart from that, These videos include personalized recommendations, based on the viewer’s previous watches, and videos that are topically related.

Q5: Can I secure my identity if I buy Youtube subscribers for making money?

Answer: At AudienceGain? Absolutely.

This is one of the most important factors that we consider to provide you with an optimal Youtube channel’s solution.

Our team offers complete privacy regulations and just requires limited information from you to start doing several examinations. As a result, our service is totally secured and your personal information will never be exposed.

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